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QUIZNOS SUB Franchise Closing, Closings, Closed

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The Quiznos Sub franchise opportunity may seem like a safe, risk-free investment because of the well-known brand name, the great product and positive media hype (which includes rankings and awards from publications that survive on advertising from franchise companies like Quiznos).

Some Quiznos Sub franchise owners may have a different opinion on how risk-free buying a Quiznos Sub franchise really is.  A Forbes article “Where You Might Not Shop In 2011” reported:


Stores closed: Aproximately 1,000 (analyst estimate; company won’t confirm)

Percentage of total: 22.7%

Struggling as a higher-priced alternative to Subway, the sandwich chain began putting mini-stores into gas stations to boost market share. Upscale fast sandwiches are a tough position in a down economy.

Here is a growing list of Quiznos Sub franchise investments that didn’t end so well:

closed quiznosQuiznos Sub, Hampstead, MD

The contents of Quiznos Sub, 2319-A Hanover Pike, Hampstead, MD 21074 were auctioned off Tuesday Febuary 1st, 2011 by Rasmus Auctioneers.

Quiznos Sub, Eldersburg, MD

According to a December, 2010 post on the Eldersburg Patch: “A manager of another nearby business… put it more bluntly saying, ‘he just wasn’t making any money.’ Assets of the sandwich shop were sold in an online auction Nov. 23 by Rasmus Auctioneers.”

Quiznos Sub, Santee, CA

From the Santee Patch, June 21, 2011 “Quiznos Subs shop left a sign posted at the entrance which indicated the downturn in the economy was the main factor in their closing.”

“Dear Valued Guests,

Due to the recent economy and recession, we have regretfully closed our business. We appreciated your business over the years.

Sincerely, Jim and Diane”

Photo credit:  Scott Sinclair

Quiznos Sub, Elgin, IL

“Within the last nine months, three downtown restaurants have closed and remain vacant: Quiznos, Mad Maggie’s and RoadHouse/Main Event”  June 22, 2011, The Courier News.

Quiznos Sub, Hyattsville, MD

“Update June 8, 2011: After reading the scrawled ‘Closed’ note posted on the door of the Quiznos store at the Shoppes at Metro Station, one might think the manager had simply stepped out for a lunch break. But after about a month of zero activity at the sandwich store, the truth is firm: this sub shop’s ship has sailed.”

In a comment on the Hyattsville Patch story, The Kid wrote:

Quiznos corporate makes its money selling food and supplies to its restaurants at inflated prices… This chain had nearly 6,000 restaurants in 2006 and a tad more than 2,000 now. It’s a loser to everyone except Dick Schaden and the Wall Street fatcats who own it.

quiznos failuresQuiznos Sub, Bennington, Vermont

“Five months after it reopened to much fanfare, the Quiznos in Bennington Square is once again closed.  Tuesday’s closing came as a shock to the sandwich shop’s employees, who learned Friday they would be losing their jobs…” Quiznos Closing Shocks Workers, Tuesday January 11, 2011.

Quiznos Sub, Virginia

”Quiznos is closing down!! by Hannah_Banana222 on Thu Jan 13, 2011 2:30 pm  My brother works (well, worked) there, and they told him it was closing on the very last day it was open. No notice whatsoever. Not nice.”

Quiznos Sub, El Cerrito, CA

“Quiznos Sub – CLOSED 10810 San Pablo Ave, El Cerrito, CA 94530, (510) 527-7827” Source: Yelp

Quiznos Sub, Ocean City, MD

See photo.  Closed Quiznos shot while on vacation.

Quiznos Sub, Boston, MA

“The Quiznos sandwich shop at 263 Huntington Ave., between Symphony Hall and Gainsborough Street closed Nov. 4, eliminating an eating choice near the Northeastern campus.” The Huntington News, November 11, 2010.

Quiznos Sub, Bloomington, IL

“A Lexington business owner who recently closed his Wings Etc. restaurant and bar has also shuttered his two Twin City Quiznos locations.  The Quiznos franchises, at 2601 Oakland Ave. in Bloomington and 1700 E. College Ave. in Normal, had been the only two in the Twin Cities, according to the sandwich-shop chain’s website.  A sign on the Oakland Avenue store’s door last week read, ‘Sorry, we are closed for business.’  The Quiznos franchise owner was Greg Wilson of Lexington, doing business as Gregors Enterprise Inc….”, January 6, 2011.

quiznos failuresQuiznos Sub, Williston, North Dakota

“Quiznos closes doors, no reason given.  Quiznos of Williston closed its doors on Saturday, and it’s unclear if the sandwich shop will reopen.  One of the owners said he couldn’t comment on whether the restaurant would open again due to corporate policy restrictions… Quiznos, which first opened in Williston several years ago, had closed before for a few months last year and re-opened July 30, 2010.”  Williston Herald, April 20, 2011

Quiznos Sub, Garden City, Kansas

Quiznos’ time in Garden City has come to an end. The franchised sandwich shop closed its doors Friday after more than 13 years in business and will be converted into another sandwich shop, Subway… owner Clark Nelson chose not to renew the rights to his location…

Business over the years has had its “severe ups and downs” and the restaurant had been busier than normal as the closure approached, Nelson said.

“We’re tired of it. It’s been a long stretch,” Nelson said. “We’re ready to do something else.”  GC Telegram, 1/1/2011.


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15 thoughts on “QUIZNOS SUB Franchise Closing, Closings, Closed

  • John and June Larsen

    There used to be three Quiznos nearby: Hooksett, Concord, and Manchester, NH.
    The first two closed some time ago, but last week when we went to Manchester, it too was closed!!!
    The food was great and not expensive for the qualit yand quantity received!!
    Quiznos was the best fast food place in the area; we shall miss it!!
    Maybe they should have kept Bob the baby as their spokesperson!!

  • I dont get this, I can’t stand Subway.. Cheap breads, bland taste, and they all kinda taste the same to me. Quiznos soups, sandwiches, and options are way better and have about the same caleries,

  • Quizno’s on Broadway in San Antonio, Texas just closed down–March 2013. The sign on their door says that it is a “lockout” by the City of Alamo Heights for failure to pay taxes.

  • I drove over to local Quiznos in Wood River ,IL just yesterday June 26th, 2013 and found it closed. the sign on door said please visit other stores in Edwardsville or Alton, IL. I had my mouth all set for one of the new Bar”B’ Que sandwiches I had had just had last week. they will be missed.

  • I have owened a Quiznos store since 2005, we have seen every other quiznos in Lake County IN. close up since 2008 (thats about 8 stores). In 2011 Quiznos did three weeks each on radio and TV…all year! this year (2013) they will do 12-15 weeks on TV, again all year. not helping out too much are they? this and overcharging for the food we must buy from them are the main reasons quiznos stores will continue to close up. Quiznos Corp. are about the only ones making money on this deal. Any Attorney Generals out there willing to look into Quiznos unethical business practices?


    We lost our Albany, Oregon store, along with at least two in Salem, Oregon – all just recently

  • Coleen Manley

    Quizno’s at Bandera and 1604 closed San Antonio, Tx

  • Christian G.

    Quizno’s on San Pedro across the street from San Antonio College is closed. Not sure exactly when but must have been within the last 3 months. Strange because it was always busy there.

  • Patricia M.

    The Quiznos on buffalo speedway and hilcombe in Houston just closed down. I see the guy taking off the quizno’s sign right now. Sad sad day

  • The general public views a “busy” business and assumes the owner is making a killing or thinks “The place is a gold mine.” Unless people are professionally trained, educated or had great mentors they do not know how difficult it is even for a busy place to make it. The food industry is the most difficult. I love when people tell me they are loyal and always buy xyz food item, and in the back of my mind I am clenching my teeth thinking great I lose about $2 every time you support me. The increase in minimum wage will soon force more small business owners out of business. Part of the master plan.

  • Barbara Rector

    I am very upset that quiznos closed their S. Commercial store in Salem, OR. I loved eating there. They have closed all of the Salem stores except for Keizer. (Not convenient for me,.) Why????????????

  • Quiznos has good food their prices are too high. nobody’s is going to pay $10 fr a sandwich

  • Linda Dobbins

    Two Quiznos businesses closed in our area a couple years ago and I have always wanted to know why. I loved eating there and really miss the honey bourbon chicken. I don’t know of any Quiznos’ in our area. Any hope?

  • We had 2 Quizons locations in the Lanc. Pa area. The last location closed within the last month. Quiznos has the best subs around, with a fair price. Primo Hoagies are extremely over priced.

  • I think the last quiznos in San Antonio has closed. The Northeast O’Connor location. They just introduced pastas (which were horrible). I thought it was a bad idea for anyone to work at Quiznos considering their bankruptcy.

    Hate to see them go. The turkey ranch/swiss sandwich was the greatest next to their beef dip.

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