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TO THE NINES Refund Information at  To The Nines shoes are sold through a multilevel marketing (aka MLM, Network Marketing or Direct Sales) system.

The To The Nines shoes MLM opportunity has come under fire and accused of fraudulent business dealings and being an MLM scam.

November,1, 2011, the company announced it would be providing refunds to its independent consultants.

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The To The Nines  Executive Management Team posted this letter on its website:


Independent Retail Consultants:

November 1, 2011

The past 10 months have been both exciting and challenging. Since the inception of To The Nines we have maintained our position that we were venturing into unchartered waters. Never before had a Direct Sales, Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing company taken on the high fashion shoe industry offering name brand high quality manufacturers. We repeatedly made the disclaimer that we will be learning together as we lacked all the necessary understanding regarding the shoe industry. Many of you realized from day one the uniqueness of the opportunity and recognized it was worth taking the risk. As we started, we made it very clear that the initial 10 months of the business would be our Pre-launch phase. This time would be for building a foundation of leaders as well as beginning to understand the process of how to operate regarding inventory, distribution and consumer demand. We made it very clear that everything could and would be subject to change during the initial Pre-launch phase.

iamaaDIRECT seeded the initial cost of To The Nines, with no guarantees, but assumed all liabilities. We assembled an incredible team of employees, providing state of the art branding, materials, technology and facilities.

As many of you may be aware, over the last two months we halted operations to evaluate the future of To The Nines and the cost of operations and inventory requirements. We have explored every possible solution that would be best for both the company and its retail consultants.

After much deliberation and consultation, the ownership partners of To The Nines have elected not to continue forward in the direct sales, network marketing and multi-level marketing industry. Effective immediately To The Nines will no longer continue as an active direct sales or network marketing business. The company will only remain operational to fulfill its past and current financial obligations to employees, retail consultants, and vendors.

The company has implemented a comprehensive refund process for retail consultants that qualify. Please understand that you must follow the refund process exactly in order to be eligible to receive any refund that may be due to you. It is important that you send correspondence according to the directions provided. Any other method of communication requesting a refund will not be acknowledged or processed. The refunds are being processed by an independent accounting firm in the order of acceptance and resolution. To those retail consultants that have already submitted a signed and accepted refund request form you will receive acknowledgment and confirmation of receipt of your request with the validated refund amount. If you have not received an acknowledgment within two weeks then please resubmit the request form prior to the final acceptance date.

All retail consultants that submit a refund request form will receive correspondence with the amount they are eligible to receive back. All To The Nines retail consultants will receive a detailed letter via e-mail and US postal service detailing the refund criteria within the next 7 days.

The final date to return your refund request form has been extended to December 5, 2011. Please see complete details in the forthcoming letter defining the process of submission and qualifications for refund.

We appreciate all of you who worked together with To The Nines during the last 10 months in the pursuit of this unique opportunity. While we are disappointed in the outcome we do appreciate the opportunity we were all afforded to have tried and wish you all the best in future endeavors.

To The Nines

Executive Management Team

Accompanying the letter was this To The Nines Refund Form (PDF):  TTN Refund Form 8-25-11.


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