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LA WEIGHT LOSS is one of the most infamous and maligned brands we’ve discussed on

Thousands of customers lost millions of dollars from LA Weight Loss and spin-off Pure Weight Loss entities over the years.

Resentments linger over the fact that LA Weight Loss used hard-sell techniques to induce its members to prepay hundreds, and often thousands, of dollars… then closed the centers and never provided the paid-for services and products and never paid refunds.

They simply kept the money.

Despite allegations that LA Weight Loss is now owned by a different company, the resentments and complaints continue.

Here are some we’ve received in the past year about LA Weight Loss:

Tina wrote: 

“Unbelievable!!! These jokers are opening back up after all of the money they scammed me and many others out of. I got stuck buying pre-products that I never finished using and almost $2000 in debt that was never paid back!!! Aaargh!!!

Well since they have money now to re-open… can I get my money back now???”

Correy wrote:

“My complaint comes with, as other have shared, the PRE PURCHASE of products. You kind of did feel that ur arm was twisted to buy in bulk in advance to receive the MINI discount. Then , for them to ‘close shop, lock doors and run away in the cloak of darkness without warning has MADE ME VOW>>>>>>>>>> “NEVER TO PRE PAY, BUY, or purchase anything like that again.”

June wrote:

“Yes, I was a member, and I was scammed out of $1200.00 worth of pre-paid product. I am furious. Please refund me my money.”

Kelly wrote:

“I was going to join LA Weight Loss back about 5 years ago…and they scammed me…I had 10 days to whether or not if I wanted to join…But going over the cost of this program, I decided to give them my letter on the 9th day to let them know I was not joining. But things went from bad to worse. They charged me over $800.00 for what….I didn’t join anything….And so they sent it to credit collection (GEMONEY) to get their money…and I wasn’t paying anything cause I did not join. And now to date…this hurts my credit standing…so thanks to LA Weight Loss Centre. I would not think of joining a weight loss centre or group.”

Kathy Kline wrote:

“Yes, I lost a bunch of money and lites, too. Why can’t the legal system do anything about this type of scam? It is just so easy for the crooks to do the same thing over and over and never get caught. I think there has to be a way to stop this.”

Jennifer wrote:

“My mother and I both became members of L.A. Weight Loss/Pure Weight Loss and were pursuaded to pay for the entire program up front in July 2007 to the tune of about $1,820.00. Then, they closed their doors in January 2008… BUYERS BEWARE, DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY AND DAMN SURE DON’T PAY FOR ANYTHING UP FRONT OR PROVIDE CREDIT CARD INFORMATION SO THEY CAN CHARGE IT ON A MONTHLY BASIS!!!”

Elizabeth Dean wrote:

“LA weight loss is a ripoff, I paid 3,000 dollars for LA Lites and the program and they closed the store down. They had signs up to go to another store in Murfreesboro Tennessee. I went there every month to pick up my bars and they had went out of business. They should be made to give everybody their money back.”

P. McGinniss wrote:

“LA Weight Loss closed without notice in Saskatoon They owe me product for a few hundred dollars and I was on track for my re-bate. It’s bad enough when you are overweight and are working hard at losing and then some asshole company takes your money and does not care. How do I get my money or product, does anyone know?”



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