Petland Chain Sued by Unhappy Franchisees

Over at franchise website (PETLAND: Who’s the Sick Puppy Here?), the 200-unit Petland franchised pet chain is under attack both from failed franchisees who allege they were victims of a scam, and animal rights groups claiming Petland is the largest supporter of inhumane puppy mills.  As to the first charge:

According to the Petland franchise website, when you become a Petland franchisee, “The Petland corporate staff has one focus: your success. From the president to the receptionist, everyone’s job is rooted in the support of the strategic partners.”

However, former Petland Inc. franchisees are suing the Ohio-based franchisor for fraud, alleging that the business model doesn’t work, that the stores are doomed from the start, and they sell them anyway.

As to the pet welfare charge:

The Humane Society of the United States tells a different story, claiming that Petland Inc. is “the nation’s largest retail supporter of puppy mills.”  On their website, they provide a video showing puppy mill cruelty and asking supporters to write to Petland to ask them to stop selling puppies altogether.


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