REVIVE ENERGY MINTS: Where’s Paul Haverstick?

Paul Haverstick is listed as Business Coach & Marketing Manager of Revive Franchising LLC, franchisor of the Revive Energy Mints vending franchise opportunity.

Paul Haverstick is the last person many of the Revive Energy Mints franchisees heard from before the franchisor – along with their contracted services and source of inventory – vanished without the courtesy of an email or phone call.

It turns out that Paul Haverstick may have ties to an earlier vending scam that sent his previous bosses to prison and ordered to pay nearly $10M in restitution.

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Paul Haverstick: Business Coach of Abandoned Vending Franchisees?

According to the Revive Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), Paul Haverstick joined Revive Franchising affiliate Sito Marketing LLC as Business Coach & Marketing Manager in October, 2008 where he “coached distributers on Key fundamentals of the business.  Furthermore, Mr. Haverstick helps manages [sic] many marketing incentives to help ensure proper branding of Revive Energy Mints.  Prior to working for Sito Marketing, Mr. Haverstick was a business coach for AVS [American Vending Services] in Centennial, Colorado from January 2008 – October 2008.”

Paul Haverstick was also a manager for Penthouse Movers in Denver, Colorado and Two Men & a Truck in Boulder, Colorado.

Revive Energy Mints franchisees are asking:  Where’s Paul Haverstick?

Steve wrote: “I think Paul Haverstick ran off with our money.”

Steve Gill wrote:  “…Haverstick is more than likely setting on a beach somewhere.”

On Scambook, Jeff wrote:

“I wanted to invest into a franchise and after speaking with a Mike Ramirez and Paul Haverstick with Revive Energy Mint franchise, I decided to get into the franchise opportunity and spent over 16K. After getting the product into a few stores and a couple of vending machines in place I got a lead with a large distributing company to service several contracts. I could not get in touch with anyone from Revive to get orders or ask questions.

“After speaking with Franchise Gator, I find out that Revive Energy Mints went out of business around August 23rd and they apparently took my money and ran. I do not know how many others this has happened to but it is very despicable.

“I did some checking and found that Paul Haverstick who was a marketing person with Revive, lives in Littleton Colorado and after calling his number from the white pages a lady answers and said she is renting the house from him but declined to give any information.”

Jim wrote:  “The last time I talked with Paul was when I placed my first product order on August 16. It arrived on August 23 so I called Paul and from that day forward through emails and phone calls there has been no response.”

Wyatt wrote:  “I emailed Paul [Haverstick] and he contacted me from a different number than usual, he told me there was difficulty through the website and he said he would place the order for me. I have had no contact since after making numerous attempts.”

Paul’s Previous Employer, American Vending Services, Was a Scam.

A search for “Paul Haverstock” uncovered a Ripoff Report complaint for American Vending Services, Haverstock’s previous employer:

July 25, 2008, Taylor wrote:

“Watch out for the Buzz Bites opportunity, American Vending Systems, and Selective Consulting Group.

Initially I thought this was a great concept energy vending, sounds great! Be careful, this is an over hyped over priced scam. I worked with a company called American Vending Systems, AVS and was lied too and cheated. I invested over $15,000 into machines, candies and locations all of which are not what I was promised. The machines are poor quality, jam constantly and are just overall poorly made…”

The rebuttal was made by none other than Paul Haverstick:

My Name is Paul Haverstick and I am the Office Manager for American Vending Systems. Not only am I the Office Manager for American Vending Systems I am the personal coach for all route owners. It is my main priority to provide the highest level of customer service to all of our route owners.

A search for Paul Haverstick’s previous employer, American Vending Services, reveals that it was a scam busted by the FTC.  In March, 2011, AVS principals Gary Luckner was sentenced to 90 months in prison and was ordered to pay $4,524,456 in restitution and Richard Black was sentenced yesterday to 97 months in prison and was ordered to pay $5,066,456 in restitution.

According to the Department of Justice:  “The two men arranged for various telemarketing sales rooms to sell business opportunities for vending machines that dispensed highly caffeinated energy chews and energy shots… Most of the victims never made any money and lost their entire investment. The largest of the telemarketing sales rooms involved – and the one that made the most sales – was American Vending Systems, which was located in Centennial, Colo.”

If you are a victim of Revive Energy Mints franchise, Rylo Products or Sito Marketing, email us at UnhappyFranchisee[at]

15 thoughts on “REVIVE ENERGY MINTS: Where’s Paul Haverstick?

  • Miles Denney

    Is REVIVE gone? I ws solicited by a nice guy named David Lestrick, a REVIVE rep. I loved the product he sent over for me to try.

  • I am the ADMIN for the Buzz Bites Forum site and a victim of the Mad Dog scam.

    FYI: Lou Gubitosa filed chapter 7 Bankruptcy in 2010. He was charged by the USDOJ and convicted by the US FEDERAL COURT in Denver for the scam; Lou was sentenced to 18-months in prison followed by 3-years supervised probation and ordered to make restitution. However, the USDOJ says he is pennyless adn not ot expect him to pay anything back.

    I did attend the sentencing of Gary Luckner and Richard Black but the likelihood of ever getting restitution is most likely ZERO! I bellieve that all of these creaps will have alot of money waiting for them when they get out of prison…….they are very good at hiding assets.

    To the rest of you, good luck!

    Dave Bolton

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  • Bruce McClarron

    Revive almost got my $13,000 back in Sept 2009 – before they started this franchising scam!! Actually they did get it – but I got it back after speaking with Logan Chierotti their President (Sito Marketing) – and reminding him I had certain info on him – that was embarrassing due to the fact that he had prior associations with Black and Luckner at “Mad-Dog” energy!! He knew I was going to be a problem, so he gladly reimbursed me – so I would “go away”!!

  • Anonymous

    I worked for AVS from the beginning to the fall and know the whole story behind Paul, Logan, Gary, Rick and Ryan. And it’s quite an interesting story. Just to make a connection most people don’t know: Revive Energy Mints came about when Logan and Ryan ran off with the same business plan as AVS. It’s principally based off the same ideas and lies, just with a different product and more careful lawyers.

  • Nicholas Bingham

    I was told that I could purchase these vending machines to sell energy mints and make a living without a nine to five job. I paid over $14,000 for the machines and product. I was also told that Paul Haverstick would be my coach along the way to make sure I was successful.

    Within the 3 day grace period of buying the machines, I expressed my concern that the area I lived was not conducive for success. Paul talked me into not going back on my decision. Shortly after I received the machines and product, I could no longer get a hold of Paul. He no longer returned my emails and calls. As I suspected, I could not be successful with this product in the area I lived. I was out 14 thousand dollars with nothing to show for it. I feel that I was scammed, and this was Paul and his teams goal all along.

  • Ron Harlow

    “Anonymous” what else can you tell us about the operation that would be helpful to authorities and not give out your identity? We just want justice to happen to the leaders. Nothing ever happens to the low level people anyway. Were the references we spoke with real? I have always suspected they were fake.

    “Nicholas Bingham” other than bad mouth Paul Haverstick, what have you done to try and get your money back? Filed any complaints with authorities?

    “Dave Bolton” what makes you think you will not get any money back and what is the address of the forum you admin?

    “Admin” would you publish a list of victims and send it out to everyone on your list? It would be nice if we could communicate with each other directly.

  • I just found out last month as to what has happened. I had a big operation in Oct that almost took me out of the ball game. I was working on some projects with a friend locally that was inpressed with the mints and wanted to help me get it off the ground where I live as he has his own enery drink business. I was very dishearten to find out what has happen to all of your business and to know this could have been the next red bull. Please keep me update as to what is happening It makes me upset as to how much money everyone has lost Please dont be upset when I say I thank my blessing that when I got in when I was asked why I wanted to do the business what what my long term plans where I told them got a call back was told that I would be speak to the board now if this was true I dont know but what I do know is that they did let me into the business for a fraction of what startup cost was for 25 machines in may 2010 .Since there out of business I guess it does not mean anything any more about keeping my word about what I paid. But my word is my word. unles it comes to the point where I have too. it would be nice to have that money at this time it would pay off my 2004 grand am I think have the address and name of the company that made the mints it was on some packing paper with the brake down of what was in the product . someone in the office did confirm that is the compnay that we are using and that it was no big deal. I may be wrong but I think the old board wanted to see this compnay work as I got all the help I asked for until about april or may of 2011 Then that when the operations cam into play as I touched on before. I know I am just running on with different things here but when you read what other people have written just differnt things come to mind. A few people I have spoken to on the phone seem very closed lpped about what is going on. Pleae updae me Thank you for your time

  • I heard a rumor that Paul Haverstick of Revive Energy Mints was arrested and in jail.

    Has anybody else heard that Haverstick is in jail? Is it true? or do you know where he is?

  • Brenda Arnett

    I am royally pissed right now! I support a gentleman with developmental disabilities that bought a Revive Distributorship as a way to be self-employed (with a lot of support of course!). I am just finding this out now as a co-worker of mine tried getting to the website WITH A CUSTOMER and found out this bad news.

    I placed an order for mints last July and since his sales were slow have only tried to get back on to order 2 pack racks…. the ordering site was not working but I thought it was a glitch (their websites tended to be glitchy). However, their distributor website was working and I downloaded new marketing material, etc.

    I feel like such a fool! How do I tell this gentleman and his parents (who funded most of the initial investment!) that they were SWINDLED!?!?!

  • Brenda:
    Email us at UnhappyFranchisee[at] for some suggestions.

  • Ted Reaves

    I’d like to know about law suit and how to get involved being a Revive Distruibutor in NC I am out money too.

  • william flood

    Out over $16,000 and have had the same issues as everyone else. I feel scammed and wish i would of used that money in a more reputable company.

  • Jane Duehring

    Here we are half way through 2013. Has anything happened?
    Has the DOJ done anything yet?
    We never received our pack from the DOJ, are they actually involved in this?
    Should we close the book , chalk up the immense loss, from which we have still to recover, view as an experience not to be repeated and move on?
    We would like to recoup our investment but it’s looking like it’s dead in the water. Good old USA where fleecing starts at the top and permeates down to every level.

  • todd jones

    i lost 19,000 on ssi now is any one doing any thing , is Paul in jail, can we open the company it is ours right ?? can some one let me know any thing

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