Why DAVID RUTKAUSKAS & ROBERT SARTIN Should Sue Themselves (Part 1) by Sean Kelly

Why DAVID RUTKAUSKAS & ROBERT SARTIN Should Sue Themselves (Part 1) by Sean Kelly

I am being sued by two bullies from Tulsa, OK:  David Rutkauskas, CEO of Beautiful Brands International (BBI), and his “muscle,” respected attorney Robert Sartin of Barrow & Grimm, PC*.

According to an article in The Journal Record, the bullies claim that I made comments that “implied that BBI intimidates and threatens its franchisees, lies about the financial strength and fails to support its franchisees once the agreements have been executed.”

The lawsuit (attached below) alleges that I made comments “with an intent to cause disrepute, public hatred, contempt, ridicule and embarrassment to BBI, to deprive BBI of public confidence, and to injure BBI,” and that I “willfully and maliciously engaged in improper, systematic, concerted and deliberate efforts to destroy the good will and business relationships between BBI and its clients.”

In this regard, respected attorney Robert Sartin gives me WAY too much credit.

Even if I tried my very best, I could never have caused the disrepute, contempt, ridicule, embarrassment, or deprivation of public confidence that David Rutkauskas has brought to himself and BBI through his public rants on Twitter (some posted below) and through the bullying email and text messages he has sent to a female ex-client (not posted here.  Yet.).

In fact, I believe that David Rutkauskas should sue himself for the willful, malicious, & irreparable harm he continues to do to his own reputation and to the BBI brand.

I hereby offer my services to serve as an expert witness pro bono in the proposed case of Sartin, Rutkauskas & BBI v. Sartin & Rutkauskas.

I believe respected Tulsa attorney Robert Sartin should name himself as a defendant in this proposed lawsuit for encouraging his arguably unstable client into a volatile, public & unwinnable lawsuit, despite the fact that David Rutkauskas has demonstrated a propensity for public self-destruction via social media.

Additionally, I offer the exhibits below (from my vast gallery of screenshots),  to support the proposed contention that CEO David Rutkauskas has systematically and maliciously portrayed himself as an unprofessional and foul-mouthed bully with a gift for antisemitism, homophobia, misogyny and even ailurophobia (hatred of cats).

CEO as Schoolyard Bully: The Rants of David Rutkauskas [WARNING: Offensive Language]

I am confident that the Rutkauskas & Sartin SLAPP lawsuit against me will end in further embarrassment for them, as UnhappyFranchisee.Com  mostly provided a forum for the complaints of the many critics of Beautiful Brands.  I have been scrupulous in making sure the opinions I share are based on verifiable information from multiple sources.  And I am being represented by the formidable, no-nonsense attorney Jonathan Fortman.

However, if David Rutkauskas were to sue himself for defamation, his tweets in the last few months would provide a treasure trove of damaging evidence.

Here are a few of the tweets from a man who holds himself out to be an entrepreneurial business icon, visionary and restaurant industry thought leader:

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas  fat fuck ugly shit face SK when was the last time u had a women hit on you . HaHa. or u had a women Sean Fuck Fat Face

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas thx Dickface ugly mother fucker who is Sean Kelly thx 4 our press Fathead &your 700 followers  #bbitweets #davidrutkauskas

04/05/13David Rutkauskas040513(Click to enlarge)
David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas fuck off.  Come see me in tulsa… let’s settle like men

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas deleting my tweets ? you punk… I will be waiting for u in Tulsa to spew your lies to my face.  FUCK YOU

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas all lies U need help. Made up crap from a low life fuck off Sean.  Or travel to Tulsa & confront me like a real man

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas I dare you to spew your lies and bull shit to my Dads face , my face , my sons face

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas my 81 year old father would like to see u Come on down to Tulsa.  My treat… would love to see

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas FUCK OFF… I will spread media hate about you forever… U started this shit… I will keep the fight against u 4ever

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas fuck you kids & family r against u. u need a punch in the mouth.  u seriously need help… good boxing gyms in Tulsa I dare u

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas hey franchise dick… We have our own media alerts going out targeting U… I’m not scared… not embarrassed

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas u will LOVE this.. BBI did deals from OK-CA this week.. David Rutkauskas = $765,000 richer… Sean Kelly = 0 richer. #Funny Shit

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas Bring it franchise dick.. I dare you tell me to my face all your fucked up lies and bull shit. u coming 2nite pussy ?

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas hey franchise terrorist when u grow the balls 2 show up in Tulsa to tell your lies to my face..bring that punk GayJon with u

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas ...  Bring your pussy ass 2 OK..I will pay one way to Tulsa.I want to see you spew your LIES to my face…#WUSS

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas @JonFortman. come 2 OK this week & call me a Cry Baby 2 my face?  easy drive 4 u JonBoy @franchisepick #settlelikemen


David Rutkauskas Tweets(Click to enlarge)
Jonathan E. Fortman @JonFortman I have 70+ former Contours Express franchisees who would take a bullet for Sean Kelly

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas @JonFortman @FranchisePick that’s very impressive Fartman .. Bullets, huh?  R u a Jew ?

Rutkauskas Antisemite Tweet(Click to enlarge)
David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas @claudiarobbins @unhappyz  r u a Jew 2 ?

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas@claudiarobbins who the fuck r you ? Cat woman… R u in love with Sean Kelly ? Is he your lover

David Rutkauskas @davidrutkauskas JonFortman @FranchisePick so.. Are u a Jew or not ?

David Rutkauskas Tweet 1(Click to enlarge)
mr. truth @FuckOffLiars** @FranchisePick .. We are watching U and your lies… we know where u live.&.HaHaHa… #SeanKelly #FranchisePickGay  #GunsAreLegal Twitter threat 021713 (Click to enlarge)

CEO David Rutkauskas challenged me to come to Tulsa and fight his 81 year old father.

CEO David Rutkauskas publicly asked my attorney “R u a Jew”?  Twice.

CEO David Rutkauskas asked a woman he doesn’t know if she is having an affair with me and asked “R u a Jew?”

Right next to family pictures of his wife, his kids and his parents, CEO David Rutkauskas posted the words “fat fuck ugly shit face SK when was the last time u had a women hit on you . HaHa. or u had a women Sean Fuck Fat Face” and “thx Dickface ugly mother fucker.”

If we do get to court and someone asks me: “Did you damage the reputation of David Rutkauskas?” won’t the answer be obvious?

With CEO Rutkauskas’ social media meltdowns and his respected attorney Sartin holding his coat, goading him to fight all his detractors, why would I need to defame him?

He’s doing a superlative job defaming himself.

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* Technically, I’m being sued by Beautiful Brands International (BBI), but the seasoned bully-boy team behind it is the arguably unstable CEO David Rutkauskas and his well-compensated enabler and enforcer Robert Sartin.

**  I was also threatened on Twitter by user account @FuckOffLiars & insulted by @MissTroothBeTold.  Is @FuckOffLiars is a Rutkauskas pseudonym? Compare writing styles and decide for yourself.



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4 thoughts on “Why DAVID RUTKAUSKAS & ROBERT SARTIN Should Sue Themselves (Part 1) by Sean Kelly

  • Got so tired over the years of Rutkauskas’ shameless self-promotion and slick talk in the Tulsa press. Seemed every few months there was lots of hype and hoopla over BBI’s plans to franchise yet another popular local establishment. It all seemed like a lot of hot air. I always wondered if I wasn’t the only one who thought the whole thing was nothing but a scam.

    That’s some really nice language from Mr. R. in those posts ((sarcasm)). Way to come off looking professional and adult when someone calls you on your B.S. or writes something you don’t like.

  • Sean, it just shows the difference between genius and stupidity- genius knows its limitations.

  • SanFranDan

    That guy is a jackass. He makes Mel Gibson look like an angel. Way to go, Sean…..hope he loses everything, the way anyone should who talks and acts that way.

  • Kanita

    Reading the blog made my morning!!

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