MUSCLE MAKER GRILL Acquired by American Restaurant Holdings (ARHI)

Muscle Maker Grill has been acquired by Muscle Maker, Inc., an affiliated company of private equity firm American Restaurant Holdings, Inc. (ARHI).

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(UnhappyFranchisee.Com) The executive bios of American Restaurant Holdings, Inc. do not give any indication that the new parent company has any significant franchising experience.

VP of Operations Kurt Schaeffer’s only multi-unit experience appears to be overseeing 4 locations of the now-defunct Appalachian Brewing Company which went out of business in September, 2013.

Muscle Maker Grill franchisees reportedly received the news in an email this afternoon:

We are pleased and excited to announce that last Friday we closed on a transaction that will bring in a new strategic partner. The new company owns and operates several restaurant concepts in California under the umbrella company American Restaurant Holdings Inc. Concepts include Fronteras Mexican Grill, a festive Mexican restaurant serving authentic Mexican dishes & frozen cocktails, Canyon Fireside Grille which offers modern American dining and comfort food and JoJo’s Pizza Kitchen where guests can enjoy Italian food made from scratch.

Additional information may be found on the Company’s website at:

Muscle Maker Grill Acquisition Press Release

The press release issued by American Restaurant Holdings reads:

Muscle Maker, Inc., an Affiliated Company of American Restaurant Holdings, Inc., Announces the Acquisition of Muscle Maker Grill

January 26, 2015

IRVINE, Calif. — Muscle Maker, Inc., (the “Company”) an affiliated company of American Restaurant Holdings, Inc. (ARHI), is pleased to announce that it has completed its acquisition of Muscle Maker Grill (

With approximately 55 locations in 11 states throughout the country, Muscle Maker Grill was originally founded in Colonia, New Jersey in 1995. The menu consists of healthy dishes that are both great tasting and good for you.

“We are excited about the acquisition of Muscle Maker Grill. Our plan is to build upon the great brand and footprint that has been established dating back 20 years by the founder Rod Silva and his team. We look forward to the opportunity of introducing the healthy concept to the Southern California market where we feel it will be well-received by those focused on great food with their health in mind. The near term priorities for the Muscle Maker brand going forward will be the opening of corporate stores, continuing the franchise growth, and working closely with the existing all-important franchisees,” stated Tim M. Betts, the Chief Executive Officer of Muscle Maker, Inc.

“Our team is thrilled to partner with Muscle Maker, Inc. and feels that they can provide significant capital to grow the brand in the future. We look forward to working closely with Tim and his team to expand into Southern California and other health-conscious markets while building on our nearly 20-year legacy of offering great food with your health in mind!” stated Rod Silva, the founder of Muscle Maker Grill.

About Muscle Maker, Inc.

Muscle Maker, Inc., an affiliated company of American Restaurant Holdings, Inc., was established to acquire and grow the Muscle Maker Grill brand. The Company is headquartered in Irvine, California.

About American Restaurant Holdings, Inc.

American Restaurant Holdings, Inc. (ARHI) acquires stable cash flowing brands in the fast casual segment of the food service industry. Our primary focus is to acquire multi-unit brands as a franchisor while opening corporate stores in under-served markets.

American Restaurant Holdings, Inc. Investor Video



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