STRATUS BUILDING SOLUTIONS Sued by Franchisees for RICO Violations

STRATUS BUILDING SOLUTIONS Sued by Franchisees for RICO Violations.

(  St. Louis-based attorney Jonathan Fortman continued his relentless fight for the unit franchisees victimized by Stratus Building Solutions today by filing suit against the janitorial franchisor for violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).

Readers of are familiar with Fortman’s ongoing campaign against Stratus Building Solutions, a company that allegedly preys upon hardworking Hispanics and other ethnic minorities who are seeking to own a piece of the American Dream.  Both directly and through a tier of “Master Franchisees,” Stratus allegedly collects thousands of dollars from individuals, promising them predetermined “guaranteed” commercial cleaning jobs.  Franchisees allege they either never receive the promised work, they receive work that is underbid to the point that it is unprofitable, or, in some cases, are assigned work that is then taken from them due to phony or exaggerated “complaints” supposedly originating from customers.

These are all common unethical practices in the janitorial franchise industry, in which the principals of Stratus and many of the Masters have years of experience.

Here is the press release from The Law Office of Jonathan E. Fortman:




The Law Office of Jonathan E. Fortman announced today that it has filed suit against Stratus Franchising, LLC, the franchisor of Stratus Building Solutions, and each of its Master Franchisees.

The suit seeks certification of a class consisting of every Unit Franchisee and seeks damages under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). “Stratus Building Solutions is a franchise system built on fraud,” according to Jonathan E. Fortman, lead attorney for plaintiffs. “We have uncovered numerous instances of blatant fraud as set forth in our federal complaint. The franchisor defrauded the Master Franchisors who, in turn, perpetuated the fraud at the expense of those who invested their life savings into a system destined to fail,” Fortman stated.

“What I find particularly troublesome is the manner in which Stratus manipulated its ranking in the annual Franchise 500© list of Entrepreneur magazine. To many of our clients, that list legitimized this franchise system. However, we now know that the information used to rank this franchise was not based in any fact and was, in fact, fraudulent,” Fortman continued.

“The Master Franchisees had a chance to put a stop to the fraud and protect the franchisees. Instead, the masters chose to look out for their own best interests even after being made aware of this fraud. They have blatantly ignored the devastation experienced by their Unit Franchisees. They made their bed, now they have to lie in it. We look forward to presenting the overwhelming evidence in federal court and are confident that our clients will prevail,” Fortman concluded.

The Law Office of Jonathan E. Fortman, LLC, was established in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1995. It concentrates its practice in the representation of individuals harmed by fraudulent franchise systems. Jonathan E. Fortman is the lead attorney in the case of Handing v. Contours Express, LLC in which he obtained verdicts in excess of $1.3 million for 8 franchisees of the second-largest women’s only fitness chain and has over 60 additional claims pending.

# # #

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Jonathan Fortman at (314)522-2312 or email Jon at




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  • 1st Amendment

    I agree with the Rico Raqueteering charges. The following is part of the Stratus complaint and one of the many Criminal acts commited by many janitorial franchisors. These people must be prosecuted and put in Prison.

    ” 348. In May of 2011, Ms. Walker received her first account, which she did not sign to
    accept. The cleaning account, Pulmonary Associates, was to pay out $1,150 a month.
    However, Plaintiff Walker was only there for 5 days before she was informed that the
    client had complained she was not doing a good job.
    349. After being informed she was not doing a good job, Ms. Walker went to the client
    to get more information as to what she could do better.
    350. The client, Tammy Katzenmeyer the manager of Pumonary Associates, then
    informed Ms. Walker that she made no such complaint and that she was satisfied with
    her cleaning.
    351. Ms. Katzenmeyer then proceeded to ask Ms. Walker how many hours she was
    working in the building. Ms. Walker told her that Stratus calculated her building at 3
    hours to clean with one person. Ms. Katzenmeyer was very surprised by this and
    stated that not even superwoman could clean a building that big in 3 hours.
    352. Ms. Walker then informed Ms. Katzenmeyer that she had to put in extra hours in order to clean the building well. “

  • Not so fast

    @Fortman, no offense, but you are speaking out of both sides of your mouth (what an unusual situation for an attorney), here you talk about how JUST you and Sean Kelly are, let me ask you a few little questions:

    a) Was it JUST for you to name nearly 100 innocent employee’s of various Stratus Masters in your recent RICO filing? Do you know what the cost to those employee’s is in regards to harm done by you and your lawsuit? Do you know that some of those people have received physical threats and verbal threats by “unhappy franchisees” that they worked with? Do you know that they have had to hire attorney’s in many cases just to defend themselves from this non-sense? Do you know that some of them have lost their jobs as a direct result of this lawsuit? Do you know that many of them are now having a difficult time getting new jobs because of this lawsuit and their names being party to it?

    b) How many times have you sued Stratus Corp. and won?

    c) How many lives have YOU and other Attorney’s like YOU ruined because of your pointless and non-sense lawsuits? How many of those lives ruined were the actual franchisee’s that you claim to represent? How many of those lives ruined were former Masters just trying to do right and leave the system? How many of those lives ruined were employees of those former Masters that didn’t do anything wrong to anyone?

    Problem with Jonathan Fortman and other ATTORNEY’s just like him, they only look at the small picture, not the BIG. They only look at getting their names on the TV, Internet Blog Sites, News Articles etc….They don’t think about the three or four that they are representing vs. the 100′s and quite honestly 1000′s that they have harmed along the way…

    @Sean Kelly, YOU are just as big of a problem as ATTORNEY’s just like Fortman and others…. You RUSH TO POST and show lawsuits, allow people to be SHOUTED DOWN for opposing YOUR PERSONAL alliances such as Fortman and “name the attorney”….YOU are just as responsible as Fortman for running of people’s lives as he is and ATTORNEY’s just like him.

    Since the two of you like to play in the courtroom so much, I would think you would relish the opportunity to be on the other side of the courtroom for a change……

    You and your postings through the world of the internet and blogging have affected numerous people’s lives as when you google a particular person’s name and the lawsuit that you posted here shows up, your website shows up and leads them directly to the posting…I know multiple people that are having an impossible time getting work as a direct result of you, your website and the disgusting comments made by many of your posters. You have allowed for people to be attacked personally, allegations and criminal accusations made against them without any proof, you have created an atmosphere by which any Disagreeing opinion is criticized not only by you, but “minions” that you control.

    So please forgive me when I take direct HUMOR in the fact that you are facing lawsuits, criticism and are having to cozy up to a COWARD like Fortman…..

    See you soon!

  • Not so fast

    @Fortman, Well HELL, that make’s all the difference in the World to the 100’s and thousands of lives you and Sean Kelly have co-destroyed!!!!!

    Fortman: “Well at least I use my real name”! So, that should make ALL of the people that you wrongly sued/named in the lawsuit feel better.

    The people that were harassed, threatened, harmed, families destroyed, homes and cars lost, unemployment checks to live off of, feel so much better.

    Fortman, this simply proves to the world, that you are a JOKE!

    Sean Kelly aka Admin, is just as BIG of a JOKE as Fortman since they are both cut from the same jib…..

  • As an outside observer with no dog in this fight, I’m starting to feel sorry for Rutkauskaus/Not So Fast.

    He really does come off like a man in the midst of a deep personal crisis. The idea that a prominent businessman with that many followers would actually tweet the racist, adolescent bile he’s been sending out seems to indicate that he’s lost a few of his marbles.

    That’s my sympathetic spin, at least. He’s probably just another unscrupulous money whore.

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, So much news to share with you over my past one (1) year hiatus…..Trying to figure out which of the Stratus Posts good ole Reasoned Source should bring back to life….Let’s start with this one and work our way around. Many of you missed my posts, some of you fear them, with good reason….One of the best things about my posts was the “header” or naming of them, along with some “tongue and cheek” humor……

    Let’s call this series, “Attack on the Clowns”, because the attacks will center on multiple “Clowns” such as Mark/Jayson Bashforth, Channen Smith, Marvin Ashton and the biggest clowns of them all, Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese……..

    Let’s start with some of the most recent news which is the wonderful “Asphalt Jungle Boys” aka “Rocket Men” aka “San Diego Dreamin” aka Mark and Jayson Bashforth:

    1) Former Stratus Master, Lincoln Baker has filed suit in California alleging Fraud, Fraudulent Inducement, Embezzlement and numerous other items. Suit is for 380k that Mark Bashforth and Jayson Bashforth stole from by misrepresentation on their Performa, their FDD, their Financials and other important items.

    2) State Attorney General for Texas has formally opened an investigation into Fraud, Fraudulent Inducement, FDD violations against Mark/Jayson Bashforth and other Master Franchisee’s in the State of Texas.

    3) Jayson Bashforth/Mark Bashforth are facing additional Lawsuit (s) for the same issues as described above in the California Lawsuit but in other Geographic Areas.

    4) Mark Bashforth is so involved with the success of his “Area Developers” and of his “Unit Franchisee’s” that approx. one year ago, he got himself a Full Time Job working in Sales/Business Development for a company in Houston. Please review his linkedin profile……

    5) Mark Bashforth is so STUPID for believing that Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese would have his back on this California Lawsuit, that Jayson encouraged Lincoln Baker to contact Dennis Jarrett directly to confirm that He (Mark/Jayson Bashforth) had a written agreement by which He (Mark/Jayson Bashforth) had exclusive rights to sell Master/Area Developer Licenses for San Diego, the State of Texas and the State of Louisiana. Upon direct contact and conversation recorded as fact in the California Lawsuit, Dennis Jarrett at first flatly denied any knowledge of any exclusive agreement, then in a 2nd conversation, he denied any written agreement but their was in fact an “oral” agreement.

    Of course, I am sure that Stratus Franchising received their “full payment” due for the closings of Austin, Lafayette, Dallas/Ft. Worth and San Diego respectfully from Mark/Jayson Bashforth, we know for a fact that they were proud/honored to announce those sales both in print and on website……Let’s see, their “cut” out of the following sales would be not less than 50/50…..

    Austin: 200k plus note
    Dallas: 650k plus note
    San Diego: 225k plus note
    Lafayette: 150k plus note

    So, 600k plus a % of the note payments went to Stratus Franchising, LLC and/or Jarrett Realty…….Wonder if DJ remembers the agreement now?

    Don’t you just love the LOYALTY, PARTNERSHIP, MUTUAL TRUST AND SUPPORT that DJ and Pete show their Employee’s, their Unit Franchisee’s and most importantly their Masters….Hell with Partners like Pete/DJ who the Hell needs enemies!!!!!!!!

  • Reasoned Source

    Someone asked me about the St. Louis Business Journal article written on March, 2013. They wanted to know what was the “big deal”….Ok. Here it goes…

    FRAUDULENT INDUCEMENT!!!!!! Does anyone have any doubt that the reason DJ stated and Pete Frese agreed with the article has anything else to do but trying to sell more unit franchises, trying to sell more area developers, trying to sell more Master Licensee’s.

    Stop and think, they recently tried to sell Shea Sealy’s old area for 50k they even offered the opportunity to finance 50% of the fee….Do you think that Shea Sealy’s old area went for more or less than 50K? That offer came through Mark Bashforth. Because Stratus Franchising has decided, well, WE can’t lie anymore, but we can sure help someone ELSE LIE!!!!!!

    How much you want to bet that article was sent to Afshin, Tom, John, Channen, Mark/Jayson just to make sure they were on the same page?

    How much you want to bet that at least some of those guys had that article blown up and posted on their walls for potential Unit Franchisee’s to see?

    Now, smart people tell me this, with the following Masters out of the system and them reporting 100 million approx. in sales in 2011, how is it that they only dropped 4% when the following Masters left the system in 2012 and their revenues didn’t/shouldn’t have been counted….

    Salt Lake City
    Ventura County
    Orange County

    So all those cities, all that revenue left the system and you only lost 4 million dollars?

    FRAUDULENT INDUCEMENT is why!!!!!!! Remaining Masters that aren’t Afshin, Tom, John, Channen, Mark/Jayson….WHY ARE YOU STILL IN THE SYSTEM?

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, Has anyone noticed the Stratus Franchising Website over the past one year? Ever since Marissa Lather left the company, no updates…In fact, Stratus Franchising is still giving the false Illusion that it actually has more offices than it really does…..On a recent visit, I still saw the following offices listed as “Stratus Offices”:


    And others…..Why oh Why would it take more than one year to remove those cities from a website? Could it be that they are trying to persuade unknowing Unit Franchisee’s that they are still going to be part of a “National Company”? How about unsuspecting Area Developers or Masters? No one is that Dumb right? Well, recently good Ole Reasoned Source, Spoke with a potential Area Developer that somehow actually did his research and contacted me without knowing exactly who I was…..Seems the “Rocket Boy” and his Brother, were trying to sell Shea Sealy’s old area for 50k!!!!!!!!! Wonder how much Shea Sealy had paid for that same area? As a “bonus” they were willing to finance up to 50% of the purchase price! REALLY!!!!!! What a Deal, I could buy a failing/destroyed/dead Brand, for 50k and have them hold a note for 50% of the 50k, wait, let Good Ole Reasoned Source break out his calculator, Wow, for 25K I could buy the rights for Salt Lake City!!!!!! What a DEAL! What do you think Good Ole Reasoned Source asked for? How about a PERFORMA COPY! Seems to me, Mark/Jayson Bashforth, through DJ are doing some mighty NAUGHTY THINGS?

    South Carolina
    New York
    Northern Utah

    THIS is your partner continuing to destroy himself and YOU!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers: Over weekend I was asked a series of questions by some current Master Franchise Owners of Stratus: Here is the Next Question…….

    Who should be deposed on the Stratus Franchising Team in order to get the most damaging evidence against Stratus Franchising?

    a) Bill Blair- Former VP, Disgraced, Now running NuKastle Cleaning/Maid Service…He has been and will continue to be “thrown under bus” by DJ and Pete respectfully….

    b) Marissa Lather- Former Director of Information and anything Web Related. She was the primary spokesperson for Stratus Franchising in regards to Net Operations. Currently works for herself and a Solar Company based in St. Louis. She was also rumored to be having “pillow talk” with none other than Pete Frese in the past…..

    c) Chelsea Pulley- Former Office/Administrative Person for Stratus Franchising and Simpatico. She was also one of several women harassed by Bill Blair. Not a Big Fan of either DJ/Pete, has a lot of interesting information to give if asked.

    Poor DJ/Pete, they see the end coming of not only Stratus Franchising, but of themselves in this Industry….Only question really left, Will they end up in Jail?

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers: I have gotten a commitment from one of the current Masters Left in the Stratus Franchising System to no longer will they pay into the defense fund, nor their Fee’s!!!!! One is a start:

    His “turning point” was the expose’ that Good Ole Reasoned Source did on the scum bags Bill Blair and Marvin Ashton. At end of the day, whatever “turns” the final few Masters into a group that leaves and therefore finishes off Stratus Franchising is good by me.

    As reported earlier, DJ is up to his “old tricks” and they are still trying to sell territories at reduced prices by utilizing Mark/Jayson Bashforth and Afshin C. vs. their own FDD and DJ.

    They are now offering former territories at ridiculous rates…I’ve already reported about Shea Sealy’s “old area”.

    Let me ask you remaining Masters a final question? When Stratus Franchising is desperate enough to completely ruin the Brand, is it then you will finally “jump ship? How about when your non-franchise competitors start handing out website and excerpts about who DJ, Pete Frese, Marvin Ashton, Bill Blair, Carmen Garcia, Mark/Jayson Bashforth and copies of all the lawsuits to YOUR CUSTOMERS, Will you jump ship then?

    Let me ask you remaining Masters another “final question’? How many disgusting and unscrupulous ambulance chasers does it take to bring down a 3 million/year in gross revenue business?

    Just some “food for thought”!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, I got one more for sure to stop paying their royalties and that isn’t all, they have decided to go ahead under advice of their local counsel to formally “split” from Stratus Franchising……You may ask WHY NOW? Bottom line is Stratus Franchising is going to file for BK protection sooner vs. later. Too many signs point towards that including the following:

    a) DJ isn’t going to give Lathorp and Gage anymore money to fight the “Civil Cases”.

    b) DJ and Pete have formally split away as the former Simpatico office has moved and Pete has not only “locked” DJ out, but now has his own private counsel.

    c) One of their key “pansies” in Mark/Jayson Bashforth are facing their own “defaults and issues” as two of their “royalty payers” have quit paying, one is in trouble with the AG in Texas and is “coming clean” which simply shows the FRAUD committed by Bashforth and the AG will move to close him down (Bashforth). Bashforth already has one lawsuit directly against him/his brother, another is brewing.

    d) They “hired” a BK expert in good ole “DD” for a reason

    e) They are simply trying to move their personal assets remaining to some sort of reasonable “coverage” and/or moving it into real estate so they can collect monthly payments as they are fighting in the BK court.

    Back to the REASON for sending the letter separating yourself from Stratus Franchising: BK Court reviews any/all actions 60 days PRIOR to filing. If your Breakaway happens 61 Days out, YOU will NOT be forced to Pay any Royalties at all….FOR those of you that are TOO STUPID to realize that your BRAND IS DEAD, then ok, you will make your bed and have to LIE in it! The rest of you, SEND YOUR LETTERS ON MONDAY A.M. AND WITHOUT DELAY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers: BREAKING NEWS!!!!! In an email sent to all remaining Stratus Masters, Channen Smith Proclaims; I’M NOT SELLING!!!!! MY WIFE AND I ARE PERFECTLY HAPPY RIPPING PEOPLE OFF AND CRUSHING THEIR DREAMS! Though he does admit he is having some “Growth Issues” in the Phoenix Market.

    Mr. Smith also forgot to mention some/all of the following in his email:

    1) Instead of paying the 1/2 Royalty that most of you are paying, He, Ashfin, Tom Weiss/John Coleman, Mark/Jayson Bashforth are paying and have been paying 1/3 Royalties and currently Mark/Jayson Bashforth are paying ZERO!

    2) While YOU WERE PAYING full price for your territories, Mr. Smith was given Knutzen’s business in Nebraska and Kansas City for the balance of notes held by JARRETT REALTY!

    3) While YOU WERE PAYING full price and Upfront in most cases for your Territories, Mr. Smith was simply “signing a note” to none other than JARRETT REALTY for Phoenix!

    4) While YOU were running your business overall well, Mr. Smith was on TV with his Kansas City Branch having to answer for ISSUES in regards to unfulfilled Packages.

    5) While YOU were doing right by your owner-operators, Mr. Smith and his TEAM in Phoenix were busy RIPPING PEOPLE OFF such as the lady described in the Fortman case that caused ALL OF YOU great harm.

    6) While YOU were doing right by your owner-operators, Mr. Smith and his TEAM have been BANNED from posting ads on Craigslist in the Denver Market as Craigslist has placed a SCAM ALERT on him and any of his postings.

    7) While YOUR employee’s who were doing things the RIGHT WAY and therefore actually appreciated their jobs and their customers whom happen to be not only the contract cleaning customers but the Owner-Operators, His simply couldn’t stand his unethical practices and LEFT in droves! Most especially in the Denver Market.

    SO Mr. Smith, let me ask you a few questions about your email:

    a) How do you like being front and center in Good Ole Reasoned Sources sights?

    b) How do you like answering questions that clearly show that you have done things the WRONG WAY?

    c) How do you like LYING to the Masses in regards to the SELLING of your company and/or your attempted SELLING?

    Seems like you just can’t trust anyone but DJ/Pete, Mark/Jayson, Afshin, Tom/John well hell, they don’t even TRUST themselves anymore!

    Remaining Masters: Douglas Doyle aka “DD” is a HEAVYWEIGHT BK attorney, he has one purpose only, Take Stratus Franchising into Bankruptcy! Send your letters, Quit paying your FEE’s NOW….IN BK every transaction is looked at 60 Day’s PRIOR to filing. Though it BREAKS your Master Contract, the BK court MAY order a restraining order which would/could force you to not only REMAIN in the System but have you Pay FULL ROYALTIES to the Court!!!!!!!!

    Reasoned Source has NEVER lied to you in the PAST about KEY THINGS!!!!!! We’ve had fun, we’ve made a joke about the “Poodles”, we’ve made fun of DJ’s stripper habit/gambling habit/Fraud Habit/Drinking Habit, we’ve made fun of Bill Blair’s Drinking Habit/Sexual Habits/Sexual Harassment Habits/Fraud Habit/Business Habit, we’ve made fun of Pete’s Monotone Voice, Divorce, Sleeping Arrangements etc….But HEED what Reasoned Source is Saying about the BK……He knows first hand of what he is speaking!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers: Breaking News!!!!!!!! Pete Frese denies he and DJ are “Breaking Up” and then has the audacity to BLAME the remaining Masters for the Woes currently being experienced by Stratus Franchising, LLC. Because in his words ” You are spending too much time looking at websites and helping those websites GAIN in Google Rankings and Highlighting the issues even more!”

    Wow! It kind of reminds me about a conversation that Pete had a while ago (over one Year plus) in where he didn’t DENY THE FRAUD, he simply stated “FRAUD is hard to prove!”

    I’m going to right a book about Pete Frese and his sayings, similar to what Yogi Berra had published once! We will call it FRESEISMS!

    So Pete, if not true, Why did you move “Simpatico Offices” from the Innerbelt Sanctuary still occupied by Stratus Franchising and DJ respectfully?

    So Pete, if not true, Why do you have your own attorney?

    So Pete, If not true, Why are you still blaming Poor Ole Reasoned Source and “Forces outside Stratus” and YOUR REMAINING MASTERS for your Ills? Can someone say LOOK IN THE MIRROR? Let me ask you a Question?

    Did Poor Ole Reasoned source do the following?

    a) LIE TO POTENTIAL AND THEN NEW masters about the Performa and how you and DJ committed MULTIPLE ACTS of FRAUDULENT INDUCEMENT?

    b) LIE TO POTENTIAL AND THEN NEW masters about HOW Stratus Franchising and Simpatico came into being?

    c) Hire Bill Blair?

    d) Move Fernando Lamas from Pete Vevan’s office to San Diego office?

    e) Cause the original “Fortman Case’?

    f) Hire Marvin Ashton? Who is now party to two RICO cases, One direct Fraud Case and soon to be more….

    g) Did good ole reasoned source cause the following Masters to Leave the System?

    Ventura County
    Orange County
    Salt Lake City
    MN- technically twice
    and others coming soon!

    h) Did Good Ole Reasoned Source cause you and DJ to openly LIE to the St. Louis Business Journal in an article where the sole purpose was to commit additional acts of Fraud?

    I) Did Good Ole Reasoned Source cause the dismantling of Stratus Franchising International which is now a legally dissolved company in Illinois formally held by Dennis Jarrett?

    j) Did Good Ole Reasoned Source cause the Tax Lien to be filed against “Affiliated Services” for 20k?

    k) Did Good Ole Reasoned Source LIE about any of the above?

    Shame on you Pete Frese for blaming the Remaining Masters for your Woes!
    Shame on you Pete Frese for being a primary cause for Fraud and the direct harm that you have caused dozens of Masters and 100’s of Unit Franchisee’s!
    Shame on you Pete Frese for being a COWARD!
    Shame on you Pete Frese for Cheating on your Wife (former)!
    Shame on you Pete Frese for allowing SCUM like Bill Blair to Harm Innocent People!
    Shame on you Pete Frese for orchestrating the move of the SCUM Fernando Limas to SCUM BASTARDS Mark and Jayson Bashforth!

    NOW, Final Shame on the Remaining Masters for not doing what Reasoned Source has BEGGED for you to do!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, Over the weekend, I had the chance to re-read both Channen Smith’s email to the Masters as well as reported earlier by me, Pete Frese’s email to the Masters in which he scolded the current/remaining Masters for taking time away from their business (2 or 3 minutes) and spreading “gossip”…..

    Channen, How does Mrs. Smith feel about you directly implicating her in your business dealings that are at best questionable? I mean let’s face it, you basically stated in writing, that she not only knows about your offices (various) issues, but approves 100% of those dealings which have landed you in court and lawsuits.

    Kansas City, you have at least two (2) attorneys pursuing you and your branch there along with the DAMAGE caused directly by you and your key employee’s by having the brand on local TV and described as a Ponzi Scheme!

    Phoenix, you have at least one local and one national attorney (fortman) that has directly named you and your branch in Phoenix of inappropriate business dealings and Ms. Rivera has signed an affidavit and declared as much.

    Denver, you have been BANNED from posting on Craigslist as your franchise has had so many problems there that Craigslist has BANNED YOU!!!!!!

    Now, why didn’t you tell the remaining Masters about your business dealings with Pete/DJ in which all four (4) of your branches are paying only 1/3 Royalties while everyone else is paying 1/2!

    Why is it that your branches are directly named in and to a degree a primary role in the DAMAGE caused to the BRAND yet you aren’t paying anything to the overall ‘DEFENSE FUND’ which in of itself is a Joke?

    Why is it that you and the other members of the Executive Team are pictured and talked about in a recent Newsletter vs. Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett?

    Why is it that you and the other members of the Executive Team are selling/whoring the Master Licenses and cutting deals (attempting) to sell previously held territories for extremely low prices and offering to finance? Is it because you see the beginning of the end?

    Remaining Masters, GET OUT!!!!! Reasoned Source has learned over the weekend that Dan Doyle is busily trying to SPEED UP the process for filing of Bankruptcy, in fact, he is planning on filing NOTICE OF INTENT TO FILE, in the coming Days/Weeks!!!!

    Send your SEPERATION LETTER Today, Make sure you point out the following in order to convince a BK Judge in the future that both Pete/DJ committed acts of Fraudulent Inducement and you MAY NOT be required to continue to pay Fee’s to the BK court……

    Performa used to make decision was Fraudulent as it did not say/state about the acquisition of former Jan-Pro Master License in St. Louis in order to Start Stratus Building Solutions. It therefore SKEWED all of the Performa as nearly 600k in general Revenue and approx. 40 Unit Franchisees that were counted, presented and in writing shown to be NEW SALES when they were actually part of the Jan-Pro Transfer/Acquisition…..

    FDD was false as it didn’t show the previously closed/bankrupt Masters in Las Vegas, MN and others.

    FDD was false as it didn’t show the relationship with Jarrett Realty

    FDD was false as it didn’t show the relationship with Nyco, Tennant, Bio-Shield

    Promises not kept in regards to “Affiliated Services”

    Dennis Jarrett’s resume was incorrect and falsely stated in regards to his titles and positions at both Jan-Pro and Coverall-Pacific/Mountain

    Validators Afshin C., Mark/Jayson Bashforth, Tom Weiss, John Coleman received financial considerations both short term payments and long term Royalty Breaks for Validating the False Information in both the Performa generated by Stratus Franchising, but that they created their own FALSE Performa’s as well!

    Not that you needed more, but it appears that multiple Magazine and Awards won by Stratus Franchising was as a direct result of Fraudulent Figures being filed and shown by them in regards to growth, unit franchises, Master Licenses sold. Recently to additionally prove the Fraudulent Intent/Inducement was the recent article in which Both Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese were quoted that Stratus Franchising Sales were down 4% based upon Customers cancelling due to the BAD ECONOMY!

    Current Stratus Clean Website shows the following Masters as still “Part of the System” and they clearly are not and legally are not…….

    Ventura County
    Orange County
    Salt Lake City
    And others…….In fact up until the NEW Website launched approx. 1.5 Years ago, it was still showing the Las Vegas Branch as being Active!!!! It had been shut down for nearly 4 Years!

    WRITE your Letters, Send them Certified, GET OUT OF THIS FRAUDULENT SYSTEM!!!!!!

  • Reasoned Source

    BREAKING NEWS!!!!!! It appears that good ole Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett are attempting another “Covert Action” that has been discovered by Good Ole Reasoned Source and his friends!

    Yesterday late afternoon, Pete Frese and the “Webmaster” of Stratus Franchising sent out a note to all Stratus Masters informing them that their will be a MASS DELETE of the Stratus Clean Email System on 10/19/13! Any/all emails dated 4/13 and earlier WILL BE DELETED!

    Now, we all know Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett have no morals.

    Now, we all know Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett have lied under oath in regards to the lack of supposed information that they have access too including denying the BOSS system and its contents.

    Does Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese think for a moment that with all of the Court Cases going on in California, Indiana, Missouri, the investigation on-going in Texas by the AG’s Office, Notice of Intent to file suit recently sent to them from a LARGE MASTER IN A LARGE STATE (Yes, Reasoned Source knows all!)! That some how, some way, they would be able to SNEEK this thru?

    Now Remaining Masters who aren’t SCUM BAGS Channen Smith, Afshin C., Tom Weiss, John Coleman, Mark and Jayson Bashforth…..PAY ATTENTION!

    Reasoned Source has told you time and time again, that Stratus Franchising is heading into BK sooner vs. later….

    WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO LISTEN? Not only is this an attempt to DESTROY EVIDENCE, but they are quite literally CLEARING THE DECKS in order to HIDE emails that detail not only the FRAUD, but the conversations that took place Between them and the Departing Masters! Which included PROOF of the Fraud!


  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, Update: Reasoned Source has made sure that attorney’s in three (3) states have the information listed above. Not to mention a contact in the Texas AG office has been given to Reasoned Source as well!

    My Question is, What did Matt Jacober and Dan Doyle know and when? Reasoned Source has a hard time understanding How and/or IF Lathrop and Gage were aware of Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese’s obvious disregard for the Law and the Court Systems in General.

    This is not the first incident by which Dennis Jarrett and/or Pete Frese have “snubbed” their noses at the court. Question is, is this under direction of Lathrop and Gage’s “Poodles”? If so, what does that say about Lathrop and Gage’s overall program by which they understand the Pete Frese statement of “Fraud, is hard to prove”! Are they now not denying the Fraud, Are they simply stating they KNOW the FRAUD happened and they have simply decided to DENY and DESTROY willingly and knowingly anything that can prove the Fraud?

    This is Disturbing on numerous levels……..

    Is this the type of people YOU, The remaining Masters want to be associated with?

    They by their actions are fully admitting the FRAUD!
    They by their actions in releasing and in some cases PAYING OFF some of the Former Masters is Proof in and of itself that the FRAUD Happened!

    What more do you remaining Masters want from Reasoned Source?

    Coming Soon, More Bad News for Stratus Franchising, Mark Bashforth, Jason Bashforth and Dennis Jarrett!!!!!!!!

  • Reasoned Source

    BREAKING NEWS! Reasoned Source has just confirmed that three (3) current Masters have been “cut off” access to the BOSS System!!!!!!!!! You all remember the BOSS System, the one that didn’t exist according to Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett and Lathrop and Gage!

    Now, why on earth would Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett cut off access to these three (3) Masters? HMMMM……..

    Me thinks, it is because they aren’t paying their notes/fees anymore?

    Me thinks, it is because two of them have notified them in writing that they are filing suits very soon?

    Me thinks, it is because they are underhanded, Scum Sucking, Liars, Frauds and Disgusting Human Beings?

    Me thinks, that more news is coming sooner vs. later when it comes to Stratus Franchising, LLC., Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett and Lathrop and Gage………..

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers: The final nail for DJ and Pete Frese is definitely in place…It will be a matter of days, not weeks or month’s when these two Scum Bags are finally forced to file for Bankruptcy Protection in Missouri.

    Missouri Courts Website has been busy the last few days, especially since Reasoned Source has sent to more than a few current Masters links to prove the Tax Liens filed against “Affiliated Services” for 2008 and 2009.

    Texas AG’s office has been sent documents including letters in Reasoned Source’s possession of the separation agreement for Pro2FS and Stratus Franchising, not to mention the depositions of Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett, not to mention the Performa utilized for the Fraudulent Inducement and the FDD’s for 2008 till 2012 for Stratus Franchising, LLC filed in Missouri.

    Lots more coming on that situation………

    Now that Reasoned Source has started his Campaign against Channen Smith and his wife Rene, it is amazing the change in verbage coming from Channen Smith to various people. Seems that he made a MAJOR mistake by putting words on paper in regards to his Wife’s (Rene) satisfaction with Stratus Franchising and the Model by which they operate….

    More coming on that growing situation……..

    Now that Reasoned Source has sent numerous documents directly to Texas AG, I wonder how long it will be before Mark/Jason Bashforth start turning on Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett….Can anyone say “Eat their Young”!!!!!!!!!

    You few Masters that are afraid, you need to GROW SOME and send your separation letter….You cannot sit and wait, that Letter needs to be sent for Legal Reasons both in/out of Bankruptcy Issues….Check with your own attorney if you don’t believe Reasoned Source, TIMING is EVERYTHING!

    More defections to be announced soon!

  • Reasoned Source

    Breaking News!!!!!! It appears that another Lawsuit is about to be filed against Stratus Franchising, Gator Greenwill and my new FAVORITE MASTER, Channen Smith!!!!!! Reasoned Source was contacted by a source close to the situation and needed some assistance with information……Always glad to be of service!

    Speaking of Lawsuits…..You remaining Masters, let me ask you a question, How much support from Stratus Franchising have you received with the RICO case, the Bad Publicity, the loss of value of your investment in Stratus Brand, have you Google’d your name recently? How many more Lawsuits are going to be filed before you lose your total investment? How much more harm will come to you and your families by staying with these liars, cheats, thieves?

    So lets see, wanna guess how much money has been spent by former Masters with attorney’s? Wanna guess how much more money is going to be spent? Wanna guess how much help Stratus Franchising, Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett, Marvin Ashton, Bob Stapleton are going to be?

    Wanna Guess when Reasoned Source is going to stop?

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, Now current Masters that are Stupid Enough to continue sending your payments into a corrupt organization, headed by thieves, cowards, crooks, disgusting individuals Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett and supported by equally disgusting people such as Marvin (Rico Man) Ashton and Bob (Stinky) Stapleton and Bill (sexual harasser) Blair…..Wanna know what kind of homes/mansions these people buy/sell?

    Pete Frese’s former house was a 2 story, 8355 sq. foot, 4 Master Suites, 7 Full Baths and 2 1/2 Baths, Pool, Spa, 2 acres of land in a Private Subdivision located in Huntleigh, MO. It sold at end of February 2012 for 2.375 million dollars!

    Now, far be it from Reasoned Source who believes in Capitalism 100%, to deny honest people a nice home to live in, raise children in etc…However, when you are making your “bones” off the backs of innocent people, that gave you their life’s savings or retirement savings in order to open an office as a Master or Area Developer and your “support” is to give them False Performa’s, False FDD’s, Lie, Cheat, Steel their money and let’s talk about the 100’s of Unit Franchisee’s that have been harmed because these Master/Area Developers are forced to close and file Bankruptcy because of your actions, because of your lies, because of your lack of support and all you do, your next action is to ask the remaining Masters to PAY for YOUR legal bills…….IS A JOKE!

    At the end of the day, your company is going to be known as a “House of Cards”, your Legacy is to be “Orange Jumpsuit Wearing Crooks”, your TEAM will be disgraced, sued and in Bankruptcy because of Your Actions and Thiers…..

    How embarrassing is this for your Families? For your Wives, For your Ex-Wives, For your Children? DJ/Pete, if you think it doesn’t, hasn’t or won’t affect them, you are sadly mistaken. Look at the Masters that you caused harm too, look at the Families of those Masters, Look at the loss of Cars, Homes, College Educations, Retirement Plans destroyed and the Mental and Physical Anguish that you have a direct responsibility for………Those days are going to happen for yours!

    Stay tuned for more news on Reasoned Sources New Favorite Master Channen Smith and his wife Rene. Stay tuned for more news on Reasoned Sources Still FAV Mark and Jayson Bashforth and coming soon, Tom Weiss and John Coleman!

    Relentless doesn’t properly describe the effort that Reasoned Source and others are waging on DJ, Pete, Marvin, Bob, Bill, David, Carmen!!!!!!!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, Poor Marvin Ashton, he simply is too stupid to realize that several of the people he is attempting to “hold the company line” are in the process of leaving Stratus and have already stopped payments. When asked directly in a recent phone conversation about Reasoned Source…..Marvin’s comment went something like this “Well, we thought we had him buried, but I guess that isn’t the case anymore”!!!!!!!! He must be taking his “talking points from Pete Frese” whom to this day Reasoned Source has this quote on his wall, “Fraud, is difficult if not impossible to prove”!

    I will at least give Marvin and Pete some credit, at least they didn’t lie about the Fraud nor about the pain that Reasoned Source is causing Stratus Franchising, LLC and its principals……

    Some have asked me over the past few days about the conversation getting more “personal” in nature by exposing the assets of Mark/Jayson Bashforth, Pete Frese and Channen Smith directly….My response is this: IT IS PERSONAL TO ALL OF THOSE THAT LOST THE FOLLOWING:

    a) Cars
    b) Homes
    c) College Educations
    d) Retirement Savings
    e) Life Savings
    f) Had to file for Bankruptcy Protection
    g) Had to seek out Mental Counselors
    h) Lost their Families in ways
    I) Got Divorced because of Stratus Franchising, Mark/Jayson Bashforth, Channen Smith, Tom Weiss/John Coleman, Marvin Ashton, Bob Stapleton and Bill Blair’s Fraudulent Actions!

    In an earlier post, I estimated loses for masters that got ruined because of these guys lies, fraudulent documents, lawsuits caused by their actions, savings lost, stress factors and other issues to be north of 10 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!

    We aren’t talking “chump change”. We are talking about some serious dollars. That money doesn’t include the Unit Franchises harmed because of the Lawsuits, because of the closings, because of the Bankruptcy’s etc….I can guarantee you that money is equal too if not greater than the 10 Million dollar figure described above…..

    Channen/Rene Smith are worth millions of dollars both cash in bank, real estate and other commercial holdings.

    Mark/Jayson/Nina Bashforth are worth millions of dollars well north of 20 million dollars based upon family holdings, cash, real estate etc….

    Pete Frese and his ex-wife are worth 10 million dollars plus based upon family holdings, cash, real estate etc…

    Dennis Jarrett and his wife are worth 20 million dollars plus based upon family holdings, cash, real estate etc…

    Marvin Ashton and his wife are worth millions of dollars based upon family holdings, cash and real estate….

    These people need to PAY….They have caused harm to thousands of Masters and Unit Franchises and have earned much of their money in the Stratus Fraudulent System. The stress, fiscal, physical and overall mental anguish that many of the former Masters have had to endure combined with the thousands of Unit Franchisees that were harmed along the way is hard to put a dollar figure on. But knowing these guys are finished, knowing these guys are in Bankruptcy, knowing these guys MIGHT go to Jail is the LEAST Reasoned Source and others can do on their Behalf in fighting this fight till the end of Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese directly and indirectly their “side kicks” such as Carmen (where am I now) Garcia, Marvin (Rico Man) Ashton, Bob (Stinky) Stapleton, Bill (sexual harasser) Blair and others are finished not only in this industry, but prohibited from entering any type of legitimate business as their names will be ruined!!!!!!

    Channen/Rene Smith, Mark/Jayson/Nina Bashforth, Tom Weiss, John Coleman, Afshin C. and my newest/bestest friends Ken Cassiri and Jeff (anal) Aibel, I’m including you now in that list!!!!!!!!!

    More updates coming soon as Reasoned Source has direct conversation with Texas AG in the coming days!

  • DPfran

    There were other franchises that tried RICO but were silenced. For example, Discovery Point Franchisees brought up RICO claim in Gwinnett county courts in Georgia.

    But Franchise had a better lawyer (the truth really does not matter in the courts) and they silenced them by defeating the franchisees in arbitration so that they did not have funds to pay for the legal expenses to sustain RICO claim. If you are not familiar with arbitration, it is a closed door hush hush system and arbitrator can be friends with the franchised system- no one will ever know. The arbitration system survives on the business franchises bring in. The arbitrator was making so much money that he did not need to practice anymore, only arbitration. This franchise knows how to work with misleading information without keeping a written trail. They have perfected this over time because the fraudulent techniques have been used since its first/second franchised unit. This franchise systematically destroys documents and arbitrator knew it. What a racket!

  • DPfran

    One more thing, if in GA, avoid using Rich Asbill. He survives on franchises and franchise laws. Have not heard any case that he favored for franchisees. Be careful on whom you use.

  • Reasoned Source

    Breaking News!!!!! Reasoned Source has it on multiple sources that Bob Stapleton is no longer employed by Simpatico/Stratus Franchising. Though the reason for the separation remains unclear, some have speculated that it has to do with monetary related issues, one has proposed that Bob Stapleton is about to become the “face” of a new organization under Dennis Jarrett’s direct control, one has proposed that Bob has simply had enough stress, issues with legal related matters etc….

    Reasoned Source has also learned, though cannot confirm, that Dennis Jarrett in a Desperate email/letter, claims that Afshin C. is within days of signing a “national account” opportunity…..Now come on, can ANYONE be so blinded by what is on the internet, what is on blogs, what is on Yelp to do business with Dennis Jarrett and/or Stratus Franchising? Let’s forget that the “National Contract” would have to have HUGE Gaps in it as the following Masters are no longer part of the system and haven’t been for an extended period of time:

    Name multiple cities in North Carolina
    Ventura County
    Orange County
    and others that haven’t been paying their fees/royalties for months!!!!!

    Can someone say Delusional?

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, We are convinced that the report of Bob (stinky) Stapleton recent leaving of the company is in fact nothing but a separation from Pete Frese and Simpatico respectfully……He, DJ and Marvin Ashton are expected to start another company on the West Coast. More on that later.

    It seems DJ’s philosophy is that he can either purchase an existing operation, lye low for a period of time and just sell and build a “proof of concept” franchise operation and four/five years down the road he believes Reasoned Source will simply forget about him and his transgressions…….

    DJ, let me assure you of the following: I have pursued you and your cronies for approx. 1 Year and 8 months and counting…..Because of the type of person you are, the destructive personality that you have, the ego and sheer arrogance that you have, whether it is this Reasoned Source Community or another group of like minded individuals that come after you, rest assured your demons, your lack of business ethics, your bullying of people, manipulating of rules and regulations has come to an end.

    I will continue to review, hunt, search for you and Pete Frese for an extended period of time, my footprint is so large and so deep, that someone will stumble upon your dirty deeds and I will rise again…..Just like your recent dream that you shared with the idiots Bashforth of a Phoenix rising from the ashes!

    DJ whether it is California, Oregon, Illinois or wherever you attempt to build another “proof of concept” unit franchise model, I will find out, confirm and if proper attack.

    You and Pete Frese have done much harm to the Commercial Cleaning Industry overall…

    You and Pete Frese have ruined the lives of hundreds more than likely thousands of innocent, hard working, honest families throughout the United States.

    You and Pete Frese have made MILLIONS at the expense of others that have LOST MILLIONS of dollars.

    No Mr. Jarrett, No Mr. Frese you have earned Reasoned Sources attention for a long, long, long time……..

    Bankruptcy court will simply cleanup the Mess that YOU created for Stratus Franchising, LLC. Your “World is Mine for the taking advantage of view” and Pete’s “I’m a Victim” mentalities are simply more than Reasoned Source can stomach…….

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers: What amazes me sometime about the Media is their LACK of investigating Prowess. I recently came across a “Fluff Piece” done by a Local Affiliate of Telemundo in the State of Utah. They were basically telling their Viewers what a GREAT COMPANY Stratus was!!!!!!!!

    Now granted it is/was in Utah. Granted the Master there has a very good reputation overall and from what I can tell, she and her TEAM are Fair, Honest, Hardworking and seem on the surface to do right by their Unit Franchises….

    My problem is, DJ/Pete and the SCUMBAGS associated with them like Marvin Ashton, Bill Blair, Bob Stapleton and others will view that as a Validator for THEIR aspect of the company……..

    Perhaps Mr. Fortman and/or the administrator of this site, with the connections that they have with Telemundo MIGHT want to set the Record Straight. I mean in all honesty, wasn’t it Telemundo that reported in/on a National Level the transgressions of not only Stratus Franchising, LLC. but of Jan-Pro and Jani-King as well?

    Just some basic thoughts about how every opportunity for DJ and Pete to survive, needs to be clarified that not only will they Not Survive as an Organization, but that ANY HOPE that Pete Frese has of simply forming a New Company in the city of St. Louis, that ANY HOPE that Marvin Ashton, Bob Stapleton and Dennis Jarrett have of simply buying or forming a New Company in the city of San Diego that they understand it will not only be Futile but that Company and THEM shall still be under the watchful EYE OF US!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DJ/Pete, YOU ARE FINISHED IN THIS INDUSTRY! You are Poison, So Poisonous in fact that any company you form, any company you purchase, any company you think you can hide behind a FACE, it will be discovered, it will be Broadcast, it will be EXPOSED………

    1.8 Years is nothing when compared to the DESTRUCTION that the two of you have done to hundreds is not thousands of Families from all walks of life, from all ethnic groups, from all genders and from all educational levels!

  • Reasoned Source

    Breaking News!!!!!! At Viewers, it appears that the “Fatal Flaw” first talked about by me is CATCHING numerous peoples attention both in/out of the Stratus Family…. I have personally been contacted by “Sources” in NY, NJ, PA, OH, CA, TX, AZ, CO and others that have now CONFIRMED that indeed the “Master License Application” either wasn’t filed, wasn’t filed properly, wasn’t maintained, wasn’t maintained properly or because of RECENT EVENTS is now considered NULL an VOID……

    Seems the Lawyer representing Ken Cassiri all those month’s ago, was absolutely correct in his thought process and initial review!!!!!!

    MASTERS in those states, that means your Master License is Null and Void! It may also mean that your ability to Sell Unit Franchises from the date of that determination is also NULL and VOID…..It simply means IF an attorney in those various states proves what I have been posting, confirms that the oversight authority didn’t properly check/confirm/know about Stratus Franchising’s and/or Pete Frese/DJ’s false Affadavit, that they could actually rule that your ability to Sell Franchises is Suspended, Potential Fraud Filing against you/your company etc…..

    Again, Don’t take Reasoned Sources word, hire a franchise attorney and pay them to investigate!

    From your Partners DJ, Pete, Marvin, Bob, Bill, Carmen and others…..Another Day of Support and Legal Issues!!!!!!!!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, In a bizzaro world of Stratus Franchising, Defendants Simpatico, Dennis Jarrett, Pete Frese, Bob Stapleton respectfully petitioned the court in Missouri recently through their “Crack Pot”, sorry, I meant “Cracker Jack” defense counsel, Glenn Davis of the Firm Hepler Broom, LLC. a motion to compel Arbitration!

    Now, I’m no lawyer, but in the P/R and Marketing World by which most Service Companies have to operate in, in the World where you are supposed to DEFEND your partners vs. throwing them under the bus, this Motion to Compel Arbitration is almost as worse as Lathrop/Gage’s handling of the current Indiana Case, California Case and the general disaster that they directly oversaw in regards to Stratus Franchising, LLC in the first place.

    Typically when you file a Motion to Compel Arbitration as a Defendant you are simply admitting that YES, WE DID SOMETHING WRONG! Only Question(s) left are: What we did Wrong? How much do you want? and Whom is going to pay what?

    Now in this case, not only were the primary owners of Simpatico and Stratus Franchising named, but so were the “masters” and many of their employee’s!

    How much you wanna bet, that Stratus says the following in Arbitration:

    1) We only got 80% or less of the Royalty fee charged by the Masters.
    2) We only got 10% or less of the Franchise fee charged by the Masters
    3) We believe that the MAJORITY of the blame and therefore the MAJORITY of whatever settlement should be paid/must be paid by the Masters and/or THEIR EMPLOYEES!

    Now, How much does someone want to bet Good Ole Reasoned Source that exactly that will be discussed at Arbitration?

    The other reason that you file for Arbitration is that you feel you have a more likely chance to avoid stiffer penalties that would be awarded either by a Judge or Jury. In other words, you feel that you have a better chance of negotiating in Arbitration then your case in chief is showing in/how it would play in court.

    The other reason that you file for Arbitration is quite simply to avoid possible criminal charges and Publicity caused from a trial ruling/jury decision…..

    NONE of the above talks about the Positive aspect for Stratus Franchising, Simpatico, Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett and Bob Stapleton….Well, the only aspect would be the criminal charges and likely Gag Order associated with the Arbitration/Settlement!

    So, Remaining Masters, What do you think about your Partners Now?

    More to come soon!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, Not that I needed anymore proof that DJ and Pete live in Bizarro World, yesterday’s dismissal of the above case, Pete says “this is a HUGE VICTORY!” “IT CLEARLY SHOWS THAT THE RESPONSIBILITY LIES WITH THE MASTERS AND NOT CORPORATE IN REGARDS TO HARM!” OOOPPPS!

    No offense, Yesterdays ruling has NOTHING to do with the following:

    1) Pete and DJ knowingly lied about the Performa given to Masters in order to INDUCE them to fork over 100’s of thousands of dollars.

    2) Pete and DJ knowingly encouraged and rewarded Mark/Jayson Bashforth, Afshin C., Jeff Aibel, Ken Cassiri and others to LIE to potential Masters in order to gain their investment dollars.

    3) Pete and DJ knowingly wanted to hire a person known to have legal issues, drug issues etc…for two primary reasons: a) Keep the Franchise Cash flowing and b) to destroy an existing Master that had caused them problems/grief.

    4) Pete and DJ knowingly lied and mislead the St. Louis Business Journal for no other reason than to attempt to gain some needed ground with the remaining Masters to induce them to continue paying their limited Royalty Fees.

    5) Pete and DJ have lied to Magazines, Publishers, Blogs to simply attempt to build a brand on false promises and figures.

    The harm done to dozens of Masters is REAL, the harm done to Unit Franchises as a result of the harm done to the Masters is REAL.

    Nothing has changed, other than the fact it is confirmed that the MASTERS are the one’s in the cross hairs directly and nothing else…….

    You’re Right Pete, it is a GREAT DAY for Stratus Franchising, unfortunately not so great for the MASTERS and it means nothing to the hundreds dare I say thousands of people you and DJ have HARMED!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, Seems like the Bad News keeps coming for Stratus Franchising, LLC and more directly for Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett:

    Reasoned Source has learned the following in the past couple of days:

    a) Fortman has filed for an appeal of the ruling handed down by Federal Judge

    b) California Cases that directly involve Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett (Goldeneye vs. Frese, Jarrett, Ashton, Stapleton, Farrell et. al) are continuing and have at least 12 to 18 month’s prior to conclusion.

    c) Indiana case that was filed against former Stratus Master and Stratus Franchising is continuing and was recently set for Trial in mid to late 2015.

    d) Cases that involve Stratus Master Mark/Jayson Bashforth and their former Company Caminio Real are pending to be filed in both California and Texas. Both of those cases when filed will include some/all of the following: Stratus Franchising, LLC., Dennis Jarrett, Pete Frese, Mark Bashforth acting as agent for Stratus Franchising, Marvin Ashton.

    e) Potential Case that is looming against Stratus Tampa Master is taking a unique twist as the Lawyer based in St. Petersburg is looking at enjoining not only Stratus Franchising, Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett, Marvin Ashton and David Farrell, but also Jeff “Anal” Aibel, Julio Alvarez (former Stratus South Florida Master) and Eric Bortz.

    f) Potential Case that has been alluded to by “yours truly” in North Carolina appears near ready for notice against former Stratus Master- Jason Potts which will also include Stratus Franchising, Dennis Jarrett, Bill Blair, David Farrell and Pete Frese along with Marisa Lather and Bob Stapleton.

    Many Bad Moons Rising out of the East, West and South for Stratus Franchising!

  • Azucena Ortiz

    Hello, pardon my naive question. I was a franchiser there back in 2011. I paid money to own a franchise and never got an “account” with them. Where or who do i contact about more information on this lawsuits?

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