REVIVE ENERGY MINTS Dalimara Vending Scam?

At, you can buy a Quantum Energy Pendant that “Neutralizes Disharmonious Or Negative Energies,” “Retards Aging,” and even “Enhances the flavor of food, juice & wine.”

At, you can buy a Church-blessed Divine Mercy Quantum Pendant that provides “God’s given natural protection to human against harmful radiation, free-radicals, evil spirits…” (Act now and you get a “FREE Bio Energy Card”)

At, you can also invest in a Revive Energy Mints business opportunity that promises you a “profitable business,” “extra income” and a discount code for wholesale pricing in the future.

The only problem is, the Revive Energy Mints company appears to have gone out of business and dealers are unable to order product.

Who is Dalimara, and why are they selling a seemingly defunct business opportunity?

Dalimara is promoting $299 Vending Machine Business on Twitter, Craigslist and

Dalimara scamThe site claims:

For only $299 you can start a Vending Machine Business. Also a good source of funding for charity, community event, office party, xmas party, excursion, raffle and many more. . Limit 3 per customer.

Business Package Includes:

One (1) Revive Vending Machine worth $680

Start-up inventory 100pcs Revive Mint

Wholesale cost per mint 0.25/mint (MSRP 0.50 – 1 dollar)

Marketing Collateral (brochures)…

Our vending machine provides a wonderful business opportunity for individual wanted to make extra income and at the same time help increase company productivity at your work place or business…

Dalimara scamDalimara links to the company websites that franchisees report have been unresponsive.  It even promises future discount pricing from the company dealer’s can’t seem to reach:


Once you become a dealer, you will be provided a discount code to wholesale prices.

Dalimara is promoting on Twitter & Craig’s List, too.

On Craigs List in New York, the Dalimara ad reads:

“Brand New Revive Energy Mint Business Package – $299 (nyc)

”Date: 2011-10-09, 12:12PM EDT


“Standard Franchise starts $17,900. NOW ONLY $299 you can start a profitable Vending Machine Business. Offer a Revive Energy Mints to your company for better health & productivity. Best source of funding for charity, community events, office party, xmas party, excursions, and many more.

“Hurry limited stocks available!!!!

Dalimara scamOn Twitter, @Dalimara promotes:

dalimara Quantum Science

Only $449 u can start a profitable Vending Biz.Offer Revive Energy Mints to ur office for better health & productivity.

Who is Dalimara, and why are they promoting the Revive Energy Mints opportunity?

Who is Dalimara?

Is Revive Energy Mints trying to market their opportunity under the radar, or is this a distributor knowingly trying to unload machines on unsuspecting buyers?

Dalimara Vending Opportunity:  Buyer Beware!

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11 thoughts on “REVIVE ENERGY MINTS Dalimara Vending Scam?

  • Darrin

    That may be old. That logo is not used anymore.

  • Robert

    This is me Robert the “dalimara” guy you’re talking about. I’m trying to unload 75 machines (all brand new) and 14 boxes of vending mints sitting in my apartment. I’m starting plan B. Once all my revive mints has been disposed and placed some of machines, I’m going to launch a Canada made “new improved energy mint” under new brand name.

    Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith. …Steve Job

  • Darrin:
    This stuff is current. It was listed on Craig’s list today.

    Seriously? You are trying to “unload” 75 machines on unsuspecting victims by pretending they will be able to reorder from the company? You even link to the websites that you know won’t allow people to reorder. You are getting people to pay $300 to get a machine they soon won’t be able to restock with Revive?

    Am I missing something here? Perhaps my Quantum Energy Pendant is malfunctioning, because I’m not getting why you think this is ok.

  • Robert


    The plan B is to continue business by selling the machines below purchase price and offer new improved healthy energy mint (NOT Revive) in various flavors once I finished all my remaining revive mints. I have been communicating with a reputable FDA approved facility in the past few weeks to supply me & other Revive victims a new product under new brand. Instead of just sitting here and waiting for the result of our action against revive group, I might as well do something with all my products before it expires. This way I can help create new jobs or help other people make extra money by buying individual machine and load it by purchasing mints (at least 3 flavors) at wholesale price. They can offer the vending machine direct to their employer or client – easy sell. Got the idea?

    I will say it again, I am not offering Revive distributorship nor sub-franchise. I’m offering Dalimara business opportunity. I do not have any intention now & in the future to use Revive name for personal gain nor to victimize people. I am still with the coalition against Revive and will continue to take action against Revive till we succeed.

    Thank you very much.


  • Refer to the center graphic above. There’s no mention of a Dalimara business opportunity. There are links to the and websites and reference to getting wholesale pricing as a dealer.

    I know you’ve got a lot of machines, but creating new victims isn’t the way to go. Why not just sell your mints separately and rebrand your machines with your new name and graphics?

  • Robert

    Sorry, for misunderstanding and I appreciate your inputs. I took off the revive url links in my website and yes the machines doesn’t imply any affiliations with revive but rather whatever energy mint products Dalimara has.


  • Robert


    How can’t I not sell my remaining products/machines & at least recover a portion of my investment? This is so unfair to being accused immediately by individual as a scammer and all that negative descriptions. When my only intention is to recover a small part of my investment. Maybe they don’t understand the anxiesty & stress as a victim because they are not one of the poor revive franchisees.

    This is unfair and double killing.


  • What’s the problem with providing full disclosure? You know, tell the truth about Plan B…

  • Irwin


    Why dont you just try to sell them to people who would use them not as a franchise, because like Darrin said why would you sell something that people arent going to be able to reorder? You would be doing exactly what the original Revive guys did to all of us. I’m just trying to sell the mints on craigslist the machines I’m not so sure about yet.

  • Devin Spooner

    Robert could you send me more info on your new product, i an a revive victim also. I am so stressed and frustrated over the whole mess.

  • Robert tell me about the coalition against revive and any group law suite as I also purchased a revive franchise

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