Dream Dinners-Living the Dream Foundation

If you check out the new Dream Dinners UFOC you’ll find something interesting…

Someone has “borrowed” $169,046, from the Living the Dream Foundation, which is a charity that most Dream Dinners owners have at one time or another supported by contributing to with their hard earned money from the product sales in their stores.

” Private Foundation

“At December 31,2007, the Company has short-term borowings from the Foundation of $169,046….The Foundation is directed by the majority stockholders of the Parent”

One has to wonder WHO borrowed the money and for what purpose, since it is in the control of Stephanie & Tina.


One thought on “Dream Dinners-Living the Dream Foundation

  • July 15, 2008 at 5:25 pm

    The Kuna Family is trying to raise money through Dream Dinners, Inc. Living the Dream Foundation. The letter said all proceeds will be given to the prader-willie foundation, but I am concerned that this might be a scam. So, I goggled and low and behold found this article. Thank you, I will not be sending them any of my money!


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