LATHROP AND GAGE: Lighten Up & Enjoy Your Lucre (Part 2)

Dear Lathrop and Gage: Lighten up & enjoy your lucre before you make yourself look any sillier.  Regards, Unhappy Franchisee

In the post, LATHROP AND GAGE: Lighten Up & Enjoy Your Lucre (Part 1), we stated how the silly it is that Lathrop and Gage (a law firm with 280 attorneys and $138M in yearly revenue) is claiming that their adversary Fortman Law (a law firm with 1 attorney and 1 paralegal) is unfairly tipping the scales of legal justice in favor of Fortman’s clients (lower-income individuals who paid for janitorial cleaning contracts they never received).

Lathrop and Gage has filed a Defendant Motion for Sanctions and a Defendants Motion for Protective Order (on behalf of their clients) against Fortman, their opposing counsel in the case of Markeeta Rivera, et al., Plaintiffs, vs. (alleged sleazedog scammers) Simpatico, Inc., Stratus Franchising, LLC, et al., Defendants.

Reason #2 Lathrop & Gage Should Lighten Up & Enjoy the Lucre: They Look Silly

White, upper-class attorneys of a mega-law firm who bill at $500 (or so) an hour claiming that their millionaire clients aren’t getting a fair shake in the American legal system?

That’s the stuff of Saturday Night Live parody.

In their motions, Lathrop & Gage seems to be claiming that they are being put at a legal disadvantage because Jonathan Fortman, many of whose clients in the suit are Hispanic, Bosnian or African-American janitorial workers, publicly expressed his opinion that Lathrop & Gage attorneys are using stall and delay tactics on behalf of their greedy, con-men clients.

In our opinion, Lathrop & Gage attorneys should just lighten up and enjoy their lucre, since nothing sounds sillier than overpaid white guys claiming they’re not getting a fair shake.

Reason #3 Lathrop & Gage Should Lighten Up & Enjoy the Lucre: They Look Sloppy & Inept

Lathrop and Gage attorneys expressed outrage that Fortman publicly described their advocacy as “ridiculous,” “lame,” “ill-advised,” and “all about the delay.”

Yet, in their motions for sanctions and a protective order, Lathrop and Gage attorneys seem dead-set on demonstrating that they are ridiculous, lame, ill-advised and all about the delay.

Example #1:  Counting to six.Lathrop and Gage Law Firm

In the Defendant Motion for Sanctions, Lathrop and Gage attorneys wrote:

5.  Although Plaintiffs’ counsel makes reference to six different subpoenas being served (Counsel represents subpoenas were served on Dennis Jarrett, Bob Stapleton, Marisa Lather, Farrell and Blair), Plaintiff’s counsel did not serve a single notice, either informal or formal, of these subpoenas being served.

I’m not a highly paid attorney, nor a mathematician, but I’m pretty sure that adds up to five, not six, different subpoenas (Jarret – 1, Stapleton – 2, Lather – 3, Farrell – 4, Blair – 5).  Or does Lathrop and Gage have their own creative math system?

Granted, such creative accounting could come in handy when creating client invoices.

Example #2:  Major factual error

Four Lathrop and Gage attorneys (Scott J. Dickenson, Mathew A. Jacober, John D. Ryan, Emily E. Kiser – referred to collectively as the “poodles” in the discussion at STRATUS Franchise: Are Stratus Master Franchisees Jumping Ship?) are listed on the Defendant Motion for Sanctions.

The motion asserts that Jon Fortman publicly posting information and opinion on “his” blog, [emphasis ours]:

“8. …Mr. Fortman States in his blog…”

“12. What makes Mr. Fortman’s conduct more abhorring is his willingness to post his actions on his self-serving blog…”

With 280 attorneys and an army of paralegals and secretaries, could no one at Lathrop and Gage alert them to the fact that is NOT Jon Fortman’s blog?

Jon Fortman has no ownership nor editorial control over this website whatsoever.

The poodles, it seems, had an accident.

Example #3:  Lame attempt at turning the judge against Fortman

In the poodles’ Motion for Protective Order, the crack Lathrop and Gage legal team assert that the most egregious professional sin of Jon Fortman is that he voiced “his opinion of the Judge presiding over this litigation.”

Uh-oh!  What terrible, disparaging statement did Fortman make about the Judge?

Here’s Fortman’s shocking statement:  “…I have appeared before the judge assigned to this case many times.  She is not going to tolerate any tactics used for the sole purpose of delay…”

That’s it?  The statement that the poodle’s characterize as “most shocking” is, in fact, a compliment by Jonathan Fortman that she’s a no-nonsense judge who will not tolerate delay tactics and other nonsense?

Seriously, such frivolous poodlery and shoddy legal work almost make me feel sorry for Defendants Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese.

If I were them, I would check the hours billed for the Motion for Sanctions and Motion for Protective Order very carefully.

I would also assign someone to check the math on every Lathrop and Gage invoice.

Judging from the Motion for Sanctions, this is a law firm that believes 1+1+1+1+1 = 6.

And Stratus Franchising, LLC and their gang should keep their legal costs under control so they’ll be able to pay out the inevitable settlements that will (hopefully) be due to the victims whose savings they took.

Read more here:  Janitorial / Commercial Cleaning Franchise Issues



Disclaimer:  The assertions and personal characterizations in this post are personal opinions and should be interpreted as such.  They are opinions – Witty, bold & insightful opinions – not statements of fact. In fact, we could be wrong about everything ;)

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  • Ex Stratus Franchisee

    It would be nice for Lathrop and Gage to be concerned about the important issue at hand, such as their clients using Master franchisees as scapegoats to steal from Unit franchisees and then in the grand scheme of things” robbing” both the Masters and Unit franchisees.

  • Interesting point. Since Lathrop and Gage attorneys obviously read every comment posted here, perhaps they could share their thoughts with us.

    Lathrop & Gage: When you are hired by an obviously corrupt client like Stratus Franchising, etc., do you ever suggest to them that instead of engaging in legal trickery, perhaps they should stop doing the unethical crap that got them in trouble in the first place?

    Lathrop & Gage: Have you ever suggested to your client that they should actually consider doing the right thing and pay back the Masters and unit franchisees they so obviously misled and ripped off – at least partially? Wouldn’t that be the legally ethical thing to do, rather than keep them on this path that is just making things worse and worse for them?

    Or would that be bad for your bottom line?

  • Reasoned Source

    @ Ex-Stratus Franchisee- The “Poodles” have no morals, they are your typical criminal defense attorneys in the case of Stratus Franchising, LLC and their primary owners- Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett. They are doing their best Globe Trotters show by attempting to fool the court, the remaining Masters and the Viewers into looking one way, while the ball is actually underneath Curley’s Shorts! Problem for them is, they aren’t the Globe Trotters. There is a core problem at Stratus Franchising, LLC. They LIE! Not just to unsuspecting owner-operators, but to Masters, to Customers, to their employee’s and literally to themselves.

    @ Guest- Yes, they have someone monitoring this site daily, in some cases this is how they are getting information that Pete/DJ have hidden from them, especially in regards to Jarrett Realty. Until it appeared here, they didn’t even know it existed nor the problems obviously associated with that. So in all honesty, it is kind of an “enlightening” experience for them. Until the people from Pro2FS sent them a 22 page statement of facts, they didn’t know about the past harmed masters, the problems with the FDD, the problems with the Performa, the problems with the financials and countless other things including broken contracts etc…

    So let us do a recap in regards to how poorly the “Poodles” have been out flanked, out witted, out smarted and now are crying foul to the courts, the very courts mind you that they have snubbed their nose at! (Dog Pun Intended!) Because, they had so little faith in this particular judge to understand their wealth of knowledge, experience and thought process they felt SHE was too Stupid to understand the case, that is why they wanted to MOVE IT to Federal Court. Now, I don’t know this judge at all, but I have a feeling that whenever someone wants to mvoe an action from a particular judge’s court to another, it doesn’t sit well with them too often….

    Another Brainless Act by the “Poodles” is the argument that they wanted to Bring in the Masters on the one hand, then when I let it “slip” yesterday that their are now at least two (2) attorneys reaching out to various Masters attempting to “line them up” to respond to Fortman’s case and while there, why don’t the “fence sitters” entertain giving up six (6) month’s worth of royalty payments in order to break away from this nonsense surrounding Stratus Franchising, LLC and Pete/DJ directly.

    Another Brainless Act by the “Poodles” is the fact they attempted to “smooth talk” a group of disgruntled Masters on a conference call so they could explain how smart they are, how stupid Fortman was and how they were going to be PARTNERS with the Masters. Problem for them was, they were too stupid to realize that their comments in court, their filings in Federal Court were already posted and part of the Public Record in which one of the HERO’s READ to the GROUP as the “Poddle in Charge” was aghast!

    The final Brainless Act by the “Poodles” was even taking this case in the first place without doing their homework and without researching their clients history well enough to realize they were dealing with a bi-polar, thief, cheat that had a long history of antics just like these at Coverall. (DJ) and they were also dealing with a cheat, liar, womanizing, superior thinking SOB, who would rather steal from someone (Jan-Pro) than even make up their own Spread Sheets, Training Manuals, Support Materials, FDD’s, Contracts etc… (Pete).

    Now FENCE SITTERS, These are YOUR Partners! If you think I’m Relentless against them, just wait until I turn my sights on those of you that happen to decide to continue working with them……Remember my old saying, “laying with dogs, will always get you fleas”! and these guys are nothing but Dog’s. These guys must be stopped, they cannot, must not be allowed to harm anyone else.

    Let me ask you a question, How many employee’s have been harmed by the fact that these two, along with Bill Blair, David Farrell and Bob Stapleton all told you that your salespeople weren’t producing, your telemarketers weren’t producing because they weren’t meeting the PERFORMA!

    Let me ask you a question, How many more Masters need to be harmed before it is enough? What about New Mexico, What about Minnesota, What about Richmond, What about Las Vegas, What about North Texas, What about Central New Jersey?

    Let me ask you a question, How many more Unit-Franchisees/Owner-Operators need to be harmed before it is enough? Fortman claims (have to use that word) that he represents approx. 100, we know for a fact there are at least another 50 in the Goldeneye Case and we know for a fact there are more.

    Let me ask you a question, If you wouldn’t bring Pete/DJ around YOUR Family, around your Children, To your house, WHY in the HELL would you allow them to go into someone Elses?

    Let me ask you a question, If you wouldn’t bring Pete/DJ around to your employee’s, to your owner-operators, to your customers, WHY would you allow them to continue operating Stratus Franchising, LLC.

    Legitimate Questions, deserve answers. Sitting on your hands, makes you a coward. Sitting on your pocket books, makes you a culpable thief in my opinion.

  • I’ve been laying low for a while just sitting back and taking this all in. I think you’ll see that I was quiet even before these motions were filed. The reason for that was that once it became clear the Masters would need to be added, I could not communicate directly with them. Reasoned Source told me months and months ago in a post that I was guided by emotion. He’s right. I have a passion for this work and want to give a voice to those who were previously powerless.

    The goal is to make the playing field more level. I bear all of the risk because these people have nothing more to give. In these cases, we are up against law firms with resources that dwarf mine. However, no one will fight harder for their clients than me. With that being said, I do not want my actions to detract from the real issues in this case. The Unit Franchisees simply want their day in court. This case does not need to become a juvenile battle more suited for a junior-high playground.

    I post on this site because I truly believe it is the only site that allows for accurate dissemination of information related to problem franchise systems. I admire the administrator because he is a man of character and has taken positions that are not popular in the franchise world of which he is a part. He does that because it is the right thing to do. Without this site, many faulty franchise systems would go unchallenged. The predecessor site was the only reason our case against Contours Express went forward.

    Many times, I read posts concerning other franchise systems. I read them as a way of maintaining the strength to continue the fight. It can be hard at times to do this work. I don’t have unlimited resources and I have a family to support. However, this site gets me to focus once again. In any franchise, the franchisees are at a disadvantage. The law does not favor them and the franchisor has a lot more money. I see my role as to standing up for those franchisees who have been beaten down and feel hopeless.

    Today I sent a letter to the attorneys for Stratus. In that letter, I apologized for anything I posted which may have offended them. I did not do that because of the motion and I did not do that because I believe I did anything wrong. I did that because as an attorney, I try to live by the highest ethical and moral standards. I have always tried to take the high road and will continue to do that. We have a court system in place to resolve disputes. I still fully believe in my clients cause and I still believe that at the end of the day my clients will be vindicated. My role in this case is to gather the evidence and present it to the court in such a way that will prove my case. The personal animosity between attorneys in any case is detrimental to the search for truth.

    I have my opinions which are based on my perceptions. This case started with some fairly severe criticism against me and my clients. It put me in a position where I felt I needed to fight back to set the record straight. I believe the events of the past few months have done that without the need for further comment from me. If they proceed with their Motion for Sanctions tomorrow, I will tell the judge that I will cease posting anything other than factual information based on documents filed in the court. I will cease giving my commentary based upon my opinion. After all, my opinion really doesn’t matter. The court will make its decision based on the facts we can prove, not what Fortman thinks. I do not believe keeping everyone updated on the progress of this case is improper. It is no different than a reporter writing a story in the newspaper.

    Anyway, I do admire people such as Reasoned Source. He is as passionate as I am about this case. I enjoy reading everything posted here. The Contours case proved to me the importance of open dialogue. The franchisor monitored the comments on a daily basis. I will continue to post. The prior firm threatened me based upon my blog site. I did not back down. I am not backing down now. Instead, I’m taking a path this is right for my clients. My passion for the cause I am advocating is still present and will never leave.

    Thanks for all your positive comments. I’ve also been getting emails of support which mean a lot to me. Opposing Counsel in these cases may make more money that me, but when someone who has lost everything sends me an email thanking me for standing up for them, I know I’m in the right place.

    Peace out,


  • Reasoned Source

    @ Fortman: I wish you nothing but Luck today! I know you don’t need it, but it I wanted to wish it for you…

    @ The “Poodles” unlike Fortman, I have little ethics….I have plenty of fight and passion as he will attest. The “attack” on you and your clients has been nothing compared to what I have in store for you moving forward….

    @ The “Viewers” unlike others currently in the system, I have no sympathy for you nor your plight to simply “stay the course” and agree with the thieves, liars, scam artests that are Pete/DJ. There is a much higher purpose here then simply causing Pete/DJ a little bit of pain both in the headaches that I offer them and the money out of their pocketbooks.

    THEY caused this problem, THEY are to be held accountable for their actions. THEY have caused REAL HARM to people all across the board. This must be stopped, this cannot be allowed to continue, those of you that think this will “blow over” are sadly mistaken. I find it very telling that the only one’s “defending” Stratus Franchising, LLC happen to be the people that don’t know any better or are simply as EVIL as them, such as Los Angeles, Houston and Philadelphia.

    LOOK at the people that Stratus Franchising, LLC has surrounded themselves with…… Look at the the lack of quality, integrity, industry experience, passion, desire….THOSE are your Partners/ your support TEAM!

    Look at what HARM has been documented and undisputed:

    Harm done to former Masters- Loss of Hundreds of Thousands, Millions possible in License Agreement Money, Overhead Money, Employee’s Hired/Fired, Owner-Operators brought into their respective offices, most paid monies upfront and when those offices closed, left with nothing! Let’s add that I bet their were employee’s of those owner-operators that were affected as well.

    Harm done to current Masters- Loss of Hundreds of Thousands of dollars in Fees paid into a system that literally gave them NO Support, Lied to them about Affiliated Services, were so unethical that for three plus years they didn’t disclose ALL/ANY Open/Closed Branches, Transferred Branches, former Masters etc.

    Harm done to Employee’s of Current Masters- HOW many of you fired people based upon the fact that they didn’t meet the PERFORMA and/or recommendations made by people such as Bill Blair, David Farrell, Marvin Ashton and Pete/DJ themselves.

    This is not the time, to look the other way. This is not the time, to allow these men to continue an unethical at best, criminal operation at worst. This is not the time to allow, for small Masters who have little to no knowledge of the system because they haven’t been in it long enough, have too small of a territory to understand what the larger one’s have gon through, or are simply like Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Houston people without a moral compass themselves to speak on behalf of Stratus.

    Most of the MAJOR Masters have left or in the process of leaving the system. The only one left, that has a MAJOR status has ALL the power in the system as we speak. He is by far the largest Master, He is by far the one with the most cities up and running left, He is by far paying the most Royalties…..WHEN are you going to stand up for the people you should, the owner-operators you have and put the true final nail in Stratus Franchising, LLC?

    Just my thoughts, Full of Passion, Supported by Facts/Documents, No REASON for leading the way, Just Relentless!

  • Best of luck, Jon. If you have to curtail your participation here, fear not. We will keep the dialogue going and the information flowing no matter what (Thank god bloggers aren’t bound by professional ethics or codes of conduct ;))

    The most significant group of victims we’re advocating for has not even been mentioned yet: future victims of master janitorial scams.

    This best outcome of this Stratus situation would be to send a strong message that the game is up, the con is exposed, and those who have been running this con-game for years in multiple companies now need to find a more respectable line of work… like loan sharking, say, multilevel marketing or used car sales.

    In following franchise scams for years, I’ve learned that once guys like this taste the easy money of the con game, it’s like a drug. They learn that in most cases they can just set up again with a new name, as Frese and Jarrett did with Stratus. They learn that they can throw some money around, and Entrepreneur magazine will heap on awards and praises, The IFA will say they’re a great opportunity for returning Veterans, and all the portals like Franchise Gator will gladly drum up leads for future victims.

    As long as they sufficiently drain the victims financially, keep them from talking to each other, position the masters as scapegoats, hide the failure rates in the hodge-podge they are allowed to create in their FDDs, and diligently use the gag-orders, confidentiality and other clauses in their legal arsenal, they can rake in the dough with impunity… right?

    Hopefully, we can bash this polished machine with multiple crowbars, and using the courts and the Internet call enough attention to it that others will bash away at it, too, as they are doing to Coverall in MA. What’s exciting about the Stratus case is that the Masters are rising up, too, and saying enough is enough.

  • Reasoned Source

    @ Fortman, know I cannot properly fill your shoes, but here is a general breakdown of what transpired today in court….. Fortman’s petition for amended complaint by adding the Masters, was accepted by the court. The “poodles” attempted to get sanctions, judge agreed to take it under advisement. The “poodles” claimed that it was unfair and unprofessional for Fortman to “publish” and make unfair statements against them (Poodles) and against Stratus Franchising, LLC. Judge basically agreed with their request.

    @ Viewers, at the end of the day, the “poodles” got exactly what they wanted and I am not talking about Fortman. When are you going to “wake up” and “smell the roses”. Stratus Franchising, LLC and the “Poodles” have all along wanted the Masters enjoined in the case, they blamed the Masters vs. Stratus Franchising, LLC for the issues surrounding the unit franchisees harmed vs. taking responsibility about the GLARING problems with the model and the knowledge they had from nearly a decade of experience in this specific industry about the past lawsuits, judgements, problems with the model. NOW, they are stating without a doubt that the individual MASTERS are the issue. They tried to “shuck and jive” on the conference call, they tried to move it to Federal Court, they now have the MASTERS exactly where they want them.

    Now, they will state that the entire issue is Fortman’s fault for bringing this lawsuit in the first place. No offense, that simply isn’t true. If it weren’t for Fortman, the issues, the lies, the ethical issues, the fraud that has been committed by these men wouldn’t have come to light this quickly or this much force and passion.

    There is a reason why Buffalo, Rochester, CT, Jacksonsville, Atlanta have left the system.

    There is a reason that a multi-site Master located in the Mid-Atlantic Region is attempting to leave.

    There is a reason that a 1.5 Million dollar Master in that same Region is attempting to leave.

    There is a reason that a multi-state Master in the Midwest is attempting to leave.

    There is a reason that there are at least two Masters located in the West are attempting to leave.

    There is a reason that their have been lawsuits envolving Masters in Florida and Oregon respectfully

    There is a reason that the FTC has complaints on file.

    There is a reason that Goldeneye sued Stratus Franchising, LLC including some of its “key people”.

    There is a reason that the “scum” that is/was Fernando was not only attractive to Stratus Franchising, LLC. but to another Master who just happen to “pull out” of the system in San Diego and was so attractive that Marvin Ashton, Dennis Jarrett and Carmen Garcia were all “in the hunt” per comments made by Guest 3.

    There is a reason that more and more Masters are looking for seperation by either negotiated means or legal remedies in addition to the one’s listed above.

    I am calling out the largest remaining Master known to still be paying his Royalties, I have heard that you are a good man overall, that you and members of your family don’t like what you are hearing, seeing, feeling in regards to Stratus Franchising, LLC. It is past time to do the “right thing”. There is no real power with the advisory committee as directly pointed out by Pete Frese himself.

    Masters, this is the truth that is going on the system. It isn’t hard to verify facts, simply pick up the phone and start asking questions.

  • Reasoned Source

    @ Viewers, I heard through a legal source, that a former Master whom shall remain nameless, is having issues with sleeping, anxiety attacks etc.. over his role as a “validator” for Stratus Franchising, LLC and the harm that he feels he may have done.

    Here is a good man, having struggles with what he did which was simply report what was going on in his business and his direct relationship with Stratus Franchising, LLC and HE has a guilty complex…. I feel for this person, he runs his organization well both as a Stratus Master and as a current Pro2FS partner. He has morals, he has feelings, he has an ethical business practice and by all accounts has treated his customers well, his employees well, his “partners” well and his owner-operators well.

    How is it that Marissa Lather, Marvin Ashton, David Farrell, Bill Blair, Bob Stapleton, Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese aren’t showing ANY level of remorse for what they have done, yet this man, that helped ALL of us, is?

    The “Poodles” are wondering openly in court, in conversations with others, in conversations with Pete/DJ exactly WHO I AM! Let me be clear, I wish no physical harm to anyone, at the end of the day, this is all going to be settled in the courts, both civil and hopefully criminal. There will be fines levied by the FTC for sure, due to the financial state of Stratus Franchising, LLC that in and of itself might be the final nail in this business coffin. These men/women listed above have done great harm financially, emotionally and in some cases physically with the lack of sleep, anxiety attacks and other medical issues brought on by the financial pressure and in some cases devastation caused by DJ/Pete directly and supported, viewed and accepted by Marissa, Bill, David, Bob, Marvin, Carmen and others.

    Keep your chins up VIEWERS! I can feel some things moving in the right direction……

  • Reasoned Source

    Wow, Has it been a year already? Guess it is time for “ole reasoned source” to rise from the ashes much like Dennis Jarrett believes is still possible in regards to Stratus Building Solutions!!!!! Maybe I’m delusional too?…….

    Maybe someone should ask Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese why they hired a certain someone at Lathrop and Gage whom we will refer too as “Double D”….I think I know, it is to attempt one of two things or quite possibly both of the following:

    a) To blame the former Master in that case (Who is in Bankruptcy both individually and as a company) for everything in the world including the missing Lindberg Baby?

    b) To utilize it as a “test case”….Fraud is difficult if not impossible to prove, yet DJ and Pete have been accused of Fraud how many times and how many ways now?

    More on “Double D” in the near future. BTW he is a full partner, probably costing $650.00/hr or so in billing!

  • Reasoned Source

    Someone asked me if I was concerned about DJ? My response was the girls/women that dance on the poles that he loves to “play with” are better connected than he is…He is simply a Pawn and Mark.

    However, I am concerned more and more about “DD”. He seems to be a man held in great “respect” and to be “respected”…Could it be that DJ and Pete have made a deal to “clean” something other than office buildings through their St. Louis Branch?

    Are the remaining “Good Masters” that are still paying their dues and royalties in cities/States such as:

    New Jersey
    Parts of North and South Carolina
    Part of Utah
    Part of California

    So uniformed, that they think that the lawsuits, the additional threats of lawsuits, the breaking away of over 50% of the Masters in the past year were the fault of someone other than DJ and Pete?

    People’s lives have been destroyed, People have been destroyed and YOU are still paying your Royalty and Dues?????????

    Is “DD” a man to fear vs. respect? More to come on this “Breaking News”!!!!!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, Why are DJ and Pete so afraid to reveal the BOSS System? They have denied it not once, but twice now. What does BOSS have in it that would be of interest?

    a) All Unit Franchise Information? That would be contact information, package size purchased, business owed, accounts accepted/declined….Oh wait a second, it would also show monies RECEIVED and therefore someone could take that information and multiply by 10% and that would show Monies sent to Stratus Franchising!!!!!!!!! Got it, that’s why…….

    b) It would show note payments, promissory notes, A/A notes……Trying to remember, why would they care about that aspect? Let’s come back to that later….

    c) Customer Information, billing per month, location, assigned to unit franchise? What could be so important? Oh wait, If they took the billing information and multiplied it by 4%, they would see how much Stratus Franchising got from that money!!!!!!!!!

    So, could it be with the monies going from certain Master note payments directly to Jarrett Realty vs. Stratus Franchising, that there are monies that went to Stratus Franchising that went elsewhere? Maybe NOT REPORTED AT ALL!!!!!!!

    DJ/Pete, I’M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, Someone asked me yesterday, what would it take for me to quit posting and causing more problems for the remaining Stratus Master Franchisors? My answer is as simple as this:

    IT AIN’T HAPPENING! My mission is to finish off what I started over one Year ago. Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett, Marvin Ashton, Bob Stapleton, David Farrell, Bill Blair, Carmen Garcia Must never be allowed to harm innocent people such as the Masters and then the Unit Franchisee’s ever again. They must lose their money, their power, their prestige and their reputation for what they have done/been a knowing party too.

    Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett need to go to JAIL!!!! Whether it is on Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Tax Fraud whatever, these to Al Capone’s must never have been awarded for their dishonesty and fraudulent activities.

    Stratus Franchising and therefore the Stratus Brand must cease operations, go into bankruptcy and/or be dissolved…..Sleaze Balls such as John Coleman, Tom Weiss, Mark/Jason Bashforth, Channen Smith and Afshin C. must be forced out of business. It is amazing to me that their aren’t more Lawsuits filed against these guys!


    Northern Utah
    New York
    New Jersey
    South Carolina

    I’m speaking to YOU!

    BTW, Poodles seem to be in disarray? Heard through the grapevine that “DD” didn’t quite know the “whole story” when he agreed to enter the Bankruptcy Case in Indiana……Guess Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett were caught in another LIE! What a SURPRISE!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, confirmed the Dumbest Thing I’ve Ever Heard a Business Person doing……Stratus Franchising has gone to its Masters (those remaining) and have asked them to put 1k per month into a defense fund for Stratus Franchising to survive?

    Now what a second, I don’t mind DJ and Pete being Stupid Enough to Ask, But what idiot(s) are actually doing it on the Masters Side?

    So let me get this straight, the Nimrods (Pete, DJ, Bill Blair, David Farrell, Marvin Ashton, Carmen Garcia, Robert Stapleton and others) that CAUSED THE HARM in the first place are now wanting YOU to PAY FOR THEIR DEFENSE!!!!!!!!


    Don Gartner
    Ralph Sizemore
    Mark Stocker
    Tom Grassi
    David Smith
    Leonard Fazio
    Ric Barren
    and others…….DO YOU LOOK IN THE MIRROR AT ALL?

    Channen Smith, Mark/Jayson Bashforth, Tom Weiss, John Coleman, Afshin C. are nothing but CROOKS and have caused in some form/fashion the Problems along with their MIGHTY LEADERS listed Above!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, Are the “poodles” even still on the case? Based upon my earlier BREAKING NEWS! It appears that Pete Frese is seeking and/or has sought outside counsel separate from the “Poodles” as they have become affectionately known as….

    Recent court filings seem to appear that the “Disarray” may very well be true….They are sloppy, “cut and pasted” and late. Probably because they aren’t filing anything until DJ’s check clears!

    So, Remaining Masters, How much more STUPID do you need to appear BEFORE you believe GOOD OLE REASONED SOURCE?

    Stratus Brand is DEAD! Pete/DJ, Mark/Jayson Bashforth, John Coleman/Tom Weiss, Channen Smith, Afshin C., Marvin Ashton, Carmen Garcia, Bill Blair, David Farrell, Robert Stapleton are all CROOKS AND LIARS…….

    QUIT paying your fee’s, QUIT paying for their ATTORNEY’S, MOVE ON!!!!!!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers: So many problems for the “Poodles”, that is even if they are still on the case as of this moment……

    1st) You have good ole DJ and his accomplice in arms Pete Frese recently caught lying to the St. Louis Business Journal about the 4% loss in year over year revenue and it is in print.

    2nd) You have both DJ and Pete denying that the BOSS system even existed in at least one State/Civil Court Action

    3rd) You have both DJ and Pete allowing Mark Bashforth and Afshin C. the opportunity to “offer” territories for sale using their FDD and Performa vs. Stratus Franchising.

    4th) You have the STUPID remaining MASTERS actually WAKING UP and realizing that if they simply QUIT PAYING, Stratus Franchising going into BK actually BREAKS the Master Agreement in total……

    Guess its time for another Damage Control Conference Call !!!!!! Any chance I can get an invite sent to me, so I can log in?

  • Reasoned Source

    @ Viewers, BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!! DJ and Pete DENY that there is any problem between the two of them! Wait a second, just Pete Denied it in an email earlier today, what about DJ? Of course why should we believe Pete? Maybe Pete would like to answer a simple question? How come you have your own attorney? How come you move the “Simpatico Offices”? How come you and DJ LIED to all the Masters in order to get their MONEY? How come you and DJ have more lawsuits right now than Wal-Mart? How come you haven’t given the remaining Masters at least 1/2 of their Down payment money back for lying to them and having them agree not to SUE YOUR ASS in the future?

    Sorry, lost count of my questions….Here’s an idea, maybe Pete/DJ can go on tour to the following cities still listed on their website and visit those masters?

    Buffalo- Not so much
    Rochester- Not so much
    CT- Not so much
    Raleigh/Durham- Not so much
    Pittsburgh- Not so much
    Charlotte- Not so much
    Triad- Not so much
    Atlanta- Not so much
    Jacksonville- Not so much
    Miami- Not so much
    Lafayette, LA- Not so much
    Indianapolis- Not so much
    Louisville- Not so much
    Lexington- Not so much
    Chicago- Not so much, but I’m sure Devang would welcome them to a dinner….
    MN- Not so much
    North Texas- Not so much
    Salt Lake City- Not so much
    Ventura County- Not so much
    Orange County- Wouldn’t I LOVE TO SEE THAT!!!! Not so much
    Oregon- Not so much
    Canada- Name the Province- Not so much
    San Diego- Meaning Lincoln Baker, Not so much
    Las Vegas- Not so much

    Hmm…..Where could they go????? Maybe they could find Carmen Garcia and bring her along? Not so much….. I know, I know how about they bring the Jester of all Jesters, BILL BLAIR!!!!!! Pete would of course want a separate room, but what the Hell, he could always BUNK WITH DJ!

    Well, let’s see, so who do you think is telling the TRUTH? GOOD OLE REASONED SOURCE or DJ/Pete?

    Let’s ask the St. Louis Business Journal? What’s that Poodles? You brought “DD” on board to assist in the remaking of Stratus and not BK? Really? How about we have another “conference call”?

    Soon and very soon, two more Masters will be sending notice that they are leaving the system. DJ and Pete’s “cronies” such as Marvin Ashton, Mark/Jayson Bashforth and even good ole Channen Smith are feeling the pressure…..Wonder Why?

    Reasoned Source is here to finish you guys off, BK is the answer for all those concerned…It stops the Lawsuits on a Civil Level (not the fraud on DJ and Pete directly), It releases ALL MASTERS that sent their letter and/or Quit Paying their FEE’s/Due’s 60 days prior to them filing, it stops Pete/DJ/Marvin/Channen/Mark/Jason/Tom/Bob/John/Afshin from harming anyone else on either a Unit Franchise or Master Level….

    Only way that the Stratus Brand can be “revived” is without the Clowns above in the System or part of the company…It is better off DEAD!

    I LOVE EMAILS!!!!!!!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers: I think it is important for us to look at the “TEAM of Attorney’s” aka the “POODLE’s” just a little closer. Now, keep in mind, these are the guys/gals that Stratus Franchising, YOUR BRAND LEADERS have hired to Defend them:

    Dan Doyle: aka “DD” primary focus BANKRUPTCY! Now don’t take good ole REASONED SOURCES word for it, simply go to Lathrop and Gage’s website, look up his profile and ask directly Pete Frese and/or DJ and ask them point blank as to whether or not he is an Attorney assigned to the Stratus Franchising Team….When they lie to you, I will have posted the case number and case that Dan Doyle has filed an appearance on behalf of Stratus Franchising.

    Matt Jacober, Jean Bradshaw, Scott Dickenson: White Collar Criminal Defense! Again, don’t take good ole REASONED SOURCES word for it, go to the same website, look at attorney profiles. You already have proof that these people are directly involved in this case. It was Matt Jacober himself and Scott Dickenson that handled the phone conference called hastily and dare I say stupidly by Pete Frese, DJ and the POODLES!

    Now let me ask you guys a simple question (remaining masters)…..Do you usually hire a Bankruptcy Attorney to defend you in RICO cases? Do you usually hire a Bankruptcy Attorney to defend you in Civil Cases in California (Goldeneye vs. Stratus Franchising, Bill Blair, Marvin Ashton, David Farrell et. al?) Do you usually hire a Bankruptcy Attorney to defend you in Civil Cases in Indiana? (Nidia Martinez et. al vs. Stratus Franchising, Shamrock, Wenger, Spellacy, Martins)


    Now, let me ask you guys, why do you hire a “White Collar Criminal Attorney” and actually expand that TEAM by adding a former US Attorney? (Jean Bradshaw). Now, come on…..I can’t believe that REASONED SOURCE is having to put together all of the pieces of the PUZZLE for you guys!


    Check with your own personal attorney, Check with DJ/Pete and watch/listen to them LIE to you again, Hell, call up Jonathan Fortman, he will give you the confirmation that the profiles of the above listed are in the various cases described. DO YOUR HOMEWORK in other words!

    Reasoned Source says that Before the end of the Year, Shortly after the Dateline NBC expose’ on Commercial Cleaning Franchises coming soon, BTW close friend of Reasoned Source’s is in the Expose’ and Jonathan Fortman and Shannon Liss-Riordin and others make an appearance Bankruptcy will be filed in St. Louis Federal Court Call up Rick Baren and ask how fun it was for him and DJ’s reaction to the NBC local Affiliate Video Taped his presentation and confronted him personally…….

    Just giving you proper information, unlike DJ/Pete, Mark/Jayson Bashforth, Channen Smith, Tom Weiss, John Coleman, Marvin Ashton, Bill Blair, Carmen Garcia, Bob (stinky) Stapleton and others, REASONED SOURCE HAS NO NEED TO LIE TO YOU!!!!!!!

    More information coming soon!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, You know I had time over weekend to finally read Pete Frese’s email in which he proclaims the following:

    a) He and DJ aren’t splitting up, yet it came from Pete only, which I’m sure all of you noticed at the bottom the New Address and Information for the “Simpatico Offices”.

    b) He announced that basically this Website and “Outside Forces” are to blame for their woes (remaining masters) vs. anything He/DJ/Bill Blair/Marvin Ashton/David Farrell/Bob(stinky) Stapleton/Carmen Garcia has done.

    c) He announced that the Remaining Masters shouldn’t read things on the Internet as they are nothing but lies.

    d) He announced that the Remaining Masters needed to focus on building their business, paying their dues and quit spreading gossip.

    Well, Pete here’s a problem that both you and DJ have along with your attorney’s that have a background in Bankruptcy and White Collar Crime.

    1) The Lawsuits brought by Fortman originally against Simpatico opened up a HUGE can of worms/worry/Lies told by you, DJ, Bill Blair, Marvin Ashton and others as you were making, had been making, put into writing in the form of the Performa’s and of course your “Band of Lying Brothers” Afshin C., John Coleman, Tom Weiss and others.

    2) The Masters that left, found out about those specific lies and others and people such as Ken Cassiri, Jitendra, Jeff Aibel, Todd Knight, Kevin Spellacy, Jason Potts, Jim Parell, Jon White, Shea Sealy, Shaun Steckler, Devang K. and others left the system in droves.

    3) The Lies that you and DJ told violated legally numerous items and bring with them charges including Fraudulent Inducement, Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud and others.

    4) The Lies that you, DJ, Bill Blair and Marvin Ashton specifically told Pete Vevan is the basis of his Lawsuit against Stratus Franchising and the individuals names specifically.

    5) The Lies that you, DJ, Bill Blair and others told Jon White and Julio Alvarez is the basis of their suit/countersuit against You/DJ/Bill Blair/Stratus Franchising and how they won and split the system.

    6) Even your most recent lies for print in the St. Louis Business Journal in which you and DJ proclaim that sales are only down 4% is simply another means by which for the two of you to commit further acts of Fraudulent Inducement.

    7) Maybe you can answer some basic questions for Good Ole Reasoned Source including but not limited to the following:

    a) Why did you/DJ/Bill Blair Lie about the founding of Simpatico and therefore the founding of Stratus Franchising?

    b) Why did you/DJ let all of the “fleeing Masters go” including paying many of them at least 49k?

    c) Why do you/Affiliated Services currently owe over 20k in back taxes and have an actual lien placed?

    d) Why did Dennis Jarrett close/dissolve Stratus International?

    e) Where is the assets of Jarrett Realty? Why didn’t you tell/file about either Jarrett Realty or Affiliated Services in any of your FDD’s?

    f) Why are you having Mark/Jayson Bashforth “whore” the remaining Master Territories including some recently closed one’s? I’m sure you/they aren’t doing full disclosure!

    g) Why didn’t you let the remaining Masters know about how/why all of the “fleeing Masters” had left the system?

    h) If you/DJ hadn’t done anything wrong, why did you hire “White Collar Crime” attorney’s as your primary Lawyers?

    I) Why is Mark/Jayson Bashforth being sued by their former partner Lincoln Baker in California Court?

    j) Why is the State AG in Texas looking into Mark/Jayson Bashforth and other Stratus offices in Texas?

    k) What happened to the original Masters in MN, Las Vegas, North Texas, Central NJ? Why weren’t their offices shown as closed in the FDD?

    l) What happened to Knutzen’s territory in Kansas City and Nebraska and why wasn’t that “deal” shown in the FDD?

    m) Why did you, DJ and the GREAT Marvin Ashton move Fernando Lamas (POS) to Mark/Jayson Bashforth’s San Diego Operation? Further more, why did DJ pay for Fernando Lamas (POS) to fly out to NYC and be entertained and primed by DJ himself?

    n) Pete, Why did you and your wife divorce? Was it because you were busy trying to be DJ II?

    o) How does DJ still have an 8k sq. foot home to live in? While others such as Tom Mosely (North Texas), Kevin Spellacy (Indianapolis, Louisville, MN, Lexington) are in some sort of Bankruptcy?

    p) How could you allow a SCUM BAG like Bill Blair to continue working in/representing the Stratus Brand, knowing full well as to what Mark Stocker reported to you and Banned him from the Cincy Office, knowing full well as to what Kevin Spellacy reported to you and Banned him from any of his cities, knowing full well as to what Chelsea Pulley reported to you and Quit Stratus Franchising?

    Can you point out which of the above is a LIE? How about NONE OF THEM!!!!!!!

    Problem for you Pete and DJ, all of the above is 100% true….And their is even More than the above!

    Yes, you have one thing right, “Outside Forces” are going to finish the Stratus Franchising Brand off sooner vs. later. With your lies both in and out of Court, my guess is it will be sooner vs. later before you and DJ, Bill Blair, Marvin Ashton, Mark/Jayson Bashforth and a few others are not looking so pretty in your Orange Jumpsuits………..

    Just my thoughts on Pete’s recent email….BTW Pete Simply is spelled well Simply and not sinmply as you did in your email!!!!!!!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, another quote from Pete Frese’s recent email to the Remaining Masters: “People outside our system are for some reason making it their mission to create fear and disharmony”……..Wow, let’s take it a little deeper than good old Pete Frese for a moment:

    1) Outside our System: HMMM, well let’s see, How did good ole reasoned source get this and Channen Smith’s implicating wife and denying email? Could it be that someone INSIDE the system is maybe just a little upset with Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett, Marvin Ashton, Bob (stinky) Stapleton and others?

    2) Making it their Mission: Well you hit that one on the HEAD! You are correct, I have made it my mission to DESTROY you Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett, Marvin Ashton, Bob (stinky) Stapleton, Carmen Garcia, Bill Blair and others.

    YOU destroyed the following and want sympathy from someone like Reasoned Source? Talk about Arrogant and Victim Mentality…….All of the following were LIED TO: On Purpose, Without Care/Concern, Without Reason except to commit FRAUD!

    All Current Masters
    All Former Masters
    All Employee’s of Current Masters
    All Employee’s of Former Masters
    All Current Owner-Operators
    All Former Owner-Operators


    Dozens of Masters (Former) Lost MILLIONS of Dollars!
    Dozens of Masters Families LOST Homes, Cars, College Funds, Retirement Funds
    Hundreds of Unit Franchisee’s Families LOST Homes, Cars, College Funds, Retirement Funds.
    Several former Masters had to file for BANKRUPTCY!
    Several former Unit Franchisee’s had to file for BANKRUPTCY!
    At least one (1) Former Master has had to enter “Grief” Counseling and no, it isn’t because of a loss of a family member, it is due to a loss of EVERYTHING!!!!!!

    YOU Pete Frese, YOU Dennis Jarrett, YOU Marvin Ashton, YOU Bill Blair are ALL POS’s in the First order!

    YOU want to have REASONED SOURCE in a Court Room packed to the Rafter’s with FORMER Masters, FORMER Unit Franchisee’s? CUM GET SOME!!!!!!!!!!! I’m no match for your POODLES, I’m no match for YOU! I will not only tie 1/2 my brain behind my back, I will not only tie both my arms behind my back, I will sit and tie myself up in a wheel chair and I will still KICK YOUR ASSES! (Mentally, Willfully and Yes, how I would LOVE TO LAY THE SMACKDOWN on nothing but a bunch of WANNABE Bullies!!!!!!!!!

    NOW current Masters, WHAT ELSE are you wanting from Reasoned Source? I have given you Reason, I have given you Information, I have told you the TRUTH, I have shown you the harm of these people, I have shown you the harm done to others, I have shown you the Disgusting Habits of COWARDS like Marvin Ashton, Dennis Jarrett, Pete Frese and Bill Blair!


  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, Not that you needed anymore information about Stratus Franchising and the Scum Bags Dennis Jarrett, Pete Frese, Marvin Ashton, Bill Blair, Bob (stinky) Stapleton, Carmen Garcia and others….Well maybe you don’t for now after all…..

    How bout some on “DD” aka Dan Doyle? Reasoned Source has learned that “DD” and Lathrop and Gage lost a ruling recently in which it was simply stated “what happens in BK, stays in BK”! Now you say, what is so important about that ruling?

    Well, in effect what “DD” aka Dan Doyle was attempting to do was to shield anything/everything that happens in a Bankruptcy Court cannot be allowed to shift to any other court…ie Documents, Testimony, Witnesses, Financial Statements etc… etc…etc…

    Now why would they want a ruling such as that? HMMMM…….I know, but do you know? They want that ruling so that way when they go into bankruptcy themselves things that are shown in Bankruptcy cannot be transferred to a Civil RICO case for instance!!!!!!! Or cases in Civil Court still going on in CA! Or how about Civil Cases going on in Indiana? Or how about turned over to the AG in Texas?

    Poor ole “DD” aka Dan Doyle, he not only has to fight in the court of law, but now more than ever he has been called out in Public and having to answer from all sorts of “Investors” aka Remaining Masters.

    More news coming soon, as the “poodles” are rethinking their role with Stratus Franchising as it is becoming a bad PR move for them!!!!!!!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers: Let me ask you a question……

    How many of you knew about the Lawsuit Filed by Lincoln Baker against Mark/Jayson Bashforth where he accuses them of Fraud, Fraudulent Inducement, Entrapment and Embezzlement?

    How many of you knew about the Texas AG’s office looking into Mark Bashforth’s Houston Operation?

    How many of you knew about the Texas AG’s office looking into other Stratus Master Franchises?

    How many of you knew about a LARGE STATE Master filing an intent to Sue against Mark/Jayson Bashforth AND Stratus Franchising and that Dennis Jarrett was in fact given notice/letter?

    How many of you knew about the Tom Weiss and John Coleman SAGA where both of them accused one another of Embezzlement?

    How many of you knew about Stratus Franchising Int’l being Dissolved?

    How many of you knew about the Tax Lien on “Affiliated Services”?

    How many of you knew that the “St. Louis Branch” had moved?

    How many of you knew about the recent LOSS in court that happened to Dan Doyle and Stratus Franchising?

    How many of you knew that Channen Smith was paying less in Royalties (%) wise than you?

    How many of you knew that Mark Bashforth had LEFT Stratus Franchising and had a full-time employment opportunity?

    How many of you knew that Mark/Jayson Bashforth were attempting to sell previously owned Master Territories for ridiculous rates with full knowledge and approval of Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese?

    How many of you knew that Lathrop and Gage had been asked to bring in a BK attorney on purpose?

    How many of you knew that Matt Jacober was a “White Collar Crime Specialist”?

    How many of you knew about the Lawsuits filed by Julio Alvarez (Miami) and by Jon White (Oregon) against Stratus Franchising?

    And the List goes on and on and on!!!!!!!!!

    Question? Why didn’t you know? Why didn’t your SUPPOSED partners DJ and Pete tell YOU?

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, It was certainly a bad day yesterday for DJ and Pete on multiple fronts…..To which I say, AWWWWWWWW! To Bad, So Sad!!!!!!

    First, they learned that Good Ole Reasoned Source has more of an understanding of what is going on in their remaining SHAMBLES of Company then they do.

    Second, they learned that the Texas AG’s office is expanding their review of not only Mark/Jason Bashforth, but is now looking and wanting information about Stratus Franchising, LLC. directly.

    Third, they learned that there is NO WAY they can survive as a Corporation with the amount of defections and lack of revenue now coming in because of Reasoned Source and others efforts to STOP the Royalty Payments.

    Finally, they are about to get some very interesting documents from at least two different sources outlining potentially legal charges of Perjury, Obstruction, Sanctions on Attorney’s etc……

    Well, remaining Masters, You now know, that REASONED SOURCE has more of handle on what is going on within Stratus than YOU, than DJ, than PETE and even good ole “DD” and Matt Jacober aka “Poodles”!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, Looks like Lathrop and Gage may get some more business in the near term from Stratus Franchising, LLC and Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett after all…As has been reported earlier by me, the Texas AG’s office is now in possession of an “intent to sue” both Mark Bashforth and Stratus Franchising, LLC.

    It outlines the Fraud, Fraudulent Inducement, False Performa, False FDD and other aspects in which this former Master is now asking for nearly 11 million dollars in damages, lost business, lost monies etc…

    It also outlines and finds that Stratus Franchising, LLC. did not file the proper paperwork with the State of Texas in order to SELL the Master Licenses that it sold to Mark/Jayson Bashforth and others including the former Master Tom Mosley! In total, there were four (4) Master Licenses sold by either Stratus Franchising, LLC and/or Mark Bashforth in the State of Texas illegally!

    Poor old DJ, Pete, Marvin Ashton, Bill Blair, David Farrell…..Looks like more legal fun for you all as individuals coming to a courtroom not so near you soon!

    “God I Love the Smell of Napalm in the Morning!”……..

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers: Breaking News!!!!!! Reasoned Source has confirmed from at least two sources the following information:

    1) An attorney that formally represented one of the “Pro2FS” former Stratus Master Franchises in NY, CT, GA, FL respectfully found/discovered a “Fatal Flaw” in regards to the applications filled out by Stratus Franchising, LLC and additional supporting and in one case on going documents required by the State in order to Sell the Master License in the First Place!!!!!! This was one of the primary reasons utilized by the “Pro2FS” former Stratus Masters in those above listed states to “Break Away” from Stratus Franchising, LLC.

    2) It appears that this “fatal flaw” is so dramatic that he noted that ALL States that he had personally checked which included the States of North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky and Ohio would become “Null and Void” as well, putting both the current Master Licensee in an issue with the respective State Authorities and of course Stratus Franchising, LLC.

    Seems to me, continuing problems for Stratus Franchising are just around the corner!

    Will keep you posted as I read the documents supplied to me further!

  • Reasoned Source

    BREAKING NEWS!!!!!! After additional conversations that took place yesterday, I now have a better understanding in regards to the “fatal flaw” previously discussed and now have confirmation that the “Poodles” of Lathrop and Gage knew about this “Fatal Flaw” and convinced Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett to “settle” with the current Pro2FS members in NY, CT, GA and Florida ALL former Masters in order to attempt to keep this quiet!

    Fatal Flaw is essentially two steps and it actually was discovered from a little known case involving a Master License that was “Sold” but not started in effect, in the Commonwealth of Virginia! (more on that later).

    1st Step: The affidavit that was required/signed by Pete Frese and/or Dennis Jarrett has basic wording in regards to accurate information provided and “under the penalty of perjury”. Obviously, these two would lie/take/cheat/steal from anyone including family members, but look at 2nd Step…….

    2nd Step: The FDD provided by Stratus Franchising, LLC. contained the following Actual Flaws and on purpose, with full knowledge, withheld vital information:

    a) Did not describe the relationship between Pete Frese, Jan-Pro, Simpatico in direct relation to Stratus Franchising, LLC.

    b) Did not describe the relationship between Dennis Jarrett, Stratus Franchising and Jarrett Realty

    c) Did not describe the relationship between Pete Frese, Simpatico, Dennis Jarrett, Affiliated Services and Stratus Franchising

    d) Did not describe the open/closed Masters formally in Nevada, New Mexico and Minnesota

    e) Did not disclose the Lawsuit in Virginia in which the actual Commonwealth of Virginia was “party too” against Stratus Franchising, LLC., Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese.

    In “legal terms”, it goes from the “fruit of the poison tree” aspect. The document that was submitted as proof/proper to the Secretary of State, Attorney General or other “governing authority” in various states was Flawed, the Affidavit signed by the Principal (s) was knowingly false/flawed, therefore the Master License is considered “Null and Void”!!!!!!!

    More news coming on this front as Reasoned Source has been promised the actual verifying documents coming soon!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers: More news coming soon as the “proof” is continuing to come in from a multitude of reliable sources……It now appears, that if you are currently operating a Master License in the following states, that you will possibly have legal issues in those states IF an attorney starts digging and representing YOUR unit franchises in any form of a lawsuit and YOU could actually become the “fall guy” in addition too or even versus Stratus Franchising:

    New York
    New Jersey
    South Carolina
    North Carolina

    These states were “checked” by an attorney that at one-time represented one of the Pro2FS Masters……Their findings were outlined in the nearly 23 page document sent to Stratus Franchising, Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett over 1 Year ago and that document was the foundation for the Separation Agreement between Ken Cassiri, Craig Donovan, Jeff Aibel and others in the Pro2FS “family” and Stratus Franchising, LLC.

    This is based solely on the “flawed document” aspect of the original filing done by Stratus Franchising, LLC. in order for them to rightfully/legally sell YOU the master license!

    Again, current Masters, don’t take good ole Reasoned Source’s word for it, though I have NEVER LIED unlike Dennis Jarrett, Pete Frese, Marvin Ashton, Bill Blair, Bob (stinky) Stapleton or David Farrell has to you! Simply have your attorney review this post and check with your State!

    IF you had any doubt that this is truly the beginning of the end for Stratus Franchising LLC., Dennis Jarrett, Pete Frese, Marvin Ashton, Bob (stinky) Stapleton, DOUBT NO MORE!!!!!

    Reasoned Source is Relentless in his pursuit of getting Stratus Franchising and the above listed individuals into Bankruptcy Court without further harm coming to others……Once in Bankruptcy where the rules are vastly different, THEY will put the finishing touches including potential criminal filings and actions under the guidelines/direction of a Federal Trustee!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers in another “aint that just special moment”……..

    Mark Bashforth called another Master recently and quite literally made the following comment: “Please don’t sue me”, “I am a victim of this situation”, “I was fed a line of bull from DJ and Pete just like you”, “I’m trying to do the right thing by turning over emails and documents to the Texas AG”, “I’m leaving Stratus at the end of the month”, “I don’t have anymore money to give anyone”!

    Now, I have fully documented the “reign of terror” that Mark and Jayson Bashforth have committed in States such as Texas, California and LA. I am now in contact with his “former partner” in the failed Panama Business and Telemarketing Room. Reports suggest that Mark and Jayson Bashforth with full knowledge of Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese completely screwed over dozens of people both as Unit Franchisees and Area Developer. Per this person, He/They also didn’t pay the workers at the Telemarketing Center for the final month of Wages!!!!!!!!

    Through it all, through all the turmoil, through all the lies, through all the threats, through all of the cons, through all mis-statements, through all of the pain, through all of the suffering caused by these two men (DJ and Pete) here lies good ole Matt Jacober and Dan Doyle and more importantly their Law Firm which both are highly touted partners in Lathrop and Gage.

    Now there is something wrong in the legal system in my opinion when firms such as Lathrop and Gage technically become part of the problem vs. the solution. Don’t get me wrong, even Crooks, Liars, Thieves, Destroyer of Families like DJ and Pete are afforded legal representation as they should be….But what does it say about he Firm that choses to represent them when they are at least partially to blame for additional innocent people getting hurt by these two? I am sure, they are getting their money, I am sure that they don’t care about the unit franchisees that have been harmed, I am also sure that they don’t care about the Masters and their families that have been harmed….EVERYONE is responsible for their own choices including WHO they represent…..

    In closing, My new Best Friend, Channen Smith has a company known as Channen Companies, LLC. The offices for this company are located in Lafayette, Colorado. It is a beautiful office, it looks like a McMansion worth several million dollars!!!!!! Now, it isn’t quite as nice as DJ’s current abode, but certainly equal too or greater than Pete Frese’s former abode as reported earlier……Again, I am a Capitalist without a doubt, I don’t doubt the right for anyone to make any amount of money legally that they can/should/aspire too etc….But when those monies come off the backs of hard working, retirement savings, college savings etc…Well, I kinda of have an issue with that….Good thing is, there is plenty of assets to be had for an attorney to go after…….

    Keeping you up to date as always!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers……One of the many things that I love about reporting on Stratus Franchising and the wonderful people in it, is simply the fact that they think they are simply smarter than everyone else…..That’s called Arrogance at its Finest! So, I decided to start doing just a little digging on POOR OLE MARK BASHFORTH AND HIS BROTHER JAYSON!!!!!!!

    Since Mark has proclaimed LOUD AND CLEAR, that he is a VICTIM TOO and BROKE, maybe he could explain the following:

    1) Sold a home in Caty, Texas approx. 1 year ago for 1.1 MILLION Dollars….Mark, Where’s the Money?

    2) Has a Home in Thousand Oaks, California worth over 1 MILLION Dollars via Tax Records…..Mark, HOW ABOUT SELLING IT?

    3) Has a Home in Incline Village in Lake Tahoe, Worth an estimated 2.2 MILLION Dollars and currently uses it as a Vacation Rental on the Internet Managed by his wife, Nina Sandvik Bashforth for 5k per WEEK!!!!!!

    4) How about the assets of a Nevada Registered Company called Whitehaven, LLC?

    5) How about the assets of a Nevada Registered Company called WayPoint Sales Management Company?

    6) How about just 1/2 of your Heavy six (6) figure Salary at your current “Employer”?

    7) How about sending your kids to Houston Community College vs. the 40k to 50k per year Colleges they are currently enrolled in?

    8) How about selling your Yacht that is registered in the State of Nevada that has the following Dimensions of 49 foot by 14 foot by 6 foot?

    Now I’m sorry, sure seems to me, that there is more than enough assets that I just found without two much trouble to go after to pay not only Lincoln Baker, Tom Baker, Greg Fishman and Shaun Steckler back, but to also pay the approx. 2 Dozen Unit Franchises that Reasoned Source knows about between Houston and San Diego that have been RIPPED by YOU and the Area Developer and paying those hard working people in the Call Center that you closed in PANAMA!!!!!!

    Maybe your Brother Jayson could chip in as well: As you already know many of the companies that I found, are co-owned by him. One of the most interesting things that I found out about Jayson R. Bashforth was an investigation about him that centered around a missing man by the name of Halai Mitshali from Tindadad and Tobago…..Very Interesting Article.

    But back to assets: Your brother has a few properties of his own that are worth north of 500k as well……

    Now, as I have stated before, I am a CAPITALIST and I don’t Begrudge Wealth, I Love to have the American Dream just like everyone else. What I HATE is simply people like Mark, Nina and Jayson Bashforth making themselves more Wealthy on the Backs of Hardworking, Innocent, Vulnerable People and Selling them Lies by utilizing False FDD’s, False Performa’s, Fraudulently Inducing Them, Committing Acts of Mail and Wire Fraud, Interstate Commerce Fraud and numerous other Criminal and Civil Acts and Thinking they are going to get away with it!!!!!!!!

    One of the things that I uncovered, it seems that both Pete Frese and Mark Bashforth happened to DIVORCE their Wives about the same time in 2012 and SELL some of their Personal Assets around the Same time frame……COULD this be an effort by Matt Jacober, Dan Doyle and Lathrop and Gage to assist them with the HIDING of ASSETS?????? I mean let’s face it, the charges that Reasoned Source is talking about, COULD cause them to go to JAIL without question…..

    Is Lathrop and Gage advising them to do these types of things? I wonder, I would estimate since the POODLES first appeared till now, how much have they gotten in attorney’s fees? You gotta believe it has been at least 500k!!!!!! Does Lathrop and Gage REALLY need that money? I know they HATE IT every time I mention their name, Every Time that they are embarrassed by the 1/2 Truths and Lies that Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese have them tell in a Court Proceeding….One day, THEY (Lathrop and Gage) have to ask themselves, IS IT WORTH IT? I mean come on, Lathrop and Gage is a HUGE Firm, Lot’s of High Profile Partners, do they want to be associated with a HUGE LOSS in P/R and Humiliation that is tied directly to Dennis Jarrett, Pete Frese, Stratus Franchising, LLC.

    Makes you wonder WHO is Handling Lathrop and Gage’s Branding Efforts and P/R Department……Maybe they should be Terminated?

    More coming soon………..

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers: Reasoned Source has confirmed a looming PR disaster for Lathrop and Gage! In business, it is all about Branding and Image of that Brand. Now it is bad enough when you have marginal clients that you are having to represent and they may have made some bad decisions by which it has landed them in court and in the theater of Public Opinion. Proper PR and Re-Branding often helps a Bad Company become Good…..

    In the case of Stratus Franchising, LLC. the case of Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese, you have a vastly different situation on multiple levels…..

    1) Cleaning is a “dirty business” (all pun intended) to begin with, it ain’t pretty, nostalgic, fun nor innovative.

    2) The franchising aspect of the cleaning business is even Dirtier. Simply look at the past history of many of the owners of Jani-King, Jan-Pro, The Janitorial Agency, Bonus and others. I MEAN PERSONAL HISTORY!!!!!!

    3) Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese took the level of DIRT to even Higher as they actually LIED, STOLE, CHEATED, MIS-LEAD, MIS-REPRESENTED to their actual MASTERS!!!!!! These aren’t the men and women that cannot Speak English, these aren’t the un-educated, these aren’t the un-washed, these aren’t people who have NEVER owned businesses prior……These are Professionals from many walks of life, These are people and families that have invested 100’s of thousands of dollars…Some up to and over 500k!!!!!!!! That ain’t walking around money!

    Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese are done in the Franchising Business.
    Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese are done in the Commercial Cleaning Business.
    Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese are done.

    Only Question remains is the collateral damage and who it affects.

    Lathrop and Gage, you have nothing to win. Only question is “Are you part of the collateral damage”?

    More coming soon……….

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, on a recent visit to Lathrop and Gage’s website, I pulled up the profile of Stratus lead attorney, Matt Jacober. On that Profile it has numerous accomplishments, law degrees, articles printed, cases successfully defended or won….For his accomplishment on/for Stratus Franchising, it reads “Successfully represented private building and office cleaning company in a class action matter that resulted in the Judge dismissing and did not grant ability to refile case”.

    Wow!!!!! Talk about BOLDING the positive……However, the TRUTH is more like the following:

    In the month’s PRIOR to hiring Matt Jacober and Lathrop and Gage, Stratus Franchising had some/all of the following:

    1) Nearly 50 Master franchisors working throughout the United States with Sales/Marketing Agreement for Canada and Latin America!
    2) Nearly 100 Million Dollars per year in Gross Revenue
    3) Listing on Entrepreneur Magazine Top 500 Businesses
    4) Multiple Awards both locally and nationally for Franchising
    5) Published Articles in St. Louis Business Journal
    6) Published Articles in USA Today
    7) Multiple Print and Radio Interviews
    8) Top Selling Franchise Business
    9) Putting America back to Work Prestige

    Oh, I could go on and on and on…….

    So let’s talk about the Year AFTER the hiring of Lathrop and Gage and Matt Jacober……

    a) Nearly 30 Masters have LEFT the Stratus Franchising, LLC. “Family”
    b) Less than 30 Million Dollars in Revenue
    c) Investigation of and subsequent de-listing by Entrepreneur Magazine
    d) Multiple Awards Stripped and Demanded Return
    e) Investigations done by Local and National News Organizations including a nearby Fox News Station and by Dateline NBC.
    f) No Listing on any MAJOR or former Franchise Publication
    g) Multiple Lawsuits in Missouri and Indiana
    h) Selling of Personal Assets by both Primary Owners
    I) Terminations of Multiple previously KEY EMPLOYEE’S
    j) Multiple Lawsuits against Masters
    k) Multiple Separation Agreements that ended in Stratus Franchising Paying Masters to Separate

    Yes folks, this is the kind of representation that you can expect from Lathrop and Gage, “Give us your Healthy, Prosperous, Growing Enterprise” and we will find a way for you to file for Bankruptcy Protection and Be Fitted for Specialty Colored Jumpsuits currently available in Bright Orange, Pink and Lime Green!!!!!!

    Just some truth to the Profile……Wonder what’s next in Reasoned Sources, PR and Branding Notes?

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, Reasoned Source has learned that another Lawsuit is about to come from the Great State of Texas, this one is unique and unlike the other Lawsuits currently on file in any of the other States….

    Class Action Request: Multiple Current and Former Masters are looking at filing Suit Against:

    Dennis Jarrett
    Pete Frese
    Affiliated Services
    Jarrett Realty
    Stratus Franchising International
    Nyco Chemical
    Ken Cassiri
    Jeff Aibel
    John Coleman
    Tom Weiss
    Mark Bashforth
    Jayson Bashforth
    Afshin C.
    Marvin Ashton
    Bill Blair
    Carmen Garcia
    Bob Stapleton
    Marissa Lather
    Jeff Dunlap

    In general, this is called the Harmed vs. the Liars, Sellers, Validators, Public Relations Lawsuit……

    Stay tuned as I believe OTHERS will be added to the Lawsuit including a Magazine/Business Website, A prominent Newspaper that is Local, A prominent Newspaper that is National, A local TV Station in Philadelphia and potentially other Media based companies!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, This post doesn’t technically belong here, but I felt it was somewhat correct if for no other reason as to the HARM done directly by Matt Jacober, Lathrop and Gage and a couple of other attorneys to the Stratus Brand and the direct loss of income and damage caused by current Masters, Afshin C., Mark/Jayson Bashforth, Tom Weiss, John Coleman and Channen Smith needs to be discussed openly and honestly…..

    After Matt Jacober’s and Lathrop and Gages direct handling/mishandling of the multiple lawsuits some of which are still active in Indiana, California, Missouri that it is only fitting to point out that BEFORE they were hired, Stratus was at 100 million plus in revenue, 45 master licenses active, year over year positive growth and an overall Happy Master/Unit Franchise Base.

    Now, because of their handling of their Clients Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese, Stratus Building Solutions is less than 30 Million per year in revenue, Less than 22 active Master Licenses, A Brand that is Worthless and Multiple Lawsuits still active, investigation by Attorney General’s in two states (California and Texas), Investigation possible in North Carolina and Florida and inquiries of potential investigation in other current operating States.

    Finally the HARM done by Mark/Jayson Bashforth is a direct result of investigations and scrutiny in California and Texas. As well as “fire sales” of past territories and fraudulent inducement in advertising Master Licenses in multiple states including Utah, California and Texas.

    Afshin C. has caused great harm throughout the U.S. with the false Proforma authored and validated by him, Mark/Jayson Bashforth, Ken Casiri and Jeff Aibel and others……

    Channen Smith has caused great harm because of not only his handling of the Phoenix and Denver locations, but because of his acquiring of Paul Knutzen’s former territories in Kansas City and Omaha respectfully and his “one off” deals with Dennis Jarrett and Jarrett Realty.

    The amazement is this, Why in the world would Stratus Franchising continue a fateful relationship with Lathrop and Gage and Matt Jacober? Could it be because they give little care/concern to the survival of the Brand, Company, Remaining Masters….Only thing they care about have been tasked with is keeping Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese out of Jail.

    Common Sense dictates the answer to the above question is YES!

    Now, Why in the World would remaining Masters in NJ, NY,TN, OH, IA, CA, TX, SC and a few others continue with Stratus Franchising and more importantly continue paying their Royalty Fee’s, Exposing their Company to Harm, Exposing their Unit Franchises and Employee’s to Harm, Willingness to Lose Everything?

    That indeed is the Question of the Day, Week, Month………

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, I was recently asked a question, “Why does Stratus/DJ/Pete continue to pay for Matt Jacober and specifically Lathrop and Gage?”

    Answer: Pete doesn’t like the color Pink as in Pink Jumpsuits and DJ doesn’t like the color Orange as in Orange Jumpsuits!

    Matt Jacober and Lathrop and Gage are “White Collar Criminal Specialists”….Simple as that!

    Now, as a business person, it means NOTHING to DJ and Pete about your ills, your problems and to a degree YOUR Reality. Why do you think the following people are no longer part of Stratus:

    Utah-Shea Sealy’s
    Ventura County
    Orange County

    Why do you think the followed Closed/Shut Down/Bankrupt Locations are gone?

    MN- 2x
    New Mexico
    North Texas

    No offense, but with a winning track record such as described above, WHY ELSE would Matt Jacober and Lathrop and Gage be attorney’s of record for Stratus Franchising, Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett?

    More Masters are leaving sooner than later, they are just biding their time, many of them aren’t paying a nickel to Stratus Franchising even at the 50% reduction: I predict the following cities will be leaving within the next 90 days:

    Salt Lake City
    Northern NJ
    Long Island

    Sorry boys and girls, the BRAND’S RACE TO ZERO is on!!!!!!!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, I was recently asked “Don’t I fear retribution from the Iranian Boys Club” aka Afshin Cangarlu, Foad Rekabi, Mark Vaghei, Manouch Moshayedi, Mark Moshayedi, Mike Moshayedi and Ron Aikani) the answer is NO! Here’s the thing, they like to “eat their young” this is a HUGE Embarrassment for the Moshayedi Family to be mentioned in the same breath with Channen/Rene Smith, Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett, Marvin Ashton, Bill Blair, David Farrell, Marissa Lather and Bob Stapleton.

    The Moshayedi’s have many, many, many more issues than Little Ole Reasoned Source and per their Heritage, they will be dealing with “Their Own” about this mess namely Afshin Cangarlu and Foad Rekabi.

    Now, here’s the Funny Thing, It’s pretty bad that the Moshayedi’s are more embarrassed to be associated with Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese and Channen/Rene Smith than they are with the SEC Investigation, Insider Trading Scandal, Being Removed from their own Company!!!!!!!!

    So here’s the bottom line, The Moshayedi’s will make sure that Afshin and Foad tote the “family line” and remove themselves from this situation as quickly as possible. Channen/Rene Smith and Marvin (RICO MAN) Ashton will be left trying to pick up the pieces on their own.

    Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett continue to be the Scum Bags that they are and go quietly into the night, Stratus Franchising, LLC. is either placed into BK or it is simply dissolved…..Stop and think about that for a moment, a once proud, high flying, ego building, International Corporation is legally gone within 30 month’s! From 100 million dollars per year in business, interviews with USA Today, St. Louis Business Journal, Fox News, Forbes, major awards and kudos to ZERO!

    All because of a Lawsuit that Pete Frese, Dennis Jarrett and their combined arrogance and past dirty deals all came tumbling down…………Well, plus their direct associations with:

    Afshin Cangarlu
    Tom Weiss
    Mark/Jayson Bashforth
    John Coleman
    Channen Smith
    Fernando Lamas
    Marvin (RICO MAN) Ashton
    Bill (Sexual Harasser) Blair
    Bob (Stinky) Stapleton
    Marissa (National Marketing Manager) Lather
    David (I’m not as bad as everyone else) Farrell
    Jeff (Anal) Abel
    Ken (I’m the Golden Boy) Cassiri

    Fall from Grace is Rough, Going from HERO to ZERO was really just a matter of time!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, As promised, Afshin Cangarlu and Foad Rekabi have brought dishonor and additional scrutiny to the Moshayedi’s. Manouch himself has gotten involved and basically given Afshin and Foad their Marching Orders.

    I was recently asked why did I feel the need to continually bring up Matt Jacober and Lathrop and Gage’s handling of Stratus Franchising? It is really simple, though EVERYONE has the right to counsel in criminal applications, that RIGHT does not exist in Civil Matters. Lawyers and Firms CHOOSE to do business with certain people. Matt Jacober, Lathrop and Gage CHOSE to DEFEND Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett. THEY CHOSE for a Fee (Ain’t Capitalism GREAT), to allow these Scum Bags and their minions (Afshin, Foad, Channen/Rene, Bill, David, Marvin, Marisa and others) to utilize their services and their advice.

    Matt Jacober FAILED this organization and put his/his FIRM’s interest first/second/third. His mishandling of the situation and the Ground Swell that Followed caused Multiple Levels of HARM to innocent people from Masters to Owner-Operators to the Employees of Masters to the Employees of Unit Franchises and to ALL of THEIR RESPECTIVE FAMILIES!

    HIS Decision to Defend Stratus Franchising and the WAY he decided to Defend them was the Direct Cause that led to the initial Masters leaving. HIS Decision to be Party Too and Hold a Phone Meeting Two Years Ago this Month was a Cause for Disaster that has now become the Stratus Brand.

    His Firm and their “White Collar Crime Expertise” and “Bankruptcy Specialty” is the primary reason for their program of handling Dennis Jarrett, Jarrett Realty, Camino Real S.A, Affiliated Services, Pete Frese, Simpatico and Stratus Franchising International and Stratus Franchising, LLC. debacle.

    Don’t get me wrong, Dennis Jarrett, Pete Frese and their Minions are all Crooks and Scum Bags without a doubt….Mark/Jayson Bashforth, Afshin Cangarlu, Foad Rekabi, Channen/Rene Smith, John Coleman, Tom Weiss, Marvin Ashton, Bill Blair, David Farrell, Marisa Lather, Bob Stapleton ALL DESERVE the HARM that has come and will come to them through the Legal (Civil and Criminal) System.

    The HARM caused to THOUSANDS of Unit Franchisees and THEIR Employees and THEIR Families, The HARM caused to DOZENS of Masters and THEIR Employees and THEIR Families squarely lies with the ACTIONS or in some cases In-Actions of all the above listed people/entities which Directly Includes Matt Jacober, Dennis Doyle and Lathrop and Gage………..

    Stratus Franchising, LLC. and their Principles (Dennis Jarrett, Pete Frese) has done HARM to the tune of Multiple MILLIONS of Dollars, THEIR Supporting Cronies share a HUGE Burden and % of that Harm as does directly Matt Jacober and Lathrop and Gage respectfully.

    Hope this Clears some Perspective Problems with the remaining GOOD Masters!

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, It is AMAZING to me the resources by which the members that make up REASONED SOURCE are able to discover. Currently, there are multiple members in each time zone, but enough about me/us! Here is an interesting development that happened just a few moments ago……

    A Lawyer, who happens to be ironically a Master Developer for another Commercial Cleaning Franchise in the Greater Denver area reached out to a Source that routinely posts here on Unhappy Bottom line is this, this Lawyer and current Master Developer for another Commercial Cleaning Franchise in the Denver Area happened to share some very interesting documents and additional information gathered by him during a Lawsuit filed against a former employee that just so happened to be an employee, you got it! of Channen and Rene Smith!!!!!!!!

    It is of little use in the Stratus Franchising aspect against Pete Frese and Dennis Jarrett, but just like a recent conversation with a former Regional Director of Channen and Rene Smith’s in Phoenix and last weeks conversation with a former Regional Director of Channen and Rene Smith’s in Denver who actually lives in the State of Indiana, it paints a picture of destruction, lack of morals, lack of integrity, nastiness and multiple acts including the act of CHURNING.

    This Lawyer isn’t hiding, in fact he is hoping that someone asks a question such as, Who is he and What does he know about Channen and Rene Smith that his Private Investigator found as they were doing research on this former employee of Jan-Pro……OOOOPPPSS!

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