VAULT DENIM Scam, Rip-off or Opportunity?

Vault Denim is recruiting women to orchestrate and/or host home parties at which they supposedly sell discounted, name-brand designer jeans at a deep discount.

Are you familiar with Vault Jeans and the Vault Jeans opportunity?  Please leave a comment below.

The FAQ on the Vault Denim website states: “We carry name-brand premium denim at discounted prices, up to 50% off… Vault buys overstock, which are the jeans that are left over after exclusive stores and upscale boutiques place their orders. You will be selling many of the same jeans that are currently being sold in the mall, at much higher prices.”

According to Vault Jeans:

The price of the jeans range from $48-92.

Vault Jeans “Fashion Consultants” have to pay an “enrollment fee” of $159.

Vault Jeans “Fashion Consultants” make between 18% and 24% of their own sales, depending on volume.

Vault Jeans “Fashion Consultants” can also “earn up to 7% on their sales and up to 5% on the people they get involved.”

Hostesses earn 10% of the sales at their parties towards their own jeans.

Company party averages as of December 1, 2010 are approximately $500.

Vault Jeans Appears to Actively Bury Online Complaints

When researching potential scams, people will generally Google the company name combined with words like “Review” “scam” or “rip-off”

Some companies that receive or anticipate lots of negative postings and complaints launch a campaign to flood the first page of Google with fake reviews and phony articles that purport to either be impartial reviews or exposes against the company.  They prominently use specific keywords (review, scam, rip-off) to divert readers to their sugary, all-positive comments and away from real complaints or exposes.

Google “Vault Denim Scam” and you’ll see a slew of BS blog posts titled:

“Vault Denim Scam – Truth Revealed”

“Vault Denim Scam Review”

“Vault Denim – Is it a Scam After All – MLM System”

“Vault Denim Scam”

These all appear to be bogus, stock, company-supplied propaganda boilerplate that has effectively pushed Vault Jeans complaints into Google obscurity.  Any company that works that hard to bury complaints and scam allegations – in our humble opinion – is raising a red flag and deserves serious scrutiny.

Vault Jeans Designer Jean Opportunity Complaints

Here are some of the online complaints that Vault Jeans seemingly does not want you to see.

kiwivibe14 wrote:

I have bought 3 pairs of jeans from Vault Denim…big mistake! I had to cancel my party because I have had so many friends complain about the jeans, no one wanted to go to another party! The jeans cost anywhere from $50-$100 and are of very poor quality. My buttons came off of my jeans BEFORE I EVEN WASHED THEM and the jewels were coming off of my pockets. I asked for a refund for the jeans that I had purchased since I hadn’t washed or hemmed the jeans, and I was rejected. POOR customer service and VERY POOR quality denim. This is definitely a business that I see going downhill. I would be very embarrassed to be selling these jeans.

loafgirl wrote:

I attended a party about 2 weeks ago as well. I had a very strong feeling that they were fake, but after trying them on, they fit great, and were not too ridiculous in price. So I bought 2 pair. Was fine with my decision, even after Googling “Rock Premium” and “Zipper” jeans and finding nothing about them. Figured they looked, and fit better than a pair of jeans from the BUT, when the “bedazzling” started falling off and I hadn’t even worn them out of the house, I was pissed to say the least. It’s one thing to knowingly buy a pair of fake designer jeans, but to have them be defective is not cool. So now, I have been told by their rep that I cannot have a refund, but a voucher to get more jeans. Great. Now I wish I would have gone to the Gap!

idalis wrote:

I just looked at some of their youtube videos. They go by so fast and so crappy quality that it is hard to see anything but pretty sure i saw a fake 7fam in there, and a lot of stuff that may be real but is crap brands and other styles that are probably many seasons old and not really worth anything

lolosmom wrote:

I went to the party, and went home undecided. There were two pair of 7FAM that I saw there. One pair I am fairly confident was authentic, but I am no expert. They were a pair of bootcut sigs (old tags), however, it was stamped on the inside pocket and was damaged. There was a run in the denim across the back of one of the legs. The other pair was a pair of grey boyfriend crops, but did not have a normal 7FAM tag. Only a small white tag with the size.

jeanetic wrote:

It looks like the majority of the jeans at the party are not actually knockoffs but they are cheap brands that try to mimick designer brands and non designer brands that are popular. During the video I saw a brand called “miss chic” that tries to look like ‘miss me’. I did see one pair of William Rast… I saw several attempts to mimic rock revivals(which are already so ugly anyways) and they were total disasters. I saw what looked to be Paper Denim and Cloth as well. I doubt they were fake because why would anyone want to fake something you can get at TJ Maxx for $16.99? How far have they fallen, eh? Anyways the jeans in these parties… are so incredibly hideous that no one that is a lover a designer jeans should ever waste their time. Just the pics on one of the fb pages made me throw up. There were also some things that were supposed to look like TR that are laughable.

suel wrote:

Super cheap jeans…the bling falls off and buttons come off…and that is before you wash them. buyer beware…and if you become a rep…make sure you know what you are getting into..lots of work for little pay off. they say they check for authenic jeans… right. super cheap stuff…its a flash in the pan company.

DesignerGirl wrote:

I went to one of these “designer jean” parties. Lame sauce. While trying on a pair of the knock offs I decided to Google the brand. It took me directly to the home page where I could buy the EXACT pair I was trying on for $30 less, and FREE freight; the party host charges about $2.00 for freight, even though you have them in your hands.

The sizing is off, they’re TOTAL knock-offs, and bad ones at that! Buyer beware. Go to a party, but do your homework and Google on the spot, you may be surprised as to what you find!



30 thoughts on “VAULT DENIM Scam, Rip-off or Opportunity?

  • I heard that Vault Denim jeans aren’t fakes but they are old designs, factory seconds or cheap wannabe brands for the most part.

    Anyone know if that’s true? Is it worth going to a vault denim party, or should I not bother?

  • Todd A. Peterson

    I am petitioning the IFA (International Franchise Association) to hold their franchisor members responsible for acts of fraud, threatening, stealing,lying and creating false documents to terminate their franchisees from their agreements.

    Although our franchises may be different most are members of the IFA and the IFA is stealing our rights to due process by helping these franchisors word their contracts in a way that when we sign up to start also forfeits our rights to due process should THEY commit CRIMINAL acts against our franchise.

    Please go to the link below and sign my petition. Then download it and post it to your web site so others will know and can sign as well.

    Thank You!

    Todd A. Peterson

  • I would like to find out if there are any consultants out there that bought into the franchise and have had success. If you don’t mind, please share about how much you make a month and how many hours you spend doing it. I have a few concerns. There are a few complaints on the about this company and I have seen some negative comments like the above while doing google searches. I do like the idea of the business and their materials are great. I was able to find the names of some of the management but little about their backgrounds. If anyone can add anything please do. I am leery of MLMs and like to do my research.

    Mr. Doug Brady – CEO
    Mr. Steve Price – President / Buyer
    Ms. Andrea Young
    Ms. Lisa Collett – ?
    Mr. Dave Schofield -?

  • Darlynn Rockwell

    Jen, I looked into hosting jean parties a year ago and lost interest when I saw some negative reviews about product quality of the jeans. This site got me curius. I see there is also a Russ Anderson who is also an exceutive for Vault Denim. He has some horrible negative reviews on sites like when he worked for a similar company also in Utah. This is one of those things that sounded to good to be true.

  • @ Jen~

    I want you to know that if you are unsure that this is something you want to do… first off contact a VFC (Vault Fashion consultant), Host a party or attend a party to check out the products for yourself ( this doesn’t mean you have to purchase anything). The VFC can answer your questions. The company wants to make sure its something you want to do. I am in currently in the process of signing up as a VFC. Hours you work: each party will last 3-4 hours. Depending how many people come to the party you may make more sales or fewer sales… it’s all commission and bonuses.You can google their comp plan. The best part is with Vault Denim you DON’T have to buy your inventories like most if not all other direct sales companies. The jeans are NOT knockoffs. Vault Denim buys overstock yadda yadda. They do have their own designer jean lines as well…. As for the CEO and his staff… AWESOME people!!! I actually know Doug Brady personally and can vouch for him being an outstanding guy and business man. He really started this company to help people he cared most about when times were hardest financially. You know… knowing Doug is only one of the reason I am signing up… I have been doing my own research and have found nothing that would hold me back from doing this and trust me when I say, I’m a hard sell. I’m not sure of what else you would like to know… contact a VFC.Because VFC are basically self employed I would think that they would be honest with you and answer all your question and even give you their opinion on whether they think it’s worth it or not. I hope this helps you at least a little. I’m not very well written but I did my best at expressing my opinion and giving voice to what is obviously such a negative page I just happened upon.

  • I WAS a VFC for this crappy company! Total scam!! The jeans are ugly i was hated putting them out at my parties because they were NOT in style at all. They sell OLD jeans that no one wants for a HIGH price!! I quit after only doing this for a few short months. Your higher ups give you fake advice like ‘keep going look at where im at’ and you get NO WHERE!! It is a complete waste of money and you are pretty much like a slave working for this company!! The product i have no words to even begin to describe the jeans! I hosted 10 parties are only made alittle over $200 TOTAL!! Dont waste your time what so ever!

  • Beth

    This site is to funny.
    You get a few disgruntled people about something as simple as a piece of bling falling off a pair of jeans & they turn it into this major story. Guess what people, I have bought jeans at the buckle for well in access of $200 & “oh my gosh some bling came off within a week!!!” I guess that store is a scam too, right?! You have people on here that claim they were VFC’s for “a few parties” & quit….imagine that. They quit after a few parties because they didn’t have instant success & make a million dollars overnight!! I suspect this isn’t their first endeavor they have quit or left early. Most people want overnight success on everything they try & when it doesn’t happen…well it must have been the opportunity because it certainly wasn’t their work ethic or anything…geez!!

    These jeans have sold very well in the 2 short years this business has been around with no one holding a gun to anyone’s head to make them purchase!! Seems like they wouldn’t have sold at all if you believe some of the absolute garbage you read on here. 5300% growth rate with MANY, MANY happy & repeat customers. That’s a fact. I have sold a signifigant amount since I became a consultant & have MANY repeat customers!!

    Ladies if you are interested…don’t take my word for it (or any of the hysterical nay-sayers on here) & go to a party and see for yourself. Don’t be swayed by what I am saying or the “experts” on here. See for yourself!!

    This site rips on Vault so it has to be a fact right??? C’mon, anybody can say anything they want about any topic on the web & it has to be a fact right?! Go see for yourself & start seperating the FACTS from the FICTION!!!

  • Not a Romney

    Beth says she bought $200+ jeans and didn’t care when the bling fell off within a week, she didn’t care…

    Well, Beth, congratulations on your wealth (is yor last name Romney by any chance?) but if the rest of us actually spent more than $200 on a pair of jeans we’d expect it not to fall apart within a week.

    You say that people shouldn’t complain if they buy Vault Jeans and the bling falls off? Seriously? Why don’t they make the product correctly instead of putting crap on then telling customers not to complain when it falls off?

    I went to one of these “designer jean” parties. Lame as hell. While trying on a pair of the knock offs I decided to Google the brand. It took me directly to the home page where I could buy the EXACT pair I was trying on for $30 less, and FREE freight; the party host charges about $2.00 for freight, even though you have them in your hands.

    The sizing is off, they’re TOTAL knock-offs, and bad ones at that! Buyer beware. Go to a party, but do your homework and Google on the spot, you may be surprised as to what you find!

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  • def a romney

    are we talking politics or jeans here? wow…anyway, i bought a pair of jeans and a pair of capri’s and both had bling on the pockets, and NONE of the rhine stones have fell off!! AND….I wear them once a week!!! AND….Ive had them for 6 months now! i absolutely love love love them!! so anyone that says they suck, or they are poor quality are absolutely wrong…and as for knock offs, none of them say the name brand unless they are that brand, so people please do better research before you criticize on products you obviously know nothing about…signed off, def a romney hahaha

  • Not Honey BOOBOO

    I did join Vault, spent my $159.00 was super excited, thought it would be a great opportunity. I have sold for another company for over 8 years and I liked the idea of getting some great denim at a discount for me! In 9 months I have sold 5 pairs to others, and I have bought 3 pairs. I can say I have not had issues with the denim, nor have the others I sold to. I can say that if you REALLY want to make money doing this, you have to be extremely aggressive and it ALL depends on where you live. If you know people who spend crazy $$ on denim, then yes they will buy yours, if not, don’t bother.
    Now for the higher ups,,,,,,,, Business is Business, if you fail, it is on you, not them, they truly do not care….. Try, just Try to get your money back for anything and let me know how that goes…. Especially if you pre-paid for anything and did not get anything in return…… I can say my frustrations with trying to get a refund for their “convention” is the reason I am writing this. They have nothing in writing saying I cannot get a refund, but yet they refuse to act. I have sent Doug and Dave numerous e-mails, I have called the corporate office, and no one wants to respond? Piss Poor service for people who are trying to make you money! So yes, I am done with the company, and now taking steps to file a small claims suit against them for theft of monies. I just want everyone to know you will not get “rich” from a company who only pays 27% high end…. If you want to do sales from home type work, find one that offers 40% or more. That is where the money is… Good Luck all.

  • I am fine with the quality of my jeans. I just want my replacement jeans.

    My husband hated one pair and I returned it on time. I have been unable to attend a party to get that pair replaced (the parties were cancelled due to illness). My buttons and bling-blings are not falling off as I wash them inside out.

    I actually like the jeans and get many compliments when wearing them. I don’t care about name brands. I care about comfort, and they are comfortable. I just want my fourth pair replaced!


  • Jennifer

    I feel the pain of everyone out there that has purchased anything from Vault Denim. Wow. They are awful.

    I went to a party hosted by a good friend. The Vault sales lady wasn’t even there. She sent her neighbor to host the party. Again, WOW. Out of a sense of obligation to my friend, I bought a pair of $65 jeans. Now, I’m a Kohl’s $30 a pair of jeans kind of person (on sale, mind you). The smallest pair of jean they had at the party were too big and I kept thinking that I would eventually fit into them.

    The substitute salesperson assured me that if I got home and changed my mind, I could return them and get my money back. She then filled out the sales slip and included a $23 scarf that I did not purchase. She scratched it out on the slip and said she would make sure I wasn’t charged. Guess who got charged for the $23 scarf I’ve never even seen? Me!

    The Vault rep never contacted me even after I called her several times, I have a pair of jeans that I just keep dusting off every few weeks. I was never refunded for the charge on the scarf. She finally e-mailed me back in response (3 months later) and said she would be more than happy to have a party for me at which time I could exchange my jeans but that company policy was such that there are no refunds. EVER. I responded to that load of excrement saying that this was unacceptable. I wanted my money back and that was the end of the discussion. Huh, guess who has not answered any of my calls or e-mails since then?

    Wait, it gets even better. When dusting off the jeans I paid for and have never worn, one of the buttons came off.

  • I have many pair of Vault Denim Jeans and had one pair with one little bling fall off. Prior to Vault I had other jeans that were more costly and when the bling fell off them there was nothing the store would do! Nothing…Vault took the Capri’s and returned them and I received a different pair and had no issue with them after the switch. My daughter and grand girls also have many Vault jeans MANY…and on rare occasion the bling comes off but guess what?? Vault has a bling replacement kit! Just like other jeans out there that you could pay far more for (same brands and same styles form same manufacturers) the other places do nothing to help you with buttons or bling that could fall off. At least none I can afford to buy from. I rarely turn my jeans wrong side out to wash and my daughter always does. I always dry mine in the dryer and my daughter never does! Perhaps like any company you had the misfortune of dealing with someone who should be in a different line of work! It is unfortunate that all home based business’s can get a bad wrap form one rep or VFC. Even though I will probably never “need” more jeans, I will continue to buy more and probably never from any where BUT Vault!

  • I am a VFC in Nashville and proud of it! I have worked my business for the last 2 years and quit my day job, single-handedly support my family, started another business and now have the time to live a life where I don’t have to report to anyone but myself. Now, let’s address some of the issues above.

    Bling – really? Miss Me bling falls off, too. Why? Because most studs are not fully riveted into the denim so as to avoid major rips and tears when you sit down. Think about it. If you sit down in your leather car seat and a jagged rhinestone cannot ‘give’, it’s going to rip something. In Vault house brands, you’ll find most smooth embellishments are fully riveted since they can slide without damaging.

    Commission – yeah, if you don’t work you’re not going to be lucrative. You have to build a team to capitalize on the opportunity. This company is not for the lazy. We make 18-24% on personal sales, 7% on first downline, 5% on second generation and 1-3% on ALL DOWNLINE below second generation. We have incentive programs, Vegas conventions, vacations, etc.

    Quality – as far as the jeans go, all of our premium brands are 100% authentic, not seconds or knock-offs. Vault buys $100s of thousands worth of overstock. Sure, one or two damaged pairs may get mixed in. So tell your rep, no harm no foul. It happens everywhere, especially in wholesale companies. If we were selling knock-offs, how would the business grow 5,200% in it’s first year?

    Customer Service – each VFC is an individual business owner, not an employee of a corporation. We’re each given the tools and mentorship to run a successful business. Whether someone takes the tools and runs is on them. This isn’t instant gratification. There’s no qualification process to sign up as a VFC. So there isn’t a guarantee that each rep will be all smiles all the time. As we’re mostly women, many who are working multiple jobs and supporting a family, many who are working to get ahead in life – cut them a little slack. We don’t clock in and clock out. We work 24/7. As with any business, if you have a complaint – take it to the top so it can be fixed. It would take you as much time as it did to complain on this website.

    Thanks everyone for taking the time out of your busy schedules to talk about Vault Denim. We appreciate you giving us a platform to spread awareness and educate the masses.

  • Wow, a lot of bad press for sure…..
    I’ve been in the business world for a very long time, there isn’t a company out there that hasn’t had bad press, disgruntled employees, or customers. There is a process we all can go through to effect change, use that process, it will do your heart good. Be mindful of your comments on any blog or public forum, you can be held liable, speak the facts as you know them not second hand. just an FYI.
    I know the CEO of Vault Denim, have known him most or his and my life, I know his character and trust him. I am not a VDC and have no affiliation with the company or any of its suppliers.

  • Pauly P. writes “there isn’t a company out there that hasn’t had bad press, disgruntled employees, or customers.”

    There’s a name for companies with lots of bad press, disgruntled employees, and customers. They’re called BAD COMPANIES.

    When those BAD COMPANIES ask you to invest in them, they are called SCAMS.

    Pauly P. writes “There is a process we all can go through to effect change…” and “I am not a VDC and have no affiliation with the company”

    Which is it Pauly? Why do you say “we” and then say you have no affiliation?

    “Be mindful of your comments on any blog or public forum, you can be held liable…”

    This sounds like a thinly veiled threat there, Pauly. You have no affiliation with Vault Denim, then drop in an ominous warning that people shouldn’t exercise their 1st Amendment rights to express their opinions about Vault Denim. You ARE aware that we live in America, right, not one of the oppressive 3rd world sweatshop countries you probably visit on your buying trips.

    Here in America, we are free to express our opinions. If we think Vault Denim jeans suck, we have the right to say Vault Denim Jeans suck. If we think Vault Denim Jean parties are a scam, we can express that opinion.

    However, the FTC forbids companies from having fake commenters claim they have no affiliation to a company leave comments on websites.

    You may want to be mindful of that, “Pauly P.”

  • You can read that is good, yet you don’t understand what you read, that is bad.
    The “we” refers to everyone just as the sentence suggests, “There is a process “we” all can go through ………….” I suggest you read it before you comment.
    There is nothing veiled, while we have our 1st amendment rights, people, all of us can be held accountable for what we say, how we say it and to whom it is directed.
    The law does not allow you to defame any company, no matter how bad your experience might have been. Defamation, generally, is a statement of fact about a company or person that is false and that injures that company’s or person’s reputation. What I pointed out was that you should be truthful and make sure you have your facts correct.
    I have no feelings one way or another for Vault Denim, I have a friend that works there, that is all true and fact based
    If you wish to turn me in, or take action against me based on your assumptions be prepared to pay the price.

  • You think you are more clever than you are. That is bad.
    You have run across someone who can call you on your BS. That is also bad (At least for you).
    While you have demonstrated that you can cut and paste half of the definition of defamation, you have left out a rather large point: Opinions are not defamatory.
    One can say whatever one wants about a company or its founder, and as long as they make it clear that they are expressing an opinion, it is not defamation.

    So, for instance, if a person were to state about your friend Vault CEO Jim Pare: “In my opinion, Jim Pare is one of the modern day snake oil salesmen who has grown wealthy off the dreams of the weakminded and gullible with such MLM scams as Amway & Univera LifeSciences” would that be defamation?

    You can cut and paste a partial definition of Defamation. That is good.
    If you can respond truthfully, that would be good. But unlikely.

  • Absolutely not, he’s a big boy he can defend himself.
    I have nothing against anyone expressing an opinion, I have nothing against anyone having and posting an opinion of anything, I could care less.
    My previous posts have to do with those that are unable to tell the differences, and get themselves in trouble.
    You, Guest with no name, are not as clever as you think. I don’t know if you are an admin on this site and have access to my information, but if you do then look me up and prove me wrong. Prove, outside of a friendship, that I am even remotely connected with Vault Denim.
    Share what you find, “Guest”.

  • The bully (in my opinion) Pauly P. says: “If you wish to turn me in, or take action against me based on your assumptions be prepared to pay the price.”

    People defending irreputable companies or investment schemes often resort to bullying and threats. Why is that? Cuz they got nothing to back it up. Just like bullies on the playground when you were a kid, their intimidation schtick works until someone refuses to back down. Then they got nothing.

    It’s OK, Pauly P. I won’t “turn you in.” Exposing the hollowness of your threats and the disingenuousness of your comments will suffice.

    “Defamation is a false and unprivileged statement of fact that is harmful to someone’s reputation, and published ‘with fault,’ meaning as a result of negligence or malice….

    Is truth a defense to defamation claims?
    Yes. Truth is an absolute defense to a defamation claim…
    Can my opinion be defamatory?

    Source: EFF.Org

    Want more proof Pauly P. is full of crap?

    He writes: “The law does not allow you to defame any company…”
    Sorry, Pauly, defamation is against a person, not a company.

    That last point makes me wonder if Pauly Pee is not being dishonest, but it simply clueless.

    Either way, he’s wrong. So much for impressing his CEO buddy!

  • Pauly Pee:

    I will take your word for it that you are not a paid shill for Vault Denim. If you were, I’m sure they’d be contacting you for their money back.

    I’d have a little more respect for you if you had been. The only alternative is that you are a guy with a name that makes himself sound like a Jersey Shore-wannabee defending a company he has no involvement with by laying down a bunch of comments that expose just how little he knows.

    Well, at least you “are friends with” a CEO. Maybe he’s got some leftover Amway crap in his basement he’ll let you sell for him!

  • Hey “Guest” let me make some assumptions about you using the same amount information.
    You’re a sucker, you have felt duped all your life because you are one of those people that dump money into the first pitch someone throws your way. You probably pay what ever fee Vault, Amway or any other company asked for. You even set up one or two of those home shows, invited both of your friends, and the one family member that still believed in you. Spent 6 months of your life figuring out you couldn’t sell if your life depended on it. I’ll bet it wasn’t the first time you sunk money into something you knew nothing about, and won’t be the last. You’re the Idol contestant that thinks they can sing only to find out your audition was aired to show how little talent you had.
    Vault and those other companies don’t want anything to do with someone who can’t sell, yes it’s because they want to make money, and if you can’t sell you can’t make money for them or yourself.
    Your ignorance has entertained me long enough, I will move I’ll bet you won’t, you’ll hang around looking for the next person you can make anonymous assumptions about.
    Next time you invest your Government check on something make it something you know at least a little about…………..

  • Pauly P.:

    First, I apologize for my last 2 comments. While I think my points were valid, the tone was uncalled for, overkill, and jerk-like. You are right about making assumptions. Sorry for coming off like that Internet jerk we all know and don’t love.

    Second, your assumptions in the last comment are wrong but plausible, and your delivery was entertaining and could have been on the mark judging from what I wrote.

    I mjust respectfully disagree with this statement, however: “Vault and those other companies don’t want anything to do with someone who can’t sell, yes it’s because they want to make money, and if you can’t sell you can’t make money for them or yourself.”

    That’s simply not true. Multilevel marketing companies make tons of money off people who can’t sell. The Amway folks at the top make millions off pathetic non-salespeople who spend, spend, spend chasing the dream and annoying their friends and families. After all these years MLM companies would not still be recruiting droves of non-salespeople if they couldn’t feed them into the hopper, grind them up, and have profits come out the other end.

    You really think Vault and Amway are recruiting only those with sales ability? If think not…

  • I’m a Vault VFC, I joined in October of 2013. I made my $159 back in the first hour of my first party. I earned over $3,000 in commissions the first month, and have earned an amount proportional to my efforts every month since. I have another full time job, so I estimate that I’ve put in about 4-6 hours per party. Commissions are actually higher certain months, and the first month we joined, it was 30%, plus a 10% hostess credit for anyone that hosted a party…. plus downline commissions and other bonuses for selling certain items. It is legit, it has been a NICE source of additional income for my family, buy it is WORK, it’s not a get rich quick opportunity. I have been disappointed that Vault company improvements have been slow to happen, for example, the website is difficult to use. I have to spend a lot of time helping my downline input their orders, it seems to take them about a month to get it on their own. I’m sorry some of you have had bad experiences, I have not. I can’t attest to Jim’s character, I do know I get paid for my efforts.

  • kellu

    I just joined the team abd am not very happy how am I suppose to make any money when I have yo share inventory with 6-10 girls and u pick days on a calander well we are not promised those days the lady above us lives 3 hrs away and said we only get the jeans for 2 hrs well most people work during the day I would out my all into this but I feel I’m wasting my time and will be out 80 bucks ….. So much for making money while being a stay at home mom

  • kellu, go to her upline and complain…. or go straight to corporate and DEMAND your money back….


  • I know first hand what Mr. Pare’ is capable of even with very close “friends.” But this is not a place to share. BTW, I’ve know him since high school.

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