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ATL ALL TUNE & LUBE: Unreturned $32K Franchise Fees


Here’s another disturbing allegation about the ATL All Tune & Lube franchise opportunity, this one by unhappy franchisee Gurjinder from Elk Grove, CA:

I signed an contract in hopes of making a good living by working hard and running my own business with the help of big franchise company that would give me the guidance. Instead I did not that they would take advantage of me and leave me in the middle with everything I had, including economically and emotionally.

I had high hopes of finding a good location to open up my repair shop but ATL never really helped me find one and pushed me into buying there old existing locations. Despite the fact that they had no traffic coming in, they still miss conducted me into signing the treaty with them. Looking at the situation I decided not to do so and asked them to refund my money because they were not helping me move on, instead trying to frame me. According to them they can never refund the money back so the only option i have is to stick with them.
Looking at this attitude I would like to sue them and join the fellows who have been done wrong, and taken advantage of. It is not easy coming up with large sump of money and losing it right before your eyes.
I would like to file a law suit and I am looking for other fellows who have already hired an attorney to help me out and make me a part of their team so we can teach the big corporates. Anyone who is out in Maryland with an Attorney please contact me ASAP.
Thank you
Elk Grove, California


12 thoughts on “ATL ALL TUNE & LUBE: Unreturned $32K Franchise Fees


  • I tried to follow franchise guideline for almost two years and lost not only franchise fee’s but also working capital due to advertising fees and Minimum franchise fees losing about 10K a month. I still can’t get rid of the real estate they recommended. And a month after I started my business they called and asked ME about what competition was in the area (something I was promised they did up front). To make a long story short, the area was saturated with auto repair businesses and the competition was massive. I should have settled for only losing my franschise fee’s and I wouldn’t have lost my life saving Plus.

  • Carol Cross

    Thanks, Ron! for getting out here and telling your story that may help others who are being SOLD even today.

    But, of course, your franchisor will tell you that the representation about checking out the competition is not in the contract and that this was your responsibility.

    Apparently, you, like so many others, were under the impression that the State wouldn’t allow them to sell you a “pig in a poke” and, of course, they don’t have to disclose anything that will really help you to assess the investment under the law and the FRANCHISOR always wins because he gets the franchise fee and royalties off of your gross sales as long as you keep trying to stand.

    But! you do have a SKILL that is in demand, even in times of recession. Set up as an independent out of your garage, if you have to, and underprice these franchisors who want to line their pockets because of the cheap labor and the cheap venture capital they capture when they “hook” a franchisee. Advertise in your local community papers and on bulletin boards in your community and church. Write or call your elected officials and ask them to TAME the BEAST of franchising.

    If they try to stop you with a NON-Compete, let them take you to court and explain to the judge why they have the right to sell you a pig in a poke and then try to take away your right to make an honest living with your skills.

  • Why can’t I post here??


  • My parents and brother bought this franchise, as the franchise was failing, the franchisee wanted them to continue to make their franchise payments, however, recommended they not pay their taxes. My brother filed bankrupcty, my parents barely missed that.

  • nathan

    I have been deceived.
    On Sep, 24, 2010, I signed the contract and took it home with me to read it. After reading the contract I realized this business is not for me. But Mr. Jeff Eser kept calling me and insisting that I should meet with him at his office. He told me that after signing the contract I have two weeks to cancel the contract without penalty. So He took the signed contract from me on Sep, 30, 2010.
    Furthermore, Mr. Jeff Eser told me ATL will take the money from my account next week Oct, 7,2010, so I have time to think it over, I believed him and gave him my debit card number. But to my surprise the money was taken from my account the same day I gave him the signed contract.
    One day after signing the contract, I decided to cancel the contract and get my $11,000 back. Instead of canceling the contract and returning the $11,000, they have refused to abide by the verbal understanding and agreement Mr. Jeff Eser had made.
    Up to this point, there has been no service provided that would result in a charge of $11,000.
    I had a bad feeling about signing the contract, and after they refusal to abide by the terms of our agreement my initial feelings have been confirmed.
    All I want is peacefully and quietly settle this dispute by getting my $11,000 and canceling the contract.
    If they decide not to give me back my money and cancel the contract, buy Oct, 30, 2010, then I am forced to settle this matter in court. I’ve talk to a lawyer , so anybody wants to join me to sue the ATL please contact [redacted].

  • Hector Borja

    I will stand with anyone and everyone to put a LAWSUIT against ALL TUNE and LUBE. I’ve been waiting for two years to open a shop in St. Clair County, Il and NOTHING has happened but a lot of unfulfilled promises from ATL. I, along with a lot of other people would like to get our money back from these liars, scum of the world. I will make it my life commitment to ruin what little reputation ATL, Inc has left, if any and I will go to whatever means necessary to get my money they took from me and don’t want to return. The more of us that unite, the better chance we have to win. I have a plan to share with anyone interested in joining me to fight for justice. It may only be $11,000 to them but it’s our hard earned money they have “STOLEN”. Lets put a STOP to ATL, NOOOOW!!!

  • dominic fiorella

    email me i amy be forced to seek legal help in recouping $7500.

  • lazaro Herrera

    If any one is going against ATL, please send me an email to join a class law suit. LETS GET THEM!!
    They do not want to refund my 32K.

    ADMIN note:

    Lazaro Herrera has requested that the following message be added to his comment:

    “I have worked with ATL management and they helped me to eliminate may concerns. We have reached an agreement and addressed all misunderstandings

    Lazaro Herrera”

  • Gurjinder Singh

    I will join your lawsuit. I am the original owner who had posted the complaint against ATL. You can email me at [redacted]

    NOTE: contact information can be exchanged by contacting ADMIN at UnhappyFranchisee[at]Gmail.Com – ADMIN

  • robert s hoye

    is there anyone out there that has had good results with the all tune franchise

  • looking for anyone who has had a positive experience with all tune franchise

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