TO THE NINES Kenny Davis iamaa Direct Scam Allegations

To The Nines shoe MLM scheme, IAMAA Direct and Kenny J. Davis are under fire across the Internet for running a blatant business opportunity scam.  To The Nines shoes were sold through a multilevel marketing (aka MLM, Network Marketing or Direct Sales) system.

There have been numerous complaint online claiming To The Nines is a scam. The Better Business Bureau published a scathing review on October 31, 2011.

On November 1, 2011, To The Nines announced it was offering refunds to its independent retail consultants.

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Get the To The Nines Refund Form here: TO THE NINES Refund Form

On, stacyjames posted this warning:

To The Nines Scam

Warning to anyone involved in To The Nines, a subsidiary of IAMAA Direct owned by Kenny J. Davis.

I want to warn anyone who is currently involved with To The Nines, I strongly believe that To The Nines is a complete scam. If you are currently a consultant with this company you should run away as fast as you can and do not fall for their stalling tactics any longer. If you are looking to be involved with this company don’t do it for the following reasons:

1. They are asking for a huge investment to buy your way into higher management levels but you don’t receive much for your investment. Most of the money goes directly into Kenny Davis’s own pockets.

2. There are NO shoes! There were initially a very limited amount of shoes listed online but those are all gone now and orders that were placed for new shoes were turned back for lack of payment.

3. No one is getting paid. No commissions have been paid to consultants for months. When asked why all you get are deflections, lies and stall tactics.

4. No marketing materials are given to consultants when they sign up because the printer that has printed them are withholding them because of lack of payment.

5. Kenny J. Davis and Keli Teague the person who is recruiting consultants into the company claim that IAMAA Direct is the parent company to To The Nines. They also claim that IAMAA Direct has been in business for 15 years and is a $6m company. However, after investigating IAMAA direct it has been discovered that IAMAA Direct was just incorporated in May 2011, well after To The Nines was conceived of by Kenny Davis and Nicole Jones.

6. It should be noted that upon learning upon the deceptions by Kenny J. Davis and Keli Teague, Nicole Jones resigned from the company and is not a party to the alleged fraud by Kenny J. Davis and Keli Teague. Nicole Jones has been tirelessly working to try to make things right and I believe she is the only honest person in the whole operation.

7. The company has put forth a "refund process" that appears to do nothing but buy them time (90 days) and absolve them of any liability and protect them from the lawsuits that I am sure will be coming soon.

8. Check with the BBB in Texas (Dallas County) and the Attorney General’s Office. There have been numerous complaints of fraud.

9. This isn’t Kenny Davis’s first time! He has a record of perpetrating similar frauds.

I have become very concerned that no one knows about this because it is being kept very quiet. I fell for this scam because I checked it all out online and didn’t see any red flags or anything alerting me to the fact that this was a scam. I don’t want anyone else to fall for it and hope that this will protect unsuspecting people from falling for this scam. Although Nicole Jones has separated from the company, the company has not told anyone this and many people do not know that they are involved in a fraud. This is my first time being involved in direct sales and I can tell you it will be my last!

On, User467564 wrote:

To The Nines IamaaDirect is all RECRUITING and NO ACTUAL SALES OF SHOES!!! Carrollton, Texas

2nd of Oct, 2011 by User467564

In April, 2011, I wrote a personal check to IAMAA for $5,000 to enroll as a Regional Director with To The Nines. The Marketing and Sales team at IamaaDirect showed me how this wonderful new company was the chance of a lifetime. For my $5,000 enrollment fee, I was promised access to brand name inventory, an e-commerce website, marketing materials, business development training, leadership training and an event advertising package. I was also promised national media lead generation for both customers and new retail consultants.

This new company was moving from “pre-launch” into “launch” with a proven business model, and the opportunity presented to me was supposedly backed by IamaaDirect, a marketing firm with 15 years in direct sales, a solid infrastructure, national distribution, advanced technology, and solid relationships with recognized manufacturers. We were told the ink was drying on a contract for a new reality show called "To The Nines" on The Style Network. We were told that Oprah was going to endorse the business. We were told a lot of things.

Six months into this, we have no business. To The Nines has not fulfilled its end of our agreement. I have no e-commerce web site to earn income from. I have no shoe inventory to sell from. I have lost nearly $1000 in event booking fees for having to cancel due to lack of inventory. The amazing “Unified Fast Start Bonus Plan” that was promised, and would have rewarded me for recruiting, never came to be. I have no income from this business, and I see no way of earning an income for months to come.

Every promise made to me has been broken. We know that IamaaDirect and To The Nines owes money to shoe manufacturers, business partners, consultants, web site developers, etc… They have bounced at least 6 checks over the past 30 days to consultants. No one has shoes to sell, but the company still expects us to RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT as they have for the past 6 months. Every thing about this has been focused on RECRUITING, which has generated over $500,000 dollars in revenue. Yet they owe money all around?? They are bouncing checks??? They have no website for us. They have no shoes for us. There has always been just enough of a business front to look attractive enough for recruiting.



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5 thoughts on “TO THE NINES Kenny Davis iamaa Direct Scam Allegations

  • January 4, 2012 at 2:08 pm

    Here is the email I received in response to my refund form application on December 6, 2011 after much badgering on my part and I have not heard anything since.


    P.O. Box 130537
    Dallas, TX 75313
    888-501-5997 fax

    This letter is to confirm that To The Nines management has received and accepted your refund request.
    As stated in the Refund Procedures and Qualifications, please allow the necessary time to calculate your refund amount. Once To The Nines has determined the amount of your refund an email confirmation will be sent to you. Payment will be sent upon your acceptance of the amount you are to receive.
    Refunds are processed and sent based on the timeframe of resolution and not necessarily based on when we received your refund request.
    We will make every effort to expedite your request, please be patient and refer back to the Refund Process and Qualifications Procedures for deadlines and timeframes.
    If you have questions concerning your refund please e-mail .

    Thank you,
    To The Nines
    Refund Department

  • April 12, 2012 at 11:34 pm

    Nicole Jones is a fraud and scam artist she key got our early to save her own skin. She is out conning again looking for easy targets to prey upon. Avoid her like the plague!

  • April 18, 2012 at 10:36 pm

    Anelique –

    Nicole Jones was just as big a victim as any of us in the To The Nines debacle. She is doing everything she can to “make things right” for those of us that stuck with her and believe in the original business model. Be careful throwing out accusations that you cannot back. We were all hit hard, both emotionally and financially, by IAMAA and Kenny Davis. Let’s direct our energy towards moving forward to more successful ventures…

  • June 12, 2012 at 10:50 pm

    I invested $3000 and have yet to receive refund! Could not order any product and believe Kenny Davis, keli Teague and others are scam artist. I filled out refund form and I will not stop action until refund is received.

  • September 3, 2012 at 5:30 am

    I received the same letter… I was fooled I actually thought they were going to refund us our money… I want to contact a lawyer because the $5,000 that I invested I can really use right now… But NOTHING is working… Their email, fax, telephone #’s & even certified letters have been returned… What is everyone else doing? Have you guys just said “Forget about it?”

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