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Facebook Horror Stories: Sub Franchise Employees Hating On Customers

Are your franchise employees sabotaging your brand on Facebook? by Sean Kelly

Caution:  This post contains some pretty offensive material.

There’s a popular sandwich delivery franchise that spends millions each year trying to build a fun, friendly, customer-centric brand.  Unfortunately, this particular sub franchise chain and its franchise owners don’t monitor Facebook.  If they did, they’d see that some of their employees (even store managers) have been busy sabotaging their brand by communicating how stupid they think their customers are and how much they hate them.

In some cases, the employees publicly wish physical harm upon the patrons who pay their paychecks.

Have you had problems with employees or co-workers making damaging comments on Facebook?  How did you handle it?  Please share a comment below.

“[Company Name]’s customers are sometimes (usually) the dumbest people everrrrrr.”

facebooksub 1.2 The comments below are from an actual 87-entry discussion thread titled “[Company Name]’s customers are sometimes (usually) the dumbest people everrrrrr.”  The photos are from the same public forum.

A warning:  some of these comments are vulgar and pretty offensive (even with my asterisking).  Then again, that’s the point.

The employee photos are posted to the general group, but those in the photos are not necessarily the commenters.

Using his real name, one employee writes on the publicly viewable forum:

i hate when they watch you make the sandwich and when your done wrappiing it and you hand it to them they say i didnt want mayo or no tomato. its like f*ck you *sshole you just watched me make it.

i had one lady call me on the phone and be like how do i know what the sandwichs are? and i was like… are you serious open the f*cken wrapper and LOOK!!! or know what your ordering f*cking dumb*ss.

Another store employees writes:

since our store is right next to a panda express, we get the people that come in look around and just walk out… HOW THE HELL DOES THAT HAPPEN!?!?! not only is there a huge f*cking neon sign on the goddamn window…. but everywhere you f*cking look there is [company name]!! we wear [company name]!!  shirt. YOU STUPID C*CK JUGGLING THUNDERC*NTS!!!! that goes to every customer thats ever been an idiot *sshole.

A store manager writes:

I had this one stupid b*tch come in one time ask for a sub with only cheese and lettuce on it. So i think to myself at first “what a f*cking waste of money”. So I ask her again” So all you what on it is just cheese and lettuce”. She says “yes”. So I make it. Then after she sits down and opens it, she comes back up and tells me that it is not what she order. She was wondering where all the meat was. Stupid f*cking bitch if you want f*cking meat then dont tell me you just want a sub with cheese and lettuce! F*CK!

One girl writes:

its not so much that people are dumb….. they are just complete imbeciles …..

We wish our customers would die!

facebooksub 4.2 A store manager in the Midwest writes:

F*CKING BASTARDS. I don’t think i have ever gone a whole day without dealing with at least a handfull of customers i wanted to stab in throat just for being a retard

A young girl employee wishes death by allergy on a customer:

He makes snide comments to his lady friend (who will definitely get aids from this frat f*ck), and then watches me wrap the sandwich.
boy: “Oh..Can you take those toms off?”
myself: “What?”
Boy: “Yeah, I’m allergic to them..”
“really? how tragic.”
“yeah, i’d have to go to the hospital.”
“and what a loss.. you think you’d remember you’re allergic to something before you HAVE IT ORDERED, but you know..”
and then they left. guess who kind of lost it? he should die.

people are just f*cking morons that eat at [Company Name].

A young male employee fantasizes a bit more violently:

Hi, can i have a slim one with lettuce?
Mam, we arn’t allowed to put anything on the slims but the meet and or cheese.
Lady: Ohh oky, i gotcha! Can i have tomatoes?
Me: Ma’am, we Can’t put that on there either..
Lady: Ohh, okay i understand..why don’t you put them on the “side” for me (winks)
Me: Takes out a shotgun and fucking kills her.

Forget the fact the company’s claim-to-fame is free fast delivery

Comments from delivery drivers and store employees include:

ITS 20 F*CKIN MINUTES! Christ, i have other deliveries. I get there as fast as i can. Do people that say that think i stop and f*ck around on the way there? If you want it faster, pick it the f*ck up, b*tch.

*ss hole makes me follow him out the building, all the way around to his car, and only gives me 9 bucks (tips me 1 f*cking dollar)

What I love is how many times you have to tell the idiots that we don’t have a computer to track addresses, so you need to give me your address every time.  The trick is for us to be smarter than the idiots that order from us.

i Hate the people who call in 1 or 2 sandwich orders for pickup. come on. it seriously takes 1 minute to make a sandwich. can’t you just f*cking come in?

facebooksub 3.2 Alienating customers by groups

…does anyone have a dillard’s by their store? we have one down the street and the employees come for their lunch hour every day and EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. is a b*tch.

The people who work at gene Juarez are the stupidest dumb c*nts you’ll ever have to deal with. unfortunately that’s on a daily basis also.

there is a 24-hour fitness ACROSS the street.  They order sandwiches to be delivered every F*CKING day.  they can’t walk across the street?

OK, the last one was funny, but still…

“wtf is this, subway? i think not.”

The sub franchise employees are outraged by customers making special requests.  A female team member writes:

i hate it when people ask for sh*t on their subs like pickles and swiss cheese and then they want ranch instead of mayo….

wtf is this, subway? i think not.

Another girl agrees:

i guess every [company name]’s customer is dyslexic …we had this one guy (maybe it was a woman, i can’t remember) who was begging for us to put tomato and lettuce on his slim. he was like “i’ll pay more for it, just put it on there” and i was like retard!!!!! if you want to pay more, GET THE FRIGGIN SUB! it’s like a dollar more, and already comes with all that sh*t…

“f*ck you fat lady”

A store delivery driver writes:

this huge lady pulls up and runs inside the store screaming “wheres your bathroom?!?!?!”, so we point her in the right direction…

we go knock on the door and she says “occupied” and comes out shortly after. she sneaks out the back door and leaves….

it took us 45 minutes to clean her sh*t up

wherever you are, f*ck you fat lady

Can you flash for food if you’re NOT ooglay?

A female store employee writes:

I had a girl come in and get pissy when I didn’t let her show tits-4-subs (she was ooglay) and so she was a drunken whore…
Crazy c*nt.

From the discussion “Favorite Firing Stories”

A female crew member recounts:

we had a driver spit in this b*tches food (she was rude to us, a b*tch and NEVER tipped once!) and told her “heres your sandwich b*tch i hope you choke on it.” squeezed when he handed it to her and walked out. she called back later cuz she ate half of it and then found a big wad of spit. needless to say he was fired but it was awsome. he was a good worker too it sucked.

Another female employee of a franchisee writes:

A few months ago, an amazing driver and a shitty *ssmanager were fired for smoking weed behind the store. Oh man. I joke about that to my manager all the time.

facebooksub 2.2 A male employee writes:

we had a driver get fired for droppin a baggy of coke on the floor right in front of our manager and then saying its not what it looks like, its some crushed up vicodin that im sellin to a buddy. Our manager checked the bathroom and found white residue on the sinks. awesome employee and a cool kid but seriously dont bring that sh*t to work.

If they forget the chips with your order, you might want to let it go.  A store employee in MI writes:

a guy got fired from our store [store location] for saying “F*ck you! im gonna haunt you for the rest of your life b*tch!” to a woman he was delivering to because she told him that he forgot the chips….she called our store afterward and told our manager what had happened, so she brough it up to the driver and he said, “f*ck this sh*t!” and left…haha what a crazy *ss night that was

Lawsuits waiting to happen

Facebook has got to be Disneyland for litigation attorneys putting together sexual harrassment, discrimination and related cases.

One employee writes of his co-worker “she is the only idiot working for us, nobody likes her and she is a gross bisexual”

Employees discuss perceived sexual advances by a female franchise owner toward a young male employee:

Male employee #1: she [franchise owner] was working and said she wants to go shopping with me for clothes sometime…shes taking interest in what i wear….i think she has a thing in me.  she is a total babe….not a fat slob…like u would THINK would own a fast food chain…not at all.  shes so classy
Male employee #2: Hit that shit!
Male employee #1: work in progress

Female employee: for sure! DO HER! thats like ultimante bragging rights (especially if shes older)

Welcome to the Age of Facebook

Every restaurant, foodservice or retail employee is going to vent about their customers sooner or later.  The problem is that now the venting isn’t going on in the backroom, it’s happening on Facebook for all – customers, prospective franchisees, lawyers, etc. – to see.  There’s the potential not only to damage the business and the brand, but the employment prospects of the employees who don’t realize they are revealing more about themselves than their customers.

This chain’s employees’ attitudes may or may not be worse than its competitors.  But here’s the most shocking thing to me:  this discussion and most of these comments have been publicly displayed on Facebook for three years. Has no franchise owner or home office employee searched the company name on Facebook in the past three years?

The lesson: If you own a business and you’re not familiar with Facebook, you better ask your kids for a quick lesson and start monitoring what’s being said about you and your business today… before real damage (or more damage) is done.


5 thoughts on “Facebook Horror Stories: Sub Franchise Employees Hating On Customers

  • Jimmy John’s monitors their official Facebook page on a daily basis, and we have never seen these comments or photos before. Can you send me links to them? Thanks!

  • Jimmy John’s:
    Email me your contact info to unhappyfranchisee[at] Let’s discuss.
    Unfortunately, there’s worse stuff that I didn’t post..

  • Kristina

    There are how many millions of pages on facebook that bash their customers and many other things. I understand the point that’s trying to be made, however, I don’t think it’s right to single out one company.


  • I don’t think ANYONE who can only find employment in a FAST FOOD SANDWICH SHOP should EVER, EVER, EVER, E-V-E-R make fun of ANYONE about ANYTHING………………simply because unless you are a high school sophomore, working in these places makes you a GRADE A LOSER!!!!!! And they got the balls (and lack of brains) to belittle others!!!! Hilarious.

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