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JANI-KING Franchise Complaints

JANI-KING Franchise Complaints: Add your own – or defend the company – below.

(UnhappyFranchisee.Com) Entrepreneur magazine lavishes high praise on the Jani-King franchise opportunity via its 2010 franchise rankings.  Entrepreneur ranked the 10,000+ unit Jani-King #8 overall in the 2010 Franchise 500, the #2 low-cost franchise, the #1 home-based franchise and #7 in the “America’s Best Global Franchise” category.

Jani-KingOf course, Entrepreneur states that when compiling their rankings they do not “measure subjective elements such as franchisee satisfaction…” since “…these are judgments only you can make.”

In a time when many individuals are struggling to make ends meet, the Jani-King franchise opportunity – with its low start-up cost and guaranteed cleaning contracts – seems especially enticing.  But do a bit of digging and you’ll find some troubling – and remarkably consistent – complaints from Jani-King franchise owners.

Lawsuits allege a cleaning-contract shell game.

In an August, 2009 Franchise Times article on lawsuits leveled against commercial cleaning franchise companies, Julie Bennett writes:

…the lawsuits, filed recently in Massachusetts against all three companies and in Pennsylvania, Minnesota and California against Jani-King, contend that the cleaning companies misrepresent their offerings, because they do not have sufficient customers to guarantee each franchisee the amount of monthly cleaning business they purchase. Instead, the lawsuits allege, they breach their contracts by underbidding the amount of time and staffing required for each job, refusing to allow franchisees to inspect cleaning jobs or bid sheets before accepting or rejecting a job, offering geographically inconvenient jobs and unjustly taking jobs from one franchisee to re-sell them to others.

Consumer complaint sites are abundant with specific complaints about the Jani-King franchise, the franchisor and the regional master franchisees who recruit unit-level owners. 

On the Complaints Board, 2009-08-22 letshelp wrote

franchise is a scam

I purchased a Jani-King Commercial Cleaning Franchise after reading they were a great franchise opportunity in several franchise magazines. During my initial meeting with the regional director I expressed concern over the 40% they take off the top of what clients are billed. He told me not to worry as they take all their fees into consideration when giving a cleaning quote to a client.

When they started offerring me contracts I would do the math and tell them there was very little profit in some contracts and absolutely none in others. I was told this was a low profit margin industry and I had to learn to work some “break even” contracts for I would get additional business from those same clients ( floor waxing ).

I accepted some of these contracts since they are only required to offer you the amount of cleaning business you purchased (with the franchise cost ). If you don’t accept the accounts they are not required to offer you anymore.

Once I started working accounts, the operations director would go by the account every month to evaluate the franchisee’s performance. He would always find something negative to write about to justify taking the account away from the franchisee and reselling it to a new franchisee. So the franchisee ends up losing the original franchise fee and whatever fee he paid for the accounts he was working at hardly no profit.

I later learned this type of scam preys on people who have never been in business for themselves – so trust the Franchisor. If anyone is looking into purchasing this type of franchise, do yourself a favor and run a Google or Yahoo search on Jani-King. They have had numerous lawsuits and government complaints. I lost all my savings, but hopefully others can learn from my mistake.

85 days ago, Rickety Rabbit responded:

Almost the same thing happend to me in Boston. I bought a Jani King franchise in 2006. I paid $15, 000 for $4000 per month in business.  Minus the 22% Jani- King takes off the top. With what is left I pay for labor, chemicals, and equipment.

Jani King has it so they do not have to provide you with the $4000 per month in business, they only need OFFER it to you. If you refuse it, that’s it. They don’t owe it to you any longer. You had your chance. But here is what they do. They underbid the account by hundreds of dollars. They make false promises to the business owner, and do not tell the franchise owner about it. When the business owner cancels because the promises are not met, the franchise owner is left to make a decision. Take care of the promises never mentioned to you ( such as delivering the newspaper ever morning, or a free strip and wax every month) both are actual cases, and both would have put me in the negative for profit.

So I was forced to give it up. No fault of mine. Also the account is not supposed to cancel before one year. If they do Jani King promises to file suit with a killer legal team. Which they must have because they are still in business. However they only use it to defend itself from angry franchise owners.

They purposely offer you accounts that are way underbid, or too far away. When you deny them, they no longer owe you the account. If I could do it all over again I would invest in real estate on Venus before having to deal with this again.

One last thing. I placed over 40 calls per month to the district manager for four months straight. Not one call answered not one call returned. I had to buy an existing franchise that was already working with history in order to pay the bills while waiting for my $4000 in business. Now I am about to lose those accounts to under bidders. Can you believe that? In this economy there are those worse then Jani King that UNDERBID them. Sorry. Very sorry.



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  • There’s no reason to invest thousands of $$$$$ in a franchise and if you do what you must realize is that your taking a chance, just because you invest money in someones else’s business doesn’t mean by any stretched sense of the imagination that it will pay off, if you take a chance and that’s what your doing is taking a chance, it’s your fault, you can do all the hard work yourself and start your own cleaning business, that’s right start your own! Work hard, sell hard, go out there and get your own accounts and stop counting on someone else to get them for you, when you get your own accounts it’s a great feeling of accomplishment, as long as the cleaning is detailed, custom designed to fit the customers needs, the pay off could be awesome! Work hard, sell hard!

  • Hi everyone, I am a former franchisee with Jani-King, actually I agree with all of the complaints. Without going into to much details I lost all of my accounts within the first year with my investment. I can see that I am not the only one. Actually I went back to visit the customer after the fact and I asked them for my own personal knowledge and growth why did they cancel the account? They told me they did not cancel the account, that the Jani-King rep told them I had moved out-of state. I really enjoyed the commcerial cleaning business and in the end it was taken away from me.

    So if anyone is looking for a white hat in a room full of dark hats then I can make a suggesstion. I purchased a franchise last year from i-Clean. They are a new commercial cleaning company franchise in the USA i-Clean America and i-Clean Canada and have been in operating in Canada since 1999. I can tell you that they are nothing like any other cleaning franchise, they supply you with accounts that are profitable and fair plus they cannot remove you from an account without providing you written proof from the client.

  • hey jain king is a poor copany who cant even pay there worker’s on time or pay them right they also have a superviswer who swears alot who dose not know what his job is he thinks to much of him self and i tellyou one thing my cousin ging take them to court

  • This is regarding janiking gb.They only have about 4 franchises left and everything else is inhouse.They are really struggling at the moment, lots of contracts are cancelling and alot of the national accounts are cancelling.Theyve fired all the salesman and alot of the operations staff have gone. Its not good times for janiking they are going down very quickly. Also an ex franchisee has started his own business made up of ex janiking employees and they are going round winning lots of business from janiking.

  • 1st Amendment

    Coverall LOST ! Franchisor Hit HARD !

    Cleaners WIN !

    Franchisor Hit HARD For Pretending Employess Are Franchisees.

    The Supreme court Smacks Coverall wuth huge bill forlabeling its employees as franchisees.

    Here is the link to the article article…re_franchisees

  • The link above is no good….error message reads page can’t be found.

    Never the less chalk 1 up for the good guys

  • Beth Alberto

    and how can we ex-franchise owners get Jani-King like coverall did???

  • Janibroke

    I am a current JaniKing franchise owner, yes you CAN make money, but not very much, and it is hard work. The ONLY way to make any money is to go out and sell contracts yourself, and stay on top of them, talk with the accounts every single week. I found out the hard way that just because the client is happy you still have to keep in touch OFTEN. Thats they only way to find out that the Regional office is after your account and you can put a stop to that crap. It is a shell game with contracts, ut you CAN stop it by staying on top of things and being willing to call them out on it. Here is what will typicly happen:

    Regional office gives you an account at a VERY low profit margin, in fact sometimes with the “finders fees” it is often a break even account for the first 13 months since you pay them for them giving you the account. Well around month 14-15 (after you have paid it off) the regional office goes in and does inspections. Well the client is very happy, but the inspector finds things to point out to them that should be done better and that they will get it fixed by changing the cleaning franchisee, so they yank the account and give it to the next in line, and wow get to charge “finders fees” all over again. Now by staying in constant contact with the client, they will tell you what happend and you can call the Regional office on it to put a stop to it.

    Can you make money? Yes a little. Would I do it again? Not a chance!!

    It’s really simple when you look at it from the inside, there are two businesses at work here, yours, cleaning accounts, and theirs, selling contracts and franchises, the long you keep a contract the more you make, but the less Janiking makes, the more they “churn” contracts the more they make the less you make. Read the contracts, they get all the cards.

  • dwain c

    I am kind of learning a little about franchisee ownership. I haven’t bought a Franchise, but have been looking into one, and the costs associated with operating a Franchise is astronomical. In my case I have been hounded by the Franchise to try and get me to buy, and all I have done is take a look at it. I have looked at some of the P&L’s and I am very unsure of whether I could make a go of it. Besides the amount needed to buy the license and and inventory, just to operate it would be very costly and I would need money for months that aren’t doing well. So if you take that into account let’s say you pay 100,000 dollars for franchise fee and inventory, you might as well ad another 100,000 dollars to cover monthly losses. It’s just insane what it costs to franchise, and is it worth it?

  • dwain c

    I was in the Janitorial Business once, but it was not long lived. Of course I was working my regular job at night and trying to do janitorial work during the day, but low and behold I forgot that janitorial work mostly is done at night, so I got caught on this one with my pants down. I found a few things about starting a janitorial business. One – pricing. You can’t overprice when doing Janitorial work because competition is doing it cheaper. Two- Most work is done at night. Three- never sub contract, it doesn’t pay. four-put together a business plan before starting a janitorial business. You will find where your accounts are, and if it is actually worth your time to start up. Many contracts don’t pay that well. Lets say you contract waxing a 100,000 ft sq ft floor at 12 cents a sq ft, that equals only 12,000 dollars. It will take you 3 weeks to do it with labor costs. You need 4 people to do it. Plus chemical costs. You,ll need 150 gallons of floor stripper and wax. I won’t do the figures, just look at it and ad in your costs and you’ll find you’ll be lucky to break even. Of course a lot of this depends on equipment used and condition of floors before the job, and 12 cents a sq ft may be a little low. Now if you could charge 20 cents a sq ft, you might make some money.

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  • My husband and I bought into this franchise in 2006. THIS FRANCHISE IS A SCAM! DON’T DO IT PLEASE!!! If I can save one person from buying into this franchise I will die a happy person. We bought into $8,000 per mos. So about $30,000. We lost everything. We had to refinance our house. My husband lost all of his savings and his 401K. When you sign on you get all of your accounts from other franchisees that lost theirs, because this is a scam. The operations manager checks on your accounts 1x a month and they tell the account that you are doing a bad job when in fact you are not. My husband and I were doing a great job and the account that we cleaned said they were satisfied. Then we end up losing it because Jani-King has new franchisees sign on and they have only so many days to get the new franchisees their new accout, via -YOURS. I have had to be put on medication because I carry this anger every single day. The only good thing that came out of this is my beautiful daughter who was born right after we were forced to leave Jani-King. Please Please Please do not buy into this franchise I am telling you not to. Do yourself a favor and do something else. Besides it being a scam, it is also very very very hard work for about $4.00 an hour after Jani_King takes their percentage which I believe is about 20 percent.. Plus taxes. It is not worth it. I cannot believe people are still buying into this franchise. And of course it is still around because they keep the accounts happy by offering really LOW BIDS to begin with and constantly putting NEW FRANCHISEES in them. I wish that everyone could ban together and sue them for misrepresentation. I don’t know how these people sleep at night knowing they are totally stripping people of everything that they have.
    DON’T DO IT!!!!

  • Todd A. Peterson

    And why are these companies allowed to do this to Kate and myself? Because the IFA whom Jani-King and Matco are members of is an organization which is backed by our senators and representatives who have been BOUGHT OFF!

    I challenge anyone to investigate on their own and see that all the IFA and Vetfran committee chairs are individuals who PROFIT from these FRAUDULENT opportunities.

    We as AMERICAN people need to CHANGE these corrupt and crooked people.

    If you have ever been a victim of franchise fraud look up the IFA. See that their only interest is the FRANCHISOR. Ask yourself WHY? Because they PROFIT from those who become members just like the franchisor profits from the franchisee by selling them thin air. Yes, I dare to say 80% of all franchise opportunities are FRAUDULENT opportunities.

    Franchising as a whole is a SCAM!

    I would not be able to say this except for I have talked to many key people who can fix the problem but refuse to look into it.

    Beth Solomon- IFA (International Franchise Association)
    Lonnie Helgerson- Vetfran Committee Chair, IFA CFE Board (Certified Franchise Executive)

    Arkansas Governor, Senator, State Representative, Attorney General

    I have sent letters and spoke to them all. What do you think their response is?

  • @Todd Peterson: Really, 80% of all franchisors are Scam Artists? Come on Todd even for you, that is really absurd…What do I think Beth, Lonnie, etc…said about you? How about, “just a little bit crazy”! ok….. Maybe a “whole lot of crazy”.

    @Kate, no offense, businesses fail everyday in the United States, if you failed, then there must be a reason other than Jani-King Stole from ME! You aren’t even sure what % Jani-King was taking for Royalty, Insurance and Administration Fee’s…If you were only clearing $4.00 per hour, my question would be as follows, WHY did you accept the account in the first place? WHY didn’t you do your own figures? WHY didn’t you build your own book of business along with Jani-King? WHY are you blaming everyone but yourself?

  • @ Bill Falkner; I really think you must be with one of these Janitorial companies.
    They are all scam period…. How do I know that? well I attempted to sell for one of them and the sales tactics are notorious. They are meant to deceive the franchisee. So no that 80% is more like 99% of them are scams.

    Now, we all know businesses are failing in this economy more that ever, but as anyone that has been employed by a Franchisor as a franchisee sales manager can attest to the fact that they fully understand the Franchisee Disclosure Document and realize that Kate (and all others) really have no choice but to accept these $4 per hour cleaning jobs.

    Why you may ask… Because the fact is that they Franchisor knows very well the moral and ethical dilemma that surrounds offering accounts.

    So lets see an example…Kate and her husband bought a $8000 per month cleaning franchise and 2 months later is offered a $1000 a month account.
    Kate accepts it because she needs the income badly.

    Then 1 month later Kate is offered another account that pays $7000 a month but turns out this account averages about $5 per hour.

    If Kate refuses this account, in her eyes she should be entitled to have another account offered.

    The sad and truth is that the Franchisor’s first dilemma comes into play here. Moral issue is that they could offer more accounts to fulfill their end of the agreement and complete Kate’s franchise plan, but ethics come in to play full strength and all Franchisors know this part very well… they will tell Kate that they offered her accounts that totaled her plan to completion and ethically completed it and are under no obligation to offer her more accounts, and if she wants more accounts she will have to buy them by means of account acquisition.

    As for Jani-King taking for Royalty, Insurance and Administration Fee’s…
    Typical is around 25% plus additional 15% for special services or one-time services like carpet cleaning and floors.
    Believe me it does not take a rocket scientist to check the numbers and realize you don’t make money.

    So go back to Jani-King, Jani-Pro, Stratus, Coverall, or whom ever you are with.

    @ Kate and anyone that has lost so much over this type of scam, best advice is in your franchise disclosure document you have so much ammunition than you realize.

    Near the back of your franchise disclosure document there is a section that contains a List of Former Franchisees.

    Step 1 – Call everyone on this list and talk to them ad tell them your store, they will tell you their reason for leaving Franchisor, you must all ban together.

    Step 2 – Then call all radio and television broadcasting stations near all you and tell them your story, one of them will want it exclusive and they will broadcast it.

    Step 3 – Get a transcripts from both radio and television broadcasts, and yes get a video from television broadcast too.

    Step 4 – Find a attorney that will take your case without putting any money down as he will see he can get paid when he wins your case.

    Good luck and fry em Kate…


  • Todd A. Peterson


    You seem to be an expert in franchising why don’t you shed some light on why Matco has a 36% SBA Loan failure rate? Is this normal? Do you think that the American tax payer should have to pay for this kind of investment risk? Do you think that a risk this huge should be rated as a #1 franchise opportunity? Do you think that our soldiers being pursued through Vetfran are told about the HIGH risk associated with a Matco Tools franchise or the franchise agreement they have to sign which as memebers of the IFA ALL agreements look similar?

    Educate me Bill!

    I need someone like you to educate me, RIGHT???

  • 1st Amendment

    To bill fakner, franchising is getting a really bad reputation because of the Ponzi Schemes that jan-pro , janiking, and coverall run. Bill, guess how many lawsuits janiking has had in the last few years? 10, 20, 30 ,40 nope over 50! 50 !!! A Judge recently compared a Franchisor to a PONZI SCHEME !!! A PONZI SCHEME !

    bill they Force people to accept underbid accounts all the time, if they don’t accept them then they say that they have fulfilled there obligation and wont offer anymore then they will just keep your money and this is Thousands of Dollars, Families life savings! This is all part of the PONZI SCHEME. They will offer an account, the same account to may people then if they turn it down it counts against them and they say well we offered since you didn’t accept it we wont offer any more to you. Then your money is gone! This is a Ponzi Scheme! They know that they are underbidding that account . Janiking, coverall and jan-pro underbid because they don’t do the hard work. Ask any Mom and Pop cleaning business who has lost work to janiking, coverall or jan-pro and they will all tell you that accounts that they had that were lost to janiking, coverall and jan-pro was because of unfair competition a violation of the Law. For example if a Mom and Pop business was charging $1,000 to clean a building now janiking, coverall and jan-pro management will come in and tell that customer that janiking, coverall or jan-pro will clean it for $100 dollars. Jan-pro, coverall and Janiking don’t have to pay for workers compensation, insurance, cleaning supplies, or anything. You will find Thousands of people who bought into jan-pro, janiking and coverall making $4.00 dollars an hour or less. Now the Mom and Pop business loose because of unfair competition, and now they are forced to lay off there employees. The families who bought into jan-pro, janiking or coverall go out off business since they cant survive on $4.00 dollars an hour and they loose there life savings. This is a Ponzi Scheme and they are also in violation of the Rico and Raqueteering acts. Franchisors like janiking, coverall, and jan-pro need to be prosecuted and put if PRISON!

  • @1st A- You are so wrong on so many things, but let me try and point you in the right direction to your problems, LOOK IN THE MIRROR!

    Everyone has to pay workman’s comp. insurance even Jani-King, Jan-Pro, Coverall etc…Granted, their rates are lower because of the uniqueness of the relationship. At best it is a 20% difference vs. a traditional company.

    Everyone has to pay liability insurance without exception, most franchising based companies actually have double the limits of their “mom and pops” primarily due to the size accounts. Most Mom and Pops are truly blessed if they have 1k per month account size.

    All of your known franchise based cleaning companies pay for bonding insurance which almost NONE of the Mom and Pops pay/have.

    Finally, NO ONE bids a 1k per month account at 100.00/month. Not only wouldn’t they do that, I cannot think of ANY Buidling Manager/Owner/Office Manager that would accept a bid such as that………..

    1st A, you were a failure at Jan-Pro, You are a failure in Life if for no other reason of spewing total lies…..

  • Todd A. Peterson

    I just love it when some yahoo who thinks he is superior to others gets on a site like this and demoralizes and belittles someone who has experienced the emotional and stressful ordeal of franchising.

    Bill must have a crystal ball looking into it to see who is a failure and who is being mistreated by their franchisor.

    OH! Wait a minute! Bill has not admitted anything of that sort. The world according to Bill is that franchising is an excellent opportunity to become your own boss, take control of your own future, work for yourself not by yourself, earn the amount of money you want to earn, work when you want to work, be as successful as you are willing to work.

    Wake up Bill!

    Pull YOUR head out of your ass!

    You are the one in a dream world!

    You are the one that is in denial!

  • Todd A. Peterson


    You seem to have an attorney back ground. Why don’t you tell everyone about the insurance that these franchisors carry for if they are SUED by their franchisee?

    Where did the concept of sue insurance come from? Why is sue insurance needed if these members of the IFA (Francisors) are selling viable opportunities and have good rapport with their franchisees. I don’t believe Corporations who employee carry insurance against being sued by an employee or maybe I am wrong.

    Does not make a lot of sense, regardless, for a court to win a verdict for a plaintiff and then have that insurance company pay the defendants claim.

    I assure you that MATCO has this kind of insurance. But Matco’s agreement, just like MOST members of the IFA, permits Matco to not be liable for fraud, stealing from franchisees, lying to franchisees or even falsely terminating franchisees.

    We all know from our experiences that franchisors with the help of the IFA, a bought off press, bought of government officials and bought off attorneys will keep franchising safe from those whom they choose to act in a criminal way.

  • Admin, is Todd becoming the new Carol Cross?

  • @JD, Yes.

    @ Todd Peterson, Obviously you are bitter, GROW A SET! You want to blame everyone else for your demise, at end of the day, no one to blame but yourself, you can either become bitter, mad, stupid, beside yourself or you can get up, dust yourself off, move on!

    Facts are Facts, Businesses FAIL! Look at Donald Trump as a perfect example of business failures and success…..Blame others, Blame the Tsunami in Japan, Blame Earthquakes for the Poor Economy, Sounding more and more like OBAMA and/or the Wall Steet Occupiers….. Next time you get a business deal where you give someone 10k and they promise without any conditions to give you 50K, let me know and I will invest.

    You and 1st A are both jokes, grow up, move on and start providing again for yourself, your families and society as a whole. Don’t be bitter, just stating facts.

  • Todd A. Peterson

    You are a pompous TWIT!

    “Grow a set!”?

    I got your set BRO!

    Where do you want it?

    Name the time and place. I’ll show you a set you can be proud of. Not that thing that you like to tote around and call people failures with whom you don’t know or have a clue how they got where they are?

    You must profit off of franchise “churn and burn” scams with comments like what you post. With advice like “dust yourself off again” “provide for myself and my family again” “society as a whole”. You got a lot of nerve! You have no idea who I am or how I was treated by my franchisor but yet you post like you are an expert and the rest of us are just unequivocal, inexperienced, uneducated individuals.

    I understand that my High School education must have led to the demise of my franchise. But what about the years I spent in the military which the IFA and Vetfran claim make me absolutely the best candidate for franchising with discipline and structure already embedded into the core being of who I am?

    What about the fact that in my first full year of business as a Matco franchisee I was 41 out of 1500+ franchisees? Does that make me a failure?

    What about the fact that I was 134 out of 1500+ the next year after that? Why the drop if I was such a good franchisee? Oh yeah! That was the year they came and threatened me with the loss of my franchise if I didn’t get them out of the pickle they were in and help put a NEW franchise distributor in that had been promised a route and had no place to put him in because of the area had no room for another franchisee.

    This is what ruined my franchise. I still made it work and moved on because I am a WARRIOR!

  • @ Bill Falkner, I don’t think you fully understand.




    Franchisees NEVER are allowed to see their invoice for their insurance EVER!!
    It’s just deducted from their minimum wage earnings.

    What these Franchisors are really doing is praying on low to middle income people and selling them a FAILING business model PERIOD.

    Proof is in the pudding as the prices that the Franchisors bid for accounts are so low to even call anything a profit…

    Franchisors are desperate to secure accounts they fail to recognize the cost of living is up, fuel costs are at an all time high…

    You should just stick to your real estate business in Portsmouth, New Jersey…
    As those are also shark infested waters.

  • WELL FIRST OF ALL.i worked for jani-king of pittsburgh,pa.what a damn joke,they said they would pay me 500.00 per month well that didn,t last long lol.they did pay the 500 one month but then came the complaints.i did exactly what the owner said to do,but was told by the business that there was a whole list of other stuff that needed done and that there was supposed to be more people hired.well i told the so called boss that and he said f— them.well a week later my co-worker got sick and couldn,t return to work doc,s orders.he was fired AND NO PAY.well then he brought his son to work with me and all was well right?NO i worked the full month and received a lousy 300.00 and was told i was lucky to get that and all those complaints was my fault meanwhile my family and i are screwed,he would only pay cash i should have known.anyways he,s a con artist the offices he cleans is in greensburgh pa DO NOT WORK FOR JOHN REESE OF JANI-KING….

  • HI MY name is meagan.i just turned 18 i am in high school currently.i was hired by jani-king pitt,a few weeks ago i was hired and told it was temporary which was fine but how things ended up was ignorant,disrespectful,and wrong.i did as i was told and cleaned the bathrooms and dusted and swept the floors,some employees even complimented my work.anyways he hired his son and girlfriend and i was let go .again that was ok but today i picked up my pay and it was a travesty.i got a whopping 45.00 for 5 days work at 4 hours a day.this was total bullshit pardon my english.DO NOT WORK FOR MR.JOHN REESE OF JANI-KING RIP-OFF RIP-OFF RIP-OFF.I USUALLY DON,T POST STUFF LIKE THIS BUT PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW

  • Todd A. Peterson

    See what people are posting Bill? Real live Americans who can’t even get paid MINIMUM wage from franchisors. The sad part is the IFA good give a good shit less if laws are broken as long as some TWIT like you makes it go away.

    Bill!!! I am going nowhere! You can call me a failure 100 times over and at the end of the day you are the person in denial. Franchising as a whole is a SCAM!!!!

    Invented and perpetuated by people who make money SCREWING TAX PAYERS. The honest ones who have GOOD credit and EQUITY in property, Things you know as us honest Americans we hold of value. It is people like you that start a business and then fail in it only to file bankruptcy and then start another one.

  • Todd A. Peterson

    Does anyone realize why it is hard to fight these franchisors?

    It is because everyone is bought off. From franchisors to attorneys to politicians to the media franchising is protected. The IFA was, originally, an organization to protect franchising which included FRANCHISEES. But it is now an organization which has BANDED together all the people who are PROFITING off of franchising into a force that can not be reckoned with.

    The ONLY way we as SCREWED franchisees can get change to happen in franchising is to BAND together!

    A good start at change would be the IFA Legal Symposium May 20-22 in Washington D,C.

    If all of us unhappy franchisees were to show up and voice our opinion at this convention people would take notice. But the facts are we are doing what our government trained us to do. Be a WORKING America. It is hard for any of us to represent ourselves at ANY of these meetings where people are grouping together to decide how to screw the next round of franchisees USING our legal system to do it. That, my friends, is exactly what will be taking place on May 20-22 in Washington D.C.

    Want to educate yourself further go to this 16 page brochure that is found on the IFA’s web site.

    Learn that on May 21, 2012 these attendees of the Legal Symposium will be learning all about how to deal with us pesky franchisees.

    It says franchisees are even invited. All you have to do is come up with $1475 to cover your non-membership of the IFA. A room rate of $306 a night (Standard) and a $50.00 registration fee. I see a lot of franchisees going to this convention DON’T YOU?

  • 1st Amendment

    Another Judge once again rules against the cleaning franchisors this time against Jani-King. They to like coverall will have to pay back there cleaners there franchise fees. The cleaners are ruled to be employees. I’m only posting a small portion of the article to read the whole article you can go to the following link.

    Posted Wed, 2012/06/20 – 13:23 by Janet Sparks

    Deja Vu: Jani-King Workers Are Not Franchisees

    BOSTON – A district judge once again has issued an order stating that Jani-King International and other entities misclassified its janitorial workers in Massachusetts by labeling them as franchisees.

    In doing so, the world’s largest janitorial cleaning service franchisor will have to pay damages to the employees, which will include the franchise fees and additional business fees, as well as all insurance payments made by the workers. The judge also denied the company’s efforts to decertify the class action lawsuit, at this time representing approximately 300 janitorial workers


    e murphy Please need to find John Reese rip me and 2 other guys off I quit so he refueses to pay

  • Hi people be aware w this guys.They offer me an account for 1300 hundred dollars but my friend was doing the same account last year for 2,000 a month. Somebody still have that account. The janiking staft and the guy they r real good friends so they work together.The staft looking for the new franchiser and the guy sell the accounts for a very low price w the help of the staff the guy have a very high account over 20,000 a month. Plus i have to pay fees my monthly after all this was like $700 be aware w this pretradors. They want play w y money after y sacrificie save money to have a franchise

  • arielwin

    I have owned and operated my janiking franchise since I was 26 I am now 32 and still holdin it down. I see that the complaints on here do have some foundation but what most are not saying is there own lack of responsibitly to do what must be done to keep the accounts …for instance the person who claimed a rep told there client they moved out of state,if you were in constant communication with your client like you should have bin they would have known your situation and that could not have happend. What it comes down to is your own work ethic and influence on others to want to work hard for you.
    I think people took low cost start up and gaurenteed contracts to be gauranteed money for life but I doesn’t work that way you have to work and sacrifice to make anything succesfull

  • arielwin

    Oh yeah I bring home over 2000 a month and only work 15 hours a week. Doesn’t sound like a scam to me. Just sounds like a bunch of lazy wanna sit on there ass and get paid people whinning becouse they actually have to work for what they want

  • breedegrate

    I have been researching in hopes of opening my own cleaning franchise. Some of this info is helpful but its hard to tell if its the rule or the exception. Arielwin I would really like to speak with you via email if possible and see what you did differently that made your business a success.

  • Kenny P

    Do not accept business being offered. Enough said. I have a JaniKing franchise since 1996. I do we’ll but I bid myself. I was never formally trained and the support sucks. They are in it for them not you. Realize this. No one can say anything different. Stay away from the Franchisor, JaniKing. Especially Knoxville and Louisville area. Run by same master franchisee who is a joke. BEWARE. STAY AWAY.

  • I have recently attended the franchise show here in Miami, and I spoke to this people regarding the franchise, but reading all of this articles, I really do not what to think anymore.

    Please I need some advise , I don’t want to lose my money


  • Hey, everyone. To anyone thinking about getting a Jani king franchise, DON’T. My father and I purchased one in August 2010 in the hopes of running a profitable business. We were promised $5000 in contracts per month and 30% profits. Well, we were in for a surprise. After just signing the papers, I had read on some forums, including this one, that Jani king was known for underbidding contracts just for the sake of getting the business and having the franchisee take care of it. The contracts given to us provided about 10% profit. Ten percent. You cannot run a business on that profit, if you do, you’re an idiot and wasting your time, efforts, and money. We did a lot of cold calling with various offices and condominiums in the Vancouver area with no success. We now have given up all our contracts and are paying the remaining fees to Jani king, hopefully the business will be payed for next year. If you want to start a cleaning business, although risky, contact a good supplier like Woodwyannt and they’ll provide you with the products. Jani king does not teach you things you already know, a BAD COMPANY WHO ONLY CARES ABOUT GETTING THEIR CONTRACTS AND HAVING THE FRANCHISEE SUFFER. STAY AWAY.

  • Oh and the only way we were making money was TO DO THE WORK OURSELVES FOR THE PAST 3 YEARS. ARIELWIN is probably the president of the company. Douches.

  • Jani-king and others like them are a rip off, period! I have had several cleaning franchisees approach me for a job with my cleaning company because my employees are making more than they were as “business owners”. The only ones who do well are the marqui franchisees they use for their Ponzi scheme .

  • Keith

    THANK YOU ALL. I was thinking about buying a Jani-King franchise but after reading all of your reviews….I WILL NOT.

    It is so said to see what America has come. Seems the majority of folk make their fortunate by crushing the dreams and finances of the little guy.

  • I am currently testing the waters sub contracting a Jani king franchisee. I m doing exactly as trained yet one out of three has small complaints. One mistake and they scrutinize every little thing yet they don’t keep there own homes to the same standards as their homes. I’m considering purchasing a franchise . After reading this page I’m in doubt. Am I doing the right thing?? Is there Any happy Jani king franchise owners out there??? Please Help! [redacted]

  • Here is the bottom line……CLEANING FRANCHISES are a RIP OFF! Everyone of them will have their “marquis” franchisees, who make good money, so that they can lure many others into their “ponzi scheme”. 1 or 2 out of a hundred franchisees will make good money, the other 98 out of hundred will be made into janitors. That’s right most cleaning franchisees will be the ones cleaning the buildings. With the way the mother company bids and after they deduct their fees, there won’t be enough left over (on most contracts) for the “franchisee” to actually hire and pay employee’s to do the actual cleaning. I don’t know how they sleep at night! I have built two cleaning companies from zero to six figures, each one in under two years. I am now starting my third one, have had it for 4 months and currently have 9000.00 per month in business with a 35% profit margin. I state this only to validate that I know the cleaning business and I know that cleaning franchises are a complete rip off! RUN….RUN VERY FAR AND FAST

  • well I was let go for a bad check charge 10 years ago have a girl working their that pass and she just got out of jail 3 weeks before I started wow

  • I have a friend who lost over 30K with janiKing and its pretty obvious that its set up for failure. Companies like this are run by scammers and they just are on the look out to scam people. This Bill guy sounds like a complete dousche bag who just lies out loud. Bill must be a regional Janiking rep.
    I retired from my sealcoating and asphalt repair franchise after 10 very profitable years. I sat down with a local janiKing rep in the Minneapolis area and I walked up and left after listening to about 9 min of just bull shit. I think the guys name was BILL.. OBVIOUSLY DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT HOOKING UP WITH THIS SCAM COMPANY..

  • I was thinking of investing in jani king but now I’m having second thoughts. Pls point me in the right direction of getting my on contracts to start .my own business

  • Since I am not of the sentiment of this forum I will post in increments…my first post is still being moderated…

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