PLAY N TRADE Franchise: 30 Stores to Open in 2010

Embattled and controversial franchise video game chain Play N Trade continues to sell franchises and boast about its new store openings.

The Play N Trade franchise has been widely criticized on the Internet for its franchisee recruitment practices and the viability of its retail concept.  Franchise owners have reported widespread store closure.  After its investigation, the California Department of Corporations suspended Play N Trade’s franchise marketing and sales activities in its state.

Play N Trade has maintained a steady flow of positive press releases boasting store profitability and the benefits of its franchise opportunity.  Here’s the latest release: 

“Play N Trade On Pace to Open 30 New Stores in 2010

“Play N Trade Franchise, Inc, uses exceptional customer service and a unique retail experience to ensure success. Plans to open 30 additional stores in 2010.

“Play N Trade Video Game Franchise


“PRLog (Press Release)Jul 12, 2010 – San Clemente, CA – – Play N Trade Franchise, Inc, the largest video game franchise worldwide, is excited to announce that 13 new Play N Trade stores have opened for business this year and another 13 are already scheduled to open by September.  
New Play N Trade stores are opening their doors in more than a dozen different states and provinces throughout the U.S and Canada.
Canadian franchisee, Justin White, opened his second store in British Columbia in July with plans for a third to be up and running by 2011.  White projects to have six to eight stores open within the next 3 years.

“’The best thing about Play N Trade is being able to run a store myself,’ says White.  ‘Customers can see that we are not just another huge corporate entity like our competitors.’

“Play N Trade has set itself apart from competing retail video game stores by offering a unique experience for customers upon every visit.  A “Try-Before-You-Buy” policy literally allows gamers to play any game in-store prior to purchase and the new store design, complete with a “Player’s Club” consisting of numerous consoles and flat-screen TVs, is a perfect place to host in-store tournaments and events.  
Play N Trade foresees the success to continue with a tremendous slate of titles set to release on the year like Halo: Reach, Madden NFL 11 and the motion-sensing peripherals of Microsoft’s Kinect and Sony’s PlayStation Move.

“About Play N Trade
“Play N Trade is the largest video game franchise worldwide. It is also one of the fastest-growing franchises across all industries. The company provides exceptional training, support and marketing systems to its store owners, who in turn provide an outstanding customer experience for their shoppers that is unmatched by any other gaming franchise. Play N Trade sets itself apart from competing video game retailers by allowing customers to try any video game prior to purchase, participate in local and national tournaments, have their consoles and games repaired as well as buy, sell and trade video games. Please visit or call 1.888.PNT.GAME for more information.

— end —


4 thoughts on “PLAY N TRADE Franchise: 30 Stores to Open in 2010

  • Joe52722

    From what Ive heard from a franchisee, the title of this article should be,

    Play N Trade On Pace to Have Only 30 Stores Open in 2010.

    That in the last month, 10-20 stores have closed, a large number of stores
    in Florida are closing at the end of September, and that there is a large number of stores looking to disinfranchise. Wow what a disaster, at this pace, I just dont see how they can survive, and anyone who buys a store at this point is just making a very large donation to their lawsuit/bankrupcy fund.

  • Frustrated Owner

    Is there a link where people were able to disenfranchise successfully!? Curious minds want to know!

  • Frustrated,

    While it is not easy to do, its not impossible either. I’m assuming that you have spoken with an attorney, if not you should. I would go over the franchise agreement, and start looking at areas of it where you believe they have violated, or not lived up to, have proof of that, and go from there, any good franchise attorney should be able to pick it apart. The one thing that PnT Corporate has going for it is that most of franchisee’s that have gone under, are so broke, that cant afford to sue.

  • Greg Brown

    If you’re smart, don’t get involved with PlayN Trade! I had to close my store in July
    of last year 2011. And, someone I know just had to close his store in the Augusta,
    GA area in Nov. of this year 2012. It was so bad that he couldn’t even stay open
    for Christmas.

    Trust me – run away & stay away from the PnT franchise!!!

    I’m trying to sell all that I had from my closed store on the [redacted]
    business for sale. If anyone wants to open a video game store – I have all the stuff to do it! And Cheap!! Check it out.

    [We don’t allow personal info or ads in the comment section. However, if you are interested in selling/purchasing this inventory, email UnhappyFranchisee[at] Thanks. ADMIN]

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