7-ELEVEN Franchisee Tariq Khan: Villain or Victim?

7-ELEVEN Franchisee Tariq Khan:  Villain or Victim?  Are you familiar with long-time 7-Eleven franchise owner Tariq Khan?  Please share a comment or opinion below.

Prior to June 21, 2013, Tariq Kahn was a prominent franchise success story, a Pakistani immigrant who came to America with $300 and built a profitable empire of 7-Eleven convenience stores and other businesses in Long Island, NY.

Before June 21, Mr. Kahn was celebrated in the press for his outspoken advocacy for his fellow 7-Eleven franchise owners, for his charity fundraising and support of such causes as a Long Island food bank, muscular dystrophy, and independent living for the developmentally disabled.

Most recently, Tariq Khan was credited with leading the effort to save and restore a golf course ravaged by superstorm Sandy.

On June 21, without warning (according to Khan), 7-Eleven pronounced that Tariq Khan was a thief who had been cheating them for years.

According to a Tariq Khan Declaration, 7-Eleven stormtroopers (aka 7-Eleven’s “Asset Protection” team), without any notice, warning,  or discussion, turned Tariq Kahn’s life and his family’s life upside down.

They converged on Tariq Khan’s five 7-Eleven stores and “proceeded to remove, without any legal rights, all prepaid phone and gift cards, as well as the money order machines.  Within a few more hours… lottery machines were also removed… despite the fact that they do not belong to 7-Eleven.”

That same day, 7-Eleven sent Khan a “a Non-Curable Notice of Material Breach and Termination.”  Under this letter, 7-Eleven asserted that they had immediately terminated the franchise agreements for all of his stores…   without citing any provision in their franchise agreements allowing them to do so.

Despite Khan’s “long-standing productive and mutually beneficial relationship with the 7-Eleven franchise since 1988,” 7-Eleven stated it was terminating the franchise agreements for “alleged misconduct including skimming profits, under-reporting sales and labor violations.”

The media instantly began reporting 7-Eleven’s allegations, leading with headlines that both sullied Tariq Khan’s business reputation and unavoidably blended allegations against Khan with unrelated immigration cases involving 7-Eleven franchisees being reported on in the same region:

“7-Eleven sues NY store owner, says siphoned money”  Wall Street Journal

“7-Eleven Sues LI Store Owner For Siphoning Money”  The Epoch Times

“7-11 sues NY store owner, says siphoned money”  NewsWest9.com

“7-Eleven sues franchise owner of 5 NY stores, alleges siphoned money for years”  Daily Journal

“7-Eleven Sues Long Island Franchisee for Siphoning Money”  Convenience Store News

“7-Eleven Sued Franchisee, Says That He Hid ‘Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars’ Of Sales From The Chain” – FierceRetail

“Suit Claims Former 7-Eleven Franchisee Leader Khan Siphoned Off Funds”  Brooklyn Roundup

Tariq Khan Claims he’s Victim of a Vicious 7-Eleven Smear Campaign

Why would 7-Eleven take such drastic, irrevocable action against such a prominent, 25-year franchisee?

According to Khan’s declaration:

The underlying motivation for 7-Eleven to file this action clearly stems from my activity as a proponent of franchisees’ rights and my Pakistani descent.  These allegations against me and my family are again simply baseless and shocking and I categorically deny any such wrongdoing.  I am convinced that these allegations are being made in retaliation for my long time, active involvement in the various franchisees ‘ organizations, and my vocal criticism of various actions taken by 7-Eleven upper management to the detriment of 7-Eleven franchisee owners.

According to Khan, the personal attack on him is not an isolated incident, but rather part of a larger 7-Eleven campaign to oust outspoken franchisees.

He states:

This concept of vindictive and retaliatory conduct by 7-Eleven is supported further by their simultaneous suit against another vocal proponent of franchisee rights in New Jersey -making the instant suit far from unique. In an almost identical suit being prosecuted by Plaintiff in the District Court of New Jersey (filed only two weeks ago), 7-Eleven is trying to rid itself of another franchisee “troublemaker.” 7-Eleven, Inc. Karamjeet Sodhi, Docket No.: 3:13-cv- 03715…

In the above suit, Karamjeet Sodhi, the president of the Metro New Jersey Franchise Operators Association, an entity whose primary purpose is to advocate for 7-Eleven owners in their disputes with 7-Eleven corporate management, is being sued by 7-Eleven in their effort to take away his six 7- Eleven franchises that he has owned and operated for many years.

Tarik Khan[Left, Tariq Khan’s picture from an IGHL Independent Group Home Living tribute brochure]

While some defendants in other recent 7-Eleven actions have been dismissed by our commenters as cheaters who deserved what they got (7-ELEVEN Franchise Lawsuit Against Franchisee Pursharth Kapoor), Tariq Khan is not so easily dismissed as a franchise cheater undeserving of prior notice or a chance to respond or cure, considering:

  • Tariq Khan has been a 7-Eleven franchisee for 25 years, since 1988.
  • Tariq Khan’s first store was previously managed by 7-Eleven corporate.  He increased profits 20%.
  • Tariq Khan and his wife currently operate five profitable and successful 7-Eleven franchises.
  • Tariq Khan was the longest running chairman of the National Coalition of 7-Eleven Franchisees, serving in that position from 1998 through 2007.
  • Tariq Khan also served as vice chairman of National Coalition of 7-Eleven Franchisees, and was regional chairman from 1992 through 1997.
  • Tariq Khan has been a member of the United Franchise Owners of Long Island & New York since 1989 and was President of the organization for 15 years from 1998 through 2012.  He served as a vice president of this organization before that time .
  • Tariq Khan served on the 7-Eleven National Advisory Council from approximately  1992 through 2004.
  • Tariq Khan’s stores employ approximately 25 full time and 5-6 part-time employees
  • In 2008, Mr. Khan was honored by the New York City Council as one of New York’s most prominent and influential Pakistani-American leaders.
  • Khan was honored by the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Long Island, for his fund-raising efforts with 7-Eleven franchisees and substantial contributions on “The Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon”.
  • In 1995, Mr. Khan was a New York State delegate to the White House Conference on Small Business.
  • In 2004, he was an official torchbearer for the Olympics (held that year in Greece).
  • In 2009, Mr. Khan was honored by the non-profit IGHL for his support of independent group living for the developmentally disabled.
  • Mr. Khan is on the board of directors for Island Harvest Food Bank.

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33 thoughts on “7-ELEVEN Franchisee Tariq Khan: Villain or Victim?

  • Former 7-11 Franchisee

    There is far more to the issues between Mr. Kahn and 7-Eleven Inc.

    As a past multiple Franchisee i have seen much on both sides with merit. It seems that SEI is intent on “changing the 7-Eleven culture” by any means.

    I was basically forced out of the 7-Eleven system for highlighting what I believe were (and still are) multiple trade violations being perpetrated by 7-Eleven upon Franchisees.

    7-Eleven has in the past and is now violation IRS code by exercising EXTREME influence and control over franchisees, who are now in fact 7-Eleven employees rather than “independent contractors”.

  • I have to agree with “Former 7-11 Franchisee”, I know Tariq Khan, I served with him and under him in many of the activities for which he was awarded a place on 7-Eleven’s “Wall of Fame”. I did not always agree with Tariq, in fact he and I had our public and private differences, but I will never doubt his energy and commitment to franchisees and the franchise system. Do I think suddenly he is a pariah? Well the timing is interesting, first the federal government raids some east coast stores alleging some serious claims and in short order 7-11 is PRE-EMPTIVELY seizing franchised stores. It does make one go hmmmmmmmmmm. If he and Sodhi are such “bad guys” and as 7-11 claims this has been going on for years….what took so long? Could it be 7-11 had something to gain from “looking the other way?” In all of these allegations one has to ask “What did 7-Eleven know and when did they know it?” Why was 7-11 “hell bent” on influencing the last election of the National Coalition? Could the upcoming election in October have had a bearing this action? Inquiring minds need to know!

  • Execution Without Trial

    i do not support or condone the terrorist type actions of the S.E.I. police force.

    All employees and franchisees deserve their day in court to dispute any charges brought against them. the foundation of our nation and the spirit of the ( partnership relation between the franchisees and S.E.I.) should demand the respect and consideration of S.E.I. to achieve that end.

    I am very concerned and fearful that these kinds of actions be S.E.I. are a prelude to frivolous and groundless removals in the future purely for profitable reasons.

  • Well I have been reading all the 7-Eleven accusation against the FZ’s and I have decided to atleast share our experience with this mafia’s(7-Eleven) who not only threatens FZ’s on a daily basis but also use the policy of divide and rule,and bribe individuals to attack on FZ’s.If anyone takes or ask personally to any FZ’s I bet you will get the real background of this SEI company.They are the biggest thiefs in this world yet they blames poor FZ’s who works 7 days 16 hrs a day throughout the year.

  • I hope all the franchisees should unite against SEI wrong policys and forced tactics . I have one request to all 7-Eleven FZ’s throughout USA to take a stand against this company otherwise they will treat you worse than what they treating you guys.They know all the immigrants who owns 7-eleven only relies on 7-eleven income only and they can not afford to hire attorney. But if all the franchisees unite toghether they can make and bring change and operate their business peacefully.
    So request is UNITE and fight against wrongfull tactics.

  • Don’t tell me that 7-Eleven cares about it’s franchisee… Corporate is stealing from franchisee, just that they are smart at doing it’
    Please encourage your fellow coward franchisees to get UNITED or else take shit from SEI and feel good and regret.
    Request is only UNITE throughout USA
    Show them the unity atleast and stand up for right things.

  • DPfranchisee

    With Discovery Point franchise experience, I now know that churning is more profitable for the franchiser than the same franchisee continuing. Discovery Point made more than $500K in each churning, if not in Millions with each churning. That is not possible with collecting royalties from a franchisee. Churning is easy money and the way Franchise rules are setup, franchiser does not need to disclose churning. Franchiser can buy and sell the same franchised location with a different business name and that does not need to be disclosed in the FDD.
    Not sure how much 7-11 will make from this churning, but to have a new franchisee with new franchise fee as well as new life savings of $200K from the new franchisee to the franchiser is lucrative enough to keep churning. Moreover, the new franchisee will be innocent and will buy expensive supplies from the franchiser making more profit for the franchiser.

  • Help wanted

    I don’t run a dishonest store and this do have hurt us enough

  • 7-Eleven has ceased operating as a franchiser/Franchisee business partnership and is now seeking to turn all of it’s franchisees into employees. Due to the financial strains that have been felt on both ends, 7-Eleven has chosen to scream Non curable breach on franchisees across the nation on issues that were never even brought up before or allowed to be given a chance to cure. Point in fact- all non curable breaches have been brought against multiple store owning franchisees. THIS allows 7-11 to STILL make money while spending on legal fees if they are able to cease the stores and sell them. Basically making a 2 for 1 profit. They are breaking their own contract terms, acting like the KGB and unlawfully interfering with a franchisee’s day to day operations which is over reaching according to their own contract terms and soliciting people by bribing them with corporate jobs for false information. We must UNITE and put a stop to this… before the 7-11 culture completely changes and all franchisees are driven out of the system OR turned into EMPLOYEES of corporate!!! Don’t sit back and let your self be bullied into losing a business you have put your blood, sweat and tears into to build and still made corporate money year after year. They have NO RIGHT to come and bamboozle ANY franchisee this way. EVER!.

  • 7-Eleven has ceased operating as a franchiser/Franchisee business partnership and is now seeking to turn all of it’s franchisees into employees. Due to the financial strains that have been felt on both ends, 7-Eleven has chosen to scream Non curable breach on franchisees across the nation on issues that were never even brought up before or allowed to be given a chance to cure. Point in fact- all non curable breaches have been brought against multiple store owning franchisees. THIS allows 7-11 to STILL make money while spending on legal fees if they are able to cease the stores and sell them. Basically making a 2 for 1 profit. They are breaking their own contract terms, acting like the KGB and unlawfully interfering with a franchisee’s day to day operations which is over reaching according to their own contract terms and soliciting people by bribing them with corporate jobs for false information. We must UNITE and put a stop to this… before the 7-11 culture completely changes and all franchisees are driven out of the system OR turned into EMPLOYEES of corporate!!! Don’t sit back and let your self be bullied into losing a business you have put your blood, sweat and tears into to build and still made corporate money year after year. They have NO RIGHT to come and bamboozle ANY franchisee this way.

  • Hi everyone who is upset with SEI
    Instead of blaming each other and sharing personal issues I would strongly suggest unite first and challenge this company
    Be positive and support everyone

  • Some ex employees has many time mentioned that SEI knows franchisees are weak and only depends on one business so they can twist and threaten them any time
    They are also worried about their image too
    So be unite and fight as one group

  • I am franchisee. Tariq khan was chairman of national coalition of franchisee association and Sodhi is FOA president.
    It’s not co-incident. SEI is after any one who is far franchisee spokesperson.
    Indian Pakistani franchisee are the people who don’t stand up for there rights. All franchisee fear SEI will take their store back.
    Some FOA presidents are ass kisser. 7-11 choose National business council from franchisee community. All ass kisser get selected in that committee so no feed back is heard from franchisee.
    Any one will speak against 7-11 will lose the store.
    7-11 is having there trade show. They forced all franchisee to attend in Vegas. They collected millions of dollars from vendors. (any vendor who refused to attend the show, was threatened that they won’t be approved vendor any more)
    Those million of dollars they collected,because of franchisee. That amount shouldn’t be splitted with franchisee ?
    There are more than 2000 people ex franchisee filed bankruptcy due to 7-11.
    The truck driver who got free 7-11 from CEO said in his interview lately, he was better off driving truck. Now he makes less than he use to make and work 30 more hours in 7-11
    There is USA top ice creme company, who refused to deal with 7-11 because they refuse to give kick back to get approved vendor status.
    Most corrupt company-gangsters- company who bully their franchisee’s. Almighty is watching. He will send an angel soon so we will get JUSTICE.

  • I have known Tariq Khan all my life, and he is the reason behind my success. He was inspired me to do great things, and has always given me great advice.

    I believe this is a political coup by a vicious corporation, which is ungrateful to the contributions he has made to franchise owners.

    I hope 7-11 is held accountable for their actions when this is all said and done.

  • Sad day

    Heard court ruled against Tariq’s motion for restraining order prohibiting 7-11 from taking stores. He is out of the system WITHOUT his day in court…..if there was ever a reason for strong franchisee protection legislation this is it. I don’t know if Mr. Khan is guilty, innocent or somewhere in between BUT to arbitrarily demand turning over his business’ based on one sided “evidence” is a crime.

  • Actually, you’re wrong, Sad day. Khan had his day in court. The undeniable proof of his unethical and illegal activities were so overwhelming that it was almost defenseless. He didn’t have his day in court??? I hear he was on the stand for many hours. To use the word “crime” in your previous statement is almost comical, as if it had been a criminal trial instead of a civil issue, Mr. Khan would go to jail. As someone who runs their business in an ethical way, I find it insulting that you would defend such actions for which you do not know the details. Don’t drink the tainted, kool-aid flavored Khan Slurpee, the side that won today was the side that deserved to win.

  • Spruce taples

    Mr Khan has 14 days to appeal….still in control of his stores

  • Workinboy48

    STGod, you are the biggest fool. Speak of what you know, NOT of what you do not! The “presentation” SEI made was so one sided and off base it was insulting. I can’t believe any “ethical” judge would allow such “bullshit”. It is also offensive to hear you pass judgement WITHOUT the facts, rather based on “hearsay”. SEI has violated their own agreement with the ENTIRE Franchise community and people like you are “blinded” by what you want to believe and not what is real. You supporting ANYTHING SEI does TO another Franchisee is tantamount to you supporting that they do it to you. Are you really that naive??? SEI is one of the most manipulative, thieving band of liars and crooks and it starts right at the top with the West Point Grads. You say you are someone who “runs their business in an ethical way”. Have you EVER had an inventory variation? Did SEI take monies from you for the variation? Shame on you for allowing that to happen. WE ran our stores in an “ethical way” also and we were issued LON’s and Breaches for things “guaranteed and protected” within the Agreement. You need to re-visit what is really going on and how it is going to impact your ability to maintain profitability for the future, because SEI is intent on “stealing” as much as they can from you. One day you are going to turn around and SEI will be trying to “do you”, and who do you think will be on your side then???

    Like they always said in the military, “you need to see the bigger picture” and quit thinking so small. SEI presented half-truths and magnificently distorted information to paint a picture to the judge, but a lie is still a lie.

  • Jack Fuller

    I’m curious, STGod….why do you think that Mr. Khan should go to jail when he’s involved in a civil trial and not a criminal trial? SEI obtained the video for one of his stores “under the guise of a Homeland Security investigation. What that means is that two agents from the Department of Homeland Security showed up at his store the week of the Baig scandal reaching the public and claimed that they needed to pull the video out for their investigation on all the stores being raided. Those two Homeland Security agents then turned around and gave the video to SEI.

    Let me repeat myself here for effect: SEI utilized two members of the Department of Homeland Security as private goons to seize store videos for their own private lawsuit. The reason why SEI did this is because they claimed in court that Tariq Khan, a 61 year old man, had physically threatened their employees if they ever came to remove video from the store and that said employees needed some sort of protection in order to do this.

    It is not the Department of Homeland Security’s job to provide personal security for SEI. But somehow, they were either knowingly or unknowingly manipulated into doing so. I find this frightening, even more so since SEI’s lawyers admitted in court that they utilized subterfuge and manipulation of a federal law enforcement agency to carry out a financial vendetta. Read the court transcripts and you’ll see that it’s true.

    In a criminal trial, such improperly obtained “evidence” would immediately be thrown out in court. But in a civil trial, the judge doesn’t care about how the video was obtained. So, STGod, why exactly should Mr. Khan be sent to jail for something he didn’t do? I’m guessing you’re either an SEI stooge or one of their “useful idiot” franchisees they parade around in the media to dance for them when they’re drumming up PR. Either way, the facts are beyond you.

    As for the verdict itself, keep in mind that if more than one employee is stealing from the franchisee, SEI can turn around and say that the franchisee is directing them to steal from SEI and place the entire blame for the theft on the franchisee. That’s what the crux of what the Khan case is about. The real reason behind this lawsuit is because for SEI, it’s personal. Ever since Tariq Khan tried to sue the company 10 years ago to challenge the 85% rule & the splitting of advertising costs, SEI has had it in for him, as well as any other outspoken franchisee.

  • sadbuttrue

    If 7-ELEVEn franchisees operate their stores in an honest ethical manner they should have nothing to worry about except the “possibility” of a reduced bottom line. Give up the mis-treatment of employees, i.e., no meal breaks, no overtime, no double time after 7th straight day of work etc. Give up purchasing merchandise outside of the 7-ELEVEn system & not reporting it. Give up turning in false cash expense invoices. Give up making inside deals with Mclane drivers who in turn have deals with their distribution center co-workers. Sometimes in life greed gets the best of people. 7-ELEVEn Franchise Greed & 7-ELEVEn Corporate Greed can’t always coexist.

  • sadbuttrue wrote “If 7-Eleven franchisees operate their stores in an honest ethical manner they should have nothing to worry about…”

    I don’t think if Dev Patel was operating in an unethical manner he would be picketing in front of the store and going on the radio. Does this guy sound like a cheater?


    While there are no doubt some 7-Eleven franchisees who are not being aboveboard, the way SEI is going about this – seizing stores with incurable breaches and no chance to appeal – some innocent ethical owners who made money for 7-11 for a number of years are going to lose everything and its not ethical or fair of SEI.

  • sadbuttrue

    Absolutely agree. I believe 7-ELEVEn’s greed will most LIEkly win out every time.

  • Jatinder

    7-11 has hired private investigators to try to kill , injure and overrun its franchisee so it can take over their business ans sell it for profit. Ever single 7-11 franchisee is a victim they better watch out they are coming after you.

  • 7 Eleven is the new Madoff in driving slavery.They call them Frachisee and in reality they are keeping the slavery because by calling them Franchisee they are not paying for Medical,pension,IRA or any of the benifits one is entitled.
    Its a greedy japanese corporation.They were caught steeling for getting Kickbacks from many companies and were not sharing with the franchisees.
    Mr Tariq khan is one of hundreds.With their money they can twist the facts like Anderson accounting job for bearnie Madoff.
    I fully support Tariq khan

  • 7 – Eleven is another Greedy corporation whom interest is to protect and collect like a mafia.Tariq is an honorable average “Joe”, and 7 =Eleven knows that he is the man who knows how 7 eleven was cheating the franchisees by siphoning the money from big vendors and not sharing it.
    Little surprised that the mafia thug is questioning an honorable man.

  • ikram khan

    I worked whth tariq khan for so many years.He was one of the most disgusted person who i ever met in my life.I wondered that how a cheat of this caliber can go that far? I worked on all his five stores.He was involved in many illegal activities at same time.He had illegal workers who have no ssn or they borrowed others ssn(which Tarig knew)and worked on fake names.He always put one employee for a job where three needed.He sold many items which were not the articles of se.He bought them illegally and sold with lots of profit.Many a time we were asked to sell expired items.Bakery fruits and such items we forced to sell until they finish.He gave no breaks to his workers.Imagine how can a person can stand non stop for 16 hours,he has to sell 2000 dolalrs merchandise on the counters,moping,cleaning washrooms,preparing coffee etc,taking deliveries all along,arranging and cutting newspapers,preparing newspapers returns, cleaning glasses of stores,cleaning parking areas and dozens of other things.He had no sympathy with anybody except money.His real sister and her husband Farooq were sick of him.He never wasted any cup of coffee if customer throw it in a bin or if it slips from the hands.So if you have such nasty employer then the regular workers did lots of cheating and stealing.Each worker stole nearly 100 dollar daily.All stole food and other articles for home.Some employees hired young boys and ask them to mop and do the cleaning job for them in return of pack of cigarette few candy and ice cream .So in the end i ask the se management that give him the full dose so he and others take a lesson.

  • Jack Fuller

    Ikram Khan, I worked with Tariq Khan and I don’t believe a word you said. If you didn’t like working for him, you should have just found another job. You sound like a disgruntled former employee with an axe to grind.

    Based on the facts, Tariq Khan was never charged criminally by the Department of Homeland Security, so he clearly was not involved in any illegal activities. If he were, he would be facing criminal charges like Farooq Baig, not a civil lawsuit by a company which is trying to take back stores from multiple longtime franchisees.

    As for his sister and brother-in-law, they were named in the lawsuit levied by SEI as well, so I would take their opinions with a grain of salt. From what you’ve said, it seems that Tariq Khan was a slavedriver of an employer, and that many disgruntled employees would steal from him as a result.

    If anything, this shows that Tariq Khan was not involved in some massive, organized scheme to siphon profits, and was instead a victim of his own employees’ theft! Perhaps you can try to justify this theft (were you a part of it yourself?) by saying that Tariq Khan was a jerk, but SEI isn’t suing Tariq Khan for being a jerk. They’re suing him on ludicrous charges, which they’re also doing to many other franchisees around the country.

    What I do know about Tariq Khan is that he came to this country with practically nothing, worked his way up and became a philanthropist who has been honored by both the Muscular Dystrophy Association and the March of Dimes. When you have given as much to others, perhaps then you’ll have the right to engage in character assassination.

  • Khawaja Farooq

    Tariq khan and His Brother Tanveer Khan is international Mafia I have Prouf very soon I submitted to IRS and Fbi

  • Khawaja Farooq

    Tariq khan and his brother Tanveer Khan is cc thief Tex thief

  • Lorie Weinroth

    What the heck is a “tex thief?” Do you mean “tax cheat?” Because Mr. Khan hasn’t been accused of that…

  • Lloyd Seecharran

    I am a member of tariq khans family. 20 years ago I was hired in one of his stores. I was new to this country and was doing my best to survive. Because of his jealousy of my work ethic and he could see that I would progress quickly, he fabricated a lie that I was stealing from his store and fired me.

    How ironic.

    God is good all the time and He delivers justice albeit nearly 2 decades later. Finally my name is clear and everyone can see who the real thief, liar and embezzler is. Khan deserves to go to jail for his deceipt, jealousy, lack of morality and disdain for the core values of America. All the while he was building his empire with stolen money he was also laughing at America.

    Unless you come clean and repent not only to 7-11 but also to Jesus (Son of God) then you will experience humilation, incarceration in this life and Hell in the next. For the record I forgive you and I am today a successful businessman, but unless you repay all the money you have stolen to 7-11 I don’t think they will forgive so easily.

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