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EXECUTIVE TANS Franchise Complaints

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If you are an Executive Tans franchise representative or employee, please help us understand why the Executive Tans franchise owners have one of the highest loan default rates in the industry.

Executive Tans franchise owners have an alarming 81% SBA default rate.

The Executive Tans franchise website states:

“Headquartered in Lakewood, Colorado, Executive Tans® was founded in 1991 with 3 locations. Over the next 10 years ET grew to 27 locations in the Denver market and had established buying relationships with leading Vendors and Manufacturers. In late 2001, ET began a national growth campaign.

“Having an Executive Tans® franchise allows you to be in business for yourself, not by yourself! – With 17 years in business, and a combined 50+ years of industry experience, Executive Tans® is leading the way by providing one of the finest Vendor and Manufacturer relationships, strategic market expansion, and progressive franchisee relationships that allows you to run your business independently with all the buying power and support, and experience of a proven franchise.”

However, according to the Small Business Administration, 81% of Executive Tans franchise owners are unable to repay their SBA loans.  That’s the worst default rate in the SBA’s 2012 list.

Tanning salon franchises as a group demonstrated alarmingly high SBA franchise loan default rates on the 2012 list, including the Planet Beach franchise (57%), Image Sun franchise (70%), Executive Tans franchise (81% ) and Hollywood Tans franchise (37%).



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