GOLDEN CORRAL Franchise Owner Sherrance Henderson Letter to U.S. Senate

Golden Corral franchisee Sherrance Henderson, the disabled single mom who lost more than $3M when her Pughkeepsie, NY franchise was terminated after just 51 days, is not going away quietly.  Here’s the letter she sent today to the U.S. Senate committee on Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs.

(UnhappyFranchisee.Com)  Sherrance Henderson claims to have been the only woman-of-color franchisee in the 600-store Golden Corral chain.

Sherrance HendersonShe also has the distinction of having the shortest operating history in the chain’s history:  Golden Corral terminated her franchise agreement and ordered he restaurant closed only 51 days after it opened.

With no restaurant revenue with which to repay her SBA loan of $3.7M, TD Bank enacted default proceedings and foreclosed on Sherrance Henderson’s $1.7M home (which they resold for less than $1M).

It appears that the American Taxpayer may be on the hook for as much as $2.8M or more for the guarantee made to TD Bank through the SBA loan program, as well as the cost of food stamps, Medicaid and other social services the once-millionairess Henderson and her two autistic children are now eligible for.

So it appears that Golden Corral Systems, Inc., TD Bank, and the Golden-boy franchisee Niral Patel (who took apparently took ownership of the Poughkeepsie franchise location without paying Henderson a cent) made out like, say, bandits leaving a disabled mother destitute and the American Taxpayer potentially on the hook for millions.

Well, Golden Corral Systems,

Golden Corral CEO Lance Trenary, Senior VP of Franchising Irwin Roberts, VP Richard Chase, Niral Patel, and Brian Misenheimer (formerly with TD Bank, now VP of Cooperative Bank) haven’t gotten away scot-free.

Sherrance Henderson does not appear to be someone who is going away quietly.

Here’s the Sherrance Henderson / Golden Corral letter sent today to the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs.

Note:  UnhappyFranchisee.Com did not assist with or have prior knowledge of Sherrance Henderson’s letter, though she included text from our email newsletter and links to our site (Thanks, Ms. Henderson).

Neither Golden Corral Systems, TD Bank nor their attorneys have responded to our request for comment, clarification or rebuttal as of this writing.

Note #2:  Ms. Henderson’s letter is posted exactly as received.  Misspellings and typos also appear in the original document we received.  (Sherrance Henderson’s Golden Corral Complaint to the U.S. Senate)

Sherrance Henderson

6600 Sugarloaf Parkway, 400-343

Duluth, GA 30097

April 30, 2019

U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs
534 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Re: RECO+ ME TOO+ Racism+ Unethical Business Practices= TD Bank and Golden Corral lawsuit filed by African American Female..$350 Million Dollars

Dear Committee on Banking and Urban Affairs:

Please give ear to my plead. I am desperate need of your assistance. I have been taken advantage, illegally mistreated by both TD(TD) Bank and Golden Corral(GC). I was simply set-up by these two originations. I have been set-up so Golden Corral and TD Bank could robed me easily. Now the American Tax Payer will foot the bill. My Small Business Administration Protected loan was “ONLY” for the benefit of both TD and GC. However, I paid the premium of $10,000 during my loan application process. GC order me to use ONLY TD for my business loan and GC stated that I MUST apply for a SBA loan product. GC and TD furthermore supplied with numbers for my business plan, loan application, and proforma so the “SBA” loan would be a sure shot. I thought they were helping me. That was furthest away from the truth. They..GC and TD had a wicket plan to steal from me. To take ever dime so I could not fight but I would simply die and be buried alive with my two children.

TD has a long of participating in many different win-falls types of illegal banking practices. Like the 2nd largest Ponzi scheme in the World, TD was the money launderer. TD concealed the origins and protected Stanford Finical. Over a billion dollars went though complex sequences to foster a pathway for Stanford Finical to steal money. No other bank accepted Stanford finical, yet TD did. TD has countless lawsuits from stealing peenies from a coin star counting machine to charging high interest rates to up selling banking products unbeknownst to TD’s customers. It just shows that TD will steal pennies to billions. Not amount is too small to “steal.” I am not the only one and I am not the first but yet TD keeps its banking license. GC has been practicing Racketeering for many years. Within the franchisee food business they (other food franchises) call it “churning.” Its simply bring in an unexperienced buyer of wealth, making them do all the hard leg -work of building a store, acquiring a team of workers, and opening a business. Then the franchisor “takes” the business. They set it up to make it seem like the business owner does not know how to run the franchise. The franchisor sends in “fake” customers, know as secret shoppers. These shoppers then places false reports on leading consumer review websites like “Yelp.” These shoppers will do anything that has been requested. They will complain to managers at the store, support false complaints with the franchisor, cause fights at the location. Whatever it takes to destroy the integrity of the store and its management.

This is how the franchisor “devalues” the store and thus starts growing roots to take over the store for pennies on the dollar. This is a just an example. Then the franchise has another owner of “another” location to become involved with the “unexperienced” franchisee to be set up for a take over. The franchisees uses a group approach. This is what they did to me, Sherrance Henderson they ONLY women of color franchisee owner out of 600 plus stores.

Please read the below. Please help. Please do not ignore. Me and my family’s life depends on your help and the American Tax payer is depending on your help as well.

I await your reply. Please feel free to call me directly at 347-421-4451.


Sherrance Henderson

Sherrance Henderson’s letter to the Senate included this excerpt from a UF email newsletter:

Golden Corral PR Nightmare: Disabled African American Mom Loses $3M in 51 days.
clip_image001We contacted you because you are a franchise professional with ties to Golden Corral & this story.  We value your opinion and invite you to share it through a comment or email.

It took Sherrance Henderson 4 years and $3 million to open her Poughkeepsie NY Golden Corral.  It took Golden Corral Systems, Inc. just 51 days to terminate her with no opportunity to cure her alleged defaults.
GOLDEN CORRAL Wealth-loss Diet: Franchisee Loses $3M in 51 Days

Sherrance Henderson is a partial paraplegic African American mother of two autistic children who has lost her $2M savings account and her $1.75M house (foreclosed on by TD Bank).
She is on food stamps, trying to raise money on GoFundMe, and acting as her own attorney in a lawsuit against Golden Corral, TD Bank and others.
Question: Could Golden Corral corporate have created a worse potential PR disaster for the franchise program and the Golden Corral brand?
GC:  What were you thinking?

We invite you to share your opinion either through a comment on the site (anonymous is fine) or by emailing (in confidence) to

Please share your opinion and see what others say.

All responses and comments are confidential. We are an independent discussion site not affiliated with any other company or group, and not affiliated with Sherrance Henderson or Golden Corral.


Sherrance Henderson’s letter to the Senate also included the text of and a link to her GoFundMe campaign:

Disabled Single Mom Seeks Help Fighting Injustice

It is a David v Goliath story of the modern age.  A disabled single mother is taking on two major corporations, in an effort to put right the wrongs they inflicted on her.  Sherrance Henderson, a former Miss America, and Miss USA beauty pageant contestant is speaking out about the corruption within two businesses, which has seen her loose over two million dollars.

Ms Henderson has named TD Bank, and Golden Corral as the companies, whose action has lead to herself and her children relying on food banks and homeless.  Were it not for Ms.Hendersons mother, they would be out on the street – a far cry from the two million dollar home they resided in before the ill-fated involvement with the aforementioned companies.

What has become a desperate and unjust situation began when Ms Henderson went into business with Golden Corral, by purchasing a license to open a franchise in the Newark, NJ area.  Immediately after receiving the license money from Ms.Henderson, Golden Corral began backtracking, changing the terms of the deal, and stating that Ms.Henderson could no longer open in Newark area.

She was instead, forced to open her franchise in the less desirable and less profitable area of Poughkeepsie.  During the following months, Ms.Henderson was subjected to sexual harassment and intimidation by a corporate executive at Golden Corral.  As a result, she was left feeling trapped, both in an area, she had not wished to open a business in, and within a company in which she was being sexually and emotionally exploited.  The business subsequently closed after just 51 days, which is little surprise given the circumstances surrounding the opening.

It was following the closure of the business, that Ms.Henderson faced TD Bank in court, they forced the sale of Ms.Hendersons home by lying that Golden Corral didnt have a buyer for the franchise, however, shortly after the judgment forcing the sale, Golden Corral emerged with a buyer.

It is with great sadness that Ms.Henderson seeks assistance to get her day in court.  It is vital that the sexual exploitation, harassment, and mis-truths  surrounding this case are exposed.  It is only with your help that this will be a possibility, as Ms.Henderson has been left destitute by the corruption of the companies involved.  If you would like to help with please visit the go fund me page at

For more information contact:

Name: Sherrance Henderson

Address: Metro Atlanta Area

Tel: [redacted]


Sherrance Henderson apparently copied a number of governmental, trade and media organizations on her letter, including: United States Federal Reserve , Rosie Rios, United States Treasurer , Securities and Exchange Commission, American Association of Franchisees and Dealers , American Franchise Association, American Trade Commission (FTC), New York State Bar Association Franchise Law Committee, New York Attorney General Office Complaint with Investor Protection Bureau, New York Times, New York Daily News, New York Post, and the Canada Business and Banking News

MEDIA INQUIRIES:  The Unhappy Franchisee (UF) website and publisher Sean Kelly do not represent either Sherrance Henderson nor Golden Corral.  Sean Kelly is a 30-year veteran of the franchise industry and has published this website for over 10 years.  He is available to writers and editors interested in covering this story.

INVITATION TO GOLDEN CORRAL, TD BANK & NAMED INDIVIDUALS:  Companies & individuals discussed on this site have an open invitation to provide clarifications, corrections, rebuttals and other expressions of their points-of-view.  They can post in the comment section below, or contact ADMIN via email at UnhappyFranchisee[at]



GOLDEN CORRAL Wealth-loss Diet: Franchisee Loses $3M in 51 Days



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19 thoughts on “GOLDEN CORRAL Franchise Owner Sherrance Henderson Letter to U.S. Senate

  • May 1, 2019 at 3:55 pm

    This woman clearly should not of been sold a franchise, but I feel like you could of found a better cause to champion then this one Sean.

    I mean was that letter and Gofund me actually her writing or was there a bunch of mistakes in transcribing it to the blog?

    Look, I am no fan of predatory franchises, and do believe there is an issue with franchiser over reach, and the way courts are interrupting parts of the relationship, but in this womans case we have a consumer minded indvidual with:

    -no experience
    -clear lack of sophistication
    -disabled with disabled kids
    -likely no real due dilligence conducted

    Who attempted a very complicated business transaction and now that it blew up in her face its racism and sexual exploitation, not a fool and her money being parted

    You know part of me feels like Golden corral sold it to her in the first place because they were leary of her making the same accusations if she was denied a franchise even though she had the money and credit (though clearly lacked experience and intellect)..Its because Im a black woman, or disabled, autistic kids, or whatever. I bet if she was denied a franchise the letter to the senate would be saying that golden corral was denying a financially qualified African American woman with a disability the opportunity to own a golden corral

    I do feel bad for her and her kids, but the facts are here’s a women with zero business experience, no food service experience, no finance experience, no real estate experience, no formal education in any of the above, who recieved and now blew a multi million dollar settlement on a high risk highly complex restaurant franchise and real estate development project, paid for with a poorly negotiated credit facility, and now is playing the race/gender/disability card

    I think this site draws attention to some important issues, but this one I have to say I’m not extremely supportive of.

  • May 1, 2019 at 11:18 pm

    Her letter is reprinted verbatim, as it was provided to me. The mispellings and typos appear in the original.

    E, I think there is a very interesting story here and its not as simple as me “championing” her cause. If there’s a pure potential victim here, I’d suggest it’s the American Taxpayer.

    Golden Corral & TD Bank sold and financed an ill-advised multi-million dollar venture to a woman who clearly did not have either the experience nor financial resources to make it work.

    The franchisee made an irresponsible and reckless decision, in my opinion, that jeopardized the financial security of her children.

    GC & TD Bank terminated her after 51 days and turned it over to another franchisee.

    Is it right that the American Taxpayer is on the hook to pay back TD Bank for $2.7M for a loan they should have known would default?

    Would TD Bank have loaned a disabled woman with no restaurant experience $3M+ to open a complex restaurant with 150 employees if they didn’t know that the American Taxpayer (via the SBA) would pay them when she failed… with no questions asked?

    Should Golden Corral have the sole authority to accept, train & terminate a franchisee – without penalty – when doing so could cost you and I $2.7 million?

  • May 2, 2019 at 6:33 am


    We agree on most of the main points, IE she should not of beem given a franchise and that she was reckless and irresponsible.

    On SBA loans I have mixed feelings. I actually used an SBA loan to finance my 2nd unit (I own a chain of fitness centers), as I did not have enough operating history to satisfy a bank for a conventional credit facility. I have since abandoned SBA loans, as the cost of capital is too high for me at this point, however, with a 10 year ammortization and cash flow projection vs classic banking metrics being the basis for underwriting, alot of viable people are able to get funding with low monthly debt service levels due to the extended ammortization, who would of not been deemed credit worthy by normal loan channels for numerous reasons or whose monthly loan payments on a 5 year note would of been too high for the model to tolerate. In those cases, its a great thing, and I myself was able to jump start my company with the program.

    The other side of the coin is the one your talking about, which is when banks know that there is a 75% (or whatever the number is now) government guarantee on the principal, then why not make the loan.

    I will say SBA loans are collateralized by a combination of business assets, and if the value there doesn’t satisfy the underwriter then personal assets come into the picture. In this case, I can almost assure you given the loan amount that her house and personal assets collateralized the loan, so the bank was likely able to recover most of the loan from her personal guarantee, but your point still has some validity regarding the wider SBA loan program.

    As far as Golden Corral is concerned, and her 51 day termination, its definetley aggressive, but given the tone and intellectual level of her writing, they may well of realized she was a disaster and beyond help, and they needed to remove her from the system.

    Again Sean I’ve commented here off and on for years, been a long time reader, and like you find franchise agreements impossible to swallow without significant addendums, and I also feel like the proliferation of half baked concepts whose aim is to sell a few dozen units, and squeeze the operators for every nickle they can until the whole thing implodes crosses the line to fraud (though I admit its a tricky legal situation), so we have a good amount of common ground.

    In this case the blatant disregard for responsible entrepreneurship by this woman, and her knee jerk race card reaction just hit a button with me.

  • May 2, 2019 at 10:58 am

    E – I think this one is a difficult situation. On one hand the negative publicity when she was open smells like shady behavior and I’d be curious to know who funded that. On the other, many of your other points are valid, so I can’t dismiss them. In any event, GC could have denied her a franchise on her lack of prior experience. GC also could have attempted to derail this train wreck ahead of time instead of waiting until after they were open. Would have prevented A LOT of headache.

  • May 2, 2019 at 12:43 pm

    One of the lessons here is the high price a seemingly legitimate franchisor pays for not thoroughly vetting and having a disciplined approach to awarding franchises. While this comment will likely put me on Ms. Henderson’s enemy list, there are other issues Golden Corral either didn’t bother considering or chose to ignore.

    1) Lack of restaurant experience: Golden Corral states that its franchisee ownership criteria includes “An individual or at least one group member with three years full-service restaurant ownership or management experience.” Sherrance Henderson states she gave Atlanta restaurateur Darren “Chip” Joyner 5% of the company and GC required him to attend some meetings. Seems like he had no authority or involvement and was for show only.

    2) Questionable money management skills: According to a 2006 insurance newsletter, Ms. Henderson won a $5.4M medical malpractice suit. While her portion was substantial, her spending habits seem excessive. She had a $1.7M home in a country club community, paid $130,000 for a Pearlmaster Rolex watch, wore a 7 carat tennis bracelet and had three cars including a Range Rover, a new Tahoe and a $110,000 Porsche. The bankruptcy judge admonished her lavish lifestyle and for unknown reasons her bankruptcy was dismissed.

    3) Sherrance Henderson has a prior history of filing pro se discrimination lawsuits against companies, including Henderson v. JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., Georgia Northern District Court 12/03/2009 and HENDERSON v. ROXANE LABORATORIES New Jersey District Court 01/12/2000 While her suit against Golden Corral and TD Bank allege discrimination, there does not seem to be concrete proof that I saw.

    My reading of the situation is that Golden Corral & TD Bank created a self-induced PR nightmare by selling and financing a multi-million dollar investment to an African American disabled single mother with a history of using the court system and an unrelenting determination to have her story heard.

    My question is: How is it that a franchisee, a franchisor and a bank were each allowed to make irresponsible and detrimental decisions that put the American Taxpayer on the hook for $2.7M?

    Does the SBA not exercise any oversight to protect our tax dollars from the irresponsible decisions of franchisees, franchisors and banks?

    There are franchise companies with 100% failure rates granted taxpayer guaranteed loans and outright scams with fraudulent FDDs listed on the Franchise Registry. How about the SBA eliminates loan guarantees to obviously doomed deals and make that money available to more sound business ventures?

  • May 2, 2019 at 1:00 pm

    Q: How is it that a franchisee, a franchisor and a bank were each allowed to make irresponsible and detrimental decisions that put the American Taxpayer on the hook for $2.7M?

    A: Public Risk, Privatized Profit.

  • May 2, 2019 at 2:25 pm

    Have we found an issue that both Democrats & Republicans can get behind?

  • May 2, 2019 at 6:55 pm

    Just in case there is any confusion, SBA loans are underwritten solely on projected cash flow and collateral, with some basic personal credit minimums, as opposed to conventional debt where credit, cash flow, liquidity, character, etc are a big part of the banking process.

    Sean your second comment shed some additional light here, and honestly honed my view of this women (not a good view by the way, she seems to be a solid example of what I dislike most in people)

    I have a strong feeling my statement regarding her using the threat of a discrimination lawsuit if denied a franchise may be the right one. GC still had an obligation to defend there brand and deny her, but I can see a situation where they end up saying…ok well shes got the money…is making discrimination lawsuit threats…has done it before…has an experienced partner…alright we’ll give her the franchise but lets keep a tight lid on her cause this is likely to go bad…

    And then you have a situation where she likely pissed off GC so bad by her behavior and attitude that they brought the franchise agreement hammer (which she likely did nothing to negotiate out any of the teeth) down ASAP, and figured she was going to sue/try to make noise either way so we may as well get the benefit of her money/adding a unit..

    Sound plausible?

  • May 5, 2019 at 3:14 pm

    Having personal experience with this woman, I have no sympathy. In fact, I would say it is the hand of God correcting her.

    I wouldn’t doubt for a second, that she threatened legal action if GC didn’t grant her a franchise license. She is sue happy. Research a bit more and find where she lists herself as Caucasian but conveniently flips back to being African American when it suits her victimization.

    Indeed, a fool and her money are soon parted. Why on earth would you insist on buying into an organization against their research and success guideline requirements? Why on earth would you give 5% of your business, entire life away above the needs of your whole family and cry poor mouth when your cheat scheme fails? Owning 5% equity isn’t enough to cause another to be vested with full interest of daily operations.

    Again, I have personal experience with this woman. I have no doubt that her behavior was more troublesome that any operational flaws. Her soul has been sold.

  • May 5, 2019 at 10:24 pm

    The company should never have approved her, threat or no threat. Even if she is a bully the bank should have known better and had multiple opportunities to deny her applications and request. I agree with the conclusion that American taxpayers should be outraged As an American taxpayer, I am outraged. You wonder why so many are robbed of life savings etc. Seniors, disabled, others. I don’t care if she can’t read, write, or count this is ridiculous. Black brown white yellow green it’s still ridiculous.

  • May 5, 2019 at 11:23 pm

    A few years ago right before Sherrance Henderson opened her GC restaurant she stated on her Facebook page to friends that she was scared and worried she would be unable to meet her costly monetary monthly overhead requirements in order to just keep the doors open. I believe she stated it was in the range of $200,000 per month.

    Sherrance Henderson is actually a graduate of John Hopkins University where she received her masters degree in BUSINESS!!! LOL How sheEVER managed graduating is beyond belief.

    She is also an author of black themed genre novels. Her writing is atrocious. So no surprise reading her terribly written letters concerning her present situation.

    She is known for being a lawsuit junkie. She ALWAYS cries racism.

    She is notoriously full of crap. She is a known self promoter. If you see anything positive written about her online bet she wrote it herself. Trust me on this.

    She squandered her lawsuit money quickly. She has always looked down on others with less than her. I feel badly for her kids only. She is not a nice person AT ALL.

    She manipulated her way thru Howard University and again at John Hopkins. She has always thought she is better than others. Has always been a snob and will throw ANYONE under the bus to get what she wants. She has finally received her just desserts.

    I have zero sympathy for this creep. Sherrance, I hear McDonald’s is hiring, go get a job!

  • May 6, 2019 at 12:39 pm

    Sherrance Henderson lists Milton Dewar as an associate in her lawsuit document. Milton Dewar is her husband. He is also listed as a financial fraudster in relation to a company run by him called Milton Dewar Asset Management. He claims to be an “award winning” film maker. I watched one of his so called “movies” starring Sherrance Henderson, titled Hi Hater! The movie is about 10 minutes long. It is the stupidest and most non creative piece of junk ever produced. Sherrance and Milton are a match made in hell. Two shameless self promoters who put on airs as if they are successful people.
    Sherrance Hendeeson squandered her lawsuit windfall of $5.4 million dollars quickly. She paraded herself around Duluth, Georgia like she was from some rich and successful background.
    She got into a franchise buying situation she had NO BUSINESS BEING IN. It is her own fault due to her inflated ego. Now she needs a scapegoat in order to deflect the blame appropriately attributed to SOLELY HERSELF.

  • May 6, 2019 at 4:35 pm

    Actually, Sumner Mitchell, the movie Hi Hater! is over 1 hour long. The 2012 film is so excruciatingly bizarre and unfunny that you likely won’t even know it’s supposed to be a comedy unless you see it called a mockumentary somewhere.

    The YouTube comments are closed just like they are on Milton Dewar’s other obviously self-funded and produced vanity projects like the pretentious Sunshine Has Rain.

    Sherrance Henderson is credited as Hi Hater! Executive Producer and actor portraying “Cat Litter Random Woman.”

    Sherrance Henderson appears at 3:13 to deliver a central message that perhaps only 2 people out of the earth’s 6 billion plus population (Henderson & Dewar) find amusing: that hate is transmitted through cat litter.

    I wonder how much of the $5.4M settlement was wasted on self-indulgent, unviewable and unreadable vanity projects before Golden Corral drained the rest.

  • May 6, 2019 at 5:02 pm

    The U.S. District Court, Southern District of NY has ordered Sherrance Henderson to amend her complaint to conform to court requirements, including reducing her 239 complaint to 20 pages or less.

    Southern District of NY is a busy place, investigating the likes of Michael Cohen, Donald Trump & Sherrance Henderson’s claims against Golden Corral.

    FYI, in her suit against Golden Corral, T.D. Bank, etc. Sherrance Henderson is seeking an award of $350,000,000.

    In her malpractice suit, she rejected her attorney’s advice to settle at $2M and ended up winning $5.4M.

  • May 13, 2019 at 1:11 pm

    Sumner Mitchell, I don’t think Henderson squandered her money fast at all. I think she got her lawsuit windfall money way back in the early 2000’s or something like that. It kinda seems like she had a long run before her Golden Corral problems though, IMO. The entire situation is terrible. Also, Milton the film guy is not her husband, and the Milton that ran that fraudulent financial asset company you mentioned, is a totally different individual with the same name. I researched it.

  • May 16, 2019 at 3:38 am

    For one thing, She Should have been trained by the Company with another one of their Golden C. R. FOR ONE Month before going into her Golden C. R. She Should Sued them for a lack of Training & Supervion for a New Owner. It seems like a sat up to fail with Someone Waiting to take Over. MCDONALD COULD HAVE Done better .

  • May 16, 2019 at 2:49 pm

    I feel bad for her kids. I keep thinking of the conversation Sherrance Henderson will have one day.

    “Mommy did we really have $5 million? Where did it go?”

    “Yes, dear. Mommy bought a rolex and a porsche and a $1.7M house and some YouTube videos and built a restaurant she didn’t know how to run. But the bad men didn’t give her a month of training so it’s all gone.”

    “Mommy, couldn’t you have bought a timex and a toyota camry and a $400,000 house and not spent money on YouTube videos or a restaurant you didn’t know how to run?”

    “Timex? Toyota? Stop that talk! When I get my $350,000,000 settlement I’ll invest in a private island and open a unicorn farm. Now hush up and eat your government cheese!”

  • May 17, 2019 at 7:25 am

    Margie Scott, Milton most definitely is her husband. Perhaps they recently dissolved the marriage. Milton is the father to her son. Milton is also the financial schemer mentioned earlier. Further investigation has revealed failed businesses run in her family. Her mother is another foolish businesswoman. She lost a Brooklyn, New York health food store years ago. She also lost a huge home in now trendy Clinton Hill Brooklyn due to taking out a hard money loan to apparently keep her flailing business afloat. However, her mother never read the fine print of said loan stating that lender was permitted to recall loan in full at any time period and borrower must pay in full within 30 days. Her mother’s house was used as collateral.
    I feel it is a plausible assumption that the lender saw a sucker in their midst and intended all along to take house from her.
    A sad story but it was her own fault. Sherrance Henderson should have learned a life lesson from her mother’s experience. This woman operates off of pure inflated ego. She thinks she is spectacular and therefore able to do grandiose things she definitely has no business doing.
    The woman is a creep. She never once paid any Golden Corral workers. Instead she supplied them with fake useless checks. She is all for herself and the image she created. Now it has all crumbled.

  • May 22, 2019 at 3:08 pm

    I tried to warn GC before they issued her 5 store license. She’s a liar and a schemer. She told everyone she had to lie about her marital status to get the license. She has paid her son’s father for appearances. They both are schemers. She wears a wedding ring for business transactions.

    Serrance has hurt a lot of people and karma is having its way with her. I sent several anonymous letters to GC warning them. She is a vicious demon walking and does not hesitate to use her disability card. She has caused so many to lose their jobs through false accusations. She is about to have her day. She is into witchcraft and has squandered thousands of dollars on a man to help her due harm to others. It’s all coming back on her now. She’s not a good friend. She’s a horrible person. Her children are severely autistic and she would leave them with nannies to do meetups with guys she met online. Her children cannot even speak. She has no shame.

    Sherranceused to pay expensive makeup artists to do photo shoots and post pictures bragging about her lavish lifestyle. She is also inconsistent with her stories. First it’s 50 million lawsuit, then 15 then 7. She’s a habitual liar. Her only care was living frivolous taking trips all the time. Her disability could not keep her still. Check her frequent flyer miles. She was always leaving her kids behind missing flights rescheduling at the last minute always first class. She was always boasting about it. Every conversation with her was all about her. She always talked about how much money she was worth. Sherrance is such a sad human being. I’m not surprised about this lawsuit. It’s not the first it won’t be the last.

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