CUPPY’S COFFEE: “A Very Long Expensive Ride”

Christy Shaw writes:

I gave $35,000 3/06 and have been hoping that I would be taken seriously instead I’ve just been taken for a very long expensive ride. I sent another $45,000.00 via SBA loan to get my building in April .08, now its July and for some reason, I have no building comming and no responce other than were working on it. They took my money and all I have is another expensive recourse of mediation, you know what that will get me! I wish I could strip them of their life savings, like they have of mine. P.S. all Cuppies people that think that Java Joz people are a bunch of whiners, I’m pretty sure many of you will be expieriencing the same, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.
Good luck to you all!

Well put, Christy. A long, expensive ride indeed. The bad news is that even if you reach the end of the road you end up locked in as a franchise owner. As some have said, maybe those who never opened are lucky they didn’t.

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