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NOVUS GLASS Franchise Responds to Criticism

In the post NOVUS GLASS Franchise Complaints, ”Novus Franchisee” is quoted as saying that the “Novus Glass franchise is a total scam.”

Novus Franchisee contends that the Novus Glass franchise program fails to provide adequate franchise support to its franchisees, and that it has a “disrespectful attitude” toward them.

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In addition, Novus Franchisee claims that Novus Glass franchise program fails to provide meaningful marketing support, and proposes untested marketing ideas for franchisees to experiment with.

Other allegations include the possible use of “shills” in the franchise sales process, and that the franchisor unfairly competes with its own franchisees.

The Novus Glass franchise company vehemently denies these allegations.  In an email to, Novus states:

  The NOVUS staff of management, technical, marketing and research specialists will support you in the beginning and as your business grows. This means you are never alone and help is always a call or a click away.  NOVUS’ more than 39 years of experience in the auto glass industry and the experience of our franchise network provide our franchisees with best practices to help their business thrive.

A proven business model backed by a nationally recognized brand which gives our franchisees instant credibility.

Have you ever wondered why millions of Americans buy franchises? A NOVUS franchisee explains it best. “I’m in business to make money; I have no time or interest in re-inventing the essential support services NOVUS provides. Besides, NOVUS systems are proven effective. Anything I develop must be re-proven through ‘trial and error.”

At NOVUS, you are in business for yourself but you are not alone. Consider the time, energy and expense independent glass shops must invest to achieve operational parity with a NOVUS franchisee from his very first day in business.

We find it unfortunate that a self proclaimed "Former NOVUS Franchisee" has had a bad experience with our company. We take pride in helping aspiring entrepreneurs become successful business owners with our highly rated low cost franchise opportunity.

While a hand full of current or former franchisees may have negative things to say about their experience with NOVUS, the rest have nothing but positive things to say. Under Exhibit B of our Franchise Disclosure Document you will find a full list of every NOVUS Franchisee throughout the country along with their telephone number.


One thought on “NOVUS GLASS Franchise Responds to Criticism

  • Scammed Franchisee

    Novus FDD states on Page 51:

    “Franchisees and/or former franchisees have signed confidentiality clauses with us in the last three years.
    In some instances, current and former franchisees sign provisions restricting their ability to speak openly
    about their experience with Novus. You may wish to speak with current and former franchisees, but be
    aware that not all of those franchisees will be able to communicate with you.

    So, if they tell you right on the FDD that you can contact the franchisees but they will not be able to talk to you then why tell you to go ahead and call them and ask them anything?

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