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DREAM DINNERS: Should Meal Assemby be a Diet Concept?

Unhappy Franchisee reader and ex-Dream Dinners customer Jennifer recounts the reason she no longer goes to Dream Dinners, but goes to a non-franchised meal prep kitchen instead. In complaining about the shrinking portion size, she sparks the idea that could save the meal assembly concept: Perhaps meal assembly places like Dream Dinners should become weight loss concepts! After all, no one has stepped up to replace Pure Weight Loss, or to pick up the customers the ailing L.A. Weight Loss is alienating.

I used to go to Dream Dinners in 2005. Back then you did save money. The meals were large. When they said they fed 6 they always did, and then some. Not anymore, the serving size is the size of your palm. I eat like that when I am on a diet. Not my husband and growing kids. The owner of our local Dream Dinners said that she did not have the power to change it, I would have to write the corporate office. I did. To no prevail, I was told they were partnering with weight watchers and potions were important to the founders. That this was thier FIRST complaint!
Needless to say, we go to a similar place that is non- franchised. They serve organic ingredients, the portions are normal, and I know I am helping the community because the local store gets all her main ingredients at the farmer market. The average cost for 12 meals is $199.00 I pick half of them up the first of the month, then the other half around the 15th of each month.

I think this concept will be around, just not Dream Dinners. There food is marginal and very inflexible. They do not receive criticisms well either….

Well, I guess Dream Dinners will get a chance to show their graciousness to criticism right here and now.

What do you think? Should Dream Dinners market itself as a diet concept? Or should they add plastic cosmetic enhancement services like Make & Fake Gourmet Meal Assembly & Botox Kitchen?

2 thoughts on “DREAM DINNERS: Should Meal Assemby be a Diet Concept?

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  • Chow Bella

    There are several of these outfits that already market themselves as “Diet ” alternatives. I guess when having a midlife-identity crisis any port in a storm.
    You can’t be all things to all people, you have find what you do and do it best.
    This chicanery that’s going on in this industry is amazing.
    Another one of the Big girls Super Suppers seems to be closing more stores than opening, although there are still folks out there who seem bound and determined to give this concept their cash.
    There are lots of those facilities for sale.

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