BONUS BUILDING CARE Franchise Called a Janitorial Pyramid Scam

The Bonus Building Care franchise opportunity is being called a “pyramid scheme” in a nationwide class action lawsuit filed by attorney Jonathan Fortman of Fortman Law.

The suit was filed in the Western District of Missouri against Bonus Building Care on behalf of the franchisee victims Rosetta Jennings, Marcus Crosdale, Mike Hughes, Jessie Binion, and others similarly situated.

The lawsuit charges Bonus Building Care, along with several other defendants, with Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act violations and seeks damages and justice for the plaintiffs.

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According to a press release from Fortman Law:

A Texas Corporation that was ranked highly in Entrepreneur‘s Franchise 500 is preying on Americans looking to build their own business, and live the “American Dream.”

Bonus Building Care sells cleaning franchises with grand promises of success, leading potential buyers to believe that they can make a good living as their own boss.

Bonus Building Care uses the “American Dream” ideal to scam honest citizens out of their life savings and make then indentured servants. Hopeful entrepreneurs are told that with a minimal investment starting around $5,000, they can be turning a healthy profit within a year.

Bonus Building Care not only sells the franchise itself, but also each individual cleaning account.

Franchisees are forced to pay monthly fees on any cleaning account they are given for a period of one year.

These fees are supposedly an investment towards “owning” each account, but right around the one year mark, the account is taken from the franchisee and replaced with another, forcing them to remain in the vicious cycle of paying for cleaning accounts that they will never truly own.

The excessive fees make it very difficult, if not impossible, for any franchisee to earn minimum wage, much less turn a profit.

While their current franchises struggle to make ends meet, Bonus Building Care continues to sell new franchises and grow richer.

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One thought on “BONUS BUILDING CARE Franchise Called a Janitorial Pyramid Scam

  • Reasoned Source

    @Viewers, Now some of you think “ole” Reasoned Source must be off his rocker, while admitting much more interest in the disgusting habits of Stratus Building Solutions/Stratus Franchising/Dennis Jarrett/Pete Frese/Jarrett Reality/Mark and Jayson Bashforth/Channen Smith/Afshin C./Carmen Garcia/Bill Blair/David Farrell and others… Which include Marvin Ashton.

    Let’s call this one “one flew over the crazies”…..aka Marvin Ashton.

    Now you noticed that good ole/honest Marvin was not only named in the Bonus RICO case, but named in the Stratus RICO case, but named in the Goldeneye Case, but named in the “settlement of the Killer Salesman/stealing staff from one disgruntled Master and leading to another case” Which by the way, that cost Mark Bashforth/Stratus and others approx. 120k or so!!!!!!

    Now my point is as this, Marvin’s name is associated with 2 RICO Cases, A Fraud and Fraudulent Inducement Case, Knows where Carmen Garcia is hiding and is currently the only viable manager servicing what few Masters are actually left in the system……

    Now you’d think that someone in one of the California Cases, Texas Case Pending, St. Louis Cases would like to ask him many questions….Some of those questions should look like this:

    a) Why are you and Carmen Garcia knowingly hiding various facts about the BOSS System?

    b) Do you know where Carmen Garcia is currently?

    c) When was the last time you saw Carmen Garcia face to face?

    d) What actions did you directly partake in regards to the Fraudulent Inducement cited by the Goldeneye Lawsuit?

    e) Why do you continually get caught up in so many lawsuits where Fraud and Fraudulent Activity are involved?

    f) What statements have you made to un-knowing Masters both currently and out of the system in regards to the financial relationship between Stratus Franchising, LLC and Jarrett Realty?

    g) What statements have you made to counsel in regards to BOSS and what it actually did on behalf of both the Master Franchisor and Stratus Franchising, LLC?

    h) Why are you such a slime ball?

    Guess you get my point, you always attack at the weakest link. Marvin Ashton is a weak link associated in two RICO cases, full knowledge of the scum bags and their practices with Mark/Jayson Bashforth, Channen Smith, Afshin C., Dennis Jarrett, Jarrett Realty and Pete Frese……

    So you see, not quite as delusional as Dennis Jarrett as I am not convinced for one minute that Stratus Franchising, LLC will rise from the ashes like a Phoenix!!!!

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