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ANY LAB TEST NOW Franchise Complaints

Any Lab Test Now, a chain of walk-in labs, has 130 franchised stores in 26 states. It is managed by Joe Neely, Chief Executive Officer; Clarissa Bradstock, Chief Operating Officer; and Terri McCulloch, Vice President Sales and Marketing. Bradstock is married to prominent Olympic athlete Roald Bradstock, who is seeking a final appearance in 2012 Olympics under the British flag.

Any Lab Test NowSeven present and former franchisees of “Any Lab Test Now,” a walk-in lab facility franchise owned by Atlanta-based Any Test Franchising, have sued David Lageschulte, the founder and owner of the franchise, in Miami Circuit Court for unfair trade practices in the sale of their franchises. They seek over $10 million for fraudulent conduct in the sale of the franchise. Lageschulte, reportedly a billionaire, is the owner of LTP Management and numerous franchised restaurants.

According to franchise attorney Michael Garner, who is representing the franchise owners, “Any Lab Test Now selectively presented the best information and hid what was most relevant — how their actual franchisees were doing. The law doesn’t allow you to start talking about profitability, and then be one-sided about it.”

“They started their sales presentation with an endorsement from Lags,” said Jason Baumann, one of the plaintiffs, referring to Lageschulte’s nickname. “He said that franchising was the way to get rich.” Exhibits to the complaint show Lageschulte’s quote, surrounded by logos from prominent franchisors such as Hooters, Ugly Tuna, and Dan Marino’s. The written presentations go on to extol the success of the franchise’s stores in Atlanta.

Referring to the allegedly blatant earnings claims in the presentation Garner said “That’s plainly a violation of franchise sales laws.  Lageschulte knows that Any Lab Test Now can’t sell franchises by hawking it this way. They have to put it in a disclosure document.”

The case seeks the value of the business that Lageschulte’s endorsement held out to them. “Based on the information in the written sales pitches,” Baumann explained, “we should be entitled to damages of at least $10 million before any punitive damages or attorneys’ fees.” The franchisees’ case is similar to an action brought by investors in the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Ft. Lauderdale. Although Donald Trump was not the developer of that project, and was lending his name to it for a fee, the court held he could be held liable under the Unfair Trade Practices Act.

“I would never have bought this Any Lab Test Now franchise if I had known the actual performance of the franchisees,” said Baumann. “We were shown several sets of figures and told they were representative. In fact, the franchisor, Any Lab Test Now, was sitting on data from its existing franchisees that showed much worse performance.”


9 thoughts on “ANY LAB TEST NOW Franchise Complaints

  • Very please at this place!.. The lady in the front desk is very welcoming and friendly. Great Service i felt like home.

  • Yina Prada

    Any Lab Test in Alpharetta is horrible! The worst experience with General Manager Melanie Reeves. The donor we had sent to do a Hair Follicle Test refused test when they arrived at the Windward office and they still charged my credit card!!!! These people are complete fraud and I hope someone else does not make the same mistake trusting them again. They are very unprofessional and sketchy place of business!!! Beware!

  • Yina Prada

    Complete Scam artists. The front desk secretary was the same Lab Tech with no training and little knowledge of Hair Follicle testing and procedure. I am curious to see if anyone in this Alpharetta office or any of these franchises are getting any proper training on how to be a “professional” Technician!

  • Eric Whitaker

    I was patted down by a collector which is illegal and had a female collector go into the bathroom with me which is also illegal.

  • kristen griffin

    I’m not sure if this is best suited for Corporate or the specific location in Mesa, Arizona. Hours state until 6pm. I checked 3 times at 4 different locations due to a very small window I had to get blood work done by a certain date. At 5:33 pm, I walked into the location and was told I could not be helped that day because they close at 6. Pause, no explanation. While the front desk rep had a lot of opportunity to better explain why from the beginning, let go of some attitudinal non-verbals, once I pointed out that it is 5:30 and a raised eyebrow like I don’t understand, she explained that my particular test required after work and they leave right at 6 when they close. l have an additional problem with how the situation was handled by the rep and the owner as I escalated, but that all can be solved with some customer service training and perhaps I should not hold such high expectations for a lab test company in the first place. The main problem lies in the fact that a company should not showcase 8am-6pm as the hours of operations if you are not truly able to take blood within those hours. Staffing some admin, back office time after you close might be a helpful solution. Paying employees overtime to do the necessary after hours work should someone come in toward the end of the shift time might also be helpful. Fully disclosing on the website what can and cannot be done at certain hours is yet another solution. There are plenty of ways the issue can be resolved and a customer coming in within business hours not be turned away. I will definitely not be sharing any positive experiences here.

  • Andrea

    Don’t visit the location in Winter Springs, FL. Please don’t do it!!! Your best bet is to go to the location in Winter Park. The receptionist/phelbombomist/”owner” is not professional in any way. Don’t take any coupons THEY advertise because THEY won’t honor them. It takes this woman 2 hours to complete a lab order when the advertisement clearly states 15 minutes in and out. This woman is rude, hostile, and tells your business when she’s on personal phone calls while servicing customers. Don’t waste your time! This place reeks of tobacco smoke. I mean the moment you walk in it smells like someone was smoking and tried to air that super small building out. Totally disgusting. She eats while working and has a 2 year old child running around in the lab with biohazard, specimens, and needles. This place needs to be condemned!

  • Melanie

    Corp office is in Atl. Ga. and the Franchise office is in ATL also. Run. Joke of a business. NO true numbers given to buyers. The Corp company makes no $$$. Stores ave about $ 200.00 to $500.00 per day. The Medical assistants are ghetto and not real medical assistants. They steal right under Aron Glinsky’s nose and he knows it and hides it from the owner, Dr Perlow and the Franchise. The MA’s / Phlebotomist are not certified, not trained and should not be allowed to put needles in anyone. The workers are rude and nasty and all push customers away, They claim Dr Perlow is rich off the franchise and he does not need more $$$….per the trashy staff. The staff is full of ex cons and are not given real off site drug test from outside labs and none of the staff has ever had a criminal back round check. Trash, trash trash.

  • Donald edward Allen

    where the heck are my lab results.pcr test done on tuesday.over 48 hours!!

  • Siddall Sheila

    Do NOT go to “Any Lab Test” in Saint George Utah. Terrible! The “lab” they sent my results to failed to upload them into the appropriate insurance portal. As a result of this completely incompetent mistake, it took me 8 days to get results- from the collection point, any lab test. And this after more than two hours on the phone with Insurance provider trying to figure out what happened.

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