HUMAN Healthy Vending: the Next Revive Energy Mints Scam?

HUMAN Healthy Vending: the Next Revive Energy Mints Scam?

HUMAN Healthy Vending claims it’s both helping entrepreneurs start their own lucrative vending businesses and helping to fight American obesity.

However, if HUMAN Healthy Vending turns out like the Revive Energy Mints vending franchise, the only thing American consumers will be losing is their life savings, credit ratings, and peace of mind.

Through a sales program allegedly run by William Wotochek, hundreds of Revive Energy Mints vending opportunities were sold to individuals who invested $12,000 to $25,000 or more.

In or around July or August, 2011, Revive Energy Mints disconnected its phone lines, abandoned its offices and disappeared without a single word of explanation.

Revive franchisees were left with no way to reorder product, with garages and basements filled with worthless machines, and without the “lifetime support” promised by Chierotti, Russo, Wotochek and others.

Many investors, several of whom are physically disabled, were left penniless.  Savings gone, one Revive franchisee battles Lou Gehrig’s disease with the anguish of possibly leaving his loved ones saddled with debt.  Some declared bankruptcy.  One couple had their truck repossessed from their driveway at night, while they slept.

The Revive Energy Mints victims never received a single word of explanation or apology from Bill Wotochek or anyone of the others who persuaded them to put their trust in Revive franchising.

HUMAN Healthy Vending: Red Flags are Flying

The similarities between HUMAN Healthy Vending and Revive Energy Mints are frightening:

Both vending franchises were founded by two clean-cut 20-somethings with polished stories and inspired business “visions.”

HUMAN Healthy Vending was founded by Sean Kelly (not to be confused with the franchise writer Sean Kelly) and Andy Mackensen.

Revive Energy Mints was founded by Logan Chierotti & Ryan Russo.

Both vending opportunities started as business opportunities and were converted to franchise opportunities.

Both vending opportunities have or had slick, colorful brands and professed to be combining the benefits of vending with innovative, healthier options.

And, perhaps most strikingly, both opportunities had/have the same hard-sell artist closing their franchise deals:  Bill Wotochek.

William Wotochek:  President of Revive Franchising, LLC

Bill Wotochek

While the other similarities might be superficial, the fact that franchisee and distributor recruitment efforts for both companies are spearheaded by Bill Wotochek is anything but.

In our interviews with Revive Energy Mints victims, Bill Wotochek’s name came up repeatedly as the man instrumental in convincing them to invest in the doomed vending scheme.

The 2011 Revive Energy Mints Franchise Disclosure Document lists William “Bill” Wotochek as having a leading role in both Sito Marketing and Revive Franchising:

President:  William Wotochek

Mr. Wotochek worked as a consultant for Y-Development, LLC, from 2004-2005, in Denver, Colorado.  In 2006, Mr. Wotochek worked in sales and business development for Key Financial, Inc. and General Steel corporation in Denver, Colorado.  From 2007 to 2008, Mr. Wotochek worked at the Dalbey Educational Institute, LLLP, as Senior Director of Business Development.  In September, 2008, Mr. Wotochek was hired to work in business development with Sito Marketing, LLC, our affiliate, in Denver.  In January, 2009, Mr. Wotochek was promoted to Vice President of Expansion for Sito Marketing, LLC.  In October 2010, Mr. Wotochek was promoted to President of Revive Franchising, LLC.

Bill Wotochek: Vice President of Sales, HUMAN Healthy Vending LLC

Bill Wotochek Human Vending

The 2012 HUMAN Healthy Vending Franchise Disclosure Document lists Bill Wotochek as Vice President of Sales since it was founded in November, 2011 and Vice President of Sales of its predecessor NWBL since July 2011, right around the time Sito Marketing and Revive Energy Mints Franchising LLC left its franchisees high and dry.

The current HUMAN Healthy Vending Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) reads:

Vice President of Sales:  Bill Wotochek

Mr. Wotochek has been Our Vice President of Sales since We were formed in November 2011.  He has served as Vice President of Sales of NWBL since July 2011.  He was a sales representative for Sito Marketing, Inc. from January 2008 through July 2011.  Mr. Wotochek was the owner of Wotochek, LLC from august 2006 through December 2007.

HUMAN Healthy Vending’s FDD Appears to Contain False and Misleading Statements

The HUMAN Healthy Vending Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is a FTC mandated disclosure document that is registered with the State of California and State of Minnesota is required to be provided to each prospective HUMAN Healthy Vending franchise owner.

HUMAN Healthy Vending FDDs are sent to registration states with a sworn, signed and notarized statement from HUMAN CEO Sean Kelly that all statements and representations in the FDD are factual and truthful.

Here’s Human CEO Sean Kelly’s sworn statement from a 2012 franchise registration application:

Sean Kelly Human Vending

However, the HUMAN Healthy Vending 2012 FDD appears to intentionally misrepresent the role Mr. Wotochek played in the Sito Marketing LLC and Revive Franchising.

The HUMAN Healthy Vending FDD downplays Mr. Wotochek’s role in the vending franchise disaster by stating only “He was a sales representative for Sito Marketing, Inc. from January 2008 through July 2011.”

Why does HUMAN Healthy Vending not disclose that Bill Wotochek was, in fact, Vice President of Expansion for Sito Marketing, LLC and that in October 2010, Mr. Wotochek was promoted to President of Revive Franchising, LLC?

What else isn’t HUMAN Healthy Vending telling the registration state franchise examiners and its prospective franchise owners?

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14 thoughts on “HUMAN Healthy Vending: the Next Revive Energy Mints Scam?

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  • HUMAN BUYS THE MACHINES FROM JOFEMAR AND THEY ARE CONSTRUCTED BY A 3RD PARTY (AVT). AVT is full of even more shit then HUMAN. HUMAN and AVT know the machines will not last more them a year since the machines aren’t designed for regular use. The machines are more like a piece of art that you store in an area with no light, but they tell you to place it in the light. The machines currently have a manufacture defect wit the fuse blowing out due to the refrigeration design, but they aren’t telling the customers that and nor are they fixing the defect. Instead they are selling fuse holders to customers and telling them that its normal to purchase fuse on a regular basis. We are so sick of HUMAN and AVT.

  • Can any of you give me a recommendation of a trusted vending machine business that I should partner with as a franchisee? It would be very helpful because I was seriously considering H.U.M.A.N.. Thanks in advance

  • Hancock

    There are no honest vending franchisors or business opportunities.

    This is a hard business. You are better off researching the business and machine manufacturers and going at it as an independent.

  • Guest

    Healthy You Vending is really 1-800-Vending hiding behind a new name.

    Why do they need a new name? Maybe because of all the complaints out there about1-800-Vending scamming people? Check it out:

    These vending opportunities are all scams, franchised or not. Read the vending business publications. The vending industry is not run as a side job out of the garages and basements of naive dreamers who answer Internet ads. Be smart and invest your money in something else. Healthy vending is a money trap for suckers.

  • HUMAN is a huge SCAM. They have perfected the art of removing money from peoples pokets. Fresh-o-matic would be proud.

    Stay away. Better to buy high quality equipment and find your oun locations. You will probably save money and LEARN a few things along the road. THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH people!

  • Guest

    Anything that had the Name Mark Trotter involved with it is a Criminal Federal Law Breaking Felon..Period

  • Looks like the state of Washington stopped these guys, but what about all the other states they operated or operate in? I have never met an honest vending machine business opportunity. I suspect guys will disappear like Revive, American Vending, Mad Dog Energy and all the other vending biz ops out there did…. wait a minute at least one of the senior people there worked for Revive Energy Mints. They sold vending biz ops one week and then shut their doors the next.

    Sean, tell please answer some of the questions on the various Healthy HUMAN Vending threads on this site. Also, please address the below:

  • This is a total pyramid and muti level marketing scam for its investors it has been from the beginning. It is some kid trying to capitalize on the health craze america is going through so he uses human as a sufferance not to smart. I give this company 5 more years max. I have personally met the owner total d bag and deserves to fail for being a totally fake individual grow some balls and be a fking man.

  • Hancock

    If you give H.U.M.A.N Vnding your money you’re an idiot.

    You will lose it.

  • You are right Hancock and John. Sean Kelly is totally fake and his whole staff. They want u 2 buy more machines when the machines r garbage. If I wanted garbage from Spain, I would go 2 T.J. . HUMAN HEALTHY VENDING is a total scam. They set u up 2 fail. All u idiots read your contracts. HUMAN will not help u fix your machines, because they are going broke. Remember Revive Energy Mints its the same thing ,all u idiots will b crying. 2 bad So sad.

  • Anonymous

    The machines they sell for $11k can be bought for $3k. Profitable vending companies don’t put themselves in Magazines. Call a legitimate vending company and ask if you can buy a franchise. You won’t be able to. Call a vending company that has over 1000 machines and they will tell you the truth about the vending business. Healthy vending machines at $11k a piece equals bankruptcy. Simple as that. The good news is that most people that sell vending scams are eventually locked up. Simple as that.

  • Human does not help with anything. Once they have your money you will never hear from them again. It is a shame [HUMAN CEO] Sean Kelly and Andy Makensen are in it to steel your money. The worst thing that I ever got involved with. I am still kicking myself on a daily basis. Anyone need a vending machine?

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