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JIFFY LUBE Consumer Complaints

Do you have a complaint with Jiffy Lube?  Please share your experience and your complaint in the comment section below.

Jiffy Lube is the largest system of franchised service centers in the fast lube industry.

Jiffy Lube® International, Inc. (JLI) has more than 2,000 franchised service centers in North America, serving approximately 24 million customers each year.

Headquartered in Houston, TX, Jiffy Lube is a wholly owned, indirect subsidiary of Shell Oil Company. 

Jiffy Lube service centers are 100 percent franchise-owned, independently owned and operated by 252 entity groups.

Jiffy Lube also seems to be the target of its share of customer complaints, exposes and hidden camera investigations.

JIFFY LUBE Consumer Complaints

Here are just a sampling or recent Jiffy Lube consumer complaints posted online on such complaint sites as Ripoff Report and

newtominnesota writes:

I am new to town, so took my Honda to the Jiffy Lube in Hopkins, MN for an oil change.  I was told by (the manager?) Justin, that my car had no fuel filter, and that if I did not have my fuel system cleaned, that my injectors?? would clog up.  Sounded reasonable, so I approved the service.

Later, at the dealer for another service under warranty, the mechanic told me the Honda DOES have a fuel filter, in the fuel tank, designed to last the life of the car.  Also, that although these fuel system cleaners are not necessarily BAD, I was sold the service under totally false pretenses.

Now, I don’t mid paying for reasonably required or recommended service, but I was OUTRIGHT LIED TO, and that really makes me angry. Since Justin took the opportunity to lie to a NEW customer, I will no longer patronize this Jiffy Lube, and will warn all my friends and co-workers to stay away as well.

steve writes of Jiffy Lube Atlantic Coast Enterprises Miami, Florida:

I watched as the oil change was being done to my car, noticed that they did not vacuum the floor, clean the windows nor checked my tire pressure. I thought maybe that the old service of those things being conduct were not done anymore, since I had not been to a jiffy lube in a long time. But when I got home I noticed that the invoice reflected that all of those things were done, when in fact they were not.

linda m.of Sicklerville, New Jersey writes of Jiffy Lube # 438 Turnersville New Jersey:

My daughter who is 17 went to Jiffy Lube for a basic oil change with a $10.00 off coupon.  The total cost for it should have been $25.99.  Instead she left paying $127.38.  They also changed the air filter for $22.99 and changed the radiator fluid replacement for $69.99.

This was a total rip off.  In speaking to the manager of Jiffy Lube, he said they asked her about it first.  My daughter said they did mention the air filter, but did not say anything about the radiator fluid replacement.  The manager just kept saying well we asked her. 

I will never use Jiffy Lube again and neither will anyone I know.  They took total advantage of a 17 year old. 

SportsFan claims that the Salem New Hampshire Jiffy Lube destroyed his car’s engine due to the oil reservoir being empty:

I brought my car into Jiffy Lube in June of 2011.  I purchased the signature service with upgraded synthetic oil.  After driving some weeks later, my engine started making knocking noises, and what sounded to be "flapping" noises as well.  Upon bring my Ford Escape Hybrid to the local dealer, I was told that the engine was dry of oil.  I was also told that there were no leaks! 

I was also informed that the engine was destroyed, and would have to be replaced, at a cost of over $5,000.  I got a second opinion from an independent repair shop, and was told the same thing.

Upon contacting the Jiffy Lube store, I was told the it wasn’t their fault, and they refused to help and hung up the phone on me. They claimed that they put a number of quarts into the can, yet I know that the oil is added manually by employees via a hand held "gun" dispenser. 

I am looking for justice through the State of New Hampshire court system.



45 thoughts on “JIFFY LUBE Consumer Complaints

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  • shanna heard

    The technician at Jiffy Lube put the wrong filter on my car causing engine trouble to my vehicle.

    I had my car taken to Jiffy Lube for a routine oil change on 8-6-12 at 5:16 pm. Upon leaving I received calls at 5:35, 5:38, and 5:39 from the technician to inform me to return to the store, because he had “accidently put a recalled oil filter” on my car. Unfortunately my car didn’t make it back to the facility, my car began sputtering really bad and wouldn’t accelerate over 25 mph.

    I contacted the store and the gentleman came to the gas station where I had broken down. He put my car up on the jack and switched something out allowing me to make it back to the store. Upon returning to the store the reps looked at my car again and stated nothing was wrong. My car still wasn’t running correctly but the store was closing. The next morning I contacted the area manager and he advised he would tow my car to any mechanic I chose, I requested to go to one mechanic, he stated he would have it towed to the facility that Jiffy Lube uses. I agreed.

    The mechanic did a diagnostic check on my car and found that the oil pump had gone out, which would have occurred if the wrong filter had in fact been placed on my car as the technician at Jiffy Lube had stated. He informed this to the area manager (David Levinhauser), who in turn contacted me to advise it was regular wear and tear and the his company was not responsible. David offered to retrieve the oil filter and have it tested to determine if in fact it was a bad filter, however as I explained to him the filter that was currently on the car wasn’t the original filter that Jiffy lube had placed on the car during the initial oil change as the product numbers are different. According to the receipt the filter that was placed on my car during the service is of123bp however by the time my car made it to the mechanic the next day the product number on the filter is pof5288, and the partial number from the receipt is written on the filter that is on the car at this time.

    However Jiffy lube is adamant about not having changed the filter once the car left the first time. I have spoken to Steve (store manager), and David Levinhauser (area manager), and Robert Gayle (division manager) several times in an effort to get my car fixed. These men are only interested in taking the filter that is currently on the car to be tested. That filter I can assure you is fine because they have already replaced the bad filter. invoice number is 2632 800046.

    My car is still at the repair shop that they towed my car to.

  • Carter McKay

    I work at a Jiffy Lube in Southeast Pa. and you wouldn’t believe the things I’ve seen. First off every manager I’ve had (and there have been a lot) is a racist and homophobic. They always spout off to me about the black customers and employees when they’re not around. Just because I’m white doesn’t mean I’m like you. Also I’m a closeted gay man and every day I have to hear them talk about “faggots” and how they’re disgusting.

    Aside from that the amount of fuckups they have is ridiculous. I’ve seen then break tire stems, forget air filters and not call back the customer, put the wrong fluid in a car, not actually do the services that were paid for, look up women’s skirts, take advantage of the elderly and sell them things they truly don’t need, I’ve seen managers threaten violence towards employees, theft from customer cars on a very large scale, dumping oil down the sink drain, sex between two employees while on the clock as verified by both parties, spitting in customer cars, drug use and sale on premises and the managers frequently brag about their drug habits to employees. Most of the employees do drugs as well so usually they’re just comparing notes.

    It’s digusting and after five years working here I’m tired of it. You’re better off taking your car to a trusted mechanic or learning to do it yourself. It’s not as difficult as it looks.

  • Unhappy Customer

    I have just returned from my local jiffy here in Mountain Home, Idaho..
    I am livid..
    The owner first off all told me that my requested oil was’nt any good [ castrol gtx high mileage] then said i should change oil every 3000 miles ..this i totaly dissagree with….

    They then poured oil into my landrover and finished this op within 10 mins or less..They were not busy at the time with just one other customer…I paid and left the building

    I smelt oil when i was driving away and pulled into a safe area to raise the hood..Oil was all over my engine and making it smoke enough to make me cough.. My landrover engine had signs of water also over it…..

    I went back to confront these’ so called pros and was told that they had washed the spilt oil off ha-ha in a very condescending attitude…

    I have changed oil myself in the past and never spilt any ….I will never go back there again……

    Because i am a female they thought i do not know about my vehicle…WRONG..

  • Cheryl Walden

    I appreciate the convenience the Jiffy Lube provides most of the time. There has been repeated problems with DMV card being returned, though. My DMV card, that is needed for online renewal, was removed from my vehicle and was not returned, yesterday. When I called Jiffy Lube (#2021) the next morning, the attendant seemed to scanned the shop with his eyes, while not moving from the phone, then said it was thrown away. This was at the end of the month so the time to renew was very short. I asked for compensation for the hassle they created and they had none. Another time I was given someone else’s paper work along with my own. Jiffy Lube seems to have a check list they go through that helps them make sure everything gets done. Maybe a paperwork check list could be added to the list.

  • Michael B

    They BLEW UP the engine of my Hummer H2 when they installed the wrong oil filter. Their claims department refuses to pay for the repairs at the shop of my choice even though the general manager acknowledges that it was their mistake. The extent of the damage isn’t in dispute; the problem is they won’t pay the labor cost preferring to pay less. They insist on only paying what they feel the “average repair shop” would charge. Here is what Kody Schirner (801-725-1711), Claims Department Representative, Customerservice@gflcompa…, wrote to me this morning:

    that amount will cover the cost of the engine and the labor at the average repair shop. If you choose to have the repairs done at a repair shop that will charge more than that, then you must pay for that luxury.”

    It has been 22 days since they blew my engine. They have also refused to provide a replacement vehicle. I’ve been forced to forward this matter to our attorney, file a complaint with the Attorney General’s office, and I will likely have to pay for the engine replacement out of my pocket and proceed through the courts. Unbelievable.


  • A couple of months ago I went in to Jiffy lube in Martinsburg WV. I wanted an oil change, but the TECH said I needed to have a serpentine belt. After 1and a half hours my van is ready. I drive about a half mile when I hear this noise, which of course was the newly installed serpentine belt. I get my van back to jiffy lube an
    2 Hours later I am informed that the tensioner is gone an they cannot get the new serpentine belt on. I walk serveral blocks back to my home, pick up one of my other vehicles, call a tow truck to get my van towed to a repair shop (which installed the tensioner an serpentine belt in 45 minutes.. Jiffy Lube customer service said that I would hear from the local area supervisor within 48hours, which never happened. I pay out over a $100 for a oil change which was done an service suggested by the tech that was not done. I pay for a tow an a repair that Jiffy lube advertises and the tech’s push, but that jiffy lube was unable to perform because the did not have all the parts needed to perform the service advertised. After spending an Additional amount of money, over $100 an never being contacted. I get a reminder in the mail that my van is due for an oil change. I got an oil change, but NOT AT JIFFY LUBE. NEVER AGAIN: Told all my friends an every one else I can about this experience.


    On July 10th used a $19.95 oil change special coupon and I had my oil changed in 2006 Honda Pilot by Jiffy Lube 862 which is owned by the Enitor Group, LLC. Prior to service I did not have an oil leak. In the course of service I was notified that my break reservoir lid was not on tight. They said I could have air in the lines and made me concerened that I could have a problem. Since I had the breaks done recently (by Brakes Plus) I thanked them and said I would take it back to them.

    Ironically what the Jiffy Lube service person failed to tell me was that there was a problem with the oil plug. After they finished the work I was still not made aware of a problem. The pink service invoice they provided me did not have any notes in the service comments area what so ever. The next morning whjen I went out to my car, I had a 3ft oil leak in my drive way. I called the store and spoke with an assistant manager named Nick.

    I took my SUV back down and Nick then told me the oil plug was stripped and blamed it on the previous service center. Then he showed me their work order neatly printed out with notes in the Service comments that the “Drain Plug Stripped PTS”. Then I showed them my copy. Mine had the information pushed up all the way into the service checklist section which I didn’t see. So to recap- they never mentioned the plug problem and tried to hid the fact in the invoice notes. Pretty clever I’d say. Nick offered to try and tighten the bolt but it still leaked. Since the manager was not there I would have to come back on Friday

    So first thing Friday I went in to see the manager Nate. I asked why I had not been made aware of this before they finished the work. All the service centers I’ve discussed with this said their policy would have been to stop. Secondly they all also said that the likely hood of it not leaking sooner was highly unlikely. The fact that the previous oil change was completed 9 months and 5000 miles earlier leads you to think so. He apologized for not making me aware of it but refused to accept any blame or provide any retribution.

    I then took the car up to Brakes Plus and tried to have the pan retapped for $80 but unfortunately it still leads. So now I have to have the pan replaced. I’ve had three bids so far ranging from $700 – $1000.

    So my $19.95 oil change is now going to cost me…………….ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!?!?!?

  • Randall Booth

    Jiffy Lube Store # 2301, Edmond, OK

    Saturday 3/22/2014
    I went to the Jiffy Lube in Edmond to have the oil changed in my 1988 Jeep Wrangler. I was feeling lazy as I normally do all of the service work on this vehicle myself but that day I thought it would be nice to drink a cup of coffee and read a magazine while somebody else took care of the dirty work.

    So I pulled up to the store and the greeter told me to go inside and they would call me up to get my information. After a bit I see my jeep roll into the service bay and the guy and the counter calls me up. In that order– this is an important detail as you will see later.

    I give him all of my details, name address etc. We get to the part about the service and he explains the different levels…I tell him just the basic (about $30) and I need 10-40 weight oil (fairly standard for older vehicles). The guy at the counter tells me he didn’t think he stocked that weight oil, but he would go check. A moment later the manager come back and tells me he doesn’t stock 10-40 and that all he had was 5-30 and 5-40 weight oil, if I wanted 10-40 then he would have to order it and the oil change would be $60. I said no thanks’, I’ll take it someplace else.

    This is where the service gets bad.

    The manager tells me that they have already drained the oil and I had to either take what they have or pay $60. I had not signed a work order or given them permission to do anything to my vehicle at that time. I tell him he didn’t have my authorization to anything to my vehicle. “Why would you do anything to a vehicle without asking what the customer wants done first?” The manager gets defensive because I tell him he messed up and he needs to make it right. He refuses; basically holding me and my jeep hostage to buy either an over-priced service or one I don’t want or need. I ask how he was going to fix this and he says “either put in what we have or pay $60” he offered no concession or solution. I start getting angry.

    I tell him to push my jeep out and not to do another damn thing to it!!!! He said “With no oil?” I said “PUSH IT OUT!!!”

    So I walk a block down the street to O’Reilly’s Auto Parts and buy six quarts of 10-40 oil, walk back and put it in my jeep. I check the level then fire it up to check for leaks.

    NOW this is where it gets real bad!

    The service tech removed my oil filter then reinstalled it WITHOUT the gasket. THIS WASN’T AN ACCIDENT, THIS WAS DONE ON PURPOSE TO TRY AND SABOTAGE MY ENGINE. I have changed my own oil for years, even work as a mechanic in high-school–rule 1 with oil filters is check the gasket!
    Luckily I checked for leaks because the engine would have pumped all of the oil out in a matter of minutes and ruined the engine.
    I have had poor service before, but I have never had someone try and destroy my property because I wouldn’t purchase their service!

  • Bruce Tinch

    i have had service for 2 expensive vehicles at the Cooper / Park Row locations in Arlington for over 30 years. Today was the worst ever.

    Bottom line i am changing where i get my $70.00 oil change. For starters the staff was boxing and playing around in front of my vehicle and not taking care of business and not tending to my car. Two junky cars driven by employees suddenly pulled up in from on me vehicle at a very fast speed and raced the engine to high level of noise and the rap music was playing so loud. The “manager” i think , got out of his vehicle, went below in the inventory room and loaded a box of something in his car.

    The other crew members complained he had not been around for 2 hours and he was leaving then to go home 2 or 3 hours early. They were hacked. I had to personally ask them to check the windshield fluid, break fluid, and transmission fluid. no tire service at all. they did clean my window glass, They got greasy hand prints on my white paint and i had to ask them to clean it off. One of the staff members was cordial but everyone lack expertise and professionalism.

    This was the worst crew i have ever seen, over thirty years of doing business there. For $70 i deserve better service more professional, and a feeling of confidence. I DID NOT HAVE A FEELING OF CONFIDENCE or customer service. I will never go back to this location again in Arlington, and most likely i will find another company to provide me my next thirty years of oil service.

  • Julie R.

    I took my Expedition in to Jiffy Lube for an oil change on 9/20/2014 (Aurora, IL). They did the oil change and pulled out of the bay. As the mechanic pulled out of the bay, he went just fast enough that when he came off of the ramps, my trucks back end bounced off of the lip from the work hole in the floor. The lip hit the differential and caused it to start leaking. Needless to say, I was unable to drive my vehicle home. I pulled it back into their parking lot and they pulled it back into another bay to look underneath. Their “mechanic” told me the differential is broke. But in the same breath, told me they didn’t touch it. Meanwhile, the other 2 employees acted like I wasn’t even there at that point. When I got it towed home, I crawled under and took pictures. There is yellow paint on the differential and the whole bottom of it is now oil soaked (which it was not like that Saturday). I am currently working with corporate to resolve this issue. The person driving the cars SHOULDN’T be. Because while we were there waiting, one of the other employees had to stop doing what he was doing to direct this non driving employee how to drive and where to pull in. Hopefully this gets resolved SOON!!

  • Uneducated staff providing incomplete service. Services not performed even though the boxes were checked on the computer. I took my 2001 Mazda Miata in for an oil change on October 8, 2014 to a Reno location in Golden Valley Jiffy Lube® Service Center #3227. I waited for service person in waiting room for my report on what needed to be changed. PCV valve and of course the air filter which this store did not have in stock but could get from parts store down the road. I said I’d get my own air cleaner and he stated it would be the same price less 3.00 for installation, 29.00. Add that to the price of the oil change with synthetic oil and the total was just over 100.00. When I was checking out I looked at the list of items that were tended to on my car. The battery was checked off and I know that wasn’t looked at since it’s in the trunk and the trunk lid was never opened. The transmission fluid was not checked and when I asked why I was told they could not find the dip stick for that. Several employees started looking for it and the one that said he didn’t check it had a blank look on his face. One employee however did come out and show the others where it was, in the engine compartment. I did not feel confident that my car was serviced properly. I left Jiffy Lube only to find that my car sounded very strange. I went directly back and one of the employees looked at my engine. Apparently the new PCV valve was not correct for my car and a hose was kinked as it was put on wrong. They did put the correct one on and sent me on my way. I again left Jiffy Lube and my car still sounded strange. I went back and pulled up in front of the bays. I popped my hood and got out. I told one of the employees that my car still sounded odd and was told that nothing they did would have altered the sound of my car. Another employee came out holding an air filter in his hand and said they forgot to install it. I told them that I was leaving to drive to Portland Oregon and did not feel in any way that they performed the services that they not only said they did but marked off on their list of things serviced.

  • will bloombergh

    I took my Mazda Tribute into Jiffylube in Beverly, Mass. The manager told me I needed a new fuel filter. I said, OK. They put in the wrong type filter and 2 days later the car stalled out. I needed a tow truck, $80. I had to replace the fuel filter and fuel line at Meineke for $241. Plus I lost a lot of gas from the tank. I had been a regular customer at Jiffylube for years but no more.

  • been going to this location (store 3278)for some time now. noticed new personnel on most visits. 2-14-15 4:11PM had oil / filter change and grease. new employee placed end of dip stick inside my vehicle and dropped oil on my pants! I requested to see dip stick but thought person would have enough knowledge to not place end of dip stick inside my vehicle to show me oil level, as I sat in my vehicle! I told him, “YOUR DRIPPING OIL ON ME AS I GRABBED END OF DIP STICK AS PUSHED IT OUTSIDE VEHICLE! Also, I just had the U-JOINTS replaced on front axle end on 4-wheel drive truck. I told the employee, that has been there for some time, to grease these U-JOINTS. I told him that I had to turn the wheels left to right all the way in order to grease on last visit. he claimed he had greased these but, in fact he HAD NOT! I said, “I’ve been watching, and you did not grease them.. He then said he could not see place to grease them… I HAD TO SHOW HIM!! He said, I never saw them… I told him you have to turn the axle to see them… I believe this employee was in charge that day! NEVER AGAIN FOR THIS GUY! JIFFY LUBES IN LAKE CHARLES, LA. S U C K S!!!

  • Lauretta Nelson

    Jiffy Lube # 3235
    15230 W. 64th Ave.
    Arvada,Co. 80007
    On 2/5/15 installed a Megatron Plus 6 yr #24 F battery for $138.99 plus tax–Total #150.06 ( invoice No. 4232881).. Exactly one week later my car DID NOT start.. Had to get my car towed to Mark’s Auto Sales on2/13/15
    7800 w. Colfax
    Lakewood,co. Ph.# 303-592-7725 ( Ask for Norm)
    Invoice # 13071
    PROBLEM: Battery cable were NOT installed correctly… Total cost for this was $1950..
    I am asking for you to pay me for this service plus towing costs plus gas for my son’s car who had to pick me up etc.. Total cost that I feel you owe me is $ 109.50..
    Who can not install a battery correctly?? Unbelievable…
    Lauretta Nelson

  • Soloman Grundy

    So what is new ? Before the Last time I went to JL in the 1990s, my 1985 Corolla sis not leak. I had the oil changed, After that , the leaks started. Took the car back to JL.
    The manager said it was a mechanical problem, not their fault. He never did address the fact that the leak only started after I ever went had the oil changed at JL.
    It has been over twenty years, Never went back to ANY Jiffy Lube.

  • I just took my car to the Jiffy Lube in Las Vegas on, Trop & Mtn Vista. I just needed an oil change and for them to check my tire pressure. I also made it perfectly clear to NOT try to open my driver’s side window. It’s a power window, but I need a new motor, so the window is permanently in the “up” position until I’m able to get it fixed. Well, what did they do? They tried to open it….jerks. When they pulled my car out of the garage, I noticed right away that my window was down about 5 inches. The employee denied trying to roll down the window, but I knew he was full-out lying. He said when he closed the door, the window fell in. I call Bullshit! That window has been in the same “up” position for over a month, and I have even slammed the door over and over to see if it would fall back in….NOT. I was so po’d that I forgot to look at the idiots name tag. I drive a sports car, and have to be at work tomorrow morning. The neighborhood where I’m employed is not in a very good. Now my car is an open invitation for theft and vandalism. There’s no way I can get this fixed before work or call in sick. Effen jerks…..

  • Arnold Culpepper

    I own a 2000 Eldorado, that Jiffy lube has been servicing since I purchased it in 2000 brand new. It has come to my attention that they failed to check my transmission fluid level for I do not know how long, my check engine light came on 3-10-15 and I had it diagnostics ran on it and it said low fluid. It also had a list of other things that were showing up, a mechanic told me that the fluid level being that low could cause. I checked it my self it did not even show on the dip stick. I put fluid in it and it so far has been ok, so I did take the read out to the Jiffy lube I regularly use and manager said thanks for letting us look at it. I inform him if something goes wrong in the near future with my transmission I would be looking to them to help to help me with it and he politely said ok. I just wanted to register this complaint incase I have a problem down the road. In short make sure they ck all your fluid levels.

  • Elvira Elias

    Jiffy lube store #804 oil changed on 2/5/15 my car started acting weird on 4/2015 almost due for an oil changed. Check engine light, came on I stopped waited for car to cool down check oil level no oil put oil in.

    Drove back to my brothers house a mechanic checked oil level still low added more oil changed spark plugs. Honda Element 2008 continues with trembling and engine light on he puts car on lifts looks for oil leak nothing checks oil filer and to our surprise filter loose. Jiffy Lube puts filter by hand no tools so my brother tighten the filter and I go back to store #804 they try to look for issue why car is acting like this. I explained that they left filter loose and lost of oil occur. The manager tells his guys do and oil changed and change filter after that they continue to see if Element issues goes away nothing.. next step they put car on lift hose it down and check for any oil spill nothing manager informs me bring car back tomorrow to check with mechanic I did they place element on lift put some spray and hose car bottom once again no leaks mechanic without testing says u have coil issues.

    What those motor issue have to do with the coils ?? I say this to the manager mike he says well take your Honda element to a Honda dealer if they determine that the car motor issue is due to oil issues your motor will be cover by jiffy lube. So I did continue to Auto nation Honda in Hollywood diagnostic done mechanic check truck and determine motor damage due to low oil.

    Contacted jiffy lube headquarters and area manager Mickey they send there mechanic to inspect and came up that the motor had problems that where not cause due to low oil just got this email today 6/1/15 now will go back to Honda dealer with copy of info to show to tech and fight to the end most probably take it to help me Howard and attorney on TV news that helps out or my own attorney.

    I ask if you have the same issues to contact me [redacted] to have a group of us to bring jiffy lube to justice by making a lawsuit against them.

  • Elvira Elias

    By the way Auto nation check and tested the coils no issues with Honda Element 2008

  • Jiffy Lube said I needed a new battery and wiper blades along with coolant. I knew this was a lie and did not have that work done. I immediately confirmed with O”Reilly AutoParts that my 3 month old blades were in great condition, my i yr.old battery was tested as good and the coolant was slightly low and I bought it from them to put in myself. I am a female senior church lady and it does not mean that I am stupid and do not know what is going on with my truck. This company gives all fast lube companies a bad name. I now am concerned that no oil was actually changed or a inferior product was used. It was a real joke that they asked if I wanted good, better or best oil. They probably only use the good stuff anyway.

  • Truck was overfilled with oil, threw a rod and am going through a nightmare trying to contact them and come to a resolution. Calls, emails, etc. to both local and corporate offices go unanswered and unreturned. Horrible customer service.

  • alohacmj

    Jiffy Lube overfilled our oil by 2-3 quarts causing our engine to seize up. They are now saying that sludge and an internal leak cause the engine to seize up. ( how they know this , I do not know since the adjuster basically just opened the hood and look at the engine). The car was running great before the oil change. We noticed tapping or knocking sound immediately after leaving the shop. About 20 miles later the oil light comes on and the engine starts running really rough. We pulled into the nearest auto shop who confirmed the engine was overfilled. They drained the oil and did a complete oil change. The light went off but the tapping noise continued and the engine seized a few miles later and now the car is inoperable. Don’t ever go to Jiffy lube! They do not stand by their work.

  • To begin the manager was fussing at this black young man of course he was white very racist the t assistant manager which was a lady very rude she gave the customer ahead of me a discount when I asked her could she do the same for she said no she I don’t know who you talk to the last time you were here but we never do that she was very rude and prejudice I will never go there again I was so pleased with the place before she came I am so disappointed in the service

  • Chung Kim

    My father brought in his 2011 GMC Sierra truck for a routine oil change on 1/27/2016.

    The technician servicing the truck broke/damaged the ATF dipstick tube assembly due to carelessness when it pulled out. My father observed/witnessed it.

    The technician feigned ignorance and attempted to blame my father for the damage. The technician told my father to take his truck to the dealership for repair/replacement. The technician refused to take any responsibility for his own carelessness in breaking/damaging the dipstick tube.

    My father had the dipstick tube repaired/replaced at the dealership and brought the invoice back to this location. He spoke with another employee. My father presented the employee with the invoice and asked what they will do to compensate the amount for the repair/replacement. The employee became irate and told my father he’ll need to call corporate with no additional details or information on how and when the follow up will occur.

    My father asked the employee for his name. The employee angrily told my father he is not obligated to provide him with his name and told him to get the hell off the premises or he’ll call the police. My father was not being abusive or confrontational in any way during the interaction.

    The area district manager Leyon Kerkland became aware of the issue on 1/30/2016, but declined to contact me after a couple of follow up calls from me. I called Jiffy Lube corporate in Texas and was informed they would follow up with Leyon and me. Jiffy Lube corporate told me the very rude customer service by the employee and broken/damaged component will be addressed.

    I took the initiative and finally reached Leyon Kerkland on the morning of 2/3/2016. He sounded as if he was not interested in the situation and stated up front that he will not compensate the broken/damaged dipstick tube and claimed they break all the time due a faulty design and quality. He stated he’ll deny and refuse any compensation by claiming it’s not their fault regardless of the technician’s recklessness.

    Furthermore, he claimed the employee in question stated that my father was being abusive and combative and that is why he responded the way he did and the employee was supposedly put on final notice. Leyon’s demeanor and voice on the phone clearly indicated he didn’t care about any of the issues.

    Leyon initially refused to provide me with the contact information for his manager (regional manager) until I had to press the issue.

    My father has been a loyal Jiffy Lube customer for more 20 years going through at least three vehicles. My father is 70 years old. The absolute rude and unprofessional treatment by the employee who told him to leave with the threat of calling the policemen is shameful. I asked Leyon if the audio and video recording of the interaction from the security cameras in the office can be pulled. Leyon refused to address that.

    Leyon’s dismissive attitude and lack of respect towards the issue along with his cavalier responses clearly shows he doesn’t give a damn and nor does Jiffy Lube corporate.

  • I took my mother’s car to Jiffy Lube to have its annual inspection and as I should have known they would not pass the inspection without first installing a new serpentine belt and new wiper blade. In my opinion neither were worn to the point that they needed to be replaced but they would have failed the car without them. Such a rip off racket . How many unneeded wiper blades do they sell in a days time?

  • Garrett Lamb

    That jiffy lube in Winchester ky is doing macanuce work with out the proper people to do so they had the manger doung it with out paying him or being certified to do so they are useing oil that is not Pennzoil and they are still doing mecanice work in there Lexington stores

  • My wife went in for a oil change two weeks ago here in denver colorado. She was charged $104.00 when it only cost $ 80.00. We were told by two different managers that they are aware of the mistake an would reimburse us.however they could not give us cash an would have to contact the cooperate office. Then we would recieve a check in the mail ? funny right. Well its been two weeks an still no check.

    Gary darby-bey

  • Bad bad bad bad

  • One of the worst franchisor, Jiffy lube, that I have delt with in 20 years of being in business. Wasted one year, did application twice, provided proof of funds twice, I was told by them that area of inerest is available and tthen they droped the ball each time. I have no clue why they are advertising heavily to get more franchees in when they don’t have anything available or can’t cant make up their mind who to give that area too, I am glad it happened in the beginning, I could just see how it would have been if I have gotten in, one hand doesn’t know what other hand is doing. Use to go iffy lube for oil change and wont go their now. And will do lots of positive advertisement for them.

  • Dawn Allen


  • Christian bujosa

    My name is Chris I am a ex jiffy lube employee for about 7yrs I worked for south bay lube. I worked the kissimmee and Orlando stores where ever they needed me faithfully.

    just to let you know I got fired for a customer that came in asking for a favor he wanted a light bulb put in on a brand new Mercedes Benz multiple people touched the vehicle in including me. one of the guys lost the pin that holds the bulb in I reported it an was told by Jessica Bryant (DM) do what u can an get that car out we are to busy to deal with that since he’s not paying for it because it was a favor!

    I was told by the (DM) to tape it up an send him on his way well sure enough he comes back with a bill stating that the bulb had fallen and burned the whole light housing! Now the area manager who’s name is Randy Bryant Jessica’s dad said that some one has to get fired for that so it ended up being me! Come to find out thru several employees that Jason Thomas the owner had no insurance at that time so he came out of pocket to pay for the light housing!

    Just to let everybody know that the way south bay lube treats their employees an customers is not professional and they lie a lot!!!! They also rip off fleet companies selling things that are not recommended!!!! And there’s a lot of other things that go on in that company that I don’t approve of I have 24yrs experience in the lube industry an when I Tell you that this company is in need of a new owner and management team!!!!

    If u need to contact me for ANYTHING don’t hesitate to email me!!!!!!!

  • Rosendo R.

    This is the WORST company you could ever deal with. Even after a year they Will Bouyd (manager) has not responded to my letter asking him to at least give me the money I spent on their horrible services that were never done to my car. They should close this store down as well as all the other Jiffy Lubes, anyway there are a million other places that do what they claim to do better and respectfully. I have read other people’s stories and they are just unbelievable. I decided to withdraw my lawsuit after my lawyer told me that this would be a long case that would persist for a very long time and I didn’t want to be upset and feel impotent for so long after what these idiots did to me. To this day, I still do not believe this happened and I cannot believe that not a single person has contacted me about it either. Even the headquarters in Texas want to clean their hands with this matter since they are a franchise.
    Terrible and disgusting company; AVOID IT at all costs.
    The following happened to me. I tried to explain everything in detail and as accurate as possible. People please, stay away from them. This is not the first time it happens. They are actually famous for their horrific jobs…

    On October 1st 2015, I took my 2003 Dodge Sprinter 2500 to Jiffy Lube facilities for an oil change. I went to the one located in 7798 Coral Way, Miami, FL 33155, where the manager Jonathan helped me that day. While there, they offered a filter change and an engine treatment and services, which I agreed to for $199. It took them approximately 10 minutes to do everything and because it was so fast, I asked him if they had done everything previously agreed to the car and he claimed they were professionals so it was quick. The vehicle had absolutely no issues previously to attending Jiffy Lube and operated in an optimal condition; in reality, I only went for an oil change. Before leaving, he also suggested I changed one of the anterior headlights. When I asked how long it would take he said it would be approximately 15 minutes but the place got filled with people so he said to come back another day because also the only person that knew how to take off the headlights was not there that day, so I left. Two days later on October 3rd I went back to Jiffy Lube to change the headlights for another $29.
    Three days later, on October 6th as I was coming back from work, the light indicating malfunctioning of the filter turned on. The next day, October 7th I took the car back to Jiffy Lube, where the manager Jonathan told me that it wasn’t a problem and that they were going to change the filter again even though this was supposed to have happened back in October 1st, the very first day I took the car there and paid for it to be changed. Then they came back saying that they had to order the filter because they didn’t have them in the store, which I thought was strange since they did “have” it the first time. I went inside to the lobby to wait for my car and I started hearing weird noises and smoke started to come out of the car. This is when I realized that they had never changed the filters for oil/petroleum and I am almost certain as well that they never changed the oil itself either. When I stepped outside to see what was going on with my car, I asked Jonathan what was going on and he simply said to not worry that they were going to fix it. When I looked at the filter, it looked like the one it had previous to the new one and I told him once again that the filter was old and they never changed it in the first place. He got really nervous and kept saying not to worry. I decided to take pictures of the filter to have proof that a brand new filter does not look like that one the slightest. Also, they told a mechanic from the shop to go to the gas station to bring back a liquid, which they poured in a plastic water bottle container, I guess for me to not know what was in it. They brought back gas to put in the car even though my car does not use gas, it uses petroleum. As soon as I started taking pictures and videos of everything that was going on, the mechanic hid the plastic bottle container with the gasoline inside of it. I am certain this was one of the main reasons why the car made an internal explosion and hence the fact the engine became inoperable. Then the car turned on but the smoke it was producing was so much and overwhelming that they had to turn on the fan. The car started making a sound as if two metals were hitting each other so I told Jonathan to turn it off because that was not good for the engine. Jonathan told me not to worry that the mechanic knew was he was doing and that it was okay for that to happen. They kept the car on for around 15 minutes and the smoke kept getting worse as well as the sound that was really loud; they also kept on putting more gasoline to the car and messing with the filter. After almost three hours of this, they decided to call Victor Moreno, manager of the store in US1 and Jonathan’s boss. Victor told Jonathan to tell me to 1. To look for a tow truck because they didn’t have any and 2. To look for a shop to take it to, that they were going to take full responsibility for the damages and fix the car they broke down. I told them that I was concerned because the car had thousands of dollars invested in my working tools and I couldn’t just leave the car there. Soon after, I was able to contact a shop and called a tow truck (which I had to pay for) to take it to a facility because it could not stay at their location.
    I followed the tow truck to the shop, which I consider one of them should have done but I had to do it. When we arrived at the shop, the mechanic Ivan turned it on and quickly turned it off and checked the oil and the engine and told me that Jiffy Lube had completely messed up the engine. He also said that this happened because they put gasoline instead of petroleum to turn it on and that’s what caused the explosion and messed other things inside as well. Ivan also mentioned that most of the mechanics at Jiffy Lube do not know what they’re doing and don’t have a clue about anything else other than oil change which is what they’re certified for. Ivan gave me an estimate and I called Jonathan to tell him about it and he called Victor. Victor immediately backed up and said that he was not going to take responsibility over anything that happened, even though he did not know the details that it was their fault. Jonathan gave me Victor’s phone number and after endless calls that were never answered, I presented myself to Victor’s store in Miami, FL US1. There, he had no option but to speak to me. He told me that he had to contract an inspector to go check the car and I simply told him I didn’t care what he had to do but he had to give me my car back in the same conditions as it entered their Jiffy Lube facilities. I also told him to check the cameras at the store to make sure he would see that the car entered in perfect conditions and came out inoperable.
    As Victor said, he sent an inspector of their choice for a physical and mechanical appraisal 4 days after this. The inspector completed the report, which was filled with errors about my car. Details like the type of gas, doors, pistons, and many other things that are basic about the car were wrong and even the name of the “owner” of the car, which they made the report to my brother’s name for no reason. The only correlation between my brother and the car was that he had taken it years before to that same location but that was not the case this time. On the other hand, the guy doing the inspection told me that he had been working for Jiffy Lube many times before and he took pictures of the car in areas where is it not subjective/ helpful in this case. The pictures never included pictures of the oil and the amount it had to prove it had been changed, it does not state the condition of the oil filter and whether it is new or old. However, it does state that the diesel filter is new, but of course it has to be new after having to change it (the first time they were supposed to do it on October 2nd and the second time on October 7th) “so many times.” The inspector also stated that he vehicle’s oil was low even though they were supposed to have done it days before this happened; either they did not put the required amount or they did not change it at all. It also does not state the viscosity or quality of the oil they put in the car.
    After calling Victor for so many days after the inspection, he never had the decency to worry about accelerating the process. I asked him to please do what he could to finish this quick because this car contains the tools required for my job and I have employees that are depended from me. I had been without working for days and he just didn’t seem to care or to help me at all. This is my job and with it I have to pay lots of bills that my family depend from. Starting from my daughter’s university studies, to my son’s sport and the plate of food I have to provide daily, along many other important bills needed for everyday survival.
    Without care, he finally said that they were not responsible for anything that happened to that car and that he didn’t care, but they were not going to pay for any damage made to the car. I then asked him to give me his boss’ number for me to contact him and he kept insisting to not give it to me because he didn’t speak Spanish and that he was American so I insisted and he ended up giving me his number. I called him endless times different days and did not receive a single call back. I, along with my daughter who speaks the language, went to Jiffy Lube in coral way where this incident happened to ask them to call Will Bouyd, the person who I was trying to get in contact with. There, they told me that they didn’t have direct contact with him and that I had to call Victor but I didn’t because he was going to tell me the same thing, that Will would call me back, which had not happened in days. I left him four more voicemails and no response. I decided to call the police because they were not being concise, it was just bounding be around and around. When the cops arrived, I explained the situation and even they agreed that I needed to do something because they didn’t care. They went inside the store to ask for their information and when they came back outside they provided all the details from the company to me in order to call corporate and make a complaint and have someone with higher authority to call me and solve the problem; obviously that never happened.
    Days after, Will contacted my daughter and told her that he was going to further investigate the case because he had just heard about it and he wanted to have the details and call me back as soon as possible. It is until today that we have not heard from him even after my daughter calling him more times.

    This is a conversation I had with Victor afterwards and was also stated on the letter they sent to my house:
    -Victor stated: we are not going to pay for anything because the car had too many miles.
    (However, this car went in perfectly fine just for an oil change and they ruined the rest.)
    -I responded: then why did you agree to charge me everything and “do all those things to the car?” even though it had so many miles?
    -Victor said: the car had a leakage.
    -I responded: Which diesel car with a year of being used does not have leakage? Independently of this, the leakage has nothing to do with anything else. The car went in perfectly fine inside Jiffy Lube facilities the three days that it went in and Jonathan, who drove it, knows it drove well without any noise or smoke coming off of it. Then why does Bill Bouyd want to return the money they charged for the filters and oils and services when supposedly they did it right? I did not break the engine or do anything to the car, it was not in my hands when you decided to put something I’m not knowledgeable about inside of it that you hid in a plastic water bottle container. Obviously they don’t want to take responsibility for something that was done wrong.

    I also visited two other Jiffy Lubes in order to obtain information about their services with these types of cars. I asked for information for an oil change on this car type of car (Dodge Sprinter 2003) and they said that they would do it. When I insisted and asked whether they had the filter in the store they backed up and said that they didn’t have it, and that they only did the oil change on those cars. This confirmed that they never did a filter change the first day that I took the car because they do not do filter change according to the other Jiffy Lubes. They also said that the diesel filter was something they didn’t do commonly either, that if I were to ask for that service they would do the same thing the other people did with my car, leave the filters untouched and once you turn on the car with the old filters after changing the rest the oil gets contaminated and causes the rest of the problems.

    ** I have pictures and videos of everything done this day.

    Rosendo R.

  • Ron Mansour

    On 12/30/14 I went to the Jiffy Lube at 130 E. 2nd St. in Edmond, OK for an oil change. My 2004 Chevy pick up had 120,562 miles on it. The employee there said I needed a serpentine belt because it was showing ware. I agreed and they replaced it ( I think).

    On 02/07/17 I drove to the Jiffy Lube at 2400 N. Meridian Ave. in Oklahoma City, OK for an oil change. I was driving the same pick up, now with 145,934 miles on it. Guess what? They said I needed a new serpentine belt because it was worn. Really? Either the Edmond location didn’t replace the belt in 2014 or this guy was trying to scam me. Or, they both were scamming me. Either way, I’ll never go to another Jiffy Lube.

  • Jonathan Joslin

    The technician broke my hood latch when he opened my hood.
    I have been to this location numerous times and specifically told the
    Technicians that I would open the hood since there are 2 latches in the
    Middle of the hood that need to be released.

    While I was speaking to the person at the desk they pulled the car in and tried to open the hood ignoring
    My instructions. I personally watched the technician through the window try to open the hood
    Before I could stop him he tried to force the hood open and snapped the
    Hood latch on the driver’s side. I went out to the bay and looked at the hood
    Which was now unable to be opened. The technician said he had no idea why the hood would not open.
    I said I watched him try and force it open and he denied he did anything to break the latch.

    I took the car to my mechanic and they were able to open the hood with a special tool to release the
    cable. I have pictures of the broken part that show that it was snapped off with great force.
    My Mercedes mechanic told me he had never saw this part be broken before.

    I had opened the hood the day before to check my oil before the service and the latch was not broken.

  • Amy Sandwith Bowers

    In 2014 Jiffy Lube told me my vehicle had a lot of oil leaks and other problems that needed to be fixed. I asked a friend that works on vehicles and it was all lies.

    Then on August 15th, 2017 took my new car in to have the transmission service and an oil change done. They refused to do the transmission service, but they took out 5 quarts of transmission fluid. And did the oil change. After leaving the store, my car had more issues. The transmission started to slip (harder then before going to the store) and it started to smoke. When I parked the car and got out it was WHITE SMOKE coming from each of the four tires.
    Both of these vehicles were taken to Jiffy Lube in Mount Vernon, Washington.

  • Amy Sandwith Bowers

    In 2014 Jiffy Lube told me my vehicle had a lot of oil leaks and other problems that needed to be fixed. I asked a friend that works on vehicles and it was all lies.

    Then on August 15th, 2017 took my new car in to have the transmission service and an oil change done. They refused to do the transmission service, but they took out 5 quarts of transmission fluid. And did the oil change. After leaving the store, my car had more issues. The transmission started to slip (harder then before going to the store) and it started to smoke. When I parked the car and got out it was WHITE SMOKE coming from each of the four tires. And Im pregnant, when my future huaband called on my behalf they got into a fight with him. I havent been feeling well through this pregnancy but after going to jiffy lube I have been in bed because of feeling worst.
    Both of these vehicles were taken to Jiffy Lube in Mount Vernon, Washington.

  • Jeff Schermer

    On July 26,2017 I brought my 2012 Toyota Corolla to the Jiffy Lube @ 314 West El Norte Parkway (Store #415) in Escondido California for a lube and oil – According to the service invoice (239971), the “quality inspection” was performed by J. Mugavero. Fast forward to Thursday, November 2, 2017 when I decided to have my car worked on by another service shop in Escondido. When the service tech at the new shop went to remove the oil filter, he noted that some of the teeth were broken off the part which holds the oil filter in place, and that this was caused by the technician at Jiffy Lube either not using the correct tool to remove the oil filter or simply carelessness on the part of the service technician (not taking responsibility for the damaged part) – Either way, I was forced to replace this filter adapter part, which could only be purchased from Toyota at a cost of $55.99. I went back to Jiffy Lube this morning and spoke to the onsite manager (Luiz) – Although I showed him the damaged part where you can clearly see the damaged caused by Jiffy Lube, Luiz told me he was unable to do anything before speaking to the owner of the shop – When I asked how soon I can expect a response, he told me within a day or so (time will tell whether this will actually happen). I also made sure the service technician at the new shop got a photograph of the damaged adapter on the car prior to him removing the part. In reading all the many complaints above, I see clearly that Jiffy Lube is certainly no stranger for unsatisfied and unhappy customers – At what point will the Bureau of Automotive Repairs conduct a thorough investigation into the deceptive and “unbusinesslike” practices for Jiffy Lube. This company, along with their parent company (Shell Oil Company) ought to be ashamed!!!!

  • I went to The jiffy lube on trolley road and Dorchester in Summerville SC where I usually go all the time for my oil change , and this time I was told it would be an hour wait and they said just to let you know oil changes start at 40 dollars plus and goes up depending what kind of oil you choose . So first of all what ever happened to the 15 minute oil change from the past , 2nd it really made me feel unwelcome , the place has really gone down . They spend more time standing around than hurrying and trying to get these cars in and out , and the people they hire they have no business being there you can tell it’s not there field.

  • Christopher Eubanks

    Jiffylube Case 000171333. So I’ve been a loyal customer of jiffylube for over a year and as a retired veteran i felt i didn’t need to distrust and feel suspicious of my local business owners. I entrusted jiffylube with oil changes and air filter replacement. Why haven’t you provided Ethics Training to the staff? This matters and had you done this i would have been told up front there was a mishap and what it was and also the remedy. No one EVER informed me of a broken engine cover. My experience has always been the same. Check in. .say what i want. .show me Anything Obviously wrong before anything begins. Air filters..I’m shown but not the broken engine cover. It’s a non functional piece of plastic that is costing me trusting local business’s and that’s all for a $150.00 piece of plastic. I’m worth more than that. My business is worth more than that and as a retired disabled veteran. ..I’m very disappointed and willing to go the extra mile to continue this discussion until i take my very last breath.


    I paid $!00. for a synthetic oil change on my Cadillac and they put the wrong oil in my car! Had I not immediately responded to my cars warnings it would have cost me an engine. Moral of the Story- “DO NOT EVER USE JIFFY LUBE FOR ANYTHING!”
    This place should not be allowed to operate!

  • Kaitlyn Andersen

    Director of Operations for Jiffy Lube: Craig Linington

    On April 27th, 2018, we brought our car into Jiffy Lube in Beaverton to have the brake pads checked. We were told the rear brake pads were in great condition, but the front brake pads needed to be replaced and the brake fluid in the front of the car flushed. We also had our oil changed and all other recommendations by the jiffy lube staff completed that day. Less than two months later our brakes were making noises again. We brought the car back in to the same Jiffy Lube on 7-20-18 and were told that the rear brake pads were in such poor condition they were basically metal on metal. Jiffy Lube staff were able to tell us this without even taking the wheels off of our vehicle and gave us a repair estimate of $500. We explained that the rear brake pads were fine in April and we were apologized to and given coupons for oil changes. I called to speak to a manager that same day to discuss reimbursement for the damage to our brake pads and was yelled at by the manager. He then told me we “probably couldn’t afford to have all four brake pads done at the same time” and that’s why our rear brakes were now in such poor condition. He also said he didn’t work at that location at the time of our repairs so he didn’t know. He said he would have another manager call me. An hour later, Deandre called me, profusely apologized and promised that someone from corporate would call me within the hour. If I didn’t receive a phone call, he assured me I could call him back. I never received a phone call. When I called him back, I spoke to a staff member who told me Deandre was taking his second lunch of the day and would not be returning. I never received any return calls. On 7/21/18 we took our car into Brake Lodge. After inspecting it, they found that our rotors were damaged and our calipers had frozen due to brake fluid not being flushed and brake pads not being replaced. The repairs cost $602. I called Jiffy Lube and spoke to Ted who told me I was not telling the truth about the services I received at Jiffy Lube on April 27th. After calling me a liar, Ted rudely told me to bring in my Brake Lodge invoice and nothing would probably come of it. He refused to give me the number of someone else I might speak to. We brought our paperwork into Jiffy Lube on July 27th and I received a phone call from the regional manager of Jiffy Lube. Again, I had a conversation that can only be described as unprofessional and borderline rude. I was told that he tried to check camera footage of the day of April 27th but found nothing and there was nothing he could do. After a few minutes, he refused to speak to me or answer my questions. I was told his boss was out of town and would get back to me when he could. I am seeking reimbursement for repairs. My father and I have brought in three cars to Jiffy Lube over the last 20 years and supported the establishment as such. This needs to be made right.

  • Michael Sheahan

    Within the past few years, I found the convenience of our local jiffy lube on Maple Valley Drive here in Madison Wis. helpfull with my demanding schedule. Always had a fair price. They never pushed me for service I didn’t need or want. Things have changed for the worse these days. On July 24,2018, I pulled into the lot and talked to David F. He said that it would be around 45 minutes before they could service my vehicle, or, come back around 11:30 am when the full crew were in, but we would lose our place in line if we came back then. That was a poor choice of words and sounded like they didn’t need our business. We were the first people there before the doors opened for business. No one else in line. Just then, a woman who parked her car on the side of the lot, put out a cigarette and proceded to go in the building. Aparently an employee named Erin P. according to my invoice. Then, within 2 minutes, we were directed to the waiting area that I was familiar with in the past. A high amount of cigarette odor was evident in the air, of which my wife developed a headache. I brought this up to David and he said he doesn’t smell anything. I told him that isn’t how you treat a customer, of which he said he wasn’t being rude, just responding. Prior to the two servicing our auto, I mentioned that I had this particular vehicle serviced in the past. He said that it was never serviced at this place. I said it again & he repeated the same line. I have all the receipts in my files at home. He could have simply stated that it was not in the computer. Very very rude responses. No indication of customer service training. As with other comments from former customers, I, also, was not given a final price prior to the service. I always check my vehicle for basic needs. I only wanted an oil change & filter. Period. When they were finished, my wife commented to me on how filthy the carpet was and the windows were streaked. Later, when I drove into my driveway, water was pouring out from under the engine area. It seems that my windshield washer line (connection), below the reservoir, was in the process of breaking off. (All of sudden)? Tires were never checked either. An addition to this poor service, we were given a bill of $121.81. Our professional local tire outlet doesn’t charge half that amount. The Jiffy Lube companies change in “policies and prices” is out of sync with other businesses these days. I’m utterly discusted with the treatment of the customers and the charges that are obscurred. I’ll drive the extra miles to Valvoline outlets or, wherever, to get better treatment. I will never go back to Jiffy Lube. I have a neighbor who moved from Texas and they {same service outlet} (almost) destroyed his expensive trucks engine. He will never go back to Jiffy lube either. I firmly believe that “price gouging” is the motto and “semi professional” customer service is a thing of the past at Jiffy Lube franchises. If I travel long distances, I’ll go out of my way to find other franchises.

  • I stopped in at a Jiffy Lube in Nashua, NH for an oil change recently. They did the service and told me about how they thought my car was “burning oil” and to be vigilant of how much oil was in my car. So $70 later the oil change was done and I took my car back to work, which was no more than a quarter-mile down the street, and parked it. 2-3 hours later I went back to leave work and started driving on the highway. The car made it at least 10-15 miles before I heard a “clunk” sound from under the hood. I pulled over and popped the hood to see if I could check it out. But when I put my hand near the car it was extremely hot and I called 911. While I was on the phone, the car burst into flames. The only things I could salvage was from the trunk. So, I did some research and have found Jiffy Lubes name all over stuff like this.

  • Alexandra Montoya

    In August, I took my Infiniti to this location for an oil change – that was my first mistake. To start off, the staff was not friendly and the customer service was horrible but was not something I cared too much about and brushed off.
    A couple months later, my car broke down with no warning. After the tow truck man looked at it, he told me their was absolutely no oil. I took my car to the Infiniti dealership and they confirmed that there was a loose oil filter that must not have been tightened correctly after my last oil change, causing over $4000 worth of damage to my car.
    I contacted the district manager, Jesse Martin, who was completely rude and professional. He refuses to assume responsibility for the damages done stating that if it was caused by his team, it would have happened sooner than it did.
    At this point, I do not care when it should have happened, just that it happened. His team was incompetent and lazy and because of their mistake I am having to pay for it.
    I would never in a million years recommend taking your car to Jiffy Lube, especially this location.

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