VENDING SCAMS Coffee Vending Scammer Found Guilty

VENDING SCAMS FL Coffee Vending Scammer Found Guilty.  Another win for the US Department of Justice and the The Postal Inspection Service.

Here’s the press release from the USDOJ:

“WASHINGTON – A federal jury in Fort Lauderdale, Fla ., yesterday found Manuel Rodriguez guilty of fraud in connection with a coffee machine business opportunity scheme, the Justice Department and the United States Postal Inspection Service announced. After a two-week trial in which 14 witnesses took the stand, the jury found Rodriguez guilty on all seven counts submitted to it, one count of conspiracy and six counts of wire fraud. Rodriguez was taken into federal custody upon the jury’s verdict. Sentencing is scheduled for December 7, 2011.
“At trial, witnesses testified that Rodriguez engaged in his scheme through the operation of three companies: M & D Gourmet Coffee Inc. of Boca Raton, Fla ., Coffee Heaven LLC of Deerfield Beach, Fla ., and Divino Trio Coffee & Vending Company of Ft. Lauderdale. The jury heard testimony that the defendant and a co-conspirator made similar misrepresentations to consumers in connection with each of these companies with the same effect – a loss of tens of thousands of dollars per consumer.
“Specifically, victims at trial testified that the defendant and his businesses offered a business package that included coffee machines, locations in which to place those machines, and on-going support and assistance in the operation of a coffee machine business. Witnesses explained that they lost amounts from $15,000 to $192,000 in the scheme. They testified that the defendant told them that their machines would sell enough coffee to recoup their investment in 12 to 18 months, and that this representation was false. Victims also told the jury that while the defendant promised that the coffee machines would be placed in high-quality locations that would generate numerous sales, what was delivered were poor locations which generated few, if any, sales. Some victims testified that they received no machines at all.
“Protecting consumers from financial fraud is one of our top priorities,” said Tony West, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division of the Department of Justice. “As the jury’s verdict shows, those who prey on people trying to run a small business will be held accountable.”
“We are committed to vigorously prosecuting financial fraud,” said Wifredo Ferrer, United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida. “Fraudulent telemarketers must realize that they will be pursued and brought to justice.”
“The Postal Inspection Service has investigated scores of individuals and dozens of companies like the ones involved here, said United States Postal Inspector in Charge, Henry Gutierrez, based in Miami. Those investigations have led to felony convictions and significant terms of incarceration. The American Public must remain vigilant to avoid sophisticated schemes that try to take advantage of our natural desire to prosper by owning businesses like this one.
“Assistant Attorney General West commended the investigative efforts of the United States Postal Inspection Service and the Federal Trade Commission. The case was prosecuted by attorneys John Claud and Matthew Ebert of the Department of Justice’s Consumer Protection Branch.”


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22 thoughts on “VENDING SCAMS Coffee Vending Scammer Found Guilty

  • Gary Rich

    I am being contacted by a company known as Red Solutions. They are selling the Coffee Scheme and want $5,000 for a license to service coffee machines they promise to place in high volume locations.

    They wont let me speak to anyone who has purchased from them as a reference, until I pay the $5,000.

  • Jay Timmons

    Red Solutions Coffee Vending $5,000 Program Honest Review- I purchased multiple routes from red solutions coffee in December of 2017. From that day forward, NOTHING they promised came true. Fortunately, I have a great reputation and credit rating with my credit card company, and this week, after waiting over 90 days for red solutions vending and their new organizational name… my credit card company refunded my money and they will pursue them legally. To be clear, I was as kind and patient as anyone could be. I sent emails and called everyone… even the owner named Courtney. They just send random emails concerning nothing. Not one person ever replied to me, or answered my concerns. In the end, fortunately I am credible, have outstanding credit and payment history, so my card companies didn’t hold me accountable for what I see, and my card company sees as fraudulent and criminal activity from Red Solutions. Others may not be that fortunate. I have never left a bad review for any company, ever… but I feel it is important people know how they operated with me. All that I can see is that they take money and delay investors until the point they cannot get their money back from the card company. That was my experience.

  • You are absolutely correct. I fell for the scheme as well. I started with Jerry then was passed off to some named Daphne…..then Courtney the supposed new C.E.O. then I got someone calling themselves Aiden. Unfortunately for me my credit card company says has not worked with me like yours did.

  • I just got off the phone with the FTC. They will investigate if enough people complain. The number is 1-877382-4357.

  • Hello, I was also scammed by Cokepromotions/ Redsolutions. The person who is responsible is name Joseph Zapata. He is behind the whole operation; not Courtney, Charlie, Debbie, Bianca, James, and Kevin. They people are all ex-employees of Joseph.

    I also filed a compliant with the FBI, FTC, and District Attorney Office.

    FYI. Joseph’s current cell number is [redacted] and his last business location is 21900 Burbank Blvd. Suite 300 Woodland Hills, CA 91367.

    He scammed me in late December of 2016. I have been trying to recover my refund from him since than. I received only $320 back from him (latest payment received on 3/26/18 for $100.00). This guy is a piece of work. I have a signed document which he signed to refund my $1,000.00 on February 16, 2018. And of course he failed to honor the contact. I am going to sue him for the refund + attorney fees I incurred while trying to come to some agreement with him.

  • Redsolutions; Joseph Zapata – S-17-2293-18-SC01 – Statement of Charges

    On 01/11/2018, the Securities Division entered a Statement of Charges and Notice of Intent to Enter Order to Cease and Desist (“Statement of Charges”) against Joseph Zapata (“Zapata”), d/b/a Redsolutions. Redsolutions holds itself out as a commercial coffee route and equipment provider. The company’s Internet website lists an office address in Irvine, California.

    The Statement of Charges alleges that in 2017, Zapata violated the Business Opportunity Fraud Act, RCW 19.100, by offering an unregistered business opportunity. The Statement of Charges also alleges that Zapata violated the Business Opportunity Fraud Act by making untrue and misleading statements and by failing to disclose material risks about the business opportunity that was offered. The Statement of Charges gives notice of the Securities Division’s intent to order Zapata, d/b/a Redsolutions, to cease and desist from violating the Business Opportunity Fraud Act. Zapata may request an administrative hearing on the Statement of Charges.

  • Hello, I was also scammed by Cokepromotions/ Redsolutions. The person who is responsible is name Joseph Zapata. He is behind the whole operation; not Courtney, Charlie, Debbie, Bianca, James, and Kevin. They people are all ex-employees of Joseph.

    I also filed a compliant with the FBI, FTC, and District Attorney Office.

    FYI. Joseph’s current cell number is [redacted] and his last business location is 21900 Burbank Blvd. Suite 300 Woodland Hills, CA 91367.

  • Red Solutions, Resolutions, Coke Programs, Cokeprograms now operating as, Packific Learning Solutions. Same people. Same scams. Now charging $5000 for a ‘course’ Vending, Coffee, Construction. Make up your own mind.

  • Latest scam related to this topic.

    Why Pacific, Why now, Why this way, “How to get into the Coffee game, and win with it…again and again, with this Program”

    Call now 208 803 7215


    Big Money, Quick, No Risk, Everything To Gain…Only 37 Available…Get Yours For 5,000 down, make payment with
    proceeds…win today, and retire tom.
    You can license out our commercial coffee 3rd party management platform on program C, which guarantees an average of 25,000 per month gross. It’s quick turnaround, risk free, is bonded and insured…comes with verifiable financials, plus we help you do it with a team of two lawyers and 4 MBA’s. We take care of everything you need to make it easy and stress free. Each license is capped by the monthly gross avg. These programs are ongoing and year around, they do not require a renewal or have an expiration date. The company contribution (license/franchise fee) is 15% net, not gross, which pays for management support, backup financing, and risk coverage.

    Call now 208 803 7215

  • Vinus Hudson

    I was contacted by this business today,sounds like good deal, let told the rep, that would do my research and get back to them, was kinda pushy, told him that I wouldn’t be making a decision till first of the year. He then tried to entice me by offering incentives, laptop and giftcards.

  • Vinus Hudson avoid them like the plague. Total SCAM

  • Jane Doe

    Vinus Hudson. What number did they call from?

  • ADMIN Note to “Legal”: We have few rules but you’ve managed to break nearly all of them.
    First, we don’t allow posting of personal contact information, such as email addresses or phone numbers. Those have been redacted.

    Second, we don’t allow “doxxing,” ie attempting to identify and “out” the identity of anonymous commenters. We respect and uphold the right to anonymous speech. The name of your attempted doxxing targets have also been redacted.

    Third: I am changing your Username from “Legal Counsel” to simply “Legal.” If you would like to represent yourself as an attorney, please email evidence of your bar admission to UnhappyFranchisee[at]

    Your opinions, viewpoints, and criticism are welcome on this “cheap” site… just conduct yourself in the spirit of open, honest, respectful discussion. Thanks. – ADMIN

    None of that’s true; that “Jane Doe” guy is [redacted]; he is a stalker of the owners and currently has several banks after him; for stealing the company’s crm information and causing chargebacks…. the other post is by one of the former employees;

    if you really read that list…you know one thing; the company hires and fires employees; some of them lawyers…and some of them account managers hired to build accounts and manage workflows for coffee accounts with brokers providers. Owner has a stellar reputation but has a allot of people in the “jealous, get a life, crowd”. ty and they other guy did chargeback; but during a spoof campaign by [redacted] (who no doubt wrote that email trying to separate he and several other employee for him giving [redacted] stolen customer information that [redacted] later used to spoof the customer into breaching their contract and charging back (opening them up for lawsuit)…

    I can verify all of this; there are court cases and file numbers available. Neither Mr. Zapata nor any of his companies has ever been found guilty or even tried for a business crime; the WA matter was a minor citation for an unrelated advertising post that didn’t include a standard disclaimer which they later fixed….

    [redacted] is crazy, he has several police reports against him and is a subject of several cases at Chatsworth Courthouse in CA. His actions under the terrifying stalker name of “Jane Doe’ have resulted in death threats and overt harm to the owners family. Any questions contact me at: [redacted];

    Also in case you didn’t notice the Florida case is unrelated to Mr. Zapata and yet another spoof…for [redacted] to act out on his private and jealous rage against Mr. Zapata. Who happens to have a stellar history in the industry; and who’s work has even made the news as a progress focused and rewarding service amongst some of the nation’s largest company’s.

    But don’t take this cheap site’s open to the public opportunity to graffit or say whatever you want about whoever you want; ask me to prove it; email me. Thanks…and have a nice day.

  • Just a reminder that the above case has NOTHING to do with Joseph Zapata or any of his businesses; the truth of the matter is that he plays the flamenco guitar, does ballet, loves women…and those guys get real jealous.

    They are always pulling things on him; from racism to destroying his orders….he is very much alone in the game and a very strong person; people who make attempts to slow someone down who is making a success of themselves are cowardly and beyond shameful….

    I can prove that he is not just a remarkable commercial accounts phenomenon, but that he is arguable…one of the US’ most feared brokers for coffee accounts; specifically because he always gets what he wants.

    He consistently hires what seem to be qualified people from lawyers to experienced fulfillment managers to make his programs work; that if he were doing them alone; it would be small perfect and limited…the work he goes through and the risks he takes to make his experience possible for the average person is something small picture people will never understand.

    He receives death threats, and all of it…not by the government, not by doctors or lawyers, not be teachers and children…but idiots who wish they were him.

    I can prove this just contact me at [redacted]

  • Jane Doe

    Attention Admin – I respect and obey all rules of your website. Thank you for allowing me to express my horrible experience; as well as others whom have been subject to fraud because Joseph Zapata. He is notorious for scamming veterans, elderly, and hard working people out of thousands of dollars. He is under the microscope with governing agencies as more victims are coming forward.

    I noticed you requested proof from Joseph regarding him being an active attorney. You will not get a response from for the obvious reason. He is not an attorney.

    Once again thank you for your website. This may prevent potential victims from becoming scammed as many others have within the last 7 years.


    What is Joseph Zapata’s current business? Is he still selling business opportunities?

  • Another victim here. New business names are Pacific Programs, Red Line Coffee and Offer in Compromise

    Joseph Zapata using false identity “Derek Foster”


  • H. Manning

    Me too– scamed by Red Solutions. Let’s file a class action suit. I paid $1,500 before it went to $5,000 but got no route or refund. Let’s get together on this to get at least some of our money back.

  • Yup that’s him Joseph Zapata. Pacific Programs, aka Derek Foster, Kimberley Business Corp. the guy even went as far as setting up a fake LinkedIn account for Derek Foster Pacific Programs Kimberley Business sales manager along with a fake picture of a stock photo of a guy stepping on an airplane. He takes the money drags you out past the 90 days so you can’t charge back your credit card company. His whole scheme is very slick to websites and back channel links etc. it’s actually all fascinating as if he took that initiative to actually start a legit business he probably could do it. Sad that some got taken for 1000-5000$. But yes this is an absolute and fascinating scam.

  • Lance Tanner

    I am pretty much dumbfounded by what is being said on here as far as comments go, for the simple fact that i actually work here and to state the facts i currently have five clients who signed up and some have finished training others have not yet and have only been in the program a short while and for one example i currently am on really good standing relations with one of them and ummm how bout he has been in the training two weeks and we have already closed deals as well as put about $2,200 in his bank after brokering out two accounts. I talk to him at least every other day and he is totally and completely happy.. He received a grand off the program as well as a Brand new I-pad and not a refurbished one either, as well as getting like two $50 gift cards.
    So Please help me to understand where you say you never heard anything back or even got your training. You begin your training the same day you sign or at the latest the next day.
    How bout i am a rep through Overpass. com and my client is even able to listen to sales reps getting his 3rd party coffee business accounts for him.
    If you can prove that he is a fraud then please tell me so that i may find a job since you state he is scamming and moves on to make other companies with different names.
    Oh and by the way i do for a fact know that there have been at least two maybe more that put like $1,200 down and decided it was not for them and received their money back and i know this because i followed up with them to see for sure if they received their refund.

  • Lance Tanner,

    Are you still employed by this scam artist?

  • Maribel Mounts

    I have been scam from a company name Cup & Go Coffee. I never got the location I was promised making believe that I was going to make enough money to get my investment back in less than a year. Instead he gave me a salon/spa locations with no traffic at all. The guy named “edward” has not return any of my phone calls, texts or emails. How can I persuade this in a legal matter?

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