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SCHOOL OF ROCK Franchise Complaints: Corporate Employee Turnover

School of Rock franchise complaints include an excessively high turnover rate of corporate employees which has resulted in a loss of of experience and knowledge and poor continuity of support.  4 company employees have reportedly resigned in recent weeks.

(UnhappyFranchisee.Com)  In addition to the alleged bullying and intimidation tactics by senior management, the lack of concern for franchisee success and input, and the neglect of curriculum development, franchisees of the Sterling Partners’ owned School of Rock chain complain of extremely high turnover of corporate employees.

An anonymous franchise owner told us this week:  “We are getting reports back of a huge mutiny from company School GM’s all quitting as well as some other people.”

We’ve been told “  Since Dzana Homan took the helm in 2014 there have been a huge number of resignations and staff turnover and questionable promotions of people that probably shouldn’t have been hired to work in a franchise in the first place.”

One franchisee has been keeping a running list of corporate employees who have left.  The anonymous franchisee says all but two resigned.

An anonymous franchisee puts the corporate employee turnover rate at over 40% in the past two years.

One Franchisee’s List of Corporate Employees Who Left Since Dzana Homan Arrived

# Date of Exit Name Position
21 6/2017 Louis Luvin Company School GM – Miami
20 6/2017 Billy Power Company School GM – New York
19 6/2017 Tom Tafelsky Company School GM – Atlanta
18 6/2017 Colin Fitzpatrick Operations
17 4/2017 Jacqueline Lanzalone Operations
16 3/2007 Shannon Holtzman Controller
15 2/2017 Chuck Prentner Franchise Sales
14 2/2017 Dmitri Coates Artist Partner
13 12/2016 Brian McComak SVP HR
12 11/2016 Lisa Merry VP of Operations
11 10/2016 Melody Easton
10 7/2016 John Giffey Franchise Business Consultant
9 5/2016 Len Sitnick Music Education
8 2015 Linda Hefferman Marketing
7 2015 Aaron Delfause Franchise Sales
6 11/2015 Carl Hinds VP of Operations
5 3/2015 Paige Peavler DFO
4 3/2015 Stephanie Scianna DFO
3 1/2015 Mark Biondi VP Marketing , VP Franchise OPS
2 1/2015 Kim Biondi Marketing and Events
1 ? ? Dzana’s Executive Assistant


School of Rock Turnover Weakens System Knowledge, Support

One franchisee stated:

Over the course of the last 3 years, almost the entire corporate team has changed after the new CEO [Dzana Homan ] was hired, and several new hires left after a short tenure.  These new hires include a COO and several Franchise Business Consultants, which are supposed to provide support at the school level.

Another wrote:

There has been a massive amount of turnover in the Corporate structure since the arrival of Ms. Homan. In three years, we have lost a significant amount of knowledge due to the departure of long term employees, some of whom were original to the Paul Green School of Rock Music. We have lost VPs of Marketing, COOs, CFOs, and the entire training department, which is now being run by the former IT manager/director. Corp school employees have been moved into positions for which they are not necessarily qualified and there is a revolving door for the Franchise Business Consultants (formerly known as Director of Franchise Operations), leaving the majority of the owners without any type of support for months. I have had as many FBCs as the number of years that I have been open and no regular support from any of them.

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12 thoughts on “SCHOOL OF ROCK Franchise Complaints: Corporate Employee Turnover

  • Disgusted by the SoR Board and Sterling Partners

    Missed one..
    COLIN FITZPATRICK | Vice President, Franchising & Development

  • Disgusted by the SoR Board and Sterling Partners

    oh sorry…he is alkready on the list…please delete

  • And a new one Colleen Bell, who was one of the two Director of Operations overseeing the Company Schools. Word has spread that she has resigned.

    We are starting a Who’s Next contest…

  • Sickened

    Can’t believe I bought into a company that not only fails to deliver support but allows this brain drain of talent to go on. People leave without another job lined up because they want out so badly. Sean don’t give up on us. It is very distressing to put your savings into a franchise and have it run by someone like this with the apparent blessing of the School of Rock Board and the Sterling Partners. What do they gain having her continue down this path? What is in it for them? Don’t they want to grow the business? Isn’t it in our mutual best interest for the franchise system to be happy and healthy?

  • Can anyone confirm (or deny) that Colleen Bell, Director of Company Operations, Austin, TX, has left the company and should be added to the running list above?



  • Yes. She has absolutely left the company. Friday the 23rd was her last day.

  • Another one...

    It is confirmed

  • They won’t be happy with Rob Price as he did the same thing to Edible Arrangements corporate employees plus he managed to lower the franchise profit margin By 9%. With rob leaving edible arrangements has over a third of the stores for sale. He has forced the formation of the Edible Arrangements Growth association which has over half the owners and stores in the system. Now the owners are going to have a say. We got him FIRED from EA. Good luck

  • Another one...

    T Cann
    Would love to hear more…

  • Tim Winner

    As I read all this it breaks my heart, I served as SVP under Matt Ross and have a true love and passion for SOR and all of its franchisees. I’ve seen many friends come and go, it was a group of passionate people who loved music and the kids who attended. I hope Rob can make a difference, my concern is that S&P fundamentally doesn’t understand the heart of the business.

  • 7 out of the first 9 listed here were burnt-out and ineffective anyway. Good thing they are gone.
    See, SoR has ZERO regard for an individuals life, you are – for all intents and purposes – working 24/7 or your ship will sink. High turnover as a result!

  • There was PLENTY wrong with SoR before Dzana (understatement of the year)

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