JIFFY LUBE Franchise Complaints

Jiffy Lube franchise marketing contends:  “Starting and running your own business is both a rewarding and complex process.

As the pioneer and leader of the quick lube industry, Jiffy Lube knows what works and what doesn’t.

We focus on the elements that are critical to business operation in addition to offering innovative programs to attract and retain customers.

Since 1979, we’ve been helping individuals realize their dreams of owning a business.”

Is The Jiffy Lube Franchise System Broken?

The Internet is flooded, it seems, with angry consumer complaints about Jiffy Lube.

(See JIFFY LUBE Consumer Complaints)

What does this say about the franchise program?  An inadequate business model?  Poor training?  Lack of franchisee qualification, supervision or quality control?

Are you a Jiffy Lube franchise owner, former franchisee or employee?  What do you think?  Share a comment below.

Here are some representative complaints and criticisms of Jiffy Lube franchise centers:

JiffyNotSoJiffy writes:

Jiffy Lube should be called: Jiffy "bring your car, hurry up and wait while our apathetic, under-staffed employees work on getting around to you, at some point, if at first they don’t say…it’s going to be a while before we can get to you" Lube.

There’s NEVER anything Jiffy about Jiffy Lube. I’ve never seen a company so willing to let money walk away.

Why on a Sunday when the rest of the world is off does Jiffy Lube open with 2 people? That leaves a two-bay shop with one bay doing nothing…stupid, stupid, stupid.

Worst attitude and customer service ever. I’ll never visit a Jiffy Lube again and I recommend the same to the rest of you. Where’s the franchise owner making sure employees are doing what they’re paid to do? I suspect if they knew how apathetic their staff was they’d take some immediate action to improve customer service.

Sorry JL, you’ve lost a customer and as many customers I can convince NEVER to give you their money.

toleworks writes:

After getting a $19.99 quote over the phone and verifying the price with the check-in mechanic for a basic oil change, I was presented with a $47 bill. The manager said that I must have called a different store since that there were no $19.99 oil changes at this location. After I pointed out that the $19.99 price was actually on the check-in sheet, the manager said that this was a sheet from another store. HUH? He promptly reversed his story and gave me the oil change at the $19.99 rate.

I promptly made sure that the other 4 or 5 people in the store knew what a great deal I was getting and that they were going to be ripped off shortly. Where the $47 price came from I do not know, thier listed Signature Oil Change is $37.99.


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6 thoughts on “JIFFY LUBE Franchise Complaints

  • May 20, 2012 at 9:55 am

    I contacted jiffy Lube customer service (web)………but I’ve yet to hear a single word back from them.


    I was not at all satisfied with the service I paid for (paid for twice)… at the #2951 store. I requested an emissions test. I did not have to wait long, but when the manager told me it was completed… He was very careful no to tell me that the test had failed until he had obtained payment from me. I asked him why it failed. He showed me the error code. I asked him what the error code was. He said that I would have to take the truck to a mechanic and have it repaired. I when home and did a little research on the error code. I found out that it is a VERY common error code that is usually due to a loose gas tank cap. or a cap that is worn and needs replaced. I called a different Jiffy Lube location and asked them about this common error code. They (store # 3162) said “yes”, we are very aware of this code…. They suggested that before I spend $$ for a mechanic that I should check the condition of the gas cap. they suggested that I determine if it needed cleaned or replaced…..they provided some suggestions on how/where I could get the error code cleared for free. They (store #3162) said to drive the truck around for awhile and see if the error reappeared prior to getting it re-tested. Store # 3162 (later that day) retested my vehicle and it passed with NO ERRORS. I had to pay $16.04 at store #2951 and got NO help at all … I paid $16.04 again for the same test at store # 3162 (and received PLENTY of help and customer service). ONE MORE THING: while I was in store #2951, the management allowed “street peddlers” aka sales people to enter the waiting area and pester the customers of Jiffylube. I was pestered by two guys trying to sell discount tickets to a pizza joint… when I said no to them they continued around the room pestering the other jiffylube patrons.. Is this condoned by Jiffy lube?

  • March 3, 2017 at 12:53 pm

    Store #32 address 2400 N Meridian Ave OKC, OK 73107. I have been to this store a handful of times because they have always been professional and seemed to have been “reasonable” on their prices…until today. I needed an oil change and asked if they would change out my spark plugs. I already had them, just finding the time was difficult; so, I thought they’d do me a favor and take the stress of taking the time out of my hefty schedule and do the work for me. The manager, Brad, came to me and said that’s a minimum of 1 hours work but said it would only take 10 minutes to change them out. Then he went on to tell me it’ll cost $95.00. I told him NOT to change them because this was a ridiculous amount to charge a customer, after stating will only take 10 minutes to change them out. Now, I can possibly understand the charge(s) if I didn’t have my own plugs; but, to stand there and tell me it’ll still cost me $95 to do this… Anyways, they changed them anyways and gave me the bill! I looked at Brad when I seen the price and asked him as calmly as I could why my oil change cost so much, his reply was that I requested they replace my plugs. I reminded him I told him NO on changing them. His claim was he didn’t hear me. Low and behold, a customer sitting next to me spoke up on my behalf and told him that he, himself, clearly heard I said NO. This customer, then, told Brad to not put a finger on HIS vehicle and proceeded to tell Brad that I don’t deserve the charge. Brad complied with the gentleman that he would honor his request of not touching his vehicle but I’m still responsible to pay for my services. Since I’m an honest person (grrrrr), I paid the bill. I also told Brad I’d be placing a complaint against his store and a negative review wherever I can. He smiled and said “have a good day”. Feeling very burned!

  • March 11, 2017 at 6:12 pm

    Way over priced. Will never go to one again. Asked about coolant level because i thought it was low. Charged me 8 dollars and still at same level. Oil way over priced. Calling corporate office on monday. These people are out right theives

  • August 26, 2017 at 10:49 am

    I called jiffy lube on mercury blvd. Hpt.va. i wanted an oil change. Iask if they had pennzoil 10 w 30 hectold me yes ask if he had purolator air filters he said no. I ask if I could purchase my own would they put it on. He said yes. I bought the oil filter and went there. Now he tells me he only has 10w5. I said when my husband was alive all he ever used was 10w30. I said I would go and get the oil too. How much is this oil change gonna cost me. He said he would knock off 3.00 fot my oil and 2.00 for my filter. He said it would cost me 44.00 plus tax. What a crock. This guy was taking advantage of me cause I’m a woman. I took my truck my oil and my filter to treadquarters and was only charged 13.00. This was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of and everyone else I told said the same thing. People like this are the reason companies go out of business

  • October 17, 2017 at 7:49 pm

    Jiffy Lube is so unethical and dishonest. I been paying for high mileage oil and unbeknownst to me they were putting in conventional oil in my vehicle. How DISRESPECTFUL is that but I will get justice. See you in court

  • October 17, 2017 at 7:53 pm

    I paid for headlight restoration and they never done it. They will pay. You can not continue to do people any kind of way and think it won’t come back to you. It’s called karma

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