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7-ELEVEN Franchise Ads We’d Like to See (Parody)

In recent months, UnhappyFranchisee.Com has received many complaints from 7-Eleven franchise owners.

We have covered a growing number of franchise lawsuits by franchisees against 7-Eleven (See 7-ELEVEN on UnhappyFranchisee.Com)

7-Eleven franchisees complain that since the Japanese parent Seven and i Holdings Co took ownership of the company in 2005, they have been treated more like indentured servants than independent business owners.

7-Eleven franchisees complain that they have no decision-making power in their own stores.

They complain that 7-Eleven terminates franchisees and keeps their investment money at its sole discretion.

They complain that franchisees are bullied, live in fear, and are subjected to racial slurs and discrimination.

As Seven and i Holdings Co. plans to potentially quadruple its U.S. store count by adding 21,500 new 7-Eleven stores, the complaints and lawsuits from disillusioned franchisees could grow exponentially.

UnhappyFranchisee.Com believes 7-Eleven can head off this turmoil by being more upfront with prospective franchisees as to the true nature of the 7-Eleven franchise opportunity.

To help 7-Eleven set more realistic expectations among future franchisees, we have prepared seven “7-Eleven Franchise Ads We’d Like to See.”

#1 The 7-Eleven franchise protects you from your own dumb self.

7-Eleven Franchise

We’d like to see a 7-Eleven franchise ad that’s honest about how much decision-making power franchisees are trusted with… which is, reportedly, none.7-Eleven should explain that just because you have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to become a 7-Eleven franchise “owner” doesn’t mean you can be trusted to adjust your own thermostat or control the volume of your in-store monitor.Or to decide what merchandise your customers want.Or to take money out of your bank account without permission.

As a 7-Eleven franchisee, you’ll be protected from yourself and will never have to worry about such distractions as, say, thinking or free will ever again!

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#2 The 7-Eleven franchise let’s you be in business for ourself, but by yourself.

7-Eleven Franchise

We’d like to see a 7-Eleven franchise ad that dispels the complaint that 7-Eleven franchisees are treated like the indentured servants of the past.That’s silly.  Indentured servants didn’t have to pay franchise fees for their bondage.Read more:  7-ELEVEN: How the 7-Eleven Franchise Works

#3 The 7-Eleven franchise optimizes your inner servant!

7-Eleven Franchise

We’d like to see a 7-Eleven franchise ad that promotes what 7-Eleven franchisees tell us:  That they they have a give-and-take relationship with the franchisor.The franchisees  give. 7-Eleven, Inc. takes.7-Eleven franchising ads should let people know that they’ll finally have a chance to put their belief that  It’s better to give than to receive into action.

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Graphic:  7-Eleven Servant Leadership graphic (green type added)

#4 The 7-Eleven franchise has a yen for ethnic diversity!

7-Eleven Franchise

We’d like to see a 7-Eleven franchise ad that dispels the notion that 7-Eleven is made up of imperial Japanese owners, their subservient white upper management, and 1st generation immigrant franchisees from the Middle East/South Asia.7-Eleven is a culturally rich and ethnically diverse franchise organization, from its parent company executives (Toshifumi Suzuki, Noritoshi Murata, Katsuhiro Goto) to its white, male corporate executives (Joseph DePinto, Darren Rebelez, Stanley Reynolds) to the franchisee-defendants the company is currently suing (Tarik Khan, Karamjeet Sodhi, Manjinder Singh, Rajesh Ajmeri, Mohammed Tariq Wattoo, etc.).Read more:  7-ELEVEN Downplays Japanese OwnershipGraphic: 7-Eleven franchise website

#5 The 7-Eleven franchise fulfills your dream of being parodied by The Simpson’s.

7-Eleven Franchise

The Simpson’s animated television show has long lampooned Indian-owned convenience stores with its depiction of the character Apu and his Kwik-E-Mart.If there were ever any doubt that Kwik-E-Mart’s racially stereotyped owner, rude service and overpriced merchandise were references to 7-Eleven, the company erased all doubt by allowing Fox to temporarily transform a dozen 7-Elevens into Kwik-E-Marts to promote the 2007 release of “The Simpson’s Movie.”Photo credit:  Brother MagnetoLicense:  Creative Commons

#6 The 7-Eleven franchise is prominently featured on UnhappyFranchisee.Com!

7-Eleven Franchise

We’d like to see a 7-Eleven franchise ad that gives UnhappyFranchisee.Com a little credit for the amount of free publicity we give to certain franchise opportunities.We don’t want to sound whiny, but we’re sick of franchise companies taking out ads every time they get mentioned in some lame Entrepreneur magazine, Forbes or INC magazine franchise ranking.What are we, chopped liver?  We have feelings, too…

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Photo credit: James

#7 The 7-Eleven franchise provides a clean, definitive exit strategy

7-Eleven Franchise

We’d like to see a 7-Eleven franchise ad that positively addresses its franchisee exit strategy.Don’t look at being branded a cheater by the 7-Eleven “Asset Protection” team and having your store seized without due process or a chance to appeal as a bad thing.Look at it as a chance to receive benefits of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court that you’d otherwise never experience.7-Eleven franchisees must always see the Slurpee cup not as half empty, but half full!

And if they do see the Slurpee cup as half-empty, they are invited to keep it to themselves… or else.

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 #8 7-Eleven Loss Prevention / Asset Protection Department:  Your Loss is Our Asset! [NEW!]

7-Eleven Asset Protection

Loss Prevention departments are generally tasked with preventing loss by, say, reducing shoplifting, robberies and employee theft.  But Mark Stinde, 7-Eleven’s V.P. of Loss Prevention, wants to take it to the next level, stating “We can’t just be a cost center in the organization; we really should be an income center.”  Recent franchisee lawsuits are alleging that Stinde’s Loss Prevention Specialists have brought in $10M for 7-Eleven – by unlawfully seizing stores from franchisees and selling reselling them at a profit.

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Disclaimer: “7-Eleven Franchise Ads We’d Like to See” contains parody ads meant for satirical purpose and commentary. “7-Eleven” and the 7-Eleven logo are registered trademarks of 7-Eleven, Inc. 7-Eleven is not affiliated with this site in any way, and, one would assume, does not endorse its content. All franchisors, companies and individuals discussed on UnhappyFranchisee.Com are invited to provide us with rebuttals, refutations, clarifications, and corrections for publication.

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21 thoughts on “7-ELEVEN Franchise Ads We’d Like to See (Parody)

  • Lenny Bruce


  • Hey, is Marks & Klein talking about real dollars or just “settlement” dollars.

    Pretty sure that the Quiznos “settlement” dollars didn’t amount to very much real dollars.

    Like the other ads, though.

  • Barbara Naddy JD

    Weds afternoon my local 7-11was closed for an “audit”. This morning, Saturday, the owners are gone. New people are running the store.

  • fed up fred

    Where was this?

  • New Yorker

    My fellow Franchisees
    The SEI will continue to roll over us until we unite against them.
    The current leadership of FOA’s need to think hard if Bruce Maples is the right man for the job in the upcoming election, it sure will determine a lot the direction we will be lead.
    Joe put Bruce in and picked others before for the Chairman job, what does tell you?

  • Lenny Bruce

    Bruce is the only Chairman annointed by Joe. All others Joe Saracino Ted Poggi TarikKhan and Dennis Lane were elected before JDP came around. Bruce has NEVER been a friend of franchisee’s his loyalty is to himself.

  • Phil Castaldo

    Mr.or Mrs “new Yorker says” and “lenny bruce” you don’t have a clue what your talking about. I put MY name here so you can contact me and I will tell you both the true story. Bruce is the best chairman we have had in the 35 years. I am a FZ. and a national board member. I became a board member in 1982 for UFOLI (United Franchisee Owners of Long Island) and a VP for 15 years under Mr. Tariq Khan and became President with the help of the UFOLI board members and my fellow FZ in Jan 2013. JFKennedy said it all “ask not what……” It’s people like you two are the FZ biggest problem, talk a big game in the hallway and say NOTHING at any meeting. Bruce has ALWAYS been a friend of FZ. I would bet that you two never miss a 7- Eleven meeting or the USC now held in Vegas in January paid for by our vendors (now called 7-Eleven Experience) to brown up. If no one would go to the Vegas meeting we would get their attention. So enjoy your chance to WIN a two year car lease (PLEASE). I will give you credit you posted something, from the calls I get every day, there should be hundreds if not thousands of posts here. Step up people or be stepped on. Phil Castaldo

  • New Yorker

    Phil my friend,the only way I would go to Vegas is if they paid for the flight so I could go gamble at the Casinos like some are doing.
    The 7 Eleven experience is simple a way for them to make $ Millions at our expense, with some of that money taken away from the National Coalition Convention. Vendors do not want to support 7-11 but have not choice so their products become recommended by the almighty one in Dallas.
    How much do you pay for a case Coke or Pepsi? How much does your competition pay for Coke or Pepsi? do you know? who do you think gets the kickback of that money? You and me gets ZERO. How about sharing 50/50 with the partnership.
    Bruce might have is days counted .A few $ Millions in our coffers does not do any good unless is used to fight for rights your Franchise and mine.
    Phil by the way if I put my real name out there I would be out of my Franchise faster than Bruce has left.

  • Missled

    Phil you spend many year by side of Mr Khan at national meetings. Now you act like you never new him. You became president when Tariq was turned on by friends. Did Bruce help you do this?

  • Phil Castaldo

    New Yorker thank you for the kind response, sorry mine wasn’t. I agree 100% that stuff is going. But till we ALL stand together and not expect one person to make it all better. Thanks Phil as for Missled says you are Missled.!

  • New Yorker

    Phil, I also agree with all of us staying together, but we need to make a lot of noise for Dallas to pay attention to us .The leadership at the National Coalition must lead the way they are not doing so.

  • Potential Franchisee

    I’m planning on obtaining a 7-11 store in my home-town. I wanted to see if maybe current franchisees think this is a good idea? and if not, why its not a good idea. Thanks.

  • Dick Dole

    Where is “home town?” Some stores are a deal but most are overpriced. With the current agreement the more successful you are the more SEI takes. Also SEI reserves right to change rules when they want. Be careful! !

  • krishana

    After reading all this, if you still wants to become franchisee— Man you have awesome courage.

  • urban711

    Mr. Costaldo, people have spoken and our YOUR BOY LOST!!! What does that say? How about that you and I bet that “your Tucson Boy” will never attend another national coalition meeting????

  • Dick Dole

    What surprises me is that any association would even cast their votes for Bruce. He has always been about what is best for himself. Has he ever stood up for a franchisee
    In trouble? No never! Has he ever spoken out about 7-Eleven abuses or heavy handed activities? Only behind closed doors. When SEI is in the room that giant sucking sound you hear is your rights as independent contractor being given away.

  • Skip Jones

    Phil, shut the fuck up. You are a dumb fuck.

  • Scooby-Doo

    Leave Phil alone….as the new poobah of the Tucson AZ FOA who resides in NEW YORK he has to travel quite a lot to help his new association. Hey Phil when you run for re-election will you be blaming Bruce for mismanagement in Tucson FOA?

  • Lovely discussion .once i had some labor related issue with one of my employees.i happen to accidentally call local foa attorney . He misundertood the issue i had. He thought i was having problems with 711. He offered a meeting between market manager and me and told me a certain amount market manager will take to smooth out everythimg . After hearing that i hung up. Few days later a franchisee that i never met before out of blue shows up at the store offering his middle man services to resolve the issue between my former employee and me .later i found out this franchisee to be a member of the foa group.

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