REVIVE ENERGY MINTS Telemarketing Script

Here is the alleged telemarketing script used by the Sito Marketing and Revive Energy Mints sales staff used to sell the Revive business opportunity and, later, one would assume, the franchise opportunity.

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This sales script was (and is) published on a blog called Vend123 on a post dated April 26th, 2009.  According to the blog post author:

We were able to get our hands on the script the telemarketing room uses to sell the Revive Energy Mint biz opp. One of there ex employees was happy to hand it over after leaving the company. It is so funny the stuff that some of us fall for. When you read the script, I’m sure you will say to yourself no way does this work. Believe it or not it does. Revive Energy Mints also known as Sito Marketing makes a ton of money selling a Beaver gumball vending machine for a grossly inflated price. Last I heard it was $12,500 for 25 of them… Read up and enjoy. Please do not take this script and open your own biz opp. You can make plenty of money selling vending machines at a very fair price….

REVIVE ENERGY MINTS Telemarketing Script

Hello __________, this is _________ Revive Energy Mints. You requested a free business overview of the The Revive Energy Mint vending distributorships along with a few free samples Correct? Good, I’m calling to arrange for you to get the information.

Here is how the process works: all applications go before a selection committee before they are accepted…You see we only offer ONE exclusive distributorship per zip code. If you don`t make money…we don`t make money…so we only select our most motivated candidates…make sense? Good.

So if you don`t mind…Why don`t you tell me a little about yourself what you are doing now and why you chose the vending business as the more the know I know about you the better chance you`ll have with the Selection Committee. sound good? (DO NOT INTERRUPT the prospect here, wait until they are finished, ask a few probing questions as WE MUST have the REAL TRUTH, but do not press, you will go back in and get the information necessary before you turn it over for the second call)

Tell me what other business opportunities you are looking at. (NEVER KNOCK THE COMPETION! Just take notes)

I see…and what was it that attracted you to our product? (TAKE NOTES)

Do any of those opportunities offer you expert coaching to make sure your business is successful?

Are you open minded and coachable? Great, the reason I ask this is 90% of our clients have little or no vending experience and we prefer it that way…this way we our coaching staff can teach you the business the right way the first time without having to go thru months or years of trial and error. Does that make sense?

Are you doing this on your own…married? Wife? Partners?

On a scale of 1-10 how motivated are you to get a business started of your own?


Okay. Sounds great. A little about us…our company has been INVOLVED in advertising and selling vending machines for a little over 8 years we have an A+ rating with the BBB. We have an A+ rating for a reason…We have no complaints because we know what we are doing and our distributors are making good money. Does that make sense to you?

You see this isn`t just your run of the mill vending route, we have perfected a very sophisticated system where our coaching staff will teach you how to incorporate your vending machines to set up your retail business…if you qualify of course…you see…there are only two people in this entire building who can authorize me to send you a free package, That would be Mr. Wotocheck or Mr. Miller. We`ll get back to that. OK?

My role is just to help you get your application in front of the Selection Committee. As I mentioned ALL DISTRIBUTORS ARE CHOSEN BY OUR SELECTION COMMITTEE.

Now: A little bit about the product and the price.

It took us over 2 and a half years of R & D to develop Revive Energy Mints. Understand, this is the ONLY product in the WORLD that combines the Energy Boost of a Red Bull or a cup of coffee IN ADDITION to the world’s most powerful antioxidants. So with just one mint, consumers are getting an energy boost plus the healthy benefit of a whole serving of fruit for just .50 cents. How much is a Red Bull? (LET THEM ANSWER!) Ever buy a Starbucks coffee? How much?(LET THEM ANSWER!) So would you rather spend the 50 cents for a clean healthy all natural energy boost or 3 or 4 dollars for a product loaded with caffeine and sugar? And how many other people do you think feel the same way you do?(LET THEM ANSWER!) Do you see how this product and price point could dominate the energy boost market? And it just happens to be the hottest Market out there. Imagine getting in on the ground floor of an opportunity like this…

Honest question for an honest answer….how many ground floor opportunities have you had in your life? If you are lucky…maybe you get one…tops two. The people sharp enough to recognize this become wealthy. The ones that are lucky enough to have the opportunity and pass it up rarely get a second chance and kick themselves for the rest of their life. I`m sure you know someone who has said…”if I only would have done this” You see if you choose to do nothing, nothing in your life will ever change. Isn`t that why you contacted us in the first place?

Now, __________, the cost of the business depends on the number of machines you start with. If you were to be selected as a distributor in your area the minimum package includes 25 custom built vending machines, 25 retail displays, full retail rights with wholesale pricing for life and of course the guidance of our EXPERT coaching staff for $12,250.00. That is our starter package, you can invest up to 300K depending on how much territory you are interested in. Everything I am talking about here will be discussed in greater detail in the informational package I will be sending to IF APPROVED along with your free samples

Now after doing your due-diligence, if you should come to your OWN CONCLUSION that this is the BEST money making opportunity available would the $12,250.00 be immediately available? (IF YES) Great, and where would those be coming from, retirement account? Bank account? Checking account? Your mattress account? Credit Cards?

I don`t mean to pry, we are not asking you for a penny at this time, I`m just trying to get you approved for a free package…you have to like the materials and the committee has to accept you…it just wouldn`t be prudent to send a package to you if it were not affordable to you. Make sense?

Now, Your clientele will consist of everyday people looking for more healthy energy: students, travelers, truckers, office workers, athletes, your cousin…your wifes best friend, the list goes on forever. How many people do you know who take energy products?

After this super mint was created, we launched our national advertising campaign. We decided to follow Red Bull’s model in that we would allow our distributors the chance to get in on a rare ground-floor opportunity. And ________, you see where Red Bull is now, right? If you had invested in Red Bull six years ago when nobody ever heard of it we wouldn`t be talking right now, would we? You would be very wealthy. In addition to following Red Bull’s model, the national marketing campaign we created combines television with extremely heavy internet marketing. Imagine a business where YOU do not have to pay for advertising? WE DO THAT FOR YOU! What would advertising normally cost you…100K, 200K per year? You don`t have to spend that…we do that to insure your success as we make our money on the mints. The more you sell, the more you order from us, the more money we both make. It goes both ways. Are you with me on that?

This marketing plan has us projected at 12 million in sales this fiscal year doubling to 24 million the following year. Not bad for a product that has been on the shelves for 3 months…that’s how red hot this is.

Let’s get down to the money you can potentially make with this business. I’m going to have you do some quick math.

Let’s say you have a vending machine in a high-traffic gym that has 200-300 people day in and day out looking for that extra boost of energy. Now corporate wont let me give out any numbers or make any profit claims, but how many of these people in the gym do you think will walk by your flashy energy vending machine, see the benefits of taking a Revive energy mint and purchase one – (WFA – make the prospect come up with their own number- do not give them a number). Now, let’s get really conservative and say ONLY 10%. About 25 mints. Write that number down. So let’s take that number and multiply it by 37 cents which is how much profit you make per vend. Write down that number. Multiply this number by 25 machines. Remember, your machines are great employees, they don`t call in sick or ask for a vacation, they work 24 hours per day EVERY DAY 24/7. So Multiply this number by 365.….what did you get? We’re talking about having serious cash flow and making a pretty good living…wouldn’t you agree?

Now the best part of our business model is that this is only the vending side. I won’t make you do any more math because I know you’re looking for a business, not a high school diploma! (laugh with them), but let me give you the numbers on the retail side. With the entry-level package you would get 25 retail display boxes, each holds 12 sleeves. Each one of these sleeves you get for $1.04 and the suggested wholesale price to your retail location is $1.85-$2.20 so you make about one dollar per sleeve. Now of course they will sell it to the public for $3-4 dollars, so who wouldn`t put a box on their counter? It costs them nothing and they make a dollar a sleeve as well. Can you see the potential of having these retail boxes in a high-traffic gas station or wellness store, gyms, office buildings, bowling alleys, hospitals, universities and making one dollar for every customer who buys one?

Honest question for an honest answer…how many ground floor opportunities have you had in life? Yes…they are few and far between…if you are lucky you get ONE…maybe TWO…Right?. The ones that are lucky enough to have the opportunity and pass it up rarely get a second chance and kick themselves for the rest of their life. I`m sure you know someone who has said…”if I only would have done this” You see if you choose to do nothing, nothing in your life will ever change. You will just continue to remain in your current situation. Forever. Is that what you want? Isn`t that why you contacted us in the first place?

If the committee selects you…Well, this is your shot.

So let’s review: You have the lowest price point of any energy product on the market.

You have your own distributorship and exclusive territory where nobody else has this product = meaning…YOU HAVE NO COMPETITION!

So before I send you a free package….I need you to do just TWO things for me:

#1 – fill out the online questionnaire which I have emailed to you. It will take you just a few minutes to complete and helps the committee determine how motivated you are and how many machines you will be allowed. It is also an FTC regulation.

#2 – I will also need to get approval from our one of our VP`s of operations, Mr. Wotocheck or Mr. Miller… as I mentioned earlier they are the ONLY two people in the building who can approve a package.

IF YOU DID NOT GET THE TRUTH, here is where you go back in. Mr._____________ is going to ask me why does this guy/gal want their own business. So far, all I know about you is…(repeat what they told you) He is going to want the REAL MOTIVATION BEHIND YOUR INTEREST in starting your own business as we are ONLY looking for people with integrity who want to make a lot of money. I`m the guy who is going to bat for you here…and MR.____________is going to need as much information as possible to approve a package. (ASK PROBING QUESTIONS UNTIL YOU GET THE TRUTH)

I`m going to put you on hold for a bit…I see MR. ————– door is open and let me see what I can do for you…OK? Now he if going to want to have a very brief conversation with you before he approves a package, so I`m going to see if and when he will be available to speak with you as well… Hold the line, I`ll be right back.


OK_________Mr.__________ has agreed to speak with you. Pay close attention to what I`m about to say as this is the most ctitical part of the process. Now take into consideration that not only is MR. ___________part of the selection committee but he has a rather daunting task. You see, the companies goal is to create several MILLIONARES in the upcoming year to use as success stories. Mr.___________ is in charge of that task. He will also give you the names and phone #`s of a couple of our distributers so you will have the confidence and the confirmation that this IS THE HOTTEST PRODUCT out there. So MAKE SURE you convince him as to why you would be an asset as a distributer. Otherwise, I`ll tell you right now he will NOT approve a package.

Now if he does, you will need to call me back and give me your address so we can fed-ex a package to you which will be in your lap tomorrow morning. Take down my number.

You sound like a good guy/gal and if you listen to what our EXPERT coaching staff tells you what to do you COULD make a lot of money here and REALLY achieve what you want in life. (REPEAT THEIR HOT BUTTON TO THEM)

So good luck, I did all I could for you…the rest is up to you. OK? Great, he is finishing up a call right now and should be back with you within 15 min. You will be at this # correct? Great, good luck, and if he approves a package, when you call me back let me know how the conversation went.


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