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MAUI WOWI Franchise Warning

Maui Wowi franchise warning:  it’s recommended that prospective franchisees of Maui Wowi proceed with caution and exercise extreme due diligence.

UnhappyFranchisee.Com is concerned about what appears to be an extremely high termination and failure rate among Maui Wowi franchise locations.

We are also concerned about the appearance of misrepresentations regarding the size and health of the Maui Wowi franchise chain.

Are you familiar with the Maui Wowi franchise program?  Please share your opinion – positive or negative – with a comment below.

A Maui Wowi franchise investment can be $360,000 or more

The 2013 Maui Wowi Franchise Disclosure document states:  “Maui Wowi Franchising, Inc., a Colorado corporation, is offering franchises for the operation of businesses that sell MAUI WOWI® fresh fruit smoothies, Hawaiian coffee and related espresso beverages, a variety of Hawaiian products, and other products developed by or for Maui Wowi Franchising, Inc.

“Maui Wowi products are sold from either fixed store fronts, non-traditional locations such as malls, airports or business complexes, or from portable units placed at events that occur on a periodic basis or are held in special or temporary venues….

“The total investment necessary to begin operation of a MAUI WOWI franchised business ranges from $42,200 to as much as $178,550 for a Mobile Operating Unit…

“The total investment necessary to begin operation of a MAUI WOWI franchised business ranges from $74,000 to as much as $360,050 for a Fixed Operating Unit…”

Maui Wowi franchise marketing states that benefits you’ll experience as a Maui Wowi franchisee include:

  • Have fun and enjoy the benefits of your hard work
  • Experience the freedom that comes with being your own boss
  • Enjoy the flexibility of working when and where you want
  • Grow at your own pace with our scalable business models

Maui Wowi franchise marketing states “Our franchisees are hard-working, owner-operators driven to earn a great living by following our system; one that’s stood the test of time for 30 years. “

But how well has the Maui Wowi system stood the test of time for the franchisees who have invested $42,000 – $360,000 or more in a Maui Wowi franchise?

Why does Maui Wowi allegedly claim publicly that it has “nearly 600 locations,” while its disclosure documents indicate less than one-third of that amount?

Maui Wowi Franchise Appears to Have a High Failure Rate

Maui Wowi Franchise

The Maui Wowi 2013 Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) indicates that between the beginning of 2010 to the end of 2012, there were 331 Maui Wowi franchises open or opened.

During that same time period, a total of 137 Maui Wowi franchise locations were either terminated (69) or “ceased operations – other reasons” (68)

That more than 40% of those who invested $42,000 – $360,000 in a Maui Wowi franchise appear to have ceased operating is highly disturbing.

We have asked the Maui Wowi franchisor to explain this apparently high failure rate – and what’s being done to stem franchise failures.

The Maui Wowi is related to Doc Popcorn franchise in that they both have some shared ownership, management and both use Michael Haith’s Marketing Sherpas for outsourced franchise sales.

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