REVIVE ENERGY MINTS Vending Franchise: What Happened?

What happened to the REVIVE ENERGY MINTS vending franchise?

( Revive Franchising LLC was still issuing press releases and newsletters up until July, 2011 and publishing blog posts as recently as August 18, 2011.

Now the corporate phone number plays an ominous recording (The number you have reached is not in service.  Please check the number and try again.)

On an post (See REVIVE ENERGY MINT Franchise Complaints), recently signed Revive Energy Mint franchise owners report that they can’t get in touch with their franchise support representatives.  On September 8th, 2011, Michele Rodda wrote:

I purchased a revive franchise in June and now I cannot get ahold of anyone there. My personal coach they promised me has dropped out of sight and will not answer my emails or return my calls. I do not know what to make of it. I am at a loss beause I was promised help but none seems to be available.

On September 12th, 2011, Danny wrote:

I Bought a franchise about 3 months ago and everyone was great then all of a sudden they disappeared off the face of the earth! Did not notify anyone just went out of business. Call your credit card co. if that’s how you paid and they will charge them back. Good luck. Do not know why they closed down because the product is good.

New Management Team… Missing in Action?

According to the current Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for Revive Franchising LLC, a number of management changes took place within the past 6-8

Chris Robertson, the former COO of the defunct Kacey Fine Furniture, was named Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Revive Franchising LLC in January, 2011.

The same month, Mike Kelty was named Chief Marketing Officer & Chief Strategy Officer.  Prior to that he was a VP of Sales for Summit Brick & Tile.

William Wotochek was promoted to President of Revive Franchising LLC last December.

Paul Haverstick served as Business Coach and Marketing Manager of Revive Franchising LLC.

The current FDD makes no mention of previous management team members Logan Chierotti, Founder & Member, Chief Marketing Officer;  Ryan Russo, Founder & Member, Chief Creative Officer; Ken Wilczek, President & CEO; Mike Molinaro, Executive Coach; or Manager of Development Joe Chierotti.



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  • michele rodda

    I have a cell phone number for Richard Gates who called 3 of my friends for references on me. I don’t know if this will help. [redacted]

  • Ryan Constable

    did you try calling it?

  • Michele Rodda

    I did try calling the number after but there was no answer.


    If you are a Revive Energy Mints franchisee or licensee and are interested in possibly being included in a group action complaint against Revive Franchising LLC, Sito Marketing, Rylo Products LLC and/or its principals, email your contact info confidentially to the site admin at the email address below. You will receive info on how best to proceed.

    Email: UnhappyFranchisee[at]

  • Ismail Hussein

    Sito Marketing promised a full refund of $100,000.00 if I could not obtain an E2 visa to start their franchise in the USA. I am living in the UK.
    I entered into a business agreement on April 30 2009 with Sito Marketing from the UK. My intention was to leave UK and start a Revive Energy Mint business in Dearborn, Michigan. My investment amount was $100,000.00 When the business contract was prepared Sito Marketing were made aware of the strong possibility of my not gaining an E2 visa from the US Embassy here in London. For this reason the contract was worded to say that I would receive a full refund of my investment in no more than 5-10 business days, if this was the case(I can provide copies of the contract to prove this).

    For this investment amount ($100,000.00) I would get 250 vending machines(worth $87,500.00),50 000 Revive Energy Mints ($ 7,500.00) and ($5,000.00) for shipping to any US address.

    Since I had trouble obtaining all the money in one go, the process of investment took some time. The initial deposit was paid on 19 May 2009 and I was dealing with Jim Figg. Later I was asked to deal with somebody called Paul Haverstick while further installments continued until the whole amount of $100,000.00 was fully invested. An invoice to show this was issued on
    07 June 2010. Later on, Sito Marketing added a condition that I would only receive $95,000.00 of my money if the E2 visa was denied, due to this slow investment process. I agreed.

    On 14 September 2010 my E2 visa was denied. Sito Marketing were informed of this and that I was due a refund of $95,000.00 . I then started dealing with Mr Logan. He assured me I would be refunded, but since the company was not making much money, it would be done in installments. I argued about the contract, but he kept saying the company is not in a position to pay all the money in one go.
    On 27 January 2011 I received an email from Mr Logan. He said,” I wanted to inform you I have resigned my position with Revive and Chris Robertson will be your new contact”.

    So instead of the promise to refund my money in 5-10 days, it is now nearly 11 months on and I still don’t have all my money. To date I have received $64,860.90
    I have argued with them that due to them breaking their own contract I should receive a full refund of $100,000.00 They have agreed to this.

    However the payments stopped in May 2011 and the total still owed to me is $35,139.10 I would also like them to pay me damages since this delay is unacceptable and has directly put me under immense strain.

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  • Just spoke to a man at T. Pico ( the co. That made the vending machines) he said they know the name of the company that made the mints and they are looking into being able to supply them for us and also looking into a product that will work for these machines also.You can purchase the different wheel for these machines that will vend candy, nuts, etc.

  • T. Pico said Revive called them and said their done because they were not making enough money and could not stay in business !

  • Danny, will the guy at T Pico give the name of the mint mfgr?

    I’d be very wary of T. Pico Internaional. Gary Mills is the owner and president. This Gary Mills:

    “the San Diego Superior Court in early April issued a permanent injunction against Utah’s Independent Vending Concepts and The Financial Edge Inc., described as a foreign company. The judgment named Gary S. Mills and Rebecca W. Mills, IVC’s officers, as the defendants. The company also was involved in a business opportunity offering vending machines that dispense energy chews.

    The permanent injunction prohibits IVC and its principals from selling any products, equipment, supplies or services related to a “seller assisted marketing plan” that requires an initial payment of more than $500 in California. It also restricts the use of testimonials and potential earnings data when representing a SAMP without substantiating those claims. IVC also was ordered to pay $100,000, which was evenly split between California’s Unfair Competition Fund and the attorneys’ fees for the plaintiffs.”

    Issue Date: Vol. 50, No. 7, July 2010, Posted On: 6/21/2010
    U.S. Charges 5 With Fraud In ‘Energy Chews’ Vending Machine Swindle

    Is this a swell industry or what?

  • So, I’m assuming no word yet. Somebody did mention that you can possibly call your credit card company and have them look into getting your money back. Has anyone done this or inquired if it CAN be done? Yes, I would like to continue to sell the product, but if I can get some of my money back in the mean time, that would be great, since I have invested $15,000 to date.

  • You signed a contract so credit card companes will not refund your money unless you lie to them. I am not suggesting this, but have herd of people lying and telling credit card companies they did not receive there entire order from the company. If they received 5 boxes with 10 items per case or 50 items total; they lied and said they received just 5 items- one per case and get refunded the 45 items. When companies send you product through the mail they have no proof they really did enclose the merchandise unless they paid for special confirmation. I have not done this and I am not suggesting lying to credit card companies. Have herd you have a year to do it.

  • I was in Revive less than 3 months so I called my credit card co and they temporarily gave me back my 15k credit while they investigate revive.I got to it while they still had money in their acct. Now I am waiting for the final verdict.

  • Richard

    Guest is right. Danny, you will loose your fight with the credit card co. You signed an agreement and Revive will just show that to the cc company. The only way to “win” is to lie and say you did not receive all of your merchandies and it is to late for you to say that. It does not matter if they have money in their account now or not. If it has been a year or less since you bought your distributorship this is an option if you are okay with lying. This works.

  • james fox

    I am interested in more info to what happened to Revive. Please provide info. I am out $35,000+

  • well in feb.2009 i invested 12,000 dollars but i have had a hard time gettin my cash back! If anyone can help shoot me an email.

    I like the product and would like to sell it but i think that company owes some peeps their cash back!!!!

    [We will send you info. Feel free to email UnhappyFranchisee[at] – ADMIN]

  • Sharon

    Can anyone tell me why the company changed hands to Chris Robertson? According to employees they were completely in the dark? I find this increasing difficult to believe in light of the frequency and duration of the complaints. If the company was not making money and people were calling daily with complaints and demands reimbursment then how can everyone not know this man is scamming. Also, who is the original owner or president? When I purchased I dealt with Richard Gates, then Paul Haverstick, then Emma Burns. I was told Mr. Gates was the owner. What happened that caused the change in management if all was well in the first place?

  • Ismail Hussein

    Revive Energy still owe me some $30,000.00 from the total investment of $100,000. I have tried to get the money back from the credit card companies but they refused saying that the $30,000 rule applies.
    I heard Unhappyfranchise was taking Revive to court. Is this true?

    Ismail Hussein

  • Juanita Scott

    I have product and machines that I would like to sell at a huge discount as to what I paid if anyone if interested.

  • Dana Pauslon

    I also product and machines. Does anyone know if you can e-bay them?


  • I have 60a machines and a lot of product. Anyone know how I can get something for them?

  • I have been checking to see if there is a law suit out against Revive. Does anyone know If anything is in process ….

  • Don’t think so. I was under the impression that this can’t be done. Any advice out there?

  • Have any distributors found a person or business that has been interested in purchasing the machines or product?

  • Ryan Constable

    Please let me know if any one is intrested in purchasing Mints and machines. I have 25 machines and alot of mint for them as well sample packes and 2 packs. Is there any outcome from the e-mail we received in May, about the lawsuite?

  • cheryle foy

    my son and me purchased a frachise in 2012 was mailed our training manuel and invested 20,000.00 received machines and mint’s was given e mail and phone number of paul haverstack our support and trainer.spent more money on supplies business card’s shirt’s . ordered more mint’s on advice of paul. started our business . not good company did not advetise their product. finally could not get in touch with company to buy back mint’s also could not contac paul. i lost about 25,000.00 . hope they get procecuted.

  • Any updates? I do not think there was a lawsuit if they just went out of business. That is a risk everyone took. But they were suit for copyright infringement and there was an injunction. They didn’t notify anyone, provide the training, support or product. That seems like it would be a possible lawsuit. Has anyone talked to anyone about a class action. Statute of limitations is usually two years.

  • Devin Spooner

    In Feb. 2009 I invested 13,000 dollars for 25 Revive Energy Mint Vending Machines with 750.00 dollars worth of Mints to fill them and 4 zip codes where I could place the machines and go to stores in those area and set up retail accounts. Then one day I tried to send for some mints for a client and low and behold I was no way to order any product. Then it was all down hill from there. Could not get a hold of anyone as far as what was going on with sito marketing. Still to this day I have not seen any refund or anything which is pretty f**ked up!!!!

  • MIKE DE.

    I was scammed also for 30 machines and tons of product. I have boxes or samples,
    vending mints, boxes of 8, packages of two. If anyone is still selling it and wants them dirt cheap let me know.

  • I purchased 40 machines and a bunch of mints. I tried getting a few in the stores and lo and behold someone stole’d 2 machines from a car dealership. This was a bad purchase and would love to just get my money back that I put into it. There has got to be a way to re-coop the money so I can pay my credit card off.

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