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H&R BLOCK Franchise Complaints

H&R Block tax franchise is experiencing turbulent times.

Yet despite undergoing a “broad strategic realignment,” that includes the elimination of hundreds of jobs and the closing of 200 underperforming company-owned offices, H&R Block continues to recruit new franchisees.

Are you familiar with the H&R Block franchise opportunity?  What challenges do H&R Block franchisees face?  Share an opinion below.

HR BlockAccording to H&R Block franchise marketing, “no one knows the tax industry like we do, and no competitor can offer a better franchise opportunity.

“So you can rest assured that our long history with the franchise business model will work to your advantage.

“We’ll supply the tools you need to help you effectively beat the competition and to help you ensure your franchise’s success.

“There are many benefits to becoming an H&R Block franchisee.

Learn about the advantages of working with the No. 1 brand in tax preparation.

Over 55 Years of Experience

Largest Tax Network in the United States

Low Initial Investment

Available Business Financing

Strong Support to Help Expand Your Business

Unmatched Industry Training and Technology

Superior Products and Services


H&R BLOCK To Close 200 Company Locations, Cut 350 Jobs  April 26, 2012

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H&R BLOCK Dumps EXPRESSTAX… & Franchisees?  October 3, 2011

About H&R Block

H&R Block, Inc.  has prepared more than 575 million tax returns worldwide since 1955, making it the country’s largest tax services provider. In fiscal 2011, H&R Block had annual revenues of nearly $3 billion and prepared more than 24.5 million tax returns worldwide, including Canada and Australia. Tax return preparation services are provided in company-owned and franchise retail tax offices by approximately 100,000 professional tax preparers, and through H&R Block At Home(TM) digital products. H&R Block Bank provides affordable banking products and services. For more information, visit the H&R Block Online Press Center.

SOURCE: H & R Block



106 thoughts on “H&R BLOCK Franchise Complaints

  • Don't Be Fooled

    You think HR Block are dummies…go look at the Liberty Tax pages on here, there you will find the real dummies… They are the people who got suckered in to the scam that is known at LTS.

  • Hrblockforever

    As I said before I am a franchisee and happy with HR Block overall. I work hard for a 30% of my revenues do go to corporate and that is a lot of money but I am still happy. I walk away with about $90k in profit.

    I do admit company is a mess right now, with new management coming and going making short term decisions of just cutting. Kicked out of Sears and Walmart, the whole 1040EZ for free was the stupidest thing since George Bush was president.

    Liberty Tax does seem to be growing every year adding offices and doing more returns. If I had to do it over I would go with them as they are growing and only charge 19% in royalties.

  • Wow affanapoli
    What region are you in? I bet the numbers are not 10% off in returns
    I know you have been busy so I understand why you havnt gotten back to me on the questions I asked before
    Here they are again
    A few simple questions could verify
    What region are you located in?
    How many numbers are there in your office id?
    What is the name of the personnel administrative software for employees?
    What is the FAC?
    Now that tax season is over you should have plenty of time to answer
    Don’t worry, none of the answers can give you away, they are pretty generic so give it a whirl
    We both know how this is going to turn out
    You are not a block franchisee
    It’s pretty simple to prove me wrong but we both know that isn’t going to happen
    Good luck to you with your liberty franchise
    Hope it works well for you
    And if you really are a block franchisee and failing, just take the word of testipira or john barrilla… know, it’s your own fault and all

  • Greg–you rock, these libturds are morons.. Block is a better company!

  • Guest

    I can’t turn on the TV without getting barraged by H&R Block ads with the guy dumping billions of dollars in refunds out of the cargo plane. It’s annoying, but I bet it’s effective. Has a great line about them making “tax season” into “refund season.”

    When I think of Liberty Tax I think of the crackhead-looking dude they arrested in our town a year or two ago. The cops had him handcuffed on a busy sidewalk in his ratty Lady Liberty costume. They had him mistaken for another guy they were seeking, but it turned out he had outstanding warrants so they jailed him.

    If I owned H&R Block I’d offer to pay for the Liberty Tax costumes for the competition because they make Liberty look like hoodrats compared to the professionally advertised H&R Block.

  • Bobito

    Hello All,

    I’m in SE Michigan, considering opening my own HR Block. I own my building, parking for 12 cars, corner lot in a stable community.

    It looks like many of you are doing ~ 1,000 returns each season. How does that volume flow? Approximately how many hours of labor do you pay for each week?

    The building is a little smaller than what you would find in a modern strip mall, I have about 1200 sq ft. So I’m thinking that after making room for a waiting area and restroom I may only be able to get 8 desks in there… at that rate each one of my preparers will need to finish 125 – 200 returns each, spread out over 4 months I don’t think thats too busy of a pace, but I know customers come in ebbs and floes so even though this averages out to 50 a month or 12 per week, that to me looks like less than 12 hours of labor, per seat, per week.

    Basically I’m trying to figure out how much I’m going to spend on desks, computers, printers, and all the stuff the makes an office work. I feel like this is largely driven on the number of preparers I have…

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, forgive my ignorance, I’m here to learn!

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