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7-ELEVEN Manhattan Group Protests 7-11 Expansion

A small but determined group of protesters from the NY grassroots No 7-11 organization gathered at 11th Street and Avenue A yesterday, where a new 7-Eleven store is being constructed.

According to a flyer posted on the groups Facebook and Twitter pages, the rally was intended to give residents a chance to “Say NO to the Opening of a 7-Eleven on Av. A,” which has been rescheduled for September, 2013.

No 7-Eleven protesters say 7-Eleven doesn’t belong in the East Village, that it is damaging to the unique character of the area and is putting the independently owned bodegas out of business.

According to the group’s recent press release:

“‘No 7-Eleven’ is a grassroots campaign by New Yorkers taking a stand against the increasing flood of chain stores like 7-Eleven which threaten the free market, damage the local economy and whitewash the character of our communities.

  • “7-Eleven currently has 32 locations in Manhattan, with an additional 100 locations planned by 2017. 7-Eleven has more than 48,000 locations worldwide, more than Starbucks and McDonalds.
  • New York City is attempting to ban sodas over 16oz. yet 7-Eleven would be allowed to sell them, giving them an unfair advantage over street vendors, cafes, pizza shops and bagels stores.
  • After 7-Eleven opened next door to Kyung’s Gourmet Foods in Chelsea, their sales dropped by 25%.

“7-Eleven’s spokespeople have repeatedly referred to the East Village as a “target,” claiming the area is “underserved.” We currently have thirteen local bodegas and delis serving the community in a several block radius around the new 7-Eleven under construction at the corner of 11th Street and Avenue A. What 7-Eleven means is we are “underserved” by them!

7-Eleven “The East Village maintains a neighborhood feel despite ongoing gentrification and development. Our local economy and neighborhood character would be severely impacted if allowed to be dominated by a homogeneous, suburban entity like 7-Eleven.

“…By damaging local economies and threatening the free market through sheer volume, 7-Eleven is the corporate equivalent of a top-level predator which, having no natural enemies, invades and overwhelms local ecosystems and destroys native species.

“The ‘No 7-Eleven’ movement is a multigenerational, multiethnic group of New Yorkers all of whom voted unanimously to fight 7-Eleven’s ‘Corporate Manifest Destiny.’ We will maintain the integrity of our community through our new website, outreach, rallies, boycotts, zoning amendments and political pressure from our elected officials. Our goal is to start a national dialogue about the way large corporations infiltrate existing neighborhoods and the effect they have on local economies and community character.”

Franchisee-operated 7-Eleven stores have been the target of a crackdown by Federal authorities, who allege franchisees in NY and VA have been engaged in serious labor violations and human trafficking.  Read 7-ELEVEN Franchises Raided by DOJ, Homeland Security.

7-Eleven franchisees claim they are the ones being victimized by a corporate scam that entices them to make hefty franchisees to enter a fee-splitting arrangement with 7-Eleven, and then are squeezed out through burdensome fees and predatorial corporate policies.  Read 7-Eleven Franchise Complaints.

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