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TAPP PALMER, Clubstore Outlet Franchise: What Happened?

Tapp Palmer is being called a con-man who sold a bunch of Clubstore Outlet franchises then failed to support them.  Most have closed, leaving many Clubstore Outlet franchise owners in financial ruins.  The few that are left are struggling to survive with none of the franchise support they paid for.  We ask those involved:  What happened?  Could all the franchise experts involved in launching and promoting this franchise Titanic done more to warn the prospective franchise owners who now have lost everything?

( Internet references to Tapp Palmer’s Clubstore Outlet franchise fall into two categories.

Tapp PalmerFirst, there are the promotional remnants  of the much-hyped franchise opportunity which include ad copy on lead generation portals like Franchise Gator & Biz Buy Sell.  There are promotional press releases touting the concept’s growth and appeal and even a success story/case study listed on Christopher Conner’s Franchise Marketing Systems (FMS) website.

The FMS success story states: “ClubStore Outlet’s team of consultants implemented the model and executed the franchise sales platform to perfection.  During the first two years of expansion, the organization sold 4 new Master Franchise owners and over 30 new franchise owners who invested in single store operations… Today, with solid management and operations-focused leadership, the Clubstore brand has an opportunity to scale nationally and even globally.

The second category includes the the nightmarish stories of the franchise owners who, believing the compelling dream the franchise experts touted, invested their life savings, retirement accounts, and even put their homes on the line to open a Clubstore Outlet franchise.

The Clubstore Outlet chain appears to be imploding before it even got off the ground, with franchisees claiming they invested $200,000 to $500,000 and never got the franchise support they were promised.

The store closure count is climbing (See our working list below).  According to the legal complaint filed Wisconsin franchise investors Bruce and Cindy Schooley, Tapp Palmer “engages in an outrageous, systematic and fraudulent scheme.”

According to a story in the Post Crescent:

They allege that the Clubstore chain is a “facade” designed “to induce persons and entities into spending outrageous and exorbitant sums and fees to enter into a franchise relationship, without any intent on the part of defendants to provide legitimate franchisor services.”

Franserve VP Jerry Rieder, the broker who sold facilitated the Clubstore franchise sale to the Schooleys, lays the blame on Tapp Palmer.  Jerry Rieder was quoted in the Post Crescent article, stating:

“Tapp Palmer is a scam artist…  In my opinion, he stole funds from people who invested. He didn’t invest any of the money back into the franchise. It hurt a lot of franchisees.”

More Than Half of Clubstore Outlet Franchises Have Closed.  Those Remaining Reportedly Fend for Themselves.

Here are the Clubstore Outlet franchise locations we’ve identified through franchise disclosure documents, the company website archives and Google searches.

Each closed store (RED) may represent a lost investment in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and ongoing legal disputes over debts and lease obligations.

Stores still open (BLACK), we believe, are buying inventory independently and receiving no support services from Clubstore Outlet LLC.

Please provide updates, corrections, additions, and clarifications (in the comments below) about the status and histories of these tragic store challenges and failures:


As of 5/7/18, it appears that 21 Clubstore Outlet franchise locations have opened, 11 have closed and 9 are still operating with no franchisor support. One location in MA was listed as “Coming Soon” but we’re not sure if it ever opened.

As of 6/10/19, 15 stores have closed, only 5 stores remain – fending for themselves without the franchisor support they paid for.

  • AZ Phoenix, AZ 3850 E Thunderbird Rd Phoenix, AZ 85032 (602) 971-0044 (Franchisee: Steve Lewis) REBRANDED AZ CLUBSTORE
  • CO Parker, CO 9845 S Parker Rd, Parker, CO 80134 (620) 899-7058 (Franchisee: Lori Rayl and Abby Miller) CLOSED
  • FL Boca Raton 23060 Sandalfoot Plaza Dr., Boca Raton, FL 33428 561-571-6301 Carciofi and Carvalho LLC (Ceased Jan. 2016) CLOSED
  • FL Jacksonville 12777 Atlantic Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32225 (904) 524-8295 (Franchisee Nathaniel Herring) CLOSED
  • FL Margate 615 State Road 7, Margate, FL 33063 954-532-3585 (Fluix Investments, Inc.) (Ceased Jan. 2016) CLOSED
  • FL Miami Lakes,  15456 NW 77 Ct., Miami Lakes, FL 33016 305-698-7059 (Franchisee: MSRU, Corporation) (Ceased Jan. 2016) CLOSED
  • FL Palm Beach Gardens, FL 9810 Hwy A1A Alternate Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 (561) 366-7413 (Franchisee: Vig & Steve Novak) MOVED – OPEN
  • GA Hiram Paulding Commons 4215 Jimmy Lee Smith Parkway Hiram, GA 30141 CLOSED
  • MA Plymouth, MA 131 Samoset Street, Unit A-90 Plymouth, MA 02360 (Unclear if it opened)
  • MS Brandon, MS 1560 W Government St Brandon, MS (561) 366-7413 OPEN (Franchisee: Brooks Jenkins) OPEN
  • MS Richland, MS 1201 Hwy 49 S, Ste 26 Richland, MS 33410 (Franchisee Buddy Fortner) CLOSED
  • MO St. Louis, Missouri 9981 Manchester Rd. St. Louis, MO 63122 (314) 287-7225 OPEN
  • NM Las Cruces, NM 910 N. Telshor Blvd Las Cruces, NM, 88011 (575) 652-4355 (Franchisee: Mike & Paula Johnson) CLOSED
  • NC Cary, NC 673 Cary Towne Blvd. Cary, NC 27511 (317) 409 3144 (Franchisee: LeeAnn & Brett Stinson) CLOSED
  • NC Mooresville, NC 539 East Plaza Dr Suite T Mooresville, North Carolina, NC 28117 OPEN
  • ND Minot 3514 N Broadway, Minot ND 58703 (701) 838-2582 Opened June 15, 2016 (Franchisee: Jay Lundeen and Jake Feil)  CLOSED
  • ND Minot, ND  1901 South Broadway, Minot, ND 58701 (701) 838-2582 (Franchisee: Jay Lundeen and Jake Feil)  CLOSED
  • PA Downingtown, PA 3953 – 3955 Lincoln Highway Downingtown, PA 19335 (201) 463-4660 CLOSED
  • TN LaFollette, TN 2010 Jacksboro Pike, Suite 1 LaFollette, TN 37766 (606) 312-5129 (Franchisee: Amy Handy) CLOSED
  • TX Montgomery, TX 19380 HWY 105 West, Suite 501 Montgomery, TX 77356 (936) 582-2888 (Franchisee: Shacie Richey) CLOSED
  • TX Tyler, TX 4500 S Broadway Ave. Tyler, Tx, 75703 (Franchisee: Rob Wilson)(Opened August 26, 2017) OPEN
  • WI Neenah 860 Fox Point Plaza, Neenah, WI 54956 (920) 215-6921 (Franchisee: Bruce & Cindy Schooley  Broker:  Jerry Rieder, FRANSERVE) CLOSED

Clubstore Outlet Franchise Autopsy:  How Could This Happen? Please Share Your Experience & Opinion

Tapp Palmer is getting the brunt of the criticism for the Clubstore Outlet franchise disaster.

However, we would like to hear from the franchise owners as well as the many experienced franchise consultants, advisors, brokers and salespeople as to how this could happen… and how similar situations can be prevented in the future.

Clubstore Outlet Staff, Consultants, Advisors and Salespeople:  What Happened?

Clubstore Outlet LLC, franchisor of the troubled Clubstore Outlet franchise chain, was incorporated in Charleston, South Carolina on 5/13/15.

Tapp Palmer is the founder and CEO of Charleston, SC-based Clubstore Outlet, LLC, and is believed to be the sole owner.

Amanda F. Shannon was Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing for Clubstore Outlet since 2015, and for Tapp Palmer’s affiliate Costless Overstocks in Sullivan’s Isle, South Carolina since February 2014, according to Clubstore Outlet franchise disclosure documents (FDD).

Amber Lynn Pennycuff was Clubstore Outlet’s Franchise Coordinator beginning November 2015.

Bruce William McDonald is listed in the 2017 FDD document as Chief Financial Officer: “Bruce has been our Chief Financial Officer in Charleston, South Carolina since February 2017. He was retired prior to that time, and not otherwise employed in the five years preceding the date of this disclosure document.”

Pamela Currie (Franchise Advisor / Trainer / Speaker / Host of Franchise Business Radio according to LinkedIn) seems to have been integrally involved.   A 2016 franchise filing states “Pamela Currie has been our Franchise Advisor/Consultant in Atlanta, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina since 2015. She has also been owner of Franchise Intellect, Inc., in Atlanta, Georgia since June 2009.”  The 2017 Franchise Disclosure Document lists Pamela Currie as Area Representative (franchise salesperson) for Georgia and parts of North Carolina).

Christopher Conner and Alan George of Franchise Marketing Systems (FMS) claim to have been the architects of the franchise expansion and lead generation strategies.

Franserve franchise brokers also seem to have played a major role in the ill-fated franchise launch.

Jerry Rieder, VP of Franserve and owner of Rieder Franchise Consulting helped facilitate the sale of the Clubstore Outlet franchise to at least one failed franchise investor.

Kim Marinoff, Consultant at A2B Franchise Consulting, LLC dba The Franchise Explorer since 2010, is listed in the FDD as the Clubstore Outlet Area Representative (franchise salesperson) for Colorado

Nathaniel Herring, owner of Herring Family Holdings, Inc. in Jacksonville, Florida since January 2016, was a Clubstore Outlet Area Representative for Florida North and East.

James Begley, President of Begley Management, Inc., in London, KY, was Area Representative for most of Tennessee.

Roy Holleman, was Area Representative for Southern Louisiana and parts of Mississippi and Tennessee. He owned Southern Overstocks Consulting Group, LLC

David Neeley has been Co-Owner of Southern Overstocks Consulting Group, LLC and Southern Overstocks, LLC, in Brandon, Mississippi since November 2015. He has also
been Owner of The Cookie Store in Jackson, Tennessee since October 2010.

Chad Mains has been Co-Owner of Southern Overstocks Consulting Group, LLC and Southern Overstocks, LLC, in Brandon, Mississippi since November 2015. He has also
been Senior Vice President, Fixed Income Institutional Sales, of Vining Sparks in Memphis, Tennessee since April 2012.  Chad was Area Representative for Mississippi and part of Tennessee.

Mark Jones of Franchise Systems Advisers, Atlanta, was Regional Developer for Georgia from Feb. 2016 to Feb. 2018.

Shary Thur is president of a commercial real estate brokerage, Thur Retail, with offices in Washington, D.C., and Boca Raton, Florida.  Shary Thur was the leasing representative for Clubstore Outlet and Tapp Palmer.  She is named in the lawsuit the Wisconsin franchisees filed against Clubstore Outlet LLC and Tapp Palmer.

Did these Smart, Experienced People Help Promote a Scam?  When Did Things Go Bad?  Could This Have Been Prevented?

NOTE:  Companies and individuals discussed on UnhappyFranchisee.Com are invited to provide corrections, clarifications, rebuttals and alternative points-of-view by posting a comment below or emailing us in confidence at UnhappyFranchisee[at]





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17 thoughts on “TAPP PALMER, Clubstore Outlet Franchise: What Happened?

  • Sarah Smith

    Sounds just like Ciara Stokeland and her MODE Franchises, both are scam artists doing deceptive business practices

  • I thought the same thing, Sarah

  • Hi there

    Clubstore outlet is a scam business, tap palmer is a scam artist, as well as Shary Thur, I was one of the franchisee that closed because the lack of support , we never got any support from them , everything they said was a lie , we lost everything because of these 2 criminals, I got all the details, I can’t give you my name cause this thug made me signed an agreement so i could get a very small portion back of all the money that i have invested but i could never talk about this deal ..

  • Tapp is a conman and FranServe should be included in this as well, as their consultants were pushing the Clubstore Outlet because they got paid some of the best commissions in the industry. Tapp had no support system, no supply chain, no marketing program, and most importantly no “moral compass”. This man has not paid taxes in years to the IRS and he will be going to Jail!

  • it seems hes a real estate agent as well in SC

  • Yeah he is don’t buy real estate from him, he would rip his own mother off.

  • One of the biggest problems is Tapp is not a leader.

    A real leader would not…
    1. Show up to Grand Openings Drunk first thing in the morning.
    2. Not brag at Grand Openings that people can sue him if they aren’t happy with the franchise as he has nothing anyways.
    3. Brag about not paying his lawyers
    4. Think of himself and his rock star lifestyle and how he can satisfy himself and take most of the money out of the business.
    5. Lie about a supply chain that never existed.
    6. Ask current store owners to be part of his corporate staff because he can’t get anyone to work for him.

    This guy is a dirt bag and prison his where he deserves to be!

  • David Neeley

    David Neeley and Chad Mains were not salespeople for Clubstore Outlet as listed above. We were franchisees who were scammed like everyone else that invested money with Clubstore.

  • David:

    Thanks for your comment. Could you please clarify the role of an Area Representative as referred to in the Clubstore Outlet FDD?

    Kim Marinoff is disclosed as an Area Representative and she was clearly a franchise salesperson.

    I ask because you and Chad Mains were also disclosed as ADs. Here’s the excerpt from Exhibit 1:


    Mississippi and eastern Tennessee – Southern Overstocks Consulting Group, LLC
    David Neeley has been Co-Owner of Southern Overstocks Consulting Group, LLC and Southern Overstocks, LLC, in Brandon, Mississippi since November 2015. He has also
    been Owner of The Cookie Store in Jackson, Tennessee since October 2010.

    Clubstore Outlet FDD 2016 Chad Mains has been Co-Owner of Southern Overstocks Consulting Group, LLC and Southern Overstocks, LLC, in Brandon, Mississippi since November 2015. He has also
    been Senior Vice President, Fixed Income Institutional Sales, of Vining Sparks in Memphis, Tennessee since April 2012.

    Territory: (1) the entire State of Mississippi, plus (2) the part the State of Tennessee which is west of a line drawn north-to-south 15 miles east of Jackson, TN



  • jay Avidon

    Here is his cell – [redacted]. I hope you put him in jail.

  • I lost 90K in clubstore and not getting any reply from Tapp and his franchise consultant. How could this happen in USA, people can just take people’s money using a consultant with hype and not responsible legally.

  • And Yes,
    Kim Marinoff is disclosed as an Area Representative and she was clearly a franchise salesperson. If you need proof I have all documents signed for admin.

  • Unfortunately this is a true horror story in franchising. Tapp pocketed some $2mil in franchise fees and area developer fees and some of the brokers such as Pam Currie and Jerry Reider were cleaning up on broker commissions. In the brokers’ defense Tapp did make promise after promise that he was getting the system into shape which never happened but many of the brokers continued to promote and enjoy their commissions knowing full well Clubstore was most likely a sinking ship. There were lives ruined over the Clubstore fiasco.

  • Tapp is a terrible person. Scam artist is not
    the worst adjective. He has ruined business for me in real estate big time. STAY AWAY FRIM TAPP PALMER

  • Aaron

    It’s 11/27/22 and I’m shocked at what I’m reading. Anyone I may consider dating goes through a background check well, the official report hasn’t returned but I stumbled across a Charleston secret on my own. I must do more digging but I have my answer regarding setting a date!

  • Tap Palmer the scam artist. Unfortunatelly, I see that many people were scammed as well. I was one on them by 2015-2016, and posted back then on BBB, and other scam websites, how he operated. It’s a shame that investors didn’t cross with my posts.
    Avoid doing anything with him.

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