BEAUTIFUL VENDING / Beautiful Hair Styler Vending Complaints

Like most vending business opportunities, Beautiful Vending USA’s Beautiful Hair Styling biz-op seems like a great idea.

The pitch is that you can place these revolutionary, wall-mounted hair-straightening machines in public places, like restrooms, fitness club locker rooms, nightclub lady’s rooms, etc., then sit back and get rich $2 at a time.

According to the Beautiful Vending USA promotional website:

“Introducing the revolutionary Beautiful Hair Styler. This award winning concept has proven to be a hit at venues worldwide.

“Designed to the highest standards and implementing the industry’s finest GHD ceramic hot irons, the Beautiful Styler enables women a quick fix hair solution to look good at all times.

“This unique proven opportunity generates incredible cash revenues and has identified a strong presence in the multi-million dollar vending industry.

“The Beautiful Vending Styler is a huge success in all locations. It compliments and enhances any location by offering a high quality service for style-conscious females. customers bad hair days are a thing of the past.”

The Beautiful Vending USA website includes the classic Vending Income Calculator to help ambitious dreamers sell themselves on how rich they’ll soon become.

Unfortunately, one woman sent us her claim that she was scammed by Beautiful Vending USA.  She asked us to share her experience as a warning to others to stay away from Beautiful Vending USA.

She wrote:

OH Lord Beware of these British Scam Artists…

I don’t like to use the lord’s name in vain, but these guys really screwed me…

I saw their advertisement in a small biz opp magazine and thought it was a great idea and I still do… Dealing with these British low lives was unbelievable… I placed my order for 9 machines and was told they would be able to ship in 1-2 weeks, which sounded fine… They said they had stock of the machines.. I called back after 4 weeks and they said they wouldn’t have machines for another 3-4 weeks…

I asked for a refund and they would not issue me one, which sounded like a scam… So I held out for another few weeks and tried to be patient just spending over $15,000 on machines… I finally received the machines 8 weeks after I placed my order… I opened the machine and saw it was just 1 tiny electric board, a cheap hair iron and a bill acceptor…

They charged me $1800 a machine for only that stuff… I was extremely shocked… The components must have only cost $250-$300 max and that’s pushing it… I called for a refund and they would not give me one at all…

I used 4 of the machines as test models and 2 of the machines didn’t even work… I am so frustrated with their nasty attitude and unwillingness to help…

Buyer beware of these English Scammers… Don’t trust them one bit…



3 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL VENDING / Beautiful Hair Styler Vending Complaints

  • I am a distributor for the Beautiful Vending Styler and would like to comment on the woman’s comments above.
    First, I can’t comment on the treatment that she received from the US Distributor. All I can say is that they treated me well.
    Second, regarding the buyer’s statement, “I opened the machine and saw it was just 1 tiny electric board, a cheap hair iron and a bill acceptor…They charged me $1800 a machine for only that stuff… I was extremely shocked… The components must have only cost $250-$300 max and that’s pushing it…”. With all due respect, the buyer has no clue as to what things cost. The flat iron alone is the top of the line GHD Classic and costs $185 by itself. Check and see for yourself online. It is an excellent unit and heats up in only 6 seconds! The bill acceptor is $400 by itself. I could go on and on, but you get the picture.
    Third, regarding the statement about 2 of 4 machines not working, I obviously don’t know what was wrong, but from my experience, sometimes all of the connections are not tight or the nuts have fallen off, probably during shipping from the UK. I ALWAYS inspect my machines when they come in and tighten everything before they are installed.
    All in all, the machines perform very well. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have. I also sell discounted machines.
    Thank you.

  • As the co- founder and co- owner of Beautiful vending, i felt iot neccessary to respond to the coments above.
    Since 2005 we have sold to distributors in 35 countries and this is the first time a distributor has posted a negative comment. (assuming that it is actually a distributor).
    These days it seems a little too easy for people to write abusive and unrealistic comments and remain anonymous.
    Since the comment was posted we are now selling to US distributors directly and the machines cost a lot less than the original poster has stated, (approx $1000 per machine.)
    Please feel free to contact me directly at the main beautiful vending main web site,

  • Perseverance


    This site in no way is meant to harm any franchisor but give Franchisees a way to expose fraudulent scams of franchisors to the American public as a way of warning franchisees to be careful. With so few comments against your brand name I think that would give your company a lot of credibility.

    Realize this though, there are many franchisees who invest in franchises that are not successful in keeping franchisees in their franchise. The thing these days for franchisors is to make an agreement which is TOTALLY one sided for the franchisor and then let franchisees fail in routes and locations which are oversold and thin of profit or customers.

    If the good franchisors, who are in business to sell a good business model and keep the business going, would start holding those who are responsible for selling fraud or non-viable routes maybe these kind of sites would not exist.

    I know for a fact the owner of this site was a victim of something shady. That is what lead him to create this site and do the work for those who fall victim to scams.

    Bottom line! There is NO ONE policing the franchising industry and until someone stands up and says “We can’t commit fraud against our American citizens!” People like you will have to put up with “FREEDOM OF SPEECH!” It’s not outlawed YET!

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