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POSIGRIP Dealer Scam Complaints

(Unhappy Franchisee) Are you familiar with the PosiGrip Business Opportunity?  If so, share a comment below.


PosiGrip: A highly profitable business opportunity?

According to the PosiGrip website:  “PosiGrip® offers a highly profitable turnkey, home based business, with virtually no competition. We include national advertising, a complete marketing program and no franchise or royalty fees* (*U.S. Market Only). Also, due to the new federal mandate, as a PosiGrip® Operator, you can offer your customers a federal tax credit just for using your cost effective services, and they will receive a two-year guarantee. It’s easy to say yes to PosiGrip®.”

PosiGrip:  A total scam & Ripoff?

For the past several years, commenters on Ripoff Report have been complaining that PosiGrip is a scam.  Here’s the latest from Thomas:

Posigrip is indeed a total ripoff! Nothing else!

AUTHOR: Thomas – Box Springs (United States of America)

SUBMITTED: Wednesday, June 08, 2011

POSTED: Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I bought a dealership about 1 year ago! First of all it’s not a Franchise!!!! It’s just a dealership you purchase, you don’t even get a Territory!! The product works fine and is easy to apply. The problem is the company itself!

It’s just a “whole in the wall” in Daytona FL, 2 rooms and a small warehouse. The training you get takes 30Minutes! I should have canceled my check and run the moment I saw it…well I didn’t…my mistake!

Now to the facts: it’s extremely difficult to sell the stuff!

There is ABSOLUTELY NO support from Posigrip!

The advertisement they promise never happens! They don’t attend any trade shows as they promise you! I never got any lead from them, there are NO corporate accounts as they promise. In the whole 12 month the only times they did contact me was for money. They offer a free display for expo, which you’ll get…the display is a piece of sh… it cost you more shipping than yopur own one would cost you.

They don’t even send you an email about new products, what’s going on in the market or whatever!

The post cards, introductions, or whatever they offer you….just forget about it – to much work, to much cost – not working at all!!

There are other companies in the market with the same product. If you think that business is for you, talk to them, but stay away from posigrip! It’s a very big ripoff!

Any questions or complaints or ideas or if you think I’m wrong or if you have any helping ideas!!



66 thoughts on “POSIGRIP Dealer Scam Complaints

  • Did any of you buy the slipdoctors franchise? If so, how is it going so far?
    I’m thinking hard about it. Thanks in advance for your input

  • Youth Minister

    Best of luck in your new venture. I spent some time reviewing their website. It seems to me that they have some very interesting products. I know at my last hotel stay they could of used their products. The hotel bathtub was very slippery and I have fallen before in a tub. Appears to be an easy sell to many companies. Let us know how it goes and keep us updated.

  • I was deciding between slipdoctors and sure step. After doing my due diligence it was an easy decision. Sure step told me all about these amazing opportunities but never gave me any proof, they are just salesman and based in Canada. Slipdoctor’s gave me over 6 current dealers to call and I got responses back from 5. They told me they would all choose slipdoctors over and over again. They have products for every surface, not just tile and they are based in the US (I’m a big US advocate) and products are made in the US. I just signed up last month with SlipDoctors and just got my business cards in (included in the package) and they look great. They told me this was a turn key business and so far I’m impressed… They’ve come through with everything promised. I will update in the future on how my safety business is going.

  • Ok thank you and please keep me updated! They gave me some references and they like the product, just says that it’s harder to sell than you’d think. I think it sounds like a great product and should be fairly easy to sell, but then again who knows.

  • Youth Minister

    Great feedback with everyone! I am also going the Slip Doc way! Great program and wonderful support. The service does require you to meet and network with decision makers in your area. This will be easy for me since I know a lot of people and have the contacts. All floors need to be safe. I am finding many new regulations coming out regarding this service as well. I just talked with an inspector and they are starting next year as part of their inspections for all restaurants. Seems like a wonderful opportunity in my area.

  • Oscar

    Surestep is a complete fraud, i bougth a dealeship in mexico city, they never did what they promised, its a complete ripoff, they send me a guy that acted as my trainer and the only thinh he did was have agreat vacation in cancun.

    Watch out for those guys

    Oscar obregon

  • Sarasota Steve

    I’m considering buying a distributorship from Sure Step, but reading all these posts has made me skeptical.
    I understand people will have different preferences, but if any of these companies are not legit, I would appreciate hearing your thoughts about them.
    *Do the products work, and are they reasonably easy to apply? I am a contractor, so I understand installations and procedures, but I do not want to sand someone’s tub before applying product.
    *Do the companies stand behind their distributors? I understand they will not sell jobs for me, but will they support me with answers, information, and suggestions?
    As I mentioned, Sure Step was the company I decided to try so any experiences with them would certainly be beneficial before I send them a check.
    I appreciate your help. Steve

  • Sarasota Steve – hey if you are serious about getting into the non-slip biz, don’t spend a fortune on a distributorship. I did a few years ago and couldn’t make it work for me due to another full time job and the slow economy in Michigan. I have a whole pallet of Posi-grip product plus all the promotional stuff that came with it.
    I would sell it at a very low cost to get it out of my basement. I like the Posigrip product and I did a lot of testing with it. No question it works good. If your interested let me know. You could try it out as an adjunct to your other services without spending much money at all.
    This is legit. I’m happy to send you some pics of the product I have.

  • MHotel

    I agree with most people above. Sli pDoctors does appear the way to go. I just talked with their operator who just did 5 location for Marriott in his area. I was able to visit one of the applications on my vacation in Florida and the hotel loved it. Hopefully I am not too late in my area to start this up. What an excellent market and concept.

  • JKm if you are still looking to sell your Posigrip email me at [redacted]

    NOTE: We don’t allow posting of personal contact info. If you’d like to exchange info and don’t mind verifying identity, contact unhappyfranchisee[at] ADMIN

  • We have Posigrip products that we are wanting to sell. Here is my email: [redacted]

  • David

    I had a Posigrip dealership several years ago. i found a lot of the same problems. I felt as though I was reinventing the wheel with the issues I was running into. The company wasnt much help. I had to pretty much learn by doing and the product didnt always work like they said it would. Too much work, not enough money, very hard to get help to work the hours needed to get jobs done.

    With that being said I have a lot of product left over if anyone is interested….

    Please call me at 570-200-5064 David

  • Eli Man

    Posigrip renamed to NanoGrip or Nano Concepts. Charlie is still up to his old games.

  • David Halpert

    Doing my due diligence with slip doctors. I read some old comments dating back to 2015.
    Youth Minister & David: did you ever pursue the business opportunity with them? If so, how are things working out? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  • B&B in New Jersey

    We are looking into SureStep and/or Slip Doctors…I am skeptical if there really is a high demand – are businesses, etc. using non-slip flooring and surfaces today?? We want a great home business but I would feel better if we had a partner. If anyone is interested in partnering in the New Jersey area in a business such as this…please write back – the safety aspect of the business is definitely an easy sell. It’s just that I am uncertain as to the product itself, etc.

    Welcome your thoughts…

  • Former Detroit

    I bought the Posigrip system in 2005 to become an operator in the Detroit suburbs. I marketed to businesses (hotels, restaurants, light and heavy industrial, bars, and more) and even residences with only Posigrip’s postcards (included in the system purchase) as they recommend, and claimed all was necessary. Crickets. Never once did I receive a response as a result of their postcards. I phoned who was at that time Posigrip’s main man and got zero advice. He admitted surprise that the postcards weren’t working and told me to stick with them. I got aggressive and pounded the pavement, cold-calling, business-to-business. In the span of one year I managed to claw my way into four jobs, which is a far far cry from the “corporate accounts” and leads with which they entice potential operators. I received NONE of those leads.

    Does the product itself actually perform as purported? Yes. The four floors I did treat had a greater amount of friction, and importantly to the business owners, would test as safe under ADA guidelines.

    THAT was the good. Now, the bad: this stuff is a HARD SELL. WOW! Compared to damages owed in a personal injury lawsuit, this process’s cost is a drop in the bucket! I don’t know how it goes in other cities but Detroit’s business owners (at least the thousands I contacted) would’ve rather saved the 50 cents to 1 dollar per square foot and taken their chances with litigation! The moment I mentioned the benefit of peace of mind from avoiding lawsuits, out came the cross expressions, verbal daggers and accusations that I was an ambulance-chaser lawyer in disguise. Follow-up calls and visits to these business owners for presentations/demos were met with vicious gatekeeping. WASN’T WORTH THE SPENT TIME, EFFORT AND MONEY. Tough, tough sell, but maybe you welcome that challenge.

    If you’re from D-town and want self-employment $$$, shop-at-home blinds and shades is a way better opportunity.

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