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QUALICARE Homecare Franchise Complaints

Qualicare Managed Homecare franchise complaints.  Are you familiar with the Qualicare franchise?  If so, please share a comment – positive or negative – below.

(originally published February 24, 2012) According to the Qualicare website, “Qualicare offers healthcare solutions for people struggling with life’s changes due to medical events. We help people stay at home when faced with acute or chronic illness or when challenged by aging. Qualicare provides guidance, support, hourly or live-in care and private nursing services.”

The Qualicare program was inspiredby the challenges founders Andrea and Wayne Nathanson’s faced when Wayne’s father, Nardy, was fighting a lengthy battle with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).

Qualicare franchise website claims it provides exceptional franchise support:  “We are committed to every business owner in our system. Our priority is to make you successful, so that you represent our quality brand in an exceptional way.”

“We’re committed to your success, which means being available to answer your questions.” the website states. “In addition, we’ll follow-up with one-on-one coaching. Our coaches get involved in your territory, to help you realize the true benefits our business model offers. We’ll encourage your suggestions because every franchise owner is an important part of our team.”

However, we’ve received a complaint that tells a different story.  An reader, who claims to be an early Qualicare franchisee, writes:

This is a post that I am writing to bring to everyone’s notice regarding Qualicare franchise. I would be obliged if you can get this published so that no other person faces the same issue as I have faced and Qualicare management addresses the concern of their franchise owners professionally:

“Qualicare has a dubious entity. When they offer their franchise they make so many promise that they will offer full technical support when anyone purchases their franchise but all these are fake promises. I purchased qualicare franchise to serve needy people but qualicare management is just there to make money, all they do is extract franchise money from people like me and fill in their own pockets.


This gentleman Wayne Nathanson from Qualicare can easily entice you into purchasing the Qualicare franchise with his flowery verbiage but once you are a Qualicare franchise owner they just turn a blind eye towards the requirements essential of a franchise. Nathan Weber, who is the VP of Qualicare was so friendly and reachable when I had shown my interest of owning a Qualicare franchise. Nathan used to give me back to back calls and it seemed that Qualicare is here to really make a difference to the lives of senior citizens but the reality is that Qualicare is here just to make quick bucks by selling their franchise showing fake social responsibility.


If you really want to serve the senior community then please never go for Qualicare franchise, they are not the right people for serving the senior community. Qualicare management would be at their best behaviour when they want to sell their franchise to you but once you purchase their franchise they show their true colors. Wayne Nathanson and Nathan Weber never returned any of my calls when I wanted to talk to them regarding loopholes in Qualicare franchise functioning and now today I am regretting my decision of buying a Qualicare franchise.


All I want to say is that, please do not believe these Qualicare guys, they are a fake senior care organization who just want to make money by making fake promises.

The Qualicare franchisee complains that:

  • Qualicare uses a slick sales pitch & friendly persona to close the franchise sale
  • Qualicare does not provide promised franchise support
  • Qualicare execs do not return calls from franchisees
  • Qualicare execs are not available to discuss franchise operational problems

As with all complaints on, we do not vouch for the identity of the complaintant or the accuracy of his/her complaints.  However, we point out that these are issues worth investigating for yourself if you are considering the Qualicare franchise opportunity.

We invite your comments, opinions and insights below.



7 thoughts on “QUALICARE Homecare Franchise Complaints

  • I find this post highly dubious in authenticity. There are three founding franchisees and I am one of them, the second. I bought in with serious money. I know the other two “early franchisees” well and I can’t see either of them writing anything like this.

    Several just got started last couple of weeks and they should not be in any position to write anything like this because they have not yet started operating the business.

    Like all organizations, Qualicare is not perfect (those without sin throw the first stone), but all players involved are credible individuals who do not deserve such scathing comments. The founders of Qualicare founded the company ten years ago and have established a reputable company as Toronto’s largest home healthcare service provider.

    Using the Qualicare model, I have started to deliver superior home care services. A client who has had MS for 37 years hired us after years of trying unsuccessfully to get good quality service and had giving up on other providers. Just this past week another client switched from their current care provider to Qualicare after seeing us in action.

    Qualicare has an excellent home care DNA and I am pleased to be delivering superior service to the sick and elderly and make a difference for the better in their lives.

    I hope readers take this complaint with a heavy dose of salt. If someone has a beef, I’d like this person to disclose his or her identity. I give this site the permission to publish my identity that I have submitted.

  • Wayne Nathanson

    This was clearly not written by one of our franchisees or anyone who understands our company or business. In fact, we don’t describe our business as it is referenced in this posting. This anonymous posting is clearly made by a competitor, who has the intent to undermine our success. Obviously, it is an unnecessary disparagement from an unrelated third party.
    We have a high priority of delivering exceptional support that our franchisees tell us they appreciate. All of our franchisees have verified that they did not – and would not – post this and they are surprised that anyone would.
    We are very proud of our services, rated by a 3rd party customer satisfaction benchmarking company as being in the top percentile of our industry. We are also very proud of our franchise system and of the level of training and support that we offer. Even at this early stage, our training and support rivals more established franchisors. We are not the company or people that are described in this posting and will never be. We are committed to our franchisee’s success and recognize it as our success.
    We are happy to confirm this – by discussing it with our prospective owners directly – but will not, in a forum like this. Please call us or any of our franchisees.
    If you would like to know who we really are, read our book, Margie’s Gentle Journey (you can order it through Amazon). Who we are, will become pretty clear, very quickly.
    To our competitors; remember, there are millions of people in need of the services we all offer – let’s focus on the needs in our market and the impact we can make, rather than focusing on disparaging your competition. The need far outweighs all of our capacity and will, for many years into the future.
    Wayne – President & CEO

  • New client

    Unimpressed with the qualicare experience & seeking replacement caregivers ASAP.

  • Wayne Nathanson you have some explaining to do about Franchise Business Review’s earnings claims.

  • I worked for LivHome Corporation for over 5 years in which 2 of those years I was sexually harassed. I notified my boss and she laughed at me an said “You are just jelious”. This company gave me social anxiety and treated me like crap after some employees were dismissed I tried to say working with the company, but they harassed me about my job. Saying I did a bad job and was never left alone to do my job. They promoted one of the employee’s that was aware of my situation to director.
    LivHome never came to me or even asked me if I needed anything. Under this pressure I had no choice but to quit. This company only cares about the $ numbers not their employee. To this day I still have nightmares and social anxiety thanks to LivHome.


  • It sure would be nice to have some help from LivHome without getting a lawyer. This company is the worst in the homecare business! Please support me by not using their services! They have no feelings for people just want the money!

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