UnhappyFranchisee.Com Praised by Would-be Franchise Owners

UnhappyFranchisee.Com (along with its bold predecessor and mentor, Blue Mau Mau) is giving franchisees and former franchisees a platform to anonymously share their experiences, support one another, and caution prospective franchise owners about the deceptive and predatory franchise practices of some of America’s most-trusted brands.

As a result, would-be franchise owners have been educated and cautioned by those the FTC urges every prospective franchisee to learn from:  the established and former franchisees of the systems they are contemplating joining.

For the first time in history, opportunity seekers and their families are empowered with the real, hype-free, uncensored insider information enables them to make more informed decisions and, in many cases, avoid mistakes that could have cost them their financial well-being and peace-of-mind for years to come.

Have you gained valuable insights into franchising from the posts, articles & comments on UnhappyFranchisee.Com?

Has UnhappyFranchisee.Com saved you from making potentially costly mistakes?  Please share your opinion with a comment below.

“UnhappyFranchisee.Com saved me from a huge and costly mistake…”

We have received so many thankful comments from readers who say that UnhappyFranchisee.Com has saved them from making life-altering mistakes, we can’t list them all on one page.

Please note that the thanks belong to the hundreds of franchisees who shared comments on the site.  Leave your comments below.

“Thank you all for taking the time to help others. It really saves lives. In this economy, we surely can’t afford to lose a investment to such a scam. It would have been financially devastating for us!” A Very Greatful Woman

“Was looking into buying a Curves franchise and saw this website. I will absolutely not buy one now. I am so sorry for those who did buy one and who experienced the losses that they did. I hope you are all on the road to getting your lives back together and it pains me to read all of your stories. Thank you for sharing your candid advice to help the rest of us and again, i wish you all the best.”  Anon

“Thanks for changing my mind about buying a curves. Good luck to all of you.”  ace

“Thank Goodness for these comments from the public! My dad got a flyer from College Pro and he read this site Unhappy Franchisee-gained much wisdom! I will definitely inform people. Thank You for the heads-up.”  Kahna Emery

“Was looking into buying a Curves franchise and saw this website. I will absolutely not buy one now.”  Anon

“I just went to this website and saw over 25 Lawsuits against coverall.  Something has to be very wrong if a company has that many Lawsuits.”  1st Amendment

“Due to this site I decided to opt out of my franchise this morning and look elsewhere for biz opportunities.”  Almost-A-Franchisee

"…after discovering this website I am proud to say I still have a pocket full of cash.” Shawn

I am very happy I found this site. I was deep into my due diligence with this franchise when I found this site…  THANK YOU for saving me and my family a lot of money.”  KK

“The companies I read about at this website, which I want to thank you for providing, are really counterfeit franchises. They were never real in the first place. They were based on lies and deception by conmen.”  Rod

“Thanks to all of you……….I was just about ready to go with a Matco franchise, my contract is supposedly putting together a business plan and calling on Monday. However after discovering this site, I am contacting him to let him know that I am not going to go through with it. I already had some concerns and questions and it would have taken every dime I have plus a loan that I was quickly told ‘Matco’ would handle to just get started. Thanks again. I thought I was fixing to do something great. At 61 it would have been a huge mistake.”  Don

“…change has already happened due to this site. One person, and who knows how many more have decided not to fall for this pyramid scam and keep their savings intact.”   Gary

“Was thinking about buying a franchise but after finding this site and speaking to a friend who owns a club I have think I have had a lucky escape.”   Lucious

”Thanks so much… Before finding this site I thought there was no hope but now I feel supported and feel stronger going forward knowing that I will not be strong armed.  I am going over my agreement with a fine tooth comb. Thanks again for the support!”    tamvo

”So glad I found this site…I am considering buying a re-sale Curves in my hometown. Not sure it’s the business for me now. Thanks for all the info”  BB

“I’m glad I came across this site today…. I’ve been toying with looking into buying [a Curves franchise], but now I’m putting the brakes on… it it wasn’t really until I reached this site that I learned just what the problem is.”  Norma McClure

”I would have made a very costly mistake if it wasn’t for this site. IT HAS SERVED IT’S PURPOSE!   God Bless.”  Theresa

“Wow! I was actually supposed to go to a presentation on Tuesday . Thanks to my husband(a wise man who has been burnt in the past) said , ‘sounds good but do your research.  A quick google search landed me here and I have an eye full of information which has helped me see the light.” Guest


” grateful for this site. I was looking into buying an existing CO [Children’s Orchard] franchise, thinking it would be smart to save on the franchise / territory fees etc. Now I’m completely spooked and would like to thank everyone for taking the time to post your thoughts & experiences with the Franchisor. I think I’m going to hold out and see…”  Dumbfounded in SoCal

“We smelled something fishy the more they spoke, with all their canned answers… We are done with them, as I told the salesman Friday, who also had no idea of the site. I told him in the future it makes smart sense to google their name regularly and see what the feedback is from franchisees to store customers. Thanks again as this site was a deal breaker.”  James Bergin

“people reading this site will make a more educated choice”  Pete

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6 thoughts on “UnhappyFranchisee.Com Praised by Would-be Franchise Owners

  • I wish I had known about the unhappy franchisee website before buying into a franchise that was filled with deception and lies. I am happy that this website is available to assist those in the discovery phase to make a decision that is insightful and factual.

  • Rebel Ron

    We lost our retirement savings, we lost our houses, and our course of life will never be the same. We come here to tell the truth and our bitter story. But mostly we come here to warn others not to make same mistakes. Regrettably, there are many of us and the number seems to grow.

    I would make UF site a mandatory stop for anybody thinking to invest in a franchise business.

  • Former BBI Employee

    Thank you Thank you Thank you.

    THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING READERS TO CATCH UP ON WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON IN THE FRANCHISE WORLD, instead of the unnecessary hype caused by the OWNERS of BBI and the media

  • is the single most important resource in your franchise due diligence process. Before proceeding with any franchise brand check here first. They saved my wife and I from making a $300K bad investment. Thank you!

  • Wow!! I was very interested in owning a Subway up until now. I’m glad I found this site before I committed!! Subway used to be my favorite cold cuts shop until I discovered this site. Thanks for all of your stories and sorry for your losses. God Bless

  • DP Franchisee

    Thanks to this website, we are getting a picture of what has been taking place behind the curtain of Franchised world. These franchise schemes are fraudulent and protected by law. It should not continue…

    Note that a failed franchise is perhaps more profitable to the franchiser because they can churn the location and make more money than a continuing franchisee. This has been pointed out above. Without these discussions, we could not have figured out how these are operating and destroying one family at a time rather than helping to build a good economy for the country.

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