HEALTHY VENDING Franchise Companies Hide Unhealthy Pasts

Healthy vending franchise companies seem to be going to great lengths to hide the past activities of their top management and shareholders.

And for good reason.

HUMAN Healthy Vending, it seems, would rather you didn’t know that its Vice President of Sales Bill Wotochek is former President of Revive Franchising, LLC, a company that abandoned its franchise owners and left their businesses to rot, wither and die, and was Senior Director of Business Development of a company charged with fraud by the Federal Trade Commission.

YoNaturals, it seems, would rather you didn’t know that it is owned by convicted spammer Mark Trotter and is associated with convicted Australian vending and phone card scammer Nicholas “Nick” Yates.

Fresh Healthy Vending, it seems, went to great lengths to make everyone think it was owned solely by businessman Jolly Backer, but its preferred stock is actually owned by the same company that owns YoNaturals, run by the aforementioned & infamous Mark Trotter and Nick Yates.

Bill Wotochek, Vice President of Sales, HUMAN Healthy Vending

In a recent post (HUMAN Healthy Vending: the Next Revive Energy Mints Scam?), we posted excerpts from the HUMAN Healthy Vending Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) that HUMAN is providing to prospective franchisees and is providing to franchise registration and filing states.

Human Healthy VendingIn the sworn and signed documents, HUMAN Healthy Vending fails to disclose its Vice President of Sales Bill Wotochek’s key role in the Revive Energy Mints travesty by saying that Mr. Wotochek only “was a sales representative for Sito Marketing, Inc. from January 2008 through July 2011.”

Sito Marketing LLC (not Inc.) was an affiliated company that marketed the Revive Energy Mints distributor opportunity.

Revive Franchising LLC sold the Revive Energy Mints franchise opportunity.

Bill Wotochek was certainly much more than a “sales representative”; he was Vice President of Sito Marketing and President of Revive Franchising LLC.

The Revive Franchising 2011 Franchise Disclosure Document stated:

  • In September, 2008, Mr. Wotochek was hired to work in business development with Sito Marketing, LLC, our affiliate, in Denver.
  • In January, 2009, Mr. Wotochek was promoted to Vice President of Expansion for Sito Marketing, LLC.
  • In October 2010, Mr. Wotochek was promoted to President of Revive Franchising, LLC.

Right around the time Mr. Wotochek left Revive Franchising, LLC, in summer, 2011, Revive distributors could no longer reorder products, nor receive critical support they had paid for.

Read the sad accounts of Revive’s hard-sell tactics and subsequent abandonment here:  Revive Energy Mints Posts.

HUMAN Healthy Vending: Not so Squeaky Clean?

Human Healthy VendingHUMAN Healthy Vending, which claims to be an altruistic company, also fails to disclose that from 2007 to 2008, Mr. Wotochek worked at the Dalbey Educational Institute, LLLP, as Senior Director of Business Development.

Dalbey Educational Institute, LLLP ran an infomercial  scam called “Winning in the Cash Flow Business,” that misled consumers to believe they could get rich quick by dealing seller-financed promissory notes or cash flow notes.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, only 0.8 percent of consumer who purchased less than $500 of the Dalbey Education Institute’s products ever sold a promissory note, and only 2.8 percent of consumers who paid $500 or more for Dalbey Education Institute products ever sold a promissory note.

After lawsuits and injunctions from the Colorado Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission, Dalbey Educational Institute, LLLP ceased operation and declared bankruptcy.

HUMAN Healthy Vending Response Invited

UnhappyFranchisee.Com invites HUMAN Healthy Vending to provide clarification, corrections or a rebuttal to our opinion and conjecture that they are intentionally misrepresenting Mr. Wotochek’s background.

Coming soon:

HEALTHY VENDING Franchise Companies Hide Unhealthy Pasts Part 2 (YoNaturals)

HEALTHY VENDING Franchise Companies Hide Unhealthy Pasts Part 3 (Fresh Healthy Vending)

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2 thoughts on “HEALTHY VENDING Franchise Companies Hide Unhealthy Pasts

  • Rob Callihan

    This is great but can you also shed some light on another “healthy vending” company. Naturals2Go, they claim to a “healthy vending” business when in all actuality, they are simply a “healthy” spin-off of U-turn vending. Look into the respective websites and see the listed employees. For example, on the Naturals2Go website, Randy Francis is titled “Managing Partner” but on the U-Turn website he is titled “General Manager”. Then you have Carolyn Robertson who is U-Turn’s “Office Manager” but she gets a promotion on the Naturals2Go site, nicely titled “Financial Controller”. Both are accompanied by professional pictures on the Naturals2Go website to come off as more professional and better represented I suppose. Who knows if the other people listed on the Naturals2Go site even exist…………I did my due diligence and ended up not investing with this shady company.


  • I started my business with Naturals2Go over one year ago. Randy and his team are from day 1 extremely supportive and responsive to all my requests…no wonder they are in business for over 20 years.
    I only can speak very very highly about N2G and the tem behind!

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