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Feb 27th, 2008 at 12:14 am

Let me thank you for your nieve veiw of my ablitiy to open, own and opperate a business. I should have consulted you before trying to open a thrid business. Yes you see my husband and I have successfully planed, designed, opened, and run coffee shops for 6 years now. Our choice to invest in a Java Joz was after much consideration and careful planning. Our money problems were not problems at all, you see funding was NEVER the problem finding suitable land at a resonable price however was. We tried for over a year to aquire property that was suitable for a drive thru business after all you would not invest in a location without the possablity of great returns. Sure we could have put it in another area but after all any GOOD business minded person would know it is all about location location location, but I guess our college degrees did not teach us that. Yes we could have used thier leasing dept but did you know they charge you $25k (at that time) for this service which is then sold to a third party (low and behold) your paying double for a lease that is not worth it, but I am sure you knew that. Thank you so very much for your uneducated veiw on HUNDREDS of peoples niave, get rich, easy as pie, unrealistic dream of owning a business (or another business). I am sure with veiws like this you will make it far in life.

Robyn & Corey

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