JENNY CRAIG Consumer Complaints

Jenny Craig consumer complaints – Add your below or read what others are saying.

Have you joined Jenny Craig for weight loss or diet counseling?

What was your experience like?  Good or bad, please share below.

Have you ever requested a refund from Jenny Craig?  Did you receive it, or did you get a runaround?

Remember to research every weight loss or diet plan thoroughly before committing. 

Read what others say, and share your comments about this and other plans so others may benefit from your experience (and mistakes!)

Here are a few of the Jenny Craig weight loss consumer complaints we’ve received:

Cynthia W. wrote:

Jenny Craig is the single most dishonest, unprofessional and corrupt place I have ever been.

I joined the Thursday before Memorial Day Weekend, intending to come back the next week to buy food (so I could get rid of what I still had at home). After several hard core attempts to get me to buy the food that day, I did. The next day I had a shocking death in my family, and knew the next few months would be hard, so I called and asked for a refund of the $149 I had spent on food.

That was FIVE MONTHS AGO. To date, I have not received a refund. I have called 20 times, always get the run around. DO NOT GO TO THE SAUGUS MA STORE, LISA THE MANAGER IS THE MANAGER. AWFUL PEOPLE. AWFUL ORGANIZATION.

vb Night wrote:

JENNY CRAIG is a SCAM…..The cost to join is way to high and the food is not that great.

After two days on the food I was bloated, nauseated and vomiting. I also had severe gas, by the way was not explained to me by my advisor. All those girl that worked there look sick and unhealthy. Please advise you friend not to join JENNY.

Also I cancelled in three days and was not given my full refund they scam me out of 100 dollars. I hate the day I went into JENNY. All those center need to close…….I dont think any of them know anything about food and nutrition.

Please pass it along, no one else need to give JENNY another penny of there hard working money. JENNY is crazy. And her soup are nasty. When you see a Jenny Craig RUN do not walk.

Becky wrote:

I maintained my weight loss for 1 year after I hit my goal. The policy is you will receive 1/2 of your enrollment fee back but… here it is 4 months later and I haven’t received a penny…

I have called 4 times and there is always an excuse, the paper work wasn’t done right and had to be resubmitted??? I am tired of having to call and ask, but… they sure are happy taking our money but… they obviously don’t stand by their policy!!!!!!

vincent wrote:

after the birth of our son and watching valerie bertinelli on oprah my wife and i decided that it was a good idea for her to join jenny craig. BIG MISTAKE the food is about $200 a week and the so called personal advisor could care less about you. because she was out of work the $200 a week was hard for us they talked her in signing up for a year a 1 week of food this cost $600

i wish i was there during the sign up process but i had to work, well she stopped going and we have not heard anything from our local PATCHOGUE JENNY CRAIG OFFICE here in LONG ISLAND NEW YORK It just goes to show that they dont truly care about your weight loss success only your money and once they have your money its on to the next sucker i would advise not to go to JENNY CRAIG EVER.



25 thoughts on “JENNY CRAIG Consumer Complaints

  • Yvette Lewis

    I have had the same experience as Becky above. I too met my weight loss goal and was promised by the Director of the Cameron Park Jenny Craig that I would be entitled to the 200.00. That was back in April 2012. I have called 3 times since April wondering where this magical 200.00 was. I was told they had to resubmit the paperwork, it wasn’t completed correctly….etc. FINALLY, fed up, and now 5 months later, I called on Wednesday last week, August 8th and was told “I never qualified for the 200.00 refund because of the Jenny plan I originally signed up for.” Are you kidding me?? So, for the past 18 months, and 2 seperate payments of 49.00 to “maintain” my membership with Jenny Craig, the staff NOW realizes I never qualified for the 200.00 refund plan….It is ridiculous. I have asked for my money back (49.00 I just paid in June to keep my so called membership active) and they said NO. I am SO frustrated you have no idea. I want to shout from the rooftops and be like every other American and SUE them. Anyone wanna go class action on Jenny Craig with me??

  • Elvira Fraser

    I’m a senior citizen…my husband gave me a one month Jenny plan for Xmas so I could lose 10 pounds before the holidays…the cost was $588…I received the first two weeks worth of food that had to be shipped by courier since we do not live near a depot…the second two week shipment arrived one week after I finished up the first two week shipment so my diet plan was broken…I refused receipt of the shipment and returned it to the depot…I called Jenny’s head office in California requesting a refund since my diet plan was broken but they refused outright…they took no responsibility at all for the late shipment and refused any refund at all…SHAME ON YOU JENNY CRAIG…YOU ARE AN ABUSER!!! YOU SHOULD BE SUED!!!

  • sharonzipser

    SO many of your foods have too much cheese which does not work well with people who are lactose intolerant. It makes my choices very limited. ALSO bring back the healthy salmon and the turkey dinners. They wete things I could eat without cheese.

  • Elizabeth Beil

    I joined Jenny Craig Darwin some weeks ago. On sign up with an out of town Jenny Craig Representative, I was told I needed to join for 12 weeks and have the money Direct Debited from my account each week. I found out later, I dd not have to pay this way.
    4 weeks into the program I became very ill. I went to Jenny Craig Darwin, where I spoke to Jess, advising of my illness and would not be continuing on the program. I did not ale good for that week, however, the money for the good was direct debited out of my account! I asked what I needed to do, not to be penalised . She made a phone all, while I was sitting beside her.

    Her advise was to get my physician to write a letter. I did this. I never heard back from them. I then phoned Lucy from Jenny Care…….. Jenny who….. She said to email the letter through to her as the Darwin branch of Jenny Craig had lat the letter. After receiving the letter, I spoke to Lucy again who advised, they would refund ,y $134 for food I never received and would then waive the early exit fee due to my serious illness. Lucy then said she would be asking Darwin Jenny Craig to refund the $134 to. I asked her to cc me in the rail to Darwin Branch, however this never happened…….

    Two weeks letter, I decided to phone Lucy again, who said the money I had paid for uncollected food would now go towards my early termination penalty. I disagreed with her as that was not the conversation I had with her 2 weeks prior, when I was told by Lucy, that the $143 would be refunded in full and the early termination fee waived due to the letter from my Doctor….

    This is just another issue I can live without… As if illness is not enough…. This will not be the end of this situation…..

  • R Holdsworth

    Jenny Craig in Doncaster Victoria Australia

    Before Xmas I joined the Jenny Craig alleged 12 week program for $99.00 but what the lovely girls at Jenny Craig target centre omitted to tell me is that $99 is only for the first 8 weeks and then the remainder is at 134.00. So the 12 weeks is actually only 8 weeks and then you are stuck with normal pricing for direct debit customers.

    But let me start from the beginning of what has been a nightmare … I first went to Jenny Craig Doncaster Road where the staff there bitched about the company and told me that they were morally impelled to tell me that the Target Centre store had a special deal of 99.00 for 12 weeks. I asked them if I could get that deal at their centre and they continued to bitch about the company and told me no – it was only a special deal at Target Centre.

    Whatever, So i dutifully go to the Target Centre to get what I think is a deal. First of all, Jenny Craig sweetie – 12 year old air heads are not good customer service points for 50 year old. I spent most of my association with that centre listening to `drunken party stories’., `could not work last week because had spent a week on a booze binge;,nail painting stories;, etc. This is who you are being represented by – but maybe best this way as they have no clue as to the rip off they are supporting under your brand.

    No clue as to my needs as a hard working mother, wife needing to regain her self esteem and body back. It was rubbish. By the way, they just kept telling me to walk more kilometers even after I told them that I was having a hip replacement in March and needed to lose weight to be able to up my chances of a successful recuperation. That was the extent of their advice … walk more. Hello air heads! … I can’t walk which is why I have given you my hard earned cash to help me with alternatives.

    The 8 week mark is a bummer but I persevere. No real change to my weight. It has now cost me something like 1400 or more to lose 3 kilos. Really?

    So at end of that, I toddle off to Doncaster branch again. Thinking okay these are older women … maybe I too can be like those ads. But no, I get sick and then go from major flu to hospitalisation. I get told that I can join the 5 week program which is really 6 weeks. Yes, I have to pay up front for the first week and then there are 5 weeks of direct debit. At my last session with the consultant, I picked up my food and got told I had 2 weeks left on my meal plan. I went to hospital after that. Today I rang Jenny Craig to ask them to pack my last 2 weeks as a friend was going to pick up the food for me (I still can’t walk or drive) and they insisted I had only one week left. How can that be? I haven’t touched the 2 weeks that we agreed prior to hospital? Did that extra week deteriorate in the cupboard? Did someone else take it home for their own use? Give me a clue. If only my weight disappeared as easily as that one week meal pack!!!!!

    I was going to try again but forget it JC. You are a rip off and an amateur set up full of people who really have no clue as to the level of empathy and professionalism needed. No amount of celebrity commercials will make up for the appalling treatment I have received from your representatives. Disgusting, unprofessional, dishonest.

    I agree with the other lady … as if being ill is not enough then to be taken advantage of by greed at weakest moments.

    Appalled and Fed Up.


  • Elizabeth Beil

    I have now had phone call from head office of Jenny Craig Brisbane. She was also going to “look into it” and get back to me…… That was 2 weeks ago…… And the saga goes on…..

  • Shane Matheson

    My wife has been waiting two months for a refund from Jenny Craig. Each time she calls, she gets a different story about why she does not have a check in hand.

    After two months, I have no faith that we will ever see any of the enrollment fee refund. It is money gone.

    Shane Matheson

  • Ivan Negron

    I join Jenny Craig on december 2010 with a lifetime membership. By november 2011, I reach my goal and I decided that I have learned enough so from that moment I will eat by myself, thats suppose to be the goal of the program. Last week more than a year later I claim Jenny Craig the half of my membership, because not only I stop gaining weight, I lost more than 90 pounds eating by myself and now I’m on the weight I suppose as stated in the medical tables (172 pounds, 5’10”). But Jenny Craig office said that because I lost more than 5 pounds under the weight that was my goal I will not receive the reimbursement. I’m sorry but that don’t make sense to me or to anybody…, now tell me is this a Treat or a Trick! I was very happy with Jenny Craig until today. People ask me about weight all the time because my weight loss was amazing, but from now on I will tell this story to everybody and will not advice anybody to join Jenny Craig anymore.

  • Gail Torosian

    I started with Jenny Craig in March 2005 and attained my goal weight in about 6 months. Since I liked the food (it was better then), I stayed on the program to maintain my weight loss. I pay a yearly fee to maintain my rewards program discount.

    Yesterday, I was doing an errand 3 towns away from my home, so I purchased over $300.00 in food from the nearby center. I specifically asked if I had received my discount, before I wrote a check. When I got home, my receipt in my bag showed they had OVERCHARGED @ $92.00.

    After repeated phone calls, I must now drive an hour and a half to get my check and straighten this out. After all the money I have spent with this company over the years (I have purchased food on a regular basis for 8 years), you would think they would act like they cared.

    I am disgusted by their lack of professionalism. I got the old “it was an honest mistake” excuse. Business 101, you never make excuses for your errors! You appologize and rectify the problem. No wonder the company is loosing money. No one offered anything to compensate for the time, gas and inconvenience! They do not care if they loose me as a client.

    My husband has an MBA and I am an RN, spending my career in ICU. We both have noticed some centers seem to have a revolving door of staff. Some centers have staff who appear more interested in their social chatter with each other than assisting clients. I have waited at the desk for a long time, while staff is socializing in the hallway and in the back. I do not think many of the staff see the big picture concerning their actions and how it affects the bottom line. As professionals, in our opinions, my husband and I see staff training and attitudes as what will be the downfall of Jenny Craig.

  • Charlene Duncan

    I used to work for jc. Not raise from franchise owner. four years later. nothing no benefits. nothing. And abuse. to say the least so disrespectful . I am no longer employed with jc because I finally smartened up and quit. good luck to anyone that works for this rotton company.

  • Sylvia Erickson

    Jenny food has high fructose corn syrup and a lot of cheese. They will give you a list of foods with specific ingredients if you ask. The greatest value of the program is fruit with breakfast, salad with lunch and veggies with dinner – but you buy all that at the store!

  • Lana Lorenzen

    When will people learn? Read some books or web sites regarding diet. It all boils down to the following: raw fruit, raw vegetables, nuts, chicken, fish, some beef. All of these foods should be organic–grass-grown and pastured. Exercise is another important component. At least WALK! If you have kids, push them in a buggy or have them walk beside you. If you have the time, lift weights for bone density and muscle tone. Why people spend their money on these corporate programs I will never understand. Corporations are vampiric! They’ll take every dime you have and your soul if you’ll give it. Live organic, live local.


    i have been a lifetime member and had great success in weight loss over the years recently joined back but different centre 2006 was the last time i was on jenny craig there is nothing wrong with the programme it works but the staff and lack of professionalism especially the manager she leaves me cold and uninspired i think uniforms looked much better there seems to be lots of surveys but sadly it is still the same i met one outstanding consultant who has studied to be a dietian she was fantastic i hope to find her soon so inspiring very professional i think you need to raise the standards look at jenny craig herself I’m sure she still looks good

  • If you enroll. Watch out! The day you don’t buy food you are no longer their interest. The location in San Antonio Texas near 1604 and bandera. All they want is your money. If you go weight n you buy no food they don’t like you any more. And be aware if you have a credit card on file, they r quick to charge before u open your mouth to tell them you don’t want to use your credit card. That you want to use cash.

    If you gave learned how to eat better, you are better off with weight watchers program

  • Chris

    Just to make things clear……………I do not (nor ever have) worked for Jenny Craig.
    I have had GREAT success with JC! Seriously ladies, you sign a ‘legal’ contract & if you expect to get out of it (for any other reason than maybe ‘medical’) you are delusional…. they don’t have to refund & the fact that some do, is done in good faith.
    I have dealt with a few ‘stores’ and yes most of the staff are young (I’m 50+) but they have been lovely; extremely caring and supportive!
    I have actually been to both the Doncaster East and Doncaster Shoppingtown stores which have been mentioned on here & mine was far from negative.
    Every time I have attended a Store I have been told what the cost is upfront before I sign up. If you have not had things explained in a manner you can clearly understand, why are you signing & WHY are you giving out your bank details?? If you’re unsure or hesitant about anything, take responsibility for your own actions, be strong and tell them you need time to think about it.
    We are so quick now to ‘become the victim’ & complain…….

  • I joined Jenny Craig in 1990s. When i told the consultant I could not eat some of their foods due to food allergies the consultant rolled her eyes at me. She then went off in a huff, to find replacement cans. Clearly I was being a “nuisance” and making extra work for her. Later on I found all that canned food tasted awful and some made me feel really sick. And eating canned and packaged food did not teach new ways of eating. Later on I found them utterly uninterested in providing info or support. Once they got my money they switched off and left me to fend for myself. I never went back. Reading recent reviews on other sites shows JC iS only interested in your money, not your health. An utter scam.

  • Scarlett

    Right I’ve been on and off JC since I was legally allowed to join I’m 36 now!!

    Ok so I’m back on the program with my partner and it is working for him with a near 20kg loss and a 11 kg loss for me…

    I’m so sick of the food we have been on it since October this time around…
    There is not enough selection and choice and it’s such a shame because if you stick to it it actually works!!!

    If you look at the back of the food it’s a matter of matching it to the supermarket products and doing it on your own. If you can be bothered…. Which is something I’m seriously considering doing as it’s getting a bit pricy each week.

    Firstly my partner and I take the same consultation time, buy a fair bit extra when we can afford it and pretty much are in and out Within 10 minutes…
    What bugs me is that the times when we can not afford it we get told “that’s not enough food for two of you” and then have to yet again explain that the weeks we bought extra make up for it…

    They must work on food commission and that’s just such a big Shame. We are life members so they have no choice but to honour it!!!

    They really need qualified nutritionists, or staff that has had success on the program to really make this work as at the very least they would know what the clients are going through!!!

    Please JC change your food I’ve been on and off it since I was a teenager and I swear a lot of the food is still on the menu!!! I’m thinking of swapping to lite n easy at least there’s a huge variety of food, or doing it myself…

    My plAn was to get off another 12 kg on the program and then to get the rest off on my own. If you have a small amount to loose and can afford it go for it.. If you are like me and have a a stack to get off it gets a bit relentless to say the least…

  • Sandra Brown

    I am back at Jenny Craig–2nd time around. The food is good.– actually
    too good–and if this time is the same as last time; weight reduction is slow.
    The sugar intake is hi9gh, food is full of cheese and different spices. I wouldn’t
    even attempt to get my money back. Hope the new owner can get it making money!

  • Lucy Scully

    I called to make an appointment and bc I work full time and have a family to go home to I asked how long I would need to be there, I was told 45 minutes for first appointment. I leave work and race to moonee ponds and I managed to get there on time. I asked to use the bathroom and was told they don’t have one on their floor and if I needed to go I would have to go across the road to the shopping centre, as my appointment was due I chose to stay.

    10 minutes later I was called in explained the program and then weighed me, this was 10 minutes into my appointment. She told me that today she could offer me a 10% discount bringing the cost to $135.00.

    The phone rang which she picked up and when she hung up she told me that her next appointment was there and she would now quickly chose my food and would take my measurements next week. I told her that I was told I had a 45 minute appointment and which meant I still had 15 minutes, after the eye roll she said she would measure me but the leg measurement could wait, I picked up the tape measure and gave her my measurement.

    Now in the waiting room she asked me for payment of $149, and a 90 cent charge for credit card. I asked how why the credit card charge and what happened to the discount? All she would reply was its only a small charge. After paying she simply got up called her next person and left me there with no direction and no food. The other salesperson came out of the room served her customer and still no one telling me they were getting food, 10 minutes later the other salesperson addressed me to say I will now go get your food. I also had to change 6 meals as they “had run out”! Give me a break.

    Jenny Craig moonee ponds you are pathetic, appalling customer service and your food sucks. Lite n easy is cheaper and all I purchase is milk, I hope Jenny Craig goes out of business because it has no place treating people like this.

  • I don’t understand why you keep eliminating my favorite foods. THe egg florentine was my favorite breakfast and the stuffed shells was one of my favorite lunches. If
    You keep taking the best meals away I will have to try another program.

  • Renee Cavalluzzi

    I’ve been on Jenny Craig for 1 year and totally enjoyed the food. I’m a vegetarian and LOVED the Blueberry Pancakes, vegetable lasagna, vegetarian pasta and margharita pizza, which all have been discontinued, with no replacement, except for Butternut squash ravioli, which I’m not crazy about. Why isn’t there vegetarian pasta?? And why discontinue the pizza?? I have recommended 8 people who are vegetarians to join Jenny Craig, because of the different variety of vegetarian foods. I’m so discouraged along with the people I recommended. We will all stop going to Jenny Craig if this is not rectified and will be joining another program…

  • fay bales

    Extremely poor customer service!!!! I have lifetime membership. I go every year to get rid of few pounds and maintain my ideal weight. This the had an intensive 4 weeks program that would enable me to lose up to 14 pounds. I went on it and lost 10. That was ok with me. Program incentive was to receive $100 gift card if I completed it. After couple weeks of waiting I called my counselor. She said it can take up to one month and to wait and I will get it. Now it’s over a month. When I called their corp office, I was told I did not buy the complete package on the last week. Well, I never asked not to buy the complete food package for that week. It was the counselor that suggest if I had left over , she would deduct it. Now they are not giving the GC. I consider this a very poor customer service and will never use them again!!!

  • Gillian Morefield

    I want to know that that rude consultant (CAZZ) Carol Cathcart is reprimanded if not fired outright for the disgraceful service and disinformation of lies she has perpetrated, along with the hard sell on me as I clearly wished to leave nut was harangued into a sale I really didn’t want, not that it is for me or my husband to say, she is grossly obese herself. How does this good look for the company? she is lazy and extremely complaining of being sick how very rude, She seems to know far less about weight loss than I do and I’m merely a calorie novice, the package and food i ordered was nothing like described not particularly bad as such but not as described and frankly without the tardiness that someone else took me in initially. When she did arrive all flustered her unkempt presentation of a barfly with uncovered tattoos and bright pink hair disheveled crumpled attire I could only barely assume to try and detract from the fact she was double my weight and then some that her tattoos were grossly unprofessional to say the least. I have in utter disgust taken all products back and have gone to light n easy.. they can keep their membership I’ll just chalk it up to a weight loss chain that is utterly, unprofessional and highly rude an disorganized and a company that has terrible adds and horrific sales and after sales follow through, oh and the slowest sales team, and ridiculously slow computer and checkout illiterates to say the least were my if my consultant was not in the least rude and bitchy or complaining the whole experience well it just have not left such a bitter taste in my mouth, and my Light n Easy consultant has a clear understanding in my goals a vested interest in my weight loss in general. where I was told I was more or less kidding myself by my consultant Carol at your Bendigo store.. a mistake not to be repeated, so beware. My feet shall never enter Bendigo Jenny again,…

  • Lisa Ryan

    I am on maintenance. Online orders that are shipped from California FORCE you to purchase extra food you don’t want. Their loss. I don’t cook. I was happy with their frozen foods if I was not forced to buy Candy bars and shakes. Likely $1000 a month loss for them, for a five dollar candy bar.
    But I found a Jenny Craig store there is more than happy to fill my order without forcing me to buy the shoes when I only need the dress. The program does work. The policies do not.
    Their program is dishonest. Your receipt won’t even include the prices; only the total . Go to a JC store.

  • Audrey Burroughs

    Now that Jenny Craig closed who will honor my lifetime membership that I paid for back in 1992?
    Maybe they will refund .
    Audrey Burroughs

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