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Is HEALTHSOURCE CHIROPRACTIC a Great Franchise Opportunity?

Is HEALTHSOURCE CHIROPRACTIC a great chiropractic franchise opportunity or a borderline scam designed only to make the franchisor wealthy?

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Dr. Chris Tomshack is the founder and CEO of HealthSource Chiropractic and Progressive Rehab, and has been a chiropractor in private practice for 15 years.  Dr. Tomshack offers a conversion franchise for established chiropracters to convedrt their practices into a “franchised clone” of his business.  On his website, he pitches chiropracters:

My solution I’d like you to consider is much more complete and all encompassing than any of these things piece-meal: the conversion of your practice to a franchised clone of mine… with a great many things done entirely for you (including advertising and marketing)… a powerful brand… …and with absolutely certain, substantial improvements in the efficiency of your practice, which should lead to increased take home income and equity value.

The benefits are seemingly appealing:

A New Opportunity To Replace Your Current Chiropractic Practice With The Potential For A Much More Profitable, Much More Valuable, Much More Efficient Business

That’s Designed To Give You And Your Staff Less Stress… …That’s Designed To Attract An Ample Quantity Of Really Good New Patients With NO Struggle… …And Flexibly Addresses Legal And Insurance Hassles… …That’s Designed To Help You Build The Practice Of Your Dreams And Give You Freedom And An Exit Strategy At The Same Time.

Only one D. C. per area will be accepted. Please read and consider this IMMEDIATELY, or risk being permanently excluded in favor of another, competing doctor in your area.

However, comments left on complaint boards suggest that Dr. Tomshack and the HEALTHSOURCE CHIROPRACTIC franchise might be less than ethical in approach and less-than-effective in results.  According to Dr. jt on RipoffReport:

Dr. Tomshack is a great talker and sales person. If you google HealthSource specifically in Chiropractic Economics magazine you will find lots of others that have nothing good to say about this guy…
His entire organization is based on ‘killer’ ad marketing…
Bring in a PT and Massage person and MAX bill their insurance…
Also sell them ALL on a low back belt or other braces..regardless if they need it or not…
People are dropping from his company as they discover that this is a HUGE expense and after the multiple increases in office expenses…you dont make any more money…you make him money…
Very gray areas of billing and snake oil marketing…lowers the chiropractic profession…I bet based on multiple suits against this guy that HealthSource goes away in the very near future..
Cleveland, Ohio


5 thoughts on “Is HEALTHSOURCE CHIROPRACTIC a Great Franchise Opportunity?

  • bill jones

    Be very wary of becoming a HealthSource franchisee. Healthsource does not have any systems that help you in any way. Once you join you will never see the RD ever again. These are points to ponder before joining.

    1. Most people don’t leave because they threaten to sue you if you leave.
    2. They have no new systems just newspaper ads which are now useless.
    3. They provide no co-op advertising for all of their offices.
    4. Most of the large practices that have a marketing CA that that person was trained by the 5 Star NPA program. That is a fact call NPA!
    5. They do not do any research in helping you find a location for your practice.
    6. They do not know how to manage multiple clinics most RDs never had multiple clinics and have no experience in doing it.
    7. The billing software is not eligible for the Government Rebate of 44k. Plus you have to pay extra for the EHR portion bringing the total to close to $600 a month for the software you never own..
    8. You do not get anything for your 7% royalty fee no TV commercials, no infomercials, no radio ads.
    9. The web page optimization is focused on the corporate website and the site your paying $400 for back doors into the corporate web page with very little information about you or your practice.
    10. Call the offices on the map most are leaving, have left, or closed. Call the ones that have been there for 1 year.
    11. Look up who owns the www. Healthsource if it was so good why does the company buy the url for scam???

  • Jeremy Ste. Marie

    I am a franchisee with HealthSource. 75% of the information from bill jones is completely false or inaccurate. I have been with the organization since 2007 and they are top notch. Chris Tomshack is one of the most unselfish people in our industry. For the 7% royalty you can make 1000% what you were doing prior to joining HealthSource. Please do not listen to this foolish comment. You need to work HARD and IMPLEMENT. I believe most disgruntled healthsource franchisees just don’t have the work ethic to make great things happen. Don’t blame anyone outside of yourself for that.

  • Dr. S.

    I agree 100% with Bill Jones. Let’s say that I knew Dr. T. before the HealthSource thing started. Dr. T. is a very smart man, but took his franchise ideas from Wellness One corporate and Lawton Howell.
    He also has nothing by ways of marketing. Now he brings in WLP guy to help. Killer ads and horrible software.
    Why anyone would give this organization 30K or so down and then 7% is crazy. Oh your office will collect more and you will pay out a lot more.

    How about take that 25-30K and hire someone to market for your office if you care not too. I will tell you that places like Integrity Management is much less expensive and they help train your staff..

    I know so much more, but I will probably be bullied with lawsuits or places like wont let me post.


  • Wing Walker

    Christopher J. Tomshack, D.C.
    License No. 2074 Case No. 2008 CHR 051
    Notice of Opportunity for Hearing issued June 9, 2010 for allegedly violating Ohio Revised Code § 4734.31 (C)(7), (C)(31), (C)(32) & (C)(33) and Ohio Administrative Code § 4734-9-02 and § 4734-9-08.
    A Notice of Opportunity for Hearing issued to Dr. Tomshack on April 22, 2008 was rescinded by the Board on May 20, 2010.
    (7) A violation or attempted violation of this chapter or the rules adopted under it governing the practice of chiropractic and the practice of acupuncture by a chiropractor licensed under this chapter;
    (31) Making misleading, deceptive, false, or fraudulent representations in the practice of chiropractic or acupuncture;
    (32) Being guilty of false, fraudulent, deceptive, or misleading advertising or other solicitations for patients or knowingly having professional connection with any person that advertises or solicits for patients in such a manner;
    (33) Violation of a provision of any code of ethics established or adopted by the board under section 4734.16 of the Revised Code;

    Frank C. Dachtler, D.C.
    HealthSource of South Toledo
    4400 Heatherdowns Blvd., Ste. 5
    Toledo, OH 43614

    Board Violations State of Ohio

    Hoven, James, DC – Littleton, CO License CHR3470
    Stipulation and Final Agency Order – January 4, 2001. Violation of 12-33-117(1)(b), C.R.S. Continuing education, mental status evaluation, and disclosure to female patients.

    Web Site: Improved Results. Internet Crimes Against Children. Investigation through National Center for Exploited Children @800-843-5678 Human Trafficking
    Contact: Timothy J McGinty Ohio ICAC
    Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office
    1200 Ontario Street, Cleveland, OH 44113

  • Certainly surprised by the comments;. My RD has made visits, is always available by phone, has established regional trainings, they provide Several trainings per year for free and the expense is food and hotel, weekly training list to hone systems designed to help patients, I have found them to be forthright in how to bill properly as well as encourage compliance training. In an ever changing insurance world they keep owners up to date. However, if you do not “change” operations that one may have become accustomed one might hate it and think otherwise. Have a great day….. it depends on YOU and what you are willing to do to CHANGE.

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