MAACO Franchise Complaints

MAACO Franchise Complaints at was originally published in July, 2012, and been updated and added to. The Maaco franchise has generated a number of complaints since this page was first posted… post your own Maaco franchise complaints or praise below… and read what others have to say about the MAACO franchise opportunity.

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MAACO Franchise Complaints

Bill B. wrote:

The concept is dated and the franchisor Driven Brands / Maaco / Meineke has lost site of what the franchisors part of the deal is. Everyone I went to training with was out of business by the third year. Maaco is constantly turning over franchisees. The new start-ups fail the quickest. If you walk away the equipment is usually bought at pennies on the dollar by other Maaco franchisees. By the time you figure out how bad a deal you’ve gotten yourself into with Maaco you have generally lost everything.


Harold M. wrote:

Maaco buries its failure stats by not counting failed re-sales as failures. Also they reuse center numbers so you can not see how many folks they have actually churned through. Further on any given week only about 300 of its franchisees report earnings so approximately 150 franchisees do not report earnings for some it is just a missed week. For most it means they do not have enough to pay royalty fees. The way disclosure is setup for Maaco’s offering circular they are then able to exclude the bottom 100 or so franchisees. You do your due-diligence only to find after the fact that the information is skewed to the top 75% of Maaco’s franchises.


Burned franchisee wrote:

Maaco is a total investment disaster. Do not consider investing in a new Maaco franchise unless you own the building free and clear. As mentioned above you will contibute up to 20% of your gross to fees and totally inept in house advertising group. No one in the advertsing group has a clue as to what will generate foot traffic other than offering your services at a 30% reduction in price over bonified body shops.

The Maaco business model is based on a churn and burn philosophy….resell failing shops or suckering in new “investors”. Trust me when I say this, you will regret investing in this franchise for the rest of your life, if you chose to do so. In the training class I was in, 6 out of 7 new franchisees went out of business within 9 months to 3 years. the last is holding on only because they are cooking the books as far as reporting to Corporate. Maaco will sue you for not completing the 15 year commitment, so if you can last that long have at it.

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Got Out 2 wrote:

20 years ago… I did desire to own a business and choose MAACO believing it was the best.

…Within 3 years, all of my classmates (11 of them) were out of business, some bankrupt, some broke, one did not even open and some just too beat up. None of them were out because they made it rich. Over the years the number of MAACO centers has declined, I made it through 18 years and the day I was free of them is when gained control of my life again…

I strongly recommend you do your due diligence before you make the leap into this franchise. All of the comments in this forum are very accurate. I would not take one of these if they gave it to me.

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maaco complaints

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55 thoughts on “MAACO Franchise Complaints

  • April 13, 2017 at 11:09 pm

    Ahmad Elsayed,

    Now that you have been “not getting rich , and making a living” for 5 years with this company, would you recommend it?

  • April 20, 2017 at 11:07 pm

    How long can these incompetents keep running a business that is an essential rip-off scheme? They churn and churn through people’s life savings but have not made anyone successful in 5+ years. Why aren’t these folks in jail? Make the bonus, screw your franchisees. Oh. pay themselves and the pirate equity owners, who cares if the folks who are foolish enough to buy their crap franchises lose their ass? Churn and Churn, management still gets their well deserved bonuses. 450 +/- franchisees 4 years ago 450+/- franchisees today. Where do all the franchisees go? Lose your life savings to these Frat Boys from other countries. The American Dream.

  • July 6, 2017 at 4:49 pm

    Ahmad Elsayed,

    In your prior post October 27, 2013, you were praising the concept, working on expanding. Of course you are a very hard worker and everyone else who has been screwed by Maaco are just a bunch of softies.

    Now, out of curiosity, is this your hard working self, getting sued by Maaco? What happened?

    Maaco Franchising, LLC v. Elsayed
    Filed: June 28, 2017 as 3:2017cv03711
    Plaintiff: Maaco Franchising, LLC
    Defendant: Ahmad Elsayed
    Cause Of Action: Diversity-Breach of Contract
    Court: Ninth Circuit › California › California Northern District Court
    Type: Contract › Franchise

  • February 24, 2018 at 9:30 pm

    Dear Maaco – Driven Brands – Is my franchise going to fail? Of course it is. but luckily we will find a buyer who will buy it for pennies on the dollar. We won’t help you salvage your life savings, or your shop, for that matter, but we will get to make another franchise fee while you watch your life savings swirl down the toilet. Don’t you worry about us at maaco/driven brands/roark capital – as long as we can find a few people each year to rip off we will live large. Thank you for the largess, we deserve your retirement, much more than you ever did,

  • October 11, 2018 at 10:21 pm

    Best thing I did was declare bankruptcy and get out. I was a franchise for three years, grossing over 1mil. Watched people lose it all in less than a year, but worse, watched folks barely hang on and sacrifice everything, homes, retirement, everything. and still walk away in their 8-9-10th year because they didn’t have anything else to pump into this franchise. I consider myself lucky walking away without losing my home or using all – just some – of my retirement investments trying to keep my mil.++ franchise afloat.

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