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LA Weight Loss is back in full expansion mode… and not a moment too soon!

LA Weight Loss:  Life has been dull since you closed weight loss centers from coast to coast, leaving angry customers without the services and products they prepaid paid you hundreds and thousands of dollars for.

LA Weight Loss:  We’ve miss the stories consumer action news reports of ripped-off consumers.  We’ve missed the undercover exposes by national news shows on your evil sales practices (First they cry… then they buy!)!  We’ve especially missed the investigations and lawsuits from state Attorney Generals for your deceptive trade practices.

LA Weight Loss, why did you stay away so long?  After all these years of raking in huge profits with few consequences other than slaps on the wrist, you should know that nothing will stop you from lightening wallets and bank balances with impunity!

LA Weight Loss, your fans at  just want to say Welcome Back… and give you a heartfelt thanks in advance for the traffic and angry comments you will surely generate for us in the years to come!

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Tip of the hat to WEIGHT LOSS COMPLAINTS for posting this press release:
“Here’s the latest press release from LA Weight Loss headquarters in Whoresham Horsham, PA:

“HORSHAM, PA., May 26, 2011 /NewsRelease/ – The openings mark the first phase of a bricks and clicks technique to expand LA Weight Loss throughout the U.S. The organization plans to open additional centers to expand its brick and mortar offering, while continuing to grow its direct-to-consumer online channel. Plans for additional openings in the greater Philadelphia region is going to be announced later this summer.

“Opening centers in the Philadelphia area, where we’re headquartered, supplies a place where clients can come for in-person counseling, individualized plans and the accountability they need to reach their weight-loss goals

“One from the nation’s best known brands in weight loss, LA Weight Loss, announced today the grand opening of six centers in the greater Philadelphia region. Clients will love new locations in Allentown, Pa.; Lancaster, PA; Camp Hill, Pa.; Newark, Del.; Cherry Hill, N.J.; and Turnersville, N.J.

“The openings mark the first phase of a bricks and clicks technique to expand LA Weight Loss throughout the U.S. The organization plans to open additional centers to expand its brick and mortar offering, while continuing to grow its direct-to-consumer online channel. Plans for additional openings in the greater Philadelphia region is going to be announced later this summer.

“All new facilities will offer clients LA Weight Loss’s proven rapid results program including individualized nutrition plans, one-on-one coaching along with a full line of products to aid weight loss. All Center Managers have previously served about the LA Weight Loss team and have a proven track record of helping LA Weight Loss clients reach their weight loss goals.

“Millions of individuals have looked to LA weight loss over the past 18 years to reach and maintain their goal weight,” says Marie Palumbo Vice President, Marketing of LA Weight Loss. “Opening centers in the Philadelphia area, where we’re headquartered, supplies a place where clients may come for in-person counseling, individualized plans and also the accountability they need to reach their weight-loss goals.”

“LA Weight Loss was recently purchased by private equity groups. It is well capitalized and it has an aggressive growth intend to capitalize on LA Weight Loss proven weightloss routine, starting with opening centers. Having a 60+% brand recognition, LA Weight Loss is poised for achievement.

“The Philadelphia grand opening dates, times, and locations are listed below:

  1. Allentown: May 9th, 2180 MacArthur Road
  2. Cherry Hill: May 9th, 1426 Route 70 E
  3. Newark: May 9th, 4557 Kirkwood Highway
  4. Turnersville: May 9th, 3501 Route 42
  5. Lancaster: June 6th, 2044 Fruitville Pike
  6. Camp Hill: June 6th, 3401 Hatzdale

“ABOUT LA Weight Loss

“More than 2 million people have experienced LA Weight reduction and their customized diet plans, a balanced diet, and one-on-one weight reduction counseling. For more information about LA Weight reduction, visit www. LAWeightLoss. com.”


7 thoughts on “LA WEIGHT LOSS: They’re BA-A-CK!

  • I went through the LA Weight loss program in 2007… shortly before things crumbled, which means I never made it to “maintenance” phase and ended up gaining back more weight than I lost.

    Luckily, I paid through Care Credit, otherwise, I would not have been able to get my $1,000+ back.

    The program works – I will admit, but not because of anything special they’re doing. They literally take your weight and multiply it by 7 then divide by the number of meals you need to eat per day (about 4 – 6 small meals) and then choose a booklet that matches your caloric intake. It’s calorie counting for dummies. I was one of the dummies who couldn’t figure this out on her own. Oh well… hindsight is 20/20…

    The one thing I learned from the experience with this company is that, if you truly want to lose weight, you cannot be on a diet, you need to make gradual, albeit permanent lifestyle changes. It IS possible… and you can do it without LA Weight loss, or any other company claiming to have the cure for fatness… the cure is to stop making excuses and exercise and eat right.

  • Kay Sharp

    I cannot disagree with you more. Obviously, if simply stopping making excuses, exercising and eating right were all I needed to do, I’d be thin. So would 1/3 rd of Americans. It’s just not that easy, and I’m quite sure you know that. I’ve always known what to do, but that just isn’t enough…for me.
    For me, it’s the accountability of being weighed in once a week that helps keep me on track; and I never liked counting calories. With LA Weightloss, you count actual foods (proteins, starches, fruits, vegetables, etc.) and I find it a lot easier. I’ve been on Weight Watchers, Overeaters Anonymous, Nutrisystem, TOPS, have been hypnotized, “accupunctured” and I tell you….LA Weightloss was the best …. for me. I lost 120 lbs. last time around with them (2006) and when they went out of business, I put the weight back on. But now that they’re open again, I’ve just lost 13 lbs. in about 10 days and am back on track.

  • Kay:
    I’ve read what seems like thousands of negative complaints about LA Weight Loss over the last few years. What’s funny is that few of them claimed the program didn’t work. In fact many people were irate because their centers closed and they could continue on – in addition to losing thousands of dollars in prepayed products and services.
    Check out this site:
    It seems to me that this is a highly unscrupulous organization that happens to have a program that works. They closed hundreds of locations and screwed their customers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions) then they stroll back in with new centers like nothing happened. They got away with it before, they’ll do it again. Why not?
    If it works for you go ahead and use LA Weight Loss but if you’re smart you will not prepay for anything and if you do use a major credit card or CareCredit so you can charge back whatever you didn’t receive when they pull their same old BS and try to screw you over.

  • Kay Sharp

    Well, for one thing, it’s NOT the exact same company in that they now have new owners (in Canada) and not that Vahan Karian guy.
    Hey, I just wanna be thin and it’s the only one that works for me. (oh, and I don’t buy any of those LA Lites or supplements…just the program).

  • Who are the new owners? Probably the same people who ran it before. Or new people who appreciate a good scam when they see it.

    Don’t worry Kay. Like most moral Christians you will only openly support corrupt swindlers and thieves if you benefit from it personally. All the good Christians who worked for them did it for money, you do it to drop a dress size or two.

    Go madoff! Go halliburton! Go BP! Go LA Weight Loss!

  • Kay Sharp

    You’re very silly, aren’t you.

  • Susan Blanca

    I worked for this company as a counselor and had to quit. It was so immoral the business methods. You people who need to lose weight are so vulnerable. I was raised with morals and could not possibly face clients with what I was supposed to do to get them to buy, buy, buy.

    The morning prep meetings were like a football coach with the team players, the bottom line was the profit, and it was the only goal; the managers had huge pressure put on them to show that number….whatever the “profit-du-jour” was.

    The company goals had nothing to do with the personal goals of the clients. Disgusting. I feel so sorry for overweight people looking for a solution to their weight problem. This company PREYS on them. Much better way to spend your money (waste your money?) is to get a personal trainer or go get some nutritional counseling. No need to pay monthly charges; don’t get caught in the gimmicks.

    BEWARE of GIMMICKS!! All of us are programmed to believe in them. Take control of your life in small ways and then build from there; get together with a support group based on common goals–why pay for that? Set up a competition between your group or something like that. Get a walking buddy (20 minutes a day), take a cooking for health class, there are tons of them out there. Each of you in the group take turns cooking for each other one night per week. These are some ideas just for starters. Be creative, think of other ideas as you go.

    Paying your hard earned money to a company to get you to lose weight is an illusion….a well-established and very profitable ILLUSION.

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