LEGACY ACADEMY Franchise Complaints

Legacy Academy franchise complaints include deceptive and illegal earnings claims, and exaggerated potential profits, furnished to prospective franchisees.

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(UnhappyFranchisee.Com) According to the Legacy Academy child care franchise website, “Legacy Academy offers investors an exciting opportunity to earn a profitable return, while helping families and children with our very successful Daycare Franchises.

“Legacy Academy’s, success is tied to the success of each new childcare franchisee, so it is our goal for each franchisee to build and manage a well-run and profitable center. Franchise operation is not for everyone but it is one of the most secure forms of business operation available for those with good business skills and a desire to be successful by following a proven system.

“Ours is a massive open market with tremendous potential.

“The minimum investment to begin operating a Legacy Daycare Franchise is approximately $405,000 + Operating Capital. Legacy will work to help you obtain the necessary financing, choose the best site, build and begin operating your new center.”

Legacy Academy: Franchisee Litigation & Controversy

Legacy Academy is a small chain with a (relatively) massive number of franchisee lawsuits and complaints.

As we reported in the post LEGACY ACADEMY Ichter Thomas Wins Suit for Legacy Academy Franchise Owners,  a jury awarded former Legacy Academy franchise owners Michele and Lorraine Reymond $1,155,000 after concluding Legacy made misleading and deceptive earnings claims to the Reymonds as an inducement to enter into a franchise agreement.

After hearing a case presented by attorney Cary Ichter,  the jury concluded that Legacy and its owners and officers—Frank and Melissa Turner—had engaged in at least two acts of theft by deception, which is a criminal offense.

As of April, 2013, Legacy was involved in five (5) other lawsuits with former Legacy franchisees, all of whom are represented by Ichter Thomas, LLC, and all of who have similar claims alleging fraud and/or a pattern of racketeering activity.

In 2010, the Superior Court of Gwinnett County confirmed an arbitration award finding Legacy had given “misleading financial information” to prospective franchisees,  awarding five (5) former franchisees more than $1 million in damages and rescinding both $1 million in promissory notes and their franchise agreements.

That’s a total of eleven (11) lawsuits, which just happens to be the same as the number of Legacy Academy daycare centers listed on the company website.

UPDATE!!!  The Georgia Supreme Court reversed the decision in Michelle & Lorrane Reymond’s (Mamilove, Inc.) lawsuit and ruled in Legacy Academy’s favor.  That nullified the damages award.  Read the Judge’s decision and what the franchisee’s did wrong here: LEGACY ACADEMY, INC. v. Mamilove LLC Franchisee Award Reversed (Court Ruling)

Has Legacy Academy Ceased Its Deceptive Franchise Practices?

The Legacy Academy website lists 11 child care locations in Florida (Lake Mary), Georgia (Berkeley Lake, Flynn Crossing, Satellite, Snellville, Suwanee, Suwanee Dam), North Carolina (Morrisville, Chapel Hill), & South Carolina (Greenville, Woodruff Rd.).

One would think that perhaps after 11 legal disputes involving deceptive sales practices, Legacy Academy and it owners Frank and Melissa Turner may have learned their lessons, cleaned up their acts, seen the light, and raised themselves up onto the righteous path of franchise sales compliance, stellar franchisee support, and positive franchisee-franchisor relations.

In addition to inviting franchisee complaints, UnhappyFranchisee.Com has also invited Legacy Academy to provide us with a rebuttal, explanation, clarification or other statement regarding  these franchisee complaints.  We have also asked them to tell us what changes they have made in their franchise sales process and their franchisee relations efforts as a result of these lawsuits.

Disclosure:  Cary Ichter and Ichter Thomas law firm are featured in the UnhappyFranchisee.Com Franchise Attorney Directory.



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  • discoverypointAvoid

    The admin of this website has forgotten to add a link to submit comments for Discovery Point. Please add one. Currently no comments can be added for Discovery Point, which seems to be a corrupt organization and currently buying franchisees to rob SBA.
    Discovery Point and Legacy Academy are based on the same location, Atlanta, GA, and based on the same franchisee mauling principles.

    This is how we are looking for adding comments: Open Discovery Point from the drop down list of franchises. There is no link to add comments!! Please add a link.

    According to Discovery Point, “A Wake Forest couple is trading their international careers for local connections: Jan and Hong Chen aim to meet the Triangle’s burgeoning demand for quality child child care by opening North Carolina’s first Discovery Point Child Development Center.

    Ground was broken in March at 1212 Heritage Links Drive for what will be Discovery Point’s biggest child care center: 13,200 square feet capable of handling between 230 and 240 children ranging in age from newborns to grade school. The center will serve the Wake Forest, Raleigh and Rolesville areas starting in the Fall of 2014.”

    This so called “trading international careers” couple are actually job less (doing odd jobs now) and Discovery Point is buying them Green Card to operate this center. SBA will be looted again. Note that this center is even bigger- earlier smaller centers went bankrupt because they could not be filled. This franchise knows the magic to sell to SBA- now changed bank because earlier banks refuse to finance this franchise. The total package will be made such a way that the loan amount will be much higher than the construction price, so that Discovery point can make money on pseudo-names. Discovery Point will pretend to make contribution to the project from the profit made – if this is not fishy, what is? SBA wake up- it has happened on many loans made to this franchise and loans were not marked as franchise loans. Please stop wasting tax payers’ money!!

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