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CFA: Maine Franchisees & Franchise Owners Rally Tomorrow

The Maine Franchise Owners Association (MFOA), a member of the coalition of Franchisee Associations,  is inviting franchisees to show their support for fair franchising legislation in Maine.

The MFOA issued this announcement:

Once Again Calling All Maine

Franchisees & Franchise Owners

All Brands, All Industries are Invited!

The Labor Commerce and Economic Development (LCRED) has delayed once again, this time to this Thursday, January 30, 2014.

We are very, very, close to getting a Positive Report and moving on to the House and Senate.

Show the legislators What This Bill Means To You!

Join us at the Maine Capital Building, Augusta, in hearing Room 208

on Thursday, January 30th, 2014 , 1:00 pm

See for Yourself, How the Labor, Commerce & Economic Development (LCRED) Committee Members

Vote on LD 1458.

The Maine Small Business Investment Protection Act

This Piece of Legislation Provides Equity Protection

for  Franchise Owners in Maine!

Similar Protections that are already in effect for Maine Auto Dealers, Equipment Dealers, Marine Dealers, Appliance Dealers and Motorized Sport Dealers.

Be there early to get a seat!

Wear your branded clothing!!!!!!!

Maine Franchise Owners AssociationThe Maine Franchise Owners Association (MFOA) is an independent organization of Franchise Owners in the State of Maine.

It is a multi-brand and multi-industry association that is committed to helping franchise owners grow expand and create more jobs for the citizens of Maine.



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