If You Like Amy’s Baking Co., You’ll LOVE This CEO.

If You Like Amy’s Baking Co, You’ll LOVE This CEO by Sean Kelly, Publisher, UnhappyFranchisee.Com

[Warning:  Offensive Language]

When I read the Huffington Post story about the social media meltdown of Amy Bouzaglo, the now-infamous owner of Amy’s Baking Company, I wondered if CEO David Rutkauskas might be her twin brother.

When Yelper Joel L. criticized Amy’s Baking Company, owner Amy Bouzaglo replied: It is blatantly obvious to me why you were ALONE on a Saturday night!

When I criticized Beautiful Brands International (BBI), CEO David Rutkauskas tweeted: when was the last time u had a women hit on you . HaHa. or u had a women Sean Fuck Fat Face…

When Joel L. said he thought Amy’s Baking Co owners were indifferent to their customers, Amy Bouzaglo wrote: Do US a favor and keep your ugly face and you ugly opinions to yourself…

When I wrote that BBI was indifferent to their franchisees’ needs,  CEO Rutkauskas tweeted: fat fuck ugly shit face SK… Sean Fuck Fat Face… Dickface ugly mother fucker who is Sean Kelly

Amy’s Baking co-owner Samy Bouzaglo allegedly* wrote on FaceBook:  To all of the Yelpers and Reddits:  Bring it on.  you are just pussies.  come to arizona…  come to my business.  say it to my face. man to man…  you are just trash…

David Rutkauskas tweeted to me:  hey there Sean Kelly, why don’t u travel to Tulsa and say all this Bull Shit to my face ? … I dare you tell me to my face all your fucked up lies and bull shit. u coming 2nite pussy ?

BBI CEO David Rutkauskas also challenged me to square off with his 81 year old father (who was an amateur boxer, I guess, years before I was born) and his high school age son.

Unfortunately for David, I’m a blogger, not a fighter.

Instead, I’ll let CEO David Rutkauskas’ tweets speak for themselves:

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas fat fuck ugly shit face SK when was the last time u had a women hit on you . HaHa. or u had a women Sean Fuck Fat Face

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas thx Dickface ugly mother fucker who is Sean Kelly thx 4 our press Fathead &your 700 followers #bbitweets #davidrutkauskas

04/05/13David Rutkauskas040513(Click to enlarge)
David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas fuck off. Come see me in tulsa… let’s settle like men

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas deleting my tweets ? you punk… I will be waiting for u in Tulsa to spew your lies to my face. FUCK YOU

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas all lies U need help. Made up crap from a low life fuck off Sean. Or travel to Tulsa & confront me like a real man

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas I dare you to spew your lies and bull shit to my Dads face , my face , my sons face

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas my 81 year old father would like to see u Come on down to Tulsa. My treat… would love to see

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas FUCK OFF… I will spread media hate about you forever… U started this shit… I will keep the fight against u 4ever

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas fuck you kids & family r against u. u need a punch in the mouth. u seriously need help… good boxing gyms in Tulsa I dare u

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas hey franchise dick… We have our own media alerts going out targeting U… I’m not scared… not embarrassed

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas u will LOVE this.. BBI did deals from OK-CA this week.. David Rutkauskas = $765,000 richer… Sean Kelly = 0 richer. #Funny Shit

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas Bring it franchise dick.. I dare you tell me to my face all your fucked up lies and bull shit. u coming 2nite pussy ?

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas hey franchise terrorist when u grow the balls 2 show up in Tulsa to tell your lies to my face..bring that punk GayJon with u

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas ... Bring your pussy ass 2 OK..I will pay one way to Tulsa.I want to see you spew your LIES to my face…#WUSS

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas @JonFortman. come 2 OK this week & call me a Cry Baby 2 my face? easy drive 4 u JonBoy @franchisepick #settlelikemen

David Rutkauskas Tweets(Click to enlarge)
Jonathan E. Fortman @JonFortman I have 70+ former Contours Express franchisees who would take a bullet for Sean Kelly

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas @JonFortman @FranchisePick that’s very impressive Fartman .. Bullets, huh? R u a Jew ?

Rutkauskas Antisemite Tweet(Click to enlarge)
David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas @claudiarobbins @unhappyz r u a Jew 2 ?

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas@claudiarobbins who the fuck r you ? Cat woman… R u in love with Sean Kelly ? Is he your lover

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas JonFortman @FranchisePick so.. Are u a Jew or not ?

David Rutkauskas Tweet 1(Click to enlarge)
mr. truth @FuckOffLiars** @FranchisePick .. We are watching U and your lies… we know where u live.&.HaHaHa… #SeanKelly #FranchisePickGay #GunsAreLegal Twitter threat 021713 (Click to enlarge)

In a fine bit of irony, David Rutkauskas and his Beautiful Brands International is suing ME for defamation(!)

I’ve suggested, in a related post, that Mr. Rutkauskas instead sue himself for defamation.

After all, no one can sink a brand faster than a hot tempered business owner with a laptop and a faulty moral compass.

* The Bouzaglos claim hackers posted many of their most-criticized comments.

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  • Wow…good luck on that defamation case. You should counter sue. Yet, it may not even be worth it.

    -Amy D.

  • what a fucktard

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